Be a Modern Master Review – Does It Work as It Claimed?

Be a Modern Master by Deborah King's Review & My Personal 14 Day Experience

Stop, sit back, and relax…

Let me, first of all, send you wish and prayer that you are all doing well and healthy.

I know we’re all on this weird situation of Covid-19 pandemic; when people will fix their eyes on you every time you cough or just clear your throat in the grocery store.

What even stranger is; people can slowly go insane just to spend too much time at home. Well, actually, it’s not really strange because when there are not many physical things to do, our mind will somehow take over (a little tour to the past and future) and it can make people fall into tears and depressed sometimes. I have a friend who is usually very optimistic confides to me that she lately feels not good enough and left out.

That’s why I told you to stop, sit back, and relax… don’t lose yourself, there will be better days ahead.

But, wait, how am I going to calm myself when everything seems to be falling down, you may ask?

There’s a lot of coping mechanisms out there, but when nothing is giving you peace, there’s no other choice but to find one within your own self.

However, why some people (including me and maybe you) find it hard to do it?

The possible reason is we still have repressed memories from the past that we could hardly make peace with. And those memories; whether we realized it or not is shaping how we think and do today, chances are it makes us never really present and live in the ninth circle of hell of an unsatisfied life.


Despite this harsh realization, let me remind you that it’s okay, it’s not too late to change and there is a way to fix it. In fact, there are many ways but lately I’ve been pretty occupied trying to attain a peaceful mind and to deal with my past with the help of a program launched by Mindvalley, called BE A MODERN MASTER.

And this post is dedicated to you if you’ve been trying out a lot of things to find unshakable inner peace but couldn’t seem to find the way, because this program can be one.

In this post, I’m going to give you some reference regarding this program before you actually try it. I’ll go over:

The best cost you can get

The creator’s background

How does this program created to help your learning process

To whom the course is best for

What inside the course is

And finally yet importantly, is my daily report (in 14 days) of practicing this program just so you can get more idea of what this program is progressively capable of doing to oneself.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Who Created Be a Modern Master Program?

be a modern master

It’s Deborah King.

She is known for her numerous appearances on ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox TV channels; her name is popularly associated with “self-healing”. She’s also a New York Times best-selling author for her book “ Be Your Own Shamans and Truth Heals.” And the W magazine calls her work “electrifying”.

However, the way to get where she is right now was not easy. Deborah King had a very difficult childhood; she was sexually abused and had a turbulent upbringing until at some point she managed to become a successful attorney. But everything is changed when she was diagnosed with cancer, and that moment became her turning point to leave the corporation to fully find the world of energy healing through a series of meditations retreats. Deborah regularly traveled to India to learn from the Shamans firsthand and get a tremendous spiritual journey.

Long story short, Deborah has recovered from her cancer and she said that the major healing process was coming from the exploration of her mind and emotion through eastern practices.

Witnessing that all the esoteric practices she got from India made such a great impact on her life in both mentally and physically, Deborah King, with the help of Mindvalley, determined to spread the teachings to the world with easier access (‘cause you know, not all people can get to travel to India, not me).

And here goes…

“Be a Modern master” Program was born.


What This Program is about?

This program started with the enlightenment that:

“…You are more powerful than you can imagine- and the totality of your being extends far beyond the limits of physical body…”– Deborah King

However, without us realizing it, there is a blockage to access this full potential.

What is the blockage?

It’s our buried emotion and past traumas. Moreover, the ugly truth about it is many coping mechanisms that we did before might not be worked but worsen.

Then what is the best way to unleash this buried emotion as well as the traumas?

It’s by meditating.


There are many studies that agreed with the effectiveness of meditation. However, not all meditations created equal. Some meditations get you “tuning out” without knowing that the real purpose of meditation is actually “tuning in”. And that’s what be a modern master program is about. This program will help you to tune in to the deepest of yourself because the deepest of yourself also lays the entire universe.

What an interesting idea, don’t you think?  But how do we possibly “tuning in” when there’s so many things going on in our heads? Wouldn’t it be another problem to do?

There’s indeed so much chaos in our energetic world but there’s also a discovered solution for that. And here, be a modern master program is bringing this solution closer to you – so you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to India. This solution is called: mantra and sutra.

What is mantra and sutra?

They are seed sounds; ancient and sacred sounds, that certain ancient society determines to work well enough to clear out the energetic chaos and carry you to the little opening. This method claimed to be the fastest and most sure-footed way to make a massive shift in your energy.

These sounds are very secretive, through this program you’ll be given your very own mantra, and you’re responsible not to spill it over or you will be damned. Just kidding, it is just the mantra works specifically to a person and what works for you may not work for others, so keep it to yourself only and let the other get their own.

So, with all of this installed to your daily meditation, you can say good-bye to your old buried traumas and see how it affects your mental health as well as physical abilities so you can extend your potential to the fullest. Not only just that, this 6-week-program includes other interesting practices will get you to the other claimed benefits, as such:

Activate certain centers in the body that expand your spiritual potential.

Discover and use responsibly the spiritual gifts that start to manifest.

Invoke the high spiritual beings who are there to guide and protect you.

Get initiated into higher realms of spiritual dimension.

Work with 7 spiritual rays.

Learn More about Be a Modern Master Program


How Be a Modern Master Program is Designed to Help You?

Upfront BONUS

You’ll be given a very useful bonus upfront (before you step into your first module) and you can have a lot of benefits here especially if you’re a starter or have lost track of your old meditation habit. Here you’ll get a deeper understanding of how you do the right meditation, some tips on it, a full session of meditation with Deborah King plus your personal mantra will also be given here. 

Baby step learning

The program has 50 lessons in total. Instead of throwing you the lessons all at once and get yourself overwhelmed; the be a modern master program do their job, and break it down for you into a 6-week program; you’ll learn one module each week.

They make the program in video, audio, together with printable workbook

With previous programs that I’ve taken before, this program has this benefit. You know, it can be frustrating to read a bunch of manuals that often make you raise your eyebrows. Thankfully, this program is a video-based lesson that accompanied with the weekly printable materials (just so you can keep up with the videos or the audios).

It doesn’t stop there, it also has the audio option, this will enable you to tune in the lessons even when you’re driving.

What a complete combination, don’t you think?


One or two homework is available for you in most of the modules. Wait, that sounds like a curse rather than a blessing; No, not until you try it. This homework is more like BONUS, I’d say, it contains techniques to deepen your spirituality, furthermore, it’s giving you self-reflection section (all created to give you deeper understanding).

You can share your progress with the community

Ever heard the term “sharing is the new teaching?”

Yup, this program has a place for you to do that. It’s nice to have people who walk on the same page as you do, and you can share your progress, story, experience, or even asking for help. I’ve done this and I found this option really helpful (despite the comment moderation), people here are nice and responsive.

Pre-recorded Q&A videos

I’ve always had questions in my learning process, so this can be a very thoughtful solution for people like me. With other programs, I used to terrorize the customer service with my questions, but with this feature, I don’t bother asking. Up to this point, they’ve already had the answer in the pile.

What even better is they created timestamps, so you can jump directly into the question that you’re asking for.


Is This Program for You?

This program is suitable for anybody from any background and religion. Moreover, it will work best for someone who is open-minded especially with an esoteric concept (e.g understanding that there is the existence of a world beyond our physical world). Nevertheless, to be more specific, I made this list for you. This program is for you if you are:

A noob

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, in fact I am too. You will warmly welcome here and an as to embrace you, the course will give you an upfront BONUS that I found very useful for us starters.

What the BONUS is about?

It covers things like basic meditation, some tips on how to do it properly, what mantra and sutra meditation is, how it deals with religion, and most importantly a full meditation session that will give you a full grasp of how the meditation goes.

Wanting to refresh your long forgotten habit of meditation

Meditation seems easy to do but it’s actually NOT REALLY. It’s like going to the gym, so much resistance. Skip it once, twice, thrice and here you go, you end up being lazy. But let me tell you it’s never too late to set a new beginning and this program will have yourself refreshed.

Still figuring out what meditation works best for you

There’s absolutely a lot of meditation choices out there and I’m not here to discrediting any, however, it’d be so much better to know what they are, combined with what exactly you need is.

If what you need is a matter of getting relaxation then you’re welcome to skip this program ‘cause what’s in it goes beyond that. It’s for sure includes all that benefit, but it also goes much deeper than that. It teaches you what the real meditation is, together with how you do it. And most importantly, the course will help you to tune into your deepest self – the highest level of your consciousness in which the universe lays.  Isn’t it fascinating?

PS: By skipping this program, I mean, you can go check on another interesting program served by Mindvalley called Omharmonics, we also have a review about it HERE. With the Omharmonics program you will be accompanied by the help of audios and these audios will be helpful to get you to the state of intense relaxation.

Yes, I Want to Know More


Wanting to heal your trauma wounds

What interesting about this program is; it claimed to have an effective solution to heal your past trauma in a healthier way than consuming a dozen pills of diazepam.

It’s not bluntly ignorant to say so ‘cause it’s been a topic in many literatures. And as I quoted from the MedicalNewsToday, it says that: 

“Studies have shown that meditation practices can have a significant, positive effect on mental health and how well our bodies respond to stress. Existing research has also found that different types of meditation can even help boost a person’s emotional intelligence.”

However, meditation practices that require deep concentration and calmness may become a new struggle for people who have deep trauma or mental disorder ‘cause their brains are crowded with thoughts, fear, stress, what have them.

Knowing this fact, be a modern master program creates a different method by its practice of mantra and sutra meditation with which claimed to be the fastest and more sure-footed path to make a massive shift into the energy world.

Once you get access to the energy world – be in your higher self and clear out those unnecessary thoughts and emotional wounds, you’ll be unstoppable. You can be super chill, unaffected, full of wisdom, reach out whatever success you have dreamed of, even healing the physical illness will also be possible.


Seeking for self-enlightenment

There’s a reason why the name of this program is Be a Modern Master. What does it mean to be a master? Am I enslaved? Sort of, we’re all enslaved by past traumas, fears, expectations, or even with our own (shallow) desires.

In a theosophical society in which teaching draws upon Asian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, the word MASTER refers to ancient and secretive brotherhood who’s considered as enlightened beings or those who seek far beyond the superficial wealth, power, and popularity, those who dwell in equanimity and serenity.

So, if this is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place; Be a Modern MASTER.

Coming from any religious/nonreligious backgrounds

Be a Modern Master program claimed that what’s inside here is beyond religion. The practice of meditation has nothing to do with it though the majority of it I’d say was seeded from Hinduism.

You can actually watch the free webinar when Deborah King herself speaks out about this matter and further into the BONUS session, this thing will be mentioned and explained once again with a more depth.

Yes, Get Me to the FREE WEBINAR


What’s Inside the Program?

Be a modern master is a video and audio based course and it’s designed to be a 6-week quest divided into 6 modules containing a total of 50 lessons and 20 sutras. Don’t worry, this won’t overwhelm you ‘cause you will only learn one module for each week.

This is how the member site looks like:

be a modern master

Unfortunately, the lesson videos and audios are available online only. But, not to worry, be a modern master program balances it up with the printable workbooks available on each module or the resources menu.

Wait, have I mentioned about THE BONUS?

The unique thing about be a modern master is; you’ll get the bonus upfront. So, let me begin with to unload these goodies starting from the bonus first then followed by the main courses.


be a modern master

The bonus is also a video and audio based learning and it has 4 sections in it;

  • The first one is the introduction of what to expect in the bonus session.
  • The second section: Learn How to Meditate Part One. It talks about some useful tips on how to do the meditation correctly, learning how to tap into the “gap” using mantra, how to deal with distractions, and last but not least is the important question of how religion can fit into this practice.
  • The third section: Learn How to Meditate Part Two. Here you’ll get the full session of meditation so you will have the whole understanding of how to do your mantra meditation.
  • The last section is the interesting part. Here you’ll be given your personal mantra. You’re all set and ready to start your spiritual journey with Be a Modern Master.

Now let’s get into the main courses…


be a modern master

This module has 7 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Clearing your space
  • The sutras
  • The seeding of the sutras
  • Q&A coaching call – part one
  • Q&A coaching call – part two
  • Q&A coaching call – part three

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Getting to know the origin of mantra and sutra: ancient Hindu Vedas
  • Practice how to clear internal and external space before the seeding of the sutras.
  • Seeding of the first 5 sutras
  • Learn how to clear traumas & old wounds from your own personal energy field with the help of the sutras.
  • There are also two homework for you this week; both of them are reflexive.


This module has 7 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • The seeding of the sutras
  • Q&A coaching call – part one
  • Q&A coaching call – part two
  • Q&A coaching call – part three

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Having a full grasp of what meditation can do for you, why is it important to keep it daily.
  • Understand the short history behind meditation.
  • Having a deeper understanding of meditation in general, this includes the scientific studies behind meditation.
  • Having a deeper understanding of mantra meditation, this includes the way to get in the “gap”.
  • Practice another internal and external space clearing before the seeding of the sutras.
  • The seeding of 4 more sutras.
  • This week you will also have homework to do: learn to activate your thymus.


This module has 7 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • The power of the sutras
  • Misusing the gifts
  • The seeding of the sutras
  • Q&A coaching call – part one
  • Q&A coaching call – part two
  • Q&A coaching call – part three

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Cultivate the powers that you can attain in both physics and psychics as the results of your daily sutras practice. The power includes; psychometry and telepathy, very intriguing to try, don’t you think?
  • Learn the importance to use the gifts wisely.
  • The seeding of 2 more sutras, the more sutras you have the more powerful it will be than the previous one.
  • Homework: practice to open the hidden channel; there’s also a link to access a video regarding this practice.


be a modern master

This module has 10 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Initiation into the order of Melchizedek
  • Initiation and the sutras
  • The Melchizedek order
  • More about initiation
  • The book of Job
  • Ego problems with initiation
  • The seeding of the sutras
  • Q&A coaching call – part one
  • Q&A coaching call – part two

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Learn the initiation (step up to the higher consciousness) through the order of Melchizedek.
  • Getting to know the story of the instructor’s journey of initiation, how it can happen at any point.
  • Learn the process of initiation, how to be ready to get initiation.
  • Dig deeper into the subjects of the Melchizedek order includes the history behind it, the principal of the order, preparing you to get the initiation so that you can master your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.
  • Learn the story of Job; how it represents an initiation.
  • Learn the importance of responsibility once you initiated, this includes the possibility to lose your initiation.
  • The seeding of 7 more sutras
  • Homework; practice to activate the 8th chakra (the spiritual chakra), a link to a video for this practice is also available.


This module has 10 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • The 12th chakras
  • Story of Pentecost
  • The 12th chakra meditation
  • Initiation f the threshold
  • The higher initiation
  • The seeding of the sutras
  • Q&A coaching call – part one
  • Q&A coaching call – part two
  • Next session

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Getting to know what the 12th chakra is and how it can make you the cosmic citizen.
  • Learn the ancient story about Pentecost and how it similar to what you’re learning right now.
  • Learn to open your 12th
  • Learn the practice of the new initiation called ‘the initiation of the threshold.
  • Learn about 8 higher initiation.
  • The seeding of 2 more sutras (at this point you’ve reached all of the 20 sutras seeding on you).
  • PS: there is no homework in this module.


This module has 9 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Removing Reiki symbols
  • The seven rays of light
  • Initiation and the rays
  • Mudras and Pranayama
  • Final words on sutras
  • The seeding of the sutras
  • Q&A coaching call – part one
  • Q&A coaching call – part two

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Learn to remove the Reiki symbols; this lesson includes what is Reiki, the history, and how to get it back to your energy field.
  • Getting to know the 7 rays of light how it can be useful to help you understand the way you approach your spiritual path.
  • Understanding the connection between initiation and the 7 rays of light.
  • Learn the yogic practices of Mudras and Pranayama.
  • Instructor’s final word regarding the seeding completion of all the 20 sutras.
  • PS: there’s no homework in this module.

Now, with all of the goods unloaded, let’s move on to


What Others Say about Be a Modern Master Program

Robert Holden Ph.D., the best-selling author of “Be Happy and Happiness Now!”, says *:

“Happiness comes by living our true nature. Deborah King opens us up to realizing the powerful healing nature that lives within us all.”

Lisa S. says *:

“Cleared severe trauma and transformed my life.”

Jena A. says *:

“Deborah’s techniques helped me heal & find my authentic self.”

Lori R. says *:

“I was looking for answers and now everything is coming together.”


What I say about Be a Modern Master Program; My 14-day Experience

Like I’ve mentioned; this program is completely exoteric. You need to be 100 % convinced that you’re willing to embody it and go all the way before you even start. And that was my first concern to get into the program; I mean, this is new to me and wasn’t in my religion at all. And though Deborah said that this teaching is beyond religion which means anyone from any religious backgrounds can simply practice it, but still I felt some kind of superstitious boundary between my existed belief with this “new age”.

Then why am I here, you may ask?

To be honest, I like the idea of eliminating the past trauma by meditating (as this program claimed to have). And for sure I have one that happened a long time ago but sometimes floating back to me. I noticed that it gets in the way I live and I need it to stop. So, when this program offered what I need, I simply seized it.

Another reason is I was inspired by one of my professors in college. There’s something about her aura that reflects to everyone around her. She vibrates the vibes of wisdom and calmness; she’s also respectful and elegant like she’s a part of the Royal family. I wondered how she does that and the answer is she meditates daily. I really wanted to do so, especially in this hard time of Covid-19 pandemic; meditating to attain calmness, stillness, and clarity will be so much relatable.

Therefore, despite the controversy, I think it’s better to take this practice on its face value and free it from any religious intention.


What I Want to Achieve with the Help of Be a Modern Master Program?

  • Heal my trauma wounds. This is the main purpose of Be a Modern Master program and I’m here to prove it whether or not it is working. Besides, I indeed have a past trauma and come here to eliminate it.
  • Help control my anger. I notice lately that my anger is starting to peak like this coronavirus. Slowly but surely I’m becoming a jerk towards people (maybe I got hypervigilance). It’s totally bad but sometimes it goes uncontrollable and I can’t help but spit it out.
  • Eliminate my catastrophizing habit. I have the tendency to imagine or expect what the worst-case scenario of one event could be. This theory of mine used to be worked in my olden days to help myself ready so I wouldn’t feel sorry if something bad really happened (sounds dark right? but it is what it is). However, I don’t think that this theory works like it used to be, because now, instead of making me “ready”, catastrophizing is making me more anxious and blundered in hopelessness. So, I need it to stop.
  • Deepen my concentration. I have a limited attention span. My mind seems to be all over the place sometimes.

