My Personal Review of 30 Day Superbrain Quest by Jim Kwik – I’ve Try it

Considering to take Superbrain by Jim Kwik on Mind Valley? This is my experience after 30 days taking the quest.

What is the best advice for freelancer? For me, is never stop learning. Because when you’re stop learning, you stop the dollar goes to your account.

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However, there is a bad side, today we face information and new skills which are updated within seconds. Now matter how much time you set to learn new skills or following latest information, it still feels like you lack of information.

Yes, following or learning every single information or push your self to master every skills is not a productive way; you always have to choose and prioritize what you need.


But, sometimes you don’t have any choices, except choosing to learn something effectively and quickly.


Superbrain, Learn How to learn faster (Meta Learning)

I've seen Superbrain ads on Instagram several times, but I never pay attention to it seriously. However, when I flipped on Google to find a way to learn faster, I found Jim Kwik’s video about speed learning. I was so curious about it, so I tried to find further information about it.

Superbrain is an online course to help you learn faster by turn your ordinary into extraordinary brain using intensive learning system.

It is a course developed by Jim Kwik.

As Jim often tells on his seminar, sites, and interview, that at 5 years, he got a serious head injury which caused him had a learning problem.Because of that, he tried so hard looking for ways to learn better. From this search, he finally found a way to learn anything; no matter the condition of your brain, there will always be ways to improve and become better learners.

Superbrain combines the latest and the best neuroscience, speed learning, and the top techniques to upgrade your brain. This course also promises to change your lifestyle.

Superbrain also offering a free masterclass webinar on how to develop a superbrain, so you can learn faster, retain more, and forget less. Follow the link below to reserve your seat on the free webinar.


Get Free Masterclass Webinar

On the link above, you will also found a workbook on “How to Develop A Super Memory“. You can download it for free and answer the question after watching the free webinar.

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Superbrain learning system

superbrain review, how the course work

Superbrain class lasts for 30 days. Every day you will be given one material and one assignment as practice.

You will be asked to share your homework, learning result, and all your questions on the Superbrain community (it is on secret group Facebook);


“Learning is not solo, it is social”,- Jim Kwik

It is the reason why he always reminds you to be active in the community.


What’s in Superbrain

There are 8 lesson category in Superbrain, plus introduction (warm up) and bonuses. All of the lesson is divided into 5-weeks lesson quest. 

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About Jim Kwik

Jim grewth with severe learning challenges. He learned and understood his lesson slower though he managed to finish his school.

Hoping could learn better, during his college Jim spent his day in the library and learn more. But it didn’t result, nothing except another head injury, and end up treated in the hospital again.

When he was lying there, he finally realized, his problem was not what to learn something (math, physique, social, etc.), but how to learn a lesson and/ or skills.

Since then, Jim has tried to find ways to learn better. At first, he tried to understand human brain works. Doing so, finally he could find strategies to improve his brain ability. And today, he has dedicated his life to helping others revealed their genius side.


super brain jim kwik mindvalley review

“There is no good or bad memory, only a trained and untrained memory. ,-Jim Kwik”


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What to expect from this course

Another reason I chose Superbrain is, I have difficulty remembering names. I’ve worked in a company with almost 300 workers for 8 years, but I just can remember 20 names though I met them every day. I often feel embarrassed because of that. We all knew, remembering names is very important in networking.
And Superbrain promises after taking this course, your memory will also improve. You will also:

  • Found out your really brain potential, no matter your gender, age, history etc.
  • Experience a changing in your lifestyle
  • Found out a way to boost your productivity, because you’re not going to forget important list to do or detailed that you often miss.


My experience with Superbrain

Before going further, I want to tell you that one of the thing I love from this course is its provide captions for each video.

I love video class with the caption, not just because I am a non native speaker, but it is shown to the participants, that they are also open to those who have hearing problems.

I forgot that there was a pre-course on Superbrain. After buying the product, I just leave it, and never try to log in to the members area. I remembered about the pre-course two days before the class begins. So, I just watched the five-videos in two days, and only able to make a few notes about it.

On this pre-course, you will also hear Jim promised Superbrain class will show you your true potential. That’s why, Superbrain class is not delivered in one time model, but in a chunk bite, one lesson per day. So, it's very important for you to commit and being present for 30 days.

I suggest you to take this pre-course. It can help you to get some success tips during the class.

There are 8 section + 1 warm up on Superbrain; each sessiom consist of 3-4 lesson. And in each lesson has homework to be done, so if you’re not committing yourself to present everyday, you will get overwhelmed and finally your goals to improve your brain's ability will useless.

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However, you can still access the material anytime you want (even after you’re finishing the course) because Superbrain gives a lifetime access to the lesson.

Every section also has 1 day implementation. This is the day when you have opportunity to review all of the lessons on the section. On this day you will also get 1 lesson to learn.

It is very recommended to use the implementation day. Because on that day you can watch lesson you missed, and review the last lesson to understand better.

On the pre-course session Jim said you need to be present 10-15 min per day, do the homework, and share your result. But in reality, at some section, I have to spend at least 1 hour for watching the lesson, taking some notes, and doing the homework.

In my opinion, basic method of Superbrain is remembering something you don't know by linking it to something you have already knew; either by associating with objects, converting them into picture, or even making certain word coding.

That’s why, on the third day, I was willing to give up and claim for the refund.

I felt Super Brain technique like every day technique that I often used at school, ie. when you have to remember the colors of the rainbow, you create certain words to help your remembering easier.

Some others lesson also have been shared as free video, ie. 10 morning habit, how to read faster, the key to unlocking your brain, killing ANTS, and how remember names.

