Jeffrey Allen Duality Review – I’ve Tried it for 3 Weeks, See How It Goes!

Jeffrey Allen's Duality Real Review – How do we find balance in our lives?

It seems to be easier to lose than to find, Doesn't it?

In the era of modern society; life on social media, our lives become a par with others. And it ruins.

Well, I’m not against social media or any modern tech. In fact, it can be a wonderful resource and tool to make everything easier to access. I’m fully aware of it.

However, let’s talk about the other side of social media; its dark side. Despite of the cyber bullying, there'e one thing that i think we all can relate: craving for attention.


Source:, Credit: Erik Lucatero

What's wrong with that?

In my opinion craving attention can make life shallow and meaningless. And in strive to do that, we might lose ourselves for the sake of looking presentably good in other people’s eyes.

We can see how creativity is no longer based on the creative endeavor but it slowly shifted into:

“How many likes would I get from this post?”

In this case, our emotion can be unstable, it's fluctuating depends on how many likes we got. You’re no longer be the master of your body and mind, ‘cause other people out there have the chance to control it. So ironic.

Let’s go back to the olden days, shall we?

Just kidding, we still need WiFi. And Google has been our number one source to literally everything. Even to find useful reviews like on this site.

Then how do we find balance in our lives; when we can maximize the awesomeness that this modern world has to offer and immune ourselves from its bad effects?

There might be some ways, but in today’s kind opportunity, I would present to you a helpful program: Jeffrey Allen Duality training.

I’ve tried the first 3 weeks and so far it works quite amazing.

Does this Sound new to you?

Let’s get to know them then!



Jeffrey Allen Duality, What Is It Exactly?

Duality starts as a realization that our bodies have two sides, just like a coin. These two sides of our bodies are called; physic (visible) and energy (invisible). And in order to get the best life possible, there’s no either or, both sides have to be in synchronicity.

jeffrey allen duality

However, in a modern world, we use to gain only one of these sides and suppress the other. And in most cases (if not all) it is our physics that dominates. Consequently, this can result in some emotional issues that we don’t know how to deal with and since we’ve been taught to suppress it down to the abyss, it accumulated… and… viola… an explosion!

As I looked up to their website before I decided to enroll the program, there’s a line that I like, and it says:

 “…living an amazing life doesn’t need a big fat bank account, or a social background you’re proud of or high scores in your college GPA score…”

The line continues that an extraordinary life happens because “…we’ve simply figured out how to ACTIVATE our energetic side…”

This doesn’t mean that all success and achievements are impossible, unimportant and vague; it’s just not the emphasis here. Work with your energy first, get them on the same level as your physical side, and let success and achievements follow as its side effects.

For this purpose, Jeffrey Allen Duality program is here to teach you a deeper ‘how to’ enter your energy world, find a balance and not only that, it’ll also help you eliminating your energy blocks (all those negative energy that keeps floating back to you) that make you stuck and fail to enjoy abundance in this physical world.

There’s so much you can learn in this program, and what I said earlier can be just an understatement. Have I mentioned, about self-healing? ‘Cause they have it too. They believe that once we tune in our energetic self; it is not impossible that our physical sickness can be affected and healed (Spoiler alert: you’ll start to learn about this on week 3).


Wanted to Know More? CLICK HERE!

Is the Author Credible? What is His Background?

Jeffrey Allen is known as the healer’s healer. He has mastered the energy works and been running around the world to help other people to do that. And through Mindvalley, Jeffrey Allen can have longer reach to all of us.

jeffrey allen duality

Surprisingly, Jeffrey is a former software engineer. He’s been living a successful life; having a settled job with six-figured salary.

However, it wasn’t his true calling.

His journey from an engineer to become a healer was quite inspiring, I’d say. Not everyone is brave enough to follow their intuition and do what they are supposed to do. What I’ve learnt about his life is that our intuitions are actually in a constant calling to us, and that they’re always right. But the problem is; we’ve been discounting it for too long.

Alright back to Jeffrey.

His transformation was not in a sudden burst of calling. He knew it when he’s still working as an engineer. Jeffrey had apprenticed with leading physics, healers and mediums in the US for 15 years. And he had quietly served on the board of directors for spiritual development center.

Jeffