As annoying as society can get, the pressure for losing weight, being skinny, being fit is real. But what if you can lose weight in a relaxed manner?


Nope this is not another exercise or diet program, you can literally do this program on the edge of your bed, and by doing nothing. Yes! Nothing.


What is this fraud? You may be thinking. This program is based on meditation, the power of the mind is way stronger than the power of your entire body. What if you can change your mind to change your eating habits?


I wasn’t big on meditation, I didn’t think that meditation actually works, and people who meditate are those who are just way too gullible. But this seems so effortless with such a great benefit, and it’s no harm to try.


Thus, I purchased the 21-day meditation for weight loss program and this review will tell you about my whole experience regarding this program.


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What is 21 Day Meditation for Weight Loss?


“Sustainable weight loss is not about tricking or forcing your body to be thin. It’s about changing your body from the inside out so your body actually wants to be thin. Visualization and meditation are the most-effective tools I know to help you get started”, stated by the best-selling author and coach, Jon Gabriel.


Gabriel created a system that shows people out there to lose weight without dieting, by working with your inner self and by programming your body`s natural genetic and getting your body to be thin.


The system is called 21-day meditation for weight loss. I know exactly what comes to your mind, the moment you read that, Yes, a guided meditation for weight loss.


It sounds unfamiliar and weird to you right? You probably wonder what it is, and what does meditation have to do with losing weight or you probably thinking that this is just a fraud or an ad that is wasting your time.


Well, you just have to see the proof from Jon Gabriel, who lost 226 pounds without dieting and without surgery. *


After extensive biomedical research and after working with thousands of clients to all over the world, Jon Gabriel learned that your thoughts and your mental and emotional state actually change your biochemistry.


“If you’re stressed out, worried, fearful or lonely, the impact on your health is immediate—and the hormonal imbalances created are the same imbalances that cause food cravings that lead to weight gain. Your cortisol levels rise, your blood sugar sky-rockets, your body stops listening the fat hormones leptin and insulin—and you gain weight”, he said.


But the good news is that there is a solution, and it comes from transforming your body from the inside out… starting with your mind.


This is often called the mind-body approach, “inside out weight loss” and what that means is we start on the hormonal level, balancing first your biochemistry, and then the food choices, the cravings, the overeating—all those so-called “bad habits” fall away natural and resolve themselves without suffering or restriction.





How Does It Work?


This program requires 10 minutes a day for guided meditation , which lasts 21 days. We can easily shift our minds, and transform our bodies from the inside out, allowing us to kickstart our weight loss journey, our continue to meet our weight loss goals.


This home training program includes 21 uniquely designed meditations to specifically target emotional weight loss challenges and create positive shifts in your body and mind.

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Things that might possibly happen when you use the power of your mind and practice this 21-day diet meditation: you can

( Disclaimer : The result is not typical and will be vary between each person )

  • relieve stress and reduce stress hormones which cause you to hold onto weight
  • lower your heart rate and breathing to ease the body & mind
  • calm your central nervous system and communicate positive messages
  • create positive neural pathways for success for your weight loss goals
  • experience deep rejuvenating sleep
  • reduce inflammation in your gut and improve digestion
  • increase your body’s sensitivity to the fat regulating hormones leptin & insulin
  • build positive feelings of self-worth, love & acceptance, and life purpose.


The Gabriel Method is not about dieting. It’s not even a program actually. It’s a concept and approach that grows your body willingness to be thin automatically without dangerous drugs or methods.


Jon Gabriel has now erased the idea of dieting, and so will you, once you understand the principles of The Gabriel Method.


Jon Gabriel will also show you how to: reverse insulin resistance & metabolic syndrome, how to stable your blood sugar levels and manage Type II Diabetes, how to boost your energy levels and how to live a low stress, as well as high vitality life. *



My Experience with 21 Day Meditation for Weight Loss

meditation for weight loss

I've used this entirely for 21 days (although I did skip a day because I was too tired) and it does make a difference. I tend to not eat for the first 6-8 hours of the day and then binge eat when I get to eat. Which is unhealthy yes I know.


I didn't lose major pounds but I did lose 4 pounds within 21 days. I did feel my appetite was quite suppressed, I no longer have the cravings for unhealthy foods. I don't know if this is because of the meditation program, but I realize I don't eat as much as I used to. A LOT less than what I used to.


I stopped snacking, and my love for fruits and veggies has never been bigger.

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What is Meditation?


Meditation is the state of profound, deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet still completely alert. As the Buddhist says, that meditation is one of the various ways to transform your mind.


Buddhist meditation practices are techniques that boost and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.


When you practice particular meditation practices, you will learn your mind patterns and habits, and the regular practice may cultivate new, and more positive ways of being and the way of thinking, yet nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind.



Benefits of Meditation


There are tons of scientific evidence that proves the advantages of meditation, such as it improves your brain activities and boost your moods. Meditating is like multivitamins for your brain, and it is necessary for you to take it every day.


Meditation is also has been proven by many people can help them to dissociate their mind and soul from unpleasantness, and to focus on what they can control and change.

jon gabriel method meditation

Meditation is the mind makeover that makes over your metabolism. Hundreds of medical studies and researchers have shown the incredible health benefits of meditation.


The founder of Yoga Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank, puts that scientific research to good, practical use by combine easy-to-use, targeted meditations with a unique weight-loss program.