So, I thought why I have to pay more for all of those freebies? Some of the other participants also felt the same. They share the burden on the community. But one of alumni in the community asked us to wait a little bit longer and follow the process. He assured us, that we would be grateful to have taken this class.

He himself often uses Superbrain technique in his class (he is a medical professor) to help his student to remember better. I finally canceled the warranty claim, and continued to commit to being in class.


Get Superbrain Free Webinar

There are some lesson that I think were quite difficult, and also made me have to spend more than an hour to study.

For example, on the “Chain Linking” lesson which discuss a technique on how to remember list in order, ie. the periodic table of element.

Because I am not a native English, I have to be more creative to find related words in my Language. And of course, it took more time and effort to finish the homework.

At this point, I did realized, it is best for you to focus on this course (hi, it is really a pricy course, right?) and do the homework earnestly, so you can increase your memory level.

On some lesson you will be asked to teach the method to others. As we all know, teaching something, help you understand better.

I myself did it by playing “words list” with my 10th year daughter. I also taught her some other memorizing technique to help her remember vocabulary in other language.

Talking about brain productivity, of course we can't swift away about stress management, forming habits, and a healthy lifestyle. On this part, I think superbrain does changing your lifestyle.

Let's say if exercise never in your daily list; superbrain will make you start exercising now. Or if you never care about your daily diet, superbrain will inspire you to be more selective choosing the best food to protect your brain health.


“When your body move, your brain groove ,-Jim Kwik”

On the end of course, you can take a test wether you like to claim the completiton certificate or not. However, before taking the test, it is better for you to re-watch all of the session. Doing so will help you doing the test easily and understand the Super Brain lesson better.


What others say about Superbrain

Michel ( Owner of )

I Really found this course is helpful, especially the Reading Faster on the bonus section. and also some technique to remembering list. it is quite easy and practical


I have surprised myself on how my mind is working now. I used to forget every single name, my child number, and everything. Now, it is all in the past.

Claire Hudson

I feel mentaly and physically in great shape. I also learn how to memorize lots of information in many ways. Now, I have finished the course and trying my best to drive and apply the technique to speed up the process.


This has been the most interesting course on Mindvalley for me. It's very informative and eye-opening. It challenges your brain to break out of the pattern it knows for learning and remembering.

Jeffry Proud

Yes, definitely. Kwik’s learning methods are extremely straightforward, easy to understand and implement.

John Nitro

His methods of memorizing is EXTREMELY helpful.  I was able to memorize all states and their capitals in a short amount of time, not by listing, but by telling myself a story in my head.  My story is absurd, but it is supposed to be so it's easy to remember.

super brain jim kwik mindvalley review


To whom Superbrain is suitable for

There is no clear statement on Mindvalley page about who is suitable for Superbrain course. Its only mention anyone can take and join in Superbrain quest, regardless of age, gender, even level of intelligence. So do, in the introductory course, Jim said that Superbrain is right for children and adult.

However, I never imagine if a child taking this course, I think it would be a mess. But after finishing the quest, also trying to teach Superbrain technique to my 10y-daughter, in my opinion, Superbrain does fit for anyone who needs to learn new things faster.

However, if you plan to take the course for your elementary-child, maybe you should accompany him during the lesson. Or even it is you who take the course and then teach your children about the technique.

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Get Superbrain today

Prices and warranty

You can access Superbrain quest on any digital devices for $1095 or $1145 if you wish to have a completion certificate.

But today, there's a special price so you can join Superbrain quest for $399 only and $499 for the certification course.

If you still wonder how Superbrain system work, or how Jim build his technique, you can enroll on the free webinar (I put the link below).


Get Superbrain Free Webinar

By enrolling to the free webinar, you will get chances to have another $50 discount. 

And please remember, Superbrain gives you 10-days to try the Superbrain Quest and see how it works for you.; simply visit their support center to claim your refund.


Verdict and Conclusion

Though I almost give up on the first week, but I must admit, that It has changed me much. As I wrote above, I have been struggling to remember names for years. But Jim Kwik method helped me to remember names easily.

Now, I didn't feel any hesitation to say hello to the first person I met at an event. I also have confidence to talk with others.

The best thing is I got some project invitation from my new network, simply because they feel that I care about their private life. Those things made them feel comfortable to work together with me.

Because I do want to improve my brain, I have no choice except changing my lifestyle; creating a good-morning routine, choosing my breakfast carefully, and put 30-minutes exercise on my daily list.

So, I must say, that superbrain does help you changing your lifestyle.

However, I also realized, such changing will be different from one to another, because you it's about your inner intention, and not just superbrain that will change you.

So do with your brain capability, the result will be different from one to another, because it does depend on your willingness  to practice more or apply it in your daily life.

Wondering will Superbrain also work for you? Why not enrolling on its free webinar on the link below (and get another $50 discount!)


Boost Your Brain Power with Superbrain Free Webinar

Or, if you have certain in Superbrain, simply go this page to join in Superbrain Quest


Join Superbrain Quest Now


Though Superbrain is fit for everyone, but result may vary between the users. It depends on your willingness to do the homework and practice it everyday.

The main intention of this program is to help you learning faster, retain memory, and skills improvement. But you need to practice it on your daily life, to make the magic happened.

8.3 Total Score

  • Based on proven technique has been used by the author
  • The technique is simple but giving great result
  • Available on digital devices including smartphone
  • Lifetime access
  • Warranty available
  • Free MasterClass Available
  • Some of the lesson have been shared as free material
  • Warranty available for 10 days only
  • Take Times to Master Each Technique
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