Favorite Food Diet is Easy, I’ve Proved It and Lost 1 Kg in 12 Days

Favorite Food Diet Review by Chrissie Mitchell. If you're tired of dieting, starving yourself, and never seeing any results, this book is for you.

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What is The Favorite Food Diet?

The Favorite Food Diet is a diet program created by Chrissie Mitchell. This is the way to eat your favorite foods and still losing weight, even keep it off permanently.

The information you're about to learn will not only perfectly shape and transform your body, it will also make sure you will never gain the weight back again.


What You Get From This Book?

This ebook is 96 pages and divided in 4 big parts, they talk about:

  1. Weight-Loss Industry Deception, why most diets will never work
  2. True Cause of Obesity
  3. Favorite Food Diet Program, 3-step plan to quickly and easily lose fat and keep it off permanently
  4. Favorite Food Recipes, has a variety of delicious recipes

From this book, you will recognize the scary complications of being obese and some dieting myths that only give profits for the big pharma.

Then, the book will explain the true cause of obesity. The reason your body make too much insulin is too much sugar and fat in your bloodstream at the same time.

It also tells you how the gut bacteria affects weight gain, the symptoms of gut imbalance, the causes and the way to restore good bacteria.


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The Favorite Food Diet Program Steps

Favorite Food Diet Program has these simple steps and watch in amazement as you get your dream body!

  1. Re-balance your gut biome
  2. The Favorite Food Diet
  3. Mind exercises (optional)


Re-balance your gut biome

From thousands of different type of good bacteria, of all the probiotic bacteria studied to date, there are some of them that show the most promising effects on weight loss.

Study reported obese adults lost almost 10% of their body fat in a few short weeks without changing diet and no exercise!

However, when they stopped taking the probiotics, they gained back all the fat in a month. So, we can't buy the probiotics randomly, because:

  1. We cannot be certain they contain the listed ingredients in the way of quality and potency
  2. You may not be able to get the exact ratio of what is required to optimize the result

The good news is this book recommends a probiotic brand and give 30% discount if you order within 7 days of purchasing The Favorite Food Diet.


The Diet


whole foods

Favorite Food Diet is divided into two phases:

  1. Rapid fat loss. It's not necessary, but it's simple and give drastic results
  2. Guide to keeping the weight off, starts after you've reached the ideal weight.

They contains of healthy whole foods, fasting and drink clean water to loss weight. The book has a timeline example to manage eating, fasting, sleeping and workout.


Mind exercises

It gives you 21 days visualization exercise. Because research has proven that it takes 21 days to make a substantial change of your self image.

At the end chapter, the book gives you some delicious healthy salad and meat recipes that you can try at home to nourish your body and still you lose your weight.


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My Experience Following The Favorite Food Diet Program

I didn't use the probiotic that recommended in this book. I purchased another local and cheaper probiotic that contains of 3 good bacterias mentioned in this book.

Even the main ingredients are same, but I don't know exactly about the ratio between them.

The first few days, good bacteria will take over the territory in your gut. It may gives such as gas or bloating. It happened to me, too.

I think the probiotic is worked for me. I become less hungry than before. It's a sign that my body is getting the nutrition it needs.

I found it is easy for me to follow the program. Maybe because I used to run my days in this way before.


It is said that you may lose 5-20 pounds in 2 weeks with this program. But I only lose a kilogram in 12 days. Even I know the result may be vary, but it might because:

  1. I used a different probiotic
  2. Sometimes I cheated about the time and the menu
  3. I followed the similar steps in this program before without the probiotic. So my body may already clear and only needs to lose a little weight.

Overall, I get sleeping better, boosting energy levels and happier after run this diet program in 12 days.


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Who is The Author?


Mitchell favorite food diet

Chrissie Mitchell is a 42 years old mother of three, a loving wife, and a health and fitness fanatic.

She has struggled with weight for years. She has tried every diet and as soon as the diet was over, she gained the weight even more.

Until Chrissie and her husband stumbled across some research and developed this program.



I found it is very hard pressed to find many negative reviews for the Favorite Food Diet.

It consists of a lot of men and women who used to be overweight but got amazing results with this product.

A lot of people comment on how detailed these resources are and how they are based on actual science.

Most reviewers claim that they began seeing weight loss results within just a few weeks after following the instructions in these guides.

There is no an experimental review about this program at Google. The Facebook and Instagram accounts don't mention any about this, too.

But since I've proved it by myself that the program worked for me, I believe this program is good. Here's some testimonials listed in the book and official site:


This is a huge breakthrough. I went from 186 and I'm all the way down to 159 in just 1 month. It's really amazing! – Olive Monson Price


I lost 42 pounds faster than I ever dreamt possible. And to think I almost didn’t buy this course. I would have missed out on the best weight loss opportunity of my life. – Thomas Hawkins


Wow wow wow. The Favorite Food Diet is exactly what you said it was and much more. I’m on day 4 and I’ve already lost 2 pounds. I have tried for months to get my weight to budge, and here I am with an ice creamed Sunday and loving every minute of it! Chrissie, you are my hero! – Rebecca Butler



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Where to Buy?

You can buy it from official Site for a digital version (PDF and Audio Book). Once you make the purchase, you will instantly be emailed the access the landing page as well as download the book in pdf form.

The price is only $37 and you will get 60 Days No Question asked 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it at any reason. You also get a lot of bonus, such as:


anything plus bonus


#1: Favorite Recipes Delicious Recipes that Won’t Make You Fat

This guidebook teaches you all of the right recipes to work into your routine. The recipes are easy to make, they are delicious, and they satisfy your hunger.


#2: The Favorite Wardrobe

This system directs you and helps you find flattering options for your specific figure.


#3: Favorite Detox Cleanse

Lastly, the favorite detox cleanse helps you make body cleansing smoothies and beverages that are great for your body and that cleanse it from impurities.


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Verdict & Conclusion

The Favorite Food Diet is a comprehensive system that offers an extremely effective formula for losing weight quick.

It is a scientifically-backed guide for losing weight and keeping it off. It is very reasonably priced and offers a ton of resources.

Since i've follow the program personally and already feel the result, I can say that this program is legit




  1. The result is not typical and will be vary for each people
  2. Discuss with your doctors first if you have a medical condition or physical condition before starting this program.
9 Total Score

  • Easy to Understand and Follow
  • I've Proved it Personally
  • Include many studies and research
  • Money back guarantee
  • Delicious recipes
  • The Author is Real ( not Ghost Writer )
  • Digital Version Only
  • Involved Purchasing Supplement
  • No experimental review on internet
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