This 21-day guided meditation for weight loss plan really optimizes your health as well as body image by making use of the hidden strength of your mind. We learn a whole new way of losing weight, and it takes just a few relaxing and energizing minutes a day.



21 Day Meditation for Weight Loss Material





Who is This Suitable For?


21 Day Guided Meditation For Weight Loss does not require much time for you to practice this meditation plan, just spend for 10 minutes, and you are all good to go.


This plan is suitable for everyone, especially for those who are willing to lose weight, but do not have enough time to go to the gym, and for those who are looking for lazy ways of losing weight. Because to meditate, meaning that you only have to stay still, close your eyes, and focus.



 Special Tips from My Meditator's Friend


I also asked my friend how to get full of this program. he advised me to NOT EXPECTING ANY RESULT when you meditating

Just Do It, Relax and let it go. If you get the result it is good and if  you don't get it , it is okay too




Have you ever experience this? when you can't sleep, the more you struggle to sleep , the more you can't sleep, But if you think on your mind. ok I give up tried sleeping, i let myself fully awake this night, i just lay down and relax on my bed and suddenly you can sleep.


Because when you try harder to get something, and if you don't get it you will get dissapointed and stressed. And as i say before stress on your mind affect your body. it release cortisol which is bad for your health and make you fat


Also you must do it sincerely . don't think “Ok i won't expect any result to get the result”. you must full let the result go





21 Day Meditation for Weight Loss Testimonials


I've asked my friend to follow the program and also check the review on FB Comment section of the program, There are many people who already feel the result and some people who doesn't lose weight


But the people who doesn't lose weight start to crave more vegetables, eat less, and more relaxed than before. They need more time to feel the result because each person's condition is different or they haven't complete All the 21 Days Meditation yet.


I Think if you follow this program, don't expect dramatic result. it is slow compared to other diet program but it give you more stable result. combining it with healthy food and exercise will boost the result. And make sure you follow all the 21 Day program. Don't Expect any result on first week 



Debra M:

“I’m calmer, more centered, less anxious, sleeping better, making healthier food choices and lost 4 lbs”


Just have 3 days under my belt so far and I am really benefiting already! I feel calmer, more centered, have been less anxious, am sleeping better, making healthier food choices and lost 4 lbs so far. Amazing! I love starting my day with these meditations.


Andrea H:

I have lost weight! I can see it and feel it. It’s a miracle.”

It’s been a week & a half now, been listening to the meditations each day. I have been eating pretty normal, even the odd cookie after dinner. If anything I had the feeling I had been eating more. Not increased my exercise. Eating perhaps a bit more veggies… Long story short – I have lost weight!


I don’t know how much – don’t have scales – threw them out many years ago! But I can see it and feel it. It’s a miracle. Thank you! I always knew that dieting was not the answer. That the reason for being overweight, and the ‘cure’ was to be found in the unconscious, the emotions.

I have had so many revelations during the meditations which helped me bring love & healing to those issues/hurts/emotional scars I still carried around with me – literally – as fat. Thank you both so much. You have given us an invaluable gift!



How Much is The Cost?


There are 2 Version of This Program ( FREE & PAID ). The Free Version is a Live Event that last for 21 Days and you only be given 48 hours to access the yesterday event

So if you miss it, it will gone for good and you cannot download it either


And for the paid member you can download and get unlimited access to all 21 day meditation for weight loss audio. so you can start your meditation any time according to your schedule


You will receive the instant access to 21 days guided meditation for weight loss audio for 10 minutes each day, besides that, you will also build a healthy habit with meditation and use it for life.


Also you will get 3 Extra Bonuses


The 1st Bonuses  5 easy yoga poses for meditation with yoga teacher, Sonia. These yoga postures and positions are also a great way to transition from your hectic day to a peaceful and meditative state just before bed. And no previous yoga experience required


The second bonus is how to visualize and meditate with Jon Gabriel.  A Never-before-released 1-hr lecture where Jon will teach and show you how to meditate and how to visualize on your own.  This is an exclusive, live recording from a private session in Jon’s home.


The third bonus is Meridian Tapping for emotional, trauma and blockages release. Carol Look is a leading authority on tapping (and also the co-creator of this meditation program), and she’ll lead you through the basics of getting started with Emotional Freedom Technique (better known as “tapping”).


You will get 100% guarantee – full 365 days. Just like any other Gabriel method, this program is 100% guaranteed.


So, if you think it is not worth it to spend your money, or for any reason you feel unhappy, you can cancel and refund in full simply by letting the team know about the issue and your reasons through email it to the supportive team.



Verdict & Conclusion


21 Day Guided Meditation for Weight Loss is a unique diet program where you don't follow any meal plan or certain exercise. It focus on changing your mindset and train your brain to help you lose weight


Although it seems impossible at first, many people who tried this program has already feel the result, some of the losing weight, some of them is not but they started to crave for healthy food


Also there are many scientific studies of the meditation. which makes this program is legit and not scam


But don't expect any dramatic result or see result at the 1st week, because this program's approach is focusing on slow but more stable result.





In order to gain something, you need to go through process, and you won`t get the result overnight. So, you have to be patient, and bare with all the processes, because everything needs time.


Keep in mind that you might still have to perform physical activities and to eat healthy foods to balance your life.





The result of this program is not typical and will vary between each person.