Why I Suggested Favorite Food Diet To My Precious Ones

Favorite Food Diet Review – Dieting is nobody’s favorite thing to do, even though some of us feel the urge to do it for some reasons. Among the reasons, losing weight is the most favorite one, and most of us know at least one person who is dieting to lose weight.

I do know some people too, actually. I am not a dieter though, since I need to gain weigh instead.

But my sister and my girlfriend do weight loss diet sometimes, because they want to maintain their body in shape and additionally seek for the health benefits.

And even though they have done tons of diets, when I asked them whether they prefer to keep doing it from time to time, the answer is “not really”.

Both of them said that if eating a lot of cake and chicken wings every day weren’t affecting body shape and health, they’d prefer doing it than dieting.

That’s when I realize that dieting is more of a necessity than a preference. There is something that those dieting people want to achieve from the effort. And that’s why we hear “I need to diet” a lot more often than “I want to diet”.

I have witnessed myself how miserable my sister and my girlfriend look when they used to starve themselves while dieting.

I knew that they did it for some reason. But since I couldn’t relate to their problem, since I am so skinny and don’t really need to lose weight, my sympathy moved me to help them reach their goals.

Thus, when I stumbled upon Favorite Food Diet program, I discovered that there is a way to make dieting something that we “want” more than we “need”. I purchased the program and showed it to them, since I thought it must be a good news for my sister and my girlfriend.

It was a good thing indeed.

They loved it, and said that it changed their perception toward dieting. I read it myself too.

Even though I haven’t really practiced the program myself, but I found out that it indeed tells me a lot about what’s wrong with people’s perspective toward dieting this whole time.


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The Dark Business of Diet

Dieting is about limiting our food consumption, whether it is the amount of food or the kind of food to be limited. Something we don’t realize is that dieting has been practiced for centuries, maybe even millenniums.

It means that more or less our eating habits contribute a lot to our health, in addition to our body shape. It doesn’t always mean that eating more means less healthy and worse body shape. There is something tricky here that we need to understand.

Obesity is the prove that there is something tricky in dieting, and basically eating habits. Not everyone who like to eat gets obesity. On the other hand, some children are obese even though they definitely have not eaten as much as adults in their lifetime.

It is a growing problem all over the world, and United States is the leading country in obesity. One in three adults in United States is obese, and childhood obesity rate in the country has grown up to three-fold compared to the last three decades.

What’s the problem here?

There is only one word that may be able to describe what’s going on here: misconceptions.  There are so many misconceptions in dieting. More amazingly, a lot of people believe it, even though there is not enough evidence to support the myths.

Among the myths, obesity is often associated with genetics, fat, and calories. I cannot say that those factors don’t play important part in making people obese, but what most people don’t understand is how those factors work in obesity.

Actually, there is a strong reason why people have misconceptions toward those factors. Diet is an industry nowadays, meaning that instead of habit it has become a business for some people. Check this video out to learn about the dark truth, also check another review about 4 Week Diet here.

And when money is in the game, power follows. With their power, people in major diet industry are able to control our understanding and misconceptions toward it.

Because simply when everyone got in shape, they will go out of business, don’t they?


Learn More About The Diet Industry

Friendly Diet

As mentioned above that nowadays diet is a kind of industry, many of us are forced not only to control our eating habits but also to consume dieting products. Some of those are disguised as “multivitamins” that also contains supplementary nutrition for our body.

The fact that dieting has existed for centuries, maybe even millenniums, is a prove that we don’t need to follow what modern dieting industry is dictating us. Most of the time, we don’t really need to consume multivitamins to succeed our diet.

And in fact, we can even eat our favorite foods too.

Yes, that’s what the Favorite Food Diet program is all about. Instead of telling you to consume multivitamins and avoid eating almost everything. It is basically a guide of for people who want to get the benefits of diet without having to suffer from it.

Moreover, this diet is based on real science.

“After almost giving up and feeling like I was going to be fat forever, my husband and I stumbled across some research that changed my life forever. This is the same research that has helped thousands of women lose all their fat and get into shape they were during their 20’s,” the author stated.

At this point, I began to trust this program and recommended it to my sister and my girlfriend. Not only because it says that it doesn’t include dangerous chemicals disguised as “multivitamins”, but also because it is based on scientific facts.

There is also a bonus in this program that I have mentioned several times: you can still eat your favorite food while doing this program. That’s the reason why they agreed with me to try this out. LOL.