With the help of this program; did I achieve these things? Keep on reading to find out.

In case you’re interested to know my day to day journey of my meditation with this program, I present to you the report below!   


My Daily Meditation Report

I decided to keep a journal of my meditation journey with be a modern master program and I recommend you to do so; and don’t forget to keep it RAW!


The prescription to do the mantra and sutra meditation is once a day for preferably 20 minutes (or 15 minutes for the least). However if you want to expand it, you can do it twice a day.

What’s the best time to do it?

Preferably, in the morning after you wake up, before you start any activity.

And / or 4 p.m to no later than 6 p.m.

How to do it?

Use the first 30 second-ish to shift from waking state to the meditative state. Then you’ll hear your personalized mantra silently uttered inside your head and by the end of your 20 minutes, you’ll hear the sutras spoke to you silently 2 times followed by each echo.

Alright, so let’s get into my daily meditation report:



Day 1

04:00 pm

Like it said, do the meditation for 20 minutes and use the first 30 seconds (or a minute) for adjustment; shifting into the meditative state.

For the meditation, I locked myself in my room to eliminate any distraction, I sat on my yoga mat, closed my eyes, palms faced up, and I heard my personalized mantra uttered inside. I can’t tell you what the mantra is, ‘cause it’s personalized. What works for me may not be worked for you (you’ll get your own when you signed up).

However, the distraction was intense. I could hear people talking, my dog’s barking. And for the inner distraction I can feel that my thoughts were floating around in my head; switching one from the other (rapidly). My body was also fidgeting. 20 minutes feels like an eternity. I couldn’t stand it. So, I decided to end it early, and do it tomorrow morning at 5 am and see how it goes.

Addition note: I watched the module 1 Q&A (this will coming handy if you have questions regarding your meditation ‘cause they might have it answered). For that matter, someone experienced the same thing like I do, he fidgets when he meditates and Deborah said that it was the form of our bodies releasing stress, and it’s a good sign.

For tomorrow, I’ll try to start up strong by doing the meditation twice a day. Wish me luck!


Day 2

05:00 am

I woke up at 5 am and felt a bit tired. This time was quiet, no outside distraction. I meditated in my room and it was good but I don’t think I reached 20 minutes ‘cause I fell asleep again. This was probably because my old habit of sleeping late at night even at dawn started to kick in again.

I uttered the mantra, cleared up thoughts and sitting still. I didn’t feel bad when I fell asleep ‘cause as Deborah has mentioned in the course that falling asleep during meditation is not failing, it’s common to happen and it’s okay. You just need to let yourself have the rest you deserve.

One thing I notice is I slept peacefully after minutes of meditating. And it’s weird ‘cause it also entered my dream state. In my dream, I was laying at a boat facing up the night sky painted with a lot of stars. It was beautiful and peaceful.

Before I’m doing the afternoon meditation, I remember the first course (lesson 2, module 1) of be a modern master said “Clearing your space”

I looked around my room, it was quite messy, and as the course said that your room has energy and that energy may affect you. Since I don’t want the energy of my messy room interferes with the good vibe of my afternoon meditation, I cleaned it up.

04.30 pm

I have cleaned my room and arranged it until it looked as minimalist as possible. This time I felt convinced and confident to do the meditation. I started the meditation as usual but…

Something weird happened.

The first couple of minutes I used it for adjustment and the next minutes I started to hear the mantra. Not long after that, I heard my mind (or something inside me) spoke to me kindly; it said something like “everything is going to be okay”, “you can get through this”, “you’re not miserable”, and they were uttered to me softly like a whisper. Later on, I found that in lesson 4, module 1 is talking about this.

“You’ll hear the answer in the silence. You will feel the answer in your gut, as that is how your soul speaks to you.”Be a Modern Master

I also saw a vision of water slowly flowing through.

Then, something odd happened; the vision and the kind words stopped. I started to see the color of purple swirling slowly at the center of my forehead; it was obvious and scary because I felt like it was pulling me inside. I freaked out and I opened my eyes.

I had 14 minutes of meditation; still 6 minutes short. However, I’m pretty proud of it, so far this is the longest time I’ve spent for meditation.

I still can’t believe what happened. I mean, I never meditate like this before (I’m a 100% noob in this thing) and it’s just a second day. Why did I see such a thing? I have no idea what it was.

This is where I think an online is a bit off #1; I wanna know the instant answer from the guru but since it’s online I need to send an email and wait.

Well at least be a modern master program has the Facebook group (even though every post is waiting for moderation). IF my post is approved, I could share this super weird experience with other people and see if they had the same thing happened. Okay I’ll stop being passive-aggressive, honestly, why there has to be comment moderation? Why not letting everyone talk freely or frankly? Besides, I’m desperate to know the answer!


The Facebook group admin has approved my post and it was taking about 24 hours to proceed. Here’s the screenshot of my post, and thankfully somebody has responded.

Next updates: I got more responses by other user and the group admin too. I found their responses very helpful!


Day 3

05:00 am

Here it goes again; I sleep deprived and I fell asleep not long after the meditation started. I really need to work on this ‘cause early morning is the best time to do the meditation, and I keep on butchering it.

Why early morning is the best time?

I always think that when people are asleep the universe is awake. And later on today, I found that 3 am to 4 am is considered the best time to do it, this is the time the monks will meditate. Moreover, the Indian Scriptures also said that:

the absolute best time to meditate is 3 am to 4 am. This is known as the Brahma Muhurta or hour of God. The world is still… all the thoughts and impressions and feelings are not transmitting from everyone’s conscious minds yet.”

Tomorrow, I’ll try to do it at 3.30 am

Wish me luck!

05:00 pm

It’s an hour late than usual, and you know what? I used to think that sitting solemnly for 20 minutes is easy; but it actually isn’t.

I set my alarm for 20 minutes and the good news is I did it. 20 minutes of meditation is finally accomplished today. But, if we’re talking about the quality of today’s meditation; it’s a different story. I had trouble concentrating. I could hear the television’s on the outside and the sound of it seemed to be louder inside my head.

I think I was still in my waking state in most of the 20 minutes. Even shifting to a meditative state felt hard this time.

I learned about the sutra early on, there are five sutras given to the lesson today (lesson 4, module 1). As it prescribed, at the end of the 20 minutes meditation, I uttered the sutra slowly to myself; two times each with its echoes.

Even though, I didn’t feel something magical happen today, be a modern master meditation so far is helpful in the way to block unwanted thoughts and washed it away with a new vision from my higher self and I think it works subconsciously. I can imagine if I continue to do this, I’ll be highly unaffected by the past nor the future, people, and circumstances. I’ll certainly have peace in mind (no matter what) and I’m the only person who is in charge.

Spoke too soon? We’ll see.


Day 4

04:30 am

Okay, today wasn’t going as planned. I said I was going to do it at 3.30 am, but I’m doing it at 4.30 a.m. Well, I need more sleep.

This time I went outside. I wanna feel the wind blows and appreciate God’s creation.

I live in a suburb but really close to rural area and I found this place to be beneficial to do the outside meditation. And I gotta admit that my morning meditation outside felt so amazing today. If Deborah said your surrounding vibrates its own energy; she’s right. This morning my surrounding was giving me the best vibe so far. And I’m gonna do it again tomorrow. I really recommend you to do this; meditate earlier in the morning and do it outside the house, or if you have a balcony that would also be great.

Deborah also mentioned about going to “the gap” (not the store). “If you’re lucky you can go into the gap”, said she. I didn’t really understand what it meant to be in the gap until today.

I’m not 100% sure though if I really was being in the gap (I need to consult this first with Deborah or the Facebook tribe). This is where I think an online program felt a bit off #2; since this whole practice is new to me, and each person seems to have different reactions to the practice, so, I sort of guessing if what I felt as the outcome during my meditation was right.

Well, screw the guessing part, I’m just gonna tell anyway. Today I felt I was one with the universe, I had clarity in mind, I felt so present, I didn’t overthink; it’s just like I could breathe together with the universe. And unlike my usual meditation; today, 20 minutes felt short. Have I sound like a hipster yet?

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One more thing, I used the 5 sutras, heard it inside my head at the end of my 20 minutes, this time I could really reflect on their values; the meaning of each word and phrase made me feel calm, grateful, present, content, and encouraged.


Day 5

05:00 am

I decided to go back and do only one meditation a day; which in the morning since I noticed that morning meditation works best for me. And I think it’s better to do this progressively.

I overslept today, I started my meditation at 5 a.m. Today was raining and it’s good. The sound and the smell of the rain helped me calm in my meditation. Once again, today’s meditation gave clarity in mind; freed me from the rage of thoughts; focused me on the simplicity of living and the blessings that God gives every day.

I gave a moment of silence after I’ve done my sutra meditation. I Gave time for the echoes of the sutras subsides. Meanwhile, I remind myself that it’s okay to make a mistake, that I am forgiven, forgiving, and letting go.


Day 6 and 7

04.45-ish am

Again I overslept (apparently I never learnt my lesson). I should have slept earlier yesterday.

These two days of meditation were on and off the sleep state and the meditative state. The breeze was so soft outside and the weather was good, no wonder if they made me fall asleep.

I sat longer than usual even after I finished my meditation. Meanwhile a moment from the past seemed to be intensely recalled in these two days. I didn’t know why; I mean, I was having a good time of meditation, but why it came up?