My First Impression Of What's Inside


Welcome Page For Members

When I purchased the program, the customer service immediately emailed me an E-book. Pretty fast response, and I liked it.

In the book, you will find a number of sections that will explain what I have been talking about in more detailed perspective. It even covered some scientific researches.

  • Weight Loss Industry Deception: Here you will find the myths and conspiracies behind “diet industry”, and the reason why those people do it all this time.
  • The True Cause Of Obesity: After you learn more about the myths, here is the part where you will find the truth about obesity and diet
  • The Favorite Food Diet Program: This is the main course of the E-book, where it explains how to keep your body in shape, and even lose weight, by eating your favorite foods
  • Favorite Food Recipes: Personally, this is my favorite part, because I love to cook. Here you will find the recipes of healthy foods with balanced nutrition, excellent taste, and obesity-free.


Full Access To Favorite Food Diet

What’s Good In This Program?


Delicious Foods You Can Still Eat While Following This Diet

Since I haven’t followed the diet program myself, I can only observe how my girlfriend and my sister are doing. So far, they are doing okay. Maybe even better than their previous diet programs since with this diet they are still allowed to eat their favorite foods: pie and chicken!

The author even shares the recipes in the E-book itself!

It proves that there have been some misconceptions toward diet. Such kind of information is presented in user-friendly way that makes it understandable.

Additionally, in Favorite Food Diet, you will find that we get more benefits when improving our gut health and change our mentality for our physical well-being. Instead of merely limiting our food choices and intake, we can solve the problem faster and easier.

That’s why, not only giving you the solution to losing weight, this program also helps you to maintain the shape and healthiness of your body that you have gained. This program also guarantees no more ‘rebound’ weight gain if you follow it thoroughly.

Additionally, this program also gives you a bonus part of Fat Loss Accelerator. In this part, you will get complete explanation in the form of videos about what is mentioned in the E-book.


It Even Includes Healthy Foods Cooking Tutorial Videos

Fat Loss Accelerator consists of 7 sub-sections, which are:

  • Mindfit: Here you will find useful information of how to start losing weight by simply reprogramming your subconscious mind.
  • Smart Coaching: Here you will be coached by professionals, that will give you useful tips on losing weight and changing your unhealthy habits
  • Fat Burning Recipes: Recipes, recipes, and more recipes of healthy foods that will help you lose weight instead of gaining it.
  • 5 Minutes Exercises: These simple exercises will boost the effect of your diet program!
  • Reset: This is the part where you will find the most effective ways to detox your body and control your appetite for healthier eating habit.
  • Yoga Burn: Burning excessive fats with yoga that you can do at home
  • Youth Miracle: In this part, you will get the information on how a good dieting habit will help you to not only lose weight, but also look up to 10 years younger!

I can say that this program offers so many from just one simple purchase.


One Click Away From Favorite Food Diet

Why I Think Favorite Food Diet Program Is Worth The Try

As I mentioned above, I have witnessed myself how my sister and my girlfriend starved themselves to maintain their body shape. I should have mentioned too how I didn’t really like the look on their face back then.

But it all changed after I introduced this program to them.

The keyword to this change is simple: favorite food. Yes, this program allows them to keep eating their favorite foods, because it is not only working on the tummy. Favorite Food Diet is a whole and complete program that works with your entire aspects of body and mind.


It Includes Mind Coaching Too

I see myself that it works better to both of my precious ones than mere food-limiting diet programs. Not only they look more fresh and motivated, none of them show ‘that’ face anymore.

This is the reason why I realized that effective diet is more than limiting your food intake and choice. There are many factors that needs to be included for a diet program to be effective, and Favorite Food Diet covers it all.

Not only talking about food choices, this program also helps the followers to lose weight with instructions of physical and mental exercises.


Weight Loss Yoga Tutorials 

After reading the book, I realized that all those three aspects are basically our fundamentals. It all starts in the mind, the foods provide us the raw materials, and the body is the powerhouse. The three of them need to support each other to work well.

When relying only on one aspect, such as only limiting your food intake without clear motivation and exercises, you will find it hard to succeed. That’s why, when I read that this book covers all those three aspects I felt relieved for my sister and my girlfriend.

But wait, did they really lose weight?

I cannot tell, since none of them wanted to tell me anything about it. But there is one important clue that most people in my place would understand: I checked regularly about the progress and they always said it was going well.

No complain at all about failed diet!

I guess it indeed works pretty well for my sister and my girlfriend. With that result, does it mean that I am 100% satisfied with the product? Well, maybe I’d say not really. There are some small inconveniences that I ran into from the product.

You might have noticed how I mentioned Favorite Food Diet as both an E-book and a program. The fact is, it is both. More than just an E-book, by purchasing you will gain access to extra contents such as exercising videos and fat burning food recipes.


Excercising Video Examples

However, when I first accessed the member’s area, what I got was only the E-book. I had no clue that the extra contents existed.

Only after when I tried to contact the support the next day, to check whether real person is on the other side, all those extra contents suddenly appeared at the welcome page.

Whether it was a part of purchasing process or something else, I have no clue. But since the extra contents are not less important than the E-book itself, I think I should inform you about this thing.

Thus, when you decide to purchase this program and come into only the E-book, try to contact the support to get the full access to it. Don’t forget to make sure every content you can get is accessible.

Oh, I should also mention that this book has some advertisements of diet supplements in it. You don't need to buy that, because my sister and girlfriend didn't buy it and still get the result.


Who Is Chrissie Mitchell?

Chrissie Mitchell is a health and fitness author, as well as a mother of three and a loving wife. The 42 years old woman is a noticeable name in the world of physical fitness and wellness because of her effective strategy in the fields.

Chrissie Mitchell claims herself as one of those good people who wants to ‘fight’ the misconceptions and the ‘bad industry’. She was also one of those people who used to believe in the misconceptions and trusted the bad industry for her diet.

Having tried various diet to get back in shape after having children of her own, she has tried various diet programs. Some of those worked, but none of those was able to stick. The reason was because there were too many restrictions.

Based on her experience in dieting, she and her husband then decided to do some research. Favorite Food Diet is the result of their work, which has passed clinical trials 100% of the time.

“I know I have finally found the solution to effortless, permanent weight loss, but don’t take my word for it. Everything you’ll learn has been third-party tested and proven to work,” she stated in the book.

Favorite Food Diet is a masterpiece that she based on her own experience and researches to bring effective and actual results. “Having developed this program and seeing countless women go through it, I know it will work for you,” Mitchell stated in the book.


How To Purchase Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Food Diet by Chrissie Mitchell is available for purchase from the link below. The whole program is completely online and it cost only $37 one-time payment fee and lasts for your lifetime!



As I mentioned above, when I first purchase it, I found only one E-book in the welcome page. I thought that was the only thing I purchased.

But when I unintentionally contacted the customer support, I immediately received the rest of the contents, including the extra parts and the extra bonus.

Thus, I suggest you to do that so you can get the full contents of the program.


Extra Bonus

This is the best part of the story, where I finally tell you the secrets I kept since the beginning of this review. Favorite Food Diet comes with a lot of bonuses as listed below!

  • Favorite Wardrobe E-book: This E-book will help you to pick out the right clothes for your body type, so you won’t feel out of shape and finally feel confident anywhere anytime.
  • Favorite Detox Cleanse: This E-book contains a list of ultra-heavy smoothies that will help you get rid of toxins in your body.
  • Favorite Recipes: Yes, just as what’s inside the Favorite Food Diet E-book, here you will find a lot more delicious recipes that will not gain you weight!

Not only that, you can also get additional bonus of Revitalize Program E-book. In this E-book you will learn how to reverse the damage caused by being overweight, and restore your health to 100%. And those things come with 60 days 100% money back guarantee!


Favorite Food Diet Verdict & Conclusion

Favorite Food Diet doesn’t only offer you the promise of getting your ideal body shape healthily, but also a lot more.

The program itself and the exercises are easily doable and pretty much effective for anyone. Both my sister and my girlfriend are doing it, and they haven’t complained anything about it for the whole time.

With a lot of bonuses included in the program, and its 60 days 100% money back guarantee, this $37 program is pretty much worth purchasing.

However, as I mentioned above, if you decide to purchase this program you should check for the full contents. Don’t feel hesitate to contact the customer support for it if you don’t get the full contents immediately after the purchase.



This program offers 60 days 100% money back guarantee since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.

In some parts of this program you will find some product promotions.  Purchasing the products is not a must, and you can still get the full benefits even without purchasing the products.

The main point in this program is to help you get better experience in dieting. The results you get will be the fruit of your own hard work and determination.



9.2 Total Score

  • 60-day full money back guarantee
  • No extreme diet changes are required
  • Can fit into any schedule, low time requirement
  • You can still eat delicious foods
  • Weight loss accelerator included
  • Requires some time to complete
  • Includes some supplement advertisements, buying is not a must
  • Full access to the program requires customer support contact
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