Well, I think this is part of the trauma healing done by this meditation. It opens up my repressed memory as a way of releasing it. Later on, I figured that this was indeed a trauma cleansing; week two’s lessons have it explained.

“Don’t feel bad about experiencing any discomforts… that’s the way it processes out.” Be a Modern Master, Lesson 10, Module 2.

I used to have this similar situation way before this, and when it came up it made me sad, resented, angry, and it could really ruin my day but this time it didn’t. I still felt the pressure on my chest as the past memory recalled but I had this higher, bigger awareness to embrace it (instead of repressing it) and kept myself in clarity and peace. I could calmly breathe in and out and letting it go.



Despite the internet problem I happened to have, here I am; made my way through week one. Now it’s time for the next journey; four more sutras will be seeded to me this week. I’m so excited!

This second week is mostly talking about the benefits of meditation in general and meditation using the mantra and sutras; how it works to clear out trauma, moreover about entering the gap between thoughts.


Day 8

04:00 am

This day was a new record of my waking up early and meditating (with a sufficient amount of sleep). I quite enjoy waking up too early like this one and the atmosphere is indeed different. I used to study at this hour a (very) long time ago and it always worked. Alright, back to meditation; I didn’t go outside this time, I stayed in my room; neat, nice, dark, and quiet.

This week I have 9 sutras going on; and the new four are easier to remember. These sutras felt like they broaden ways to wander in the spiritual realm.

Nothing really happened today; it’s just a plain meditation, but I think I have an on-the-spot-exam after today’s practice:

This evening I have special guests visiting. Well, not really visiting, it was just a coincidence that they were in the neighborhood and we did meet for a while. I didn’t expect they were here because you know in the midst of this pandemic most people stay home.

Anyway, who were they?

Two old friends. Was this just a coincidence? I don’t know. What’s so special about them? Well, meeting an old friend can bring back memories, and unfortunately, for me, it brings back the memories that I barely want to remember as well. They were not the people who caused me the trauma but the trauma was somehow associated with them.

However, I handled it very well, in fact, I quite enjoyed the coincidental meeting and we were having a good conversation (in a safe distance and with mask on).


Day 9

04:00 am

I noticed that my sleep cycle is slowly turning back to how it should be, and for these two days, I didn’t wide awake until late night, therefore I have quality in both sleeping and meditation.

Today’s meditation gave some clearance inside my head and I felt a burst of confidence and inspiration of what to do next. I Might meditate with a smile on my face. It was peaceful.

I practiced to activate the thymus today (homework lesson 11, module 2). Thymus gland is part of the human’s organ placed behind the breastbone and in the energetic world, there lays the spiritual development when it’s open and expanded. I did exactly as Deborah King instructed, but felt nothing.

However, I noticed that my concentration while I’m meditating is increasing since, it’s like I can shut down the outer distraction, go within myself and focus on it. It’s even weird ‘cause I can hear the sound of my heartbeat.


Day 10 to 14

04:00-ish am

I had the same rhythm of mantra and sutra meditation for these 5 days in a row. For sure, the meditation had become easier and easier for me to do but nothing was really happening. I got the same notion and I was wondering why something magical won’t happen again? Was it rusty already since I seemed to have a lot on my first week?

Wait, what am I thinking?

I don’t wanna think too much.

Note to self: Don’t expect anything from your meditation. Just let it surprises you.

Then as to reinforce this matter, I remember the early teaching of this course and it makes me realize that this nothingness is actually the next step of my meditation and spiritual journey. It makes me understand the bigger picture of what meditation really is; understanding that everything and nothing could come nicely in par like an oxymoron.

Now, it’s time to tick the boxes…


After 14 Days of Doing the Meditation, Did I Achieve My Goals?

Yes, so far so good *.  However, this isn’t final, it’s still progressing. In fact, I still have four more weeks to go!

Here’s the result:

First, I’m not sleep deprived, this is a bonus result since I don’t have it listed on my wishlist but happened anyways.

Second, for trauma healing, I think it’ll be insufficient if I said it healed already even days back I could handle a nice conversation with old friends, I still need more evidence; I need to interact with more people, attending more meetings, and hangouts. After this pandemic over, I vowed myself to do this. Only by then, I can give a valid judgment if this program really worked.

Third is anger control. For the past couple of weeks, everything seemed to fall apart and drove me slowly to insanity. I had my laptop broken, very bad internet connection, watching the horrid news about the spread of this coronavirus, being at home for too long with no vacay (Now I know how Jack Torrance of The Shinning felt like when he spent too much time indoor; he went insane and tempted to murder his family). Don’t worry I’m not going to murder mine.

Things are changed now, not from the outside but it came from the inside. I can create my own peace by meditation. It feels like I have this constant reminder to stay calm, think clearly and let it be; like The Beatles’ song. I sometimes heard the sutras spoke gently to myself when I felt the rage is starting to build up and I could just release it as I exhale.

Fourth is eliminating my catastrophizing habit. I even forgot that I have this listed. So far, it hasn’t come yet. Hopefully never came back to this habit, but I can’t fully say that it is gone, it can be because there’s not enough trigger since I spent the majority of my time indoor for the past two weeks. I mostly spent my time reading, writing, drawing, watching the news and meditating which leads to the result number five; deepening my concentration.

I’m not an avid reader, I mostly read articles which as we all know shorter than books. Let’s face it, I have short attention span. However, these two weeks I can finally finish reading two of Jack London’s books that I bought years back with only a few chapters read (screw you distractions!).


So, that is it of my long rumbling… in case you’re interested to try this program and share your progress as well as experience with me and others, here’s what you need to know:

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“Why is it so pricey?” you asked.

That’s OK, so was I.

Yup, the regular price for be a modern master program is $ 1095, and there’s an offer to get slashed by $ 696. This means, you only get to pay $ 399.

However, if you still consider this high and you’re not sure if the program worth your $ 399?

Don’t worry, you can sign up for their FREE WEBINAR. You will not only be having more clarity on the program since it’s presented by the guru herself, Deborah King, together with Vishen Lakhani, the founder of Mindvalley; but you will also get a chance to use a 68 % DISCOUNT. And here goes the price will cut down to $ 349.

There will be two payment options available for you:

  1. One payment for $ 349 with the benefit of 10 day money back guarantee.
  2. Three months installment for $ 129 each with the benefit of 30 day money back guarantee.

So, choose wisely.


My Final Verdict

I’m very glad with the progress I made with the help of this program. And if you asked me; would I recommend be a modern master program, my answer is yes.

After 2 weeks of doing my mantra and sutra meditation with other supportive practices, I have much better self-awareness, I have more control over my negative thoughts and my raging emotion, I sleep better, I feel grateful, and at ease in most cases, my concentration is also so much better now.

Other than the progress that I made for the past two weeks, here is the other reasoning why I would recommend this program to you:

  1. It has high quality of lesson materials; the videos, the audios, and the workbooks. I have enrolled another program by Mindvalley called Duality, you can check my review on it HERE, and I have to say that the programs launched by Mindvalley have great quality.
  2. It gives you time to chew and swallow. Since this program is very esoteric, giving all the 50 lessons at once will do you no good. So as to understand this matter very well, they break it down for you; one module only for each week.
  3. Though the price is high, this program has a discount that you can use by watching their free webinar. So, this means you got the free webinar plus the 68% discount.
  4. The content of the course is great and clear enough is also accompanied with pre-recorded Q&A. However there are indeed some technical terms that I need to google.
  5. Bonus is available here and it’s not the rubbish one. You’ll find the bonus really helpful, especially for me as a starter.
  6. The homework, I really enjoy the homework given by this program. For me they are more like bonuses rather than painful homework like the ones I got from school. These homework will allow you to have a deep reflection and find answers within yourself. Furthermore, it contains useful techniques and practices that match perfectly with the main courses.
  7. The Facebook group, despite the fact that I have to wait for approximately 24 hours for post moderation this feature is actually good. I can share my experiences, ask questions and see how people respond to that. Same thing with reading other people stories, giving opinion or just leaving a thumb up.
  8. As to make it easier for you to choose, you’ll get access to 10 days of money-back guarantee. If you think this program doesn’t work for you, simply tell them you want your money back.

What do you think? wanna give it a go?



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Be a Modern Master is a self-help program designed to help people healed from their traumas and achieve higher self-awareness by the power of their own energy that can be attained through daily mantra and sutra meditation.

The concept of this practice is highly esoteric. People with closed-minded are not suggested.

This review is made solely based on the writer’s personal experience of practicing Be a Modern Master program for 2 weeks long.

Please consider that each person experience may differ from one to the other.

7.3 Total Score

Content Quality
Author's Credibility
Customer Service
Program Community
  • Baby step learning (scheduled weekly).
  • Thorough content (packed with videos, audios, as well as workbooks).
  • Free Webinar Available
  • Suitable for anybody from any background and religion
  • Pre-recorded Q&A and group coaching calls.
  • There's an access to online community.
  • Legit and Expert Author
  • The availability of 3 months installment as well as money back guarantee.
  • I personally feel the result
  • Bonus available.
  • This program is pricey.
  • Every post you make on the facebook community is on moderation (so you need to wait at least 24 hours).
  • There's one missing workbook in module 2.
  • There are some difficult terms left with unsufficient explanation.
  • Short Money back guarantee duration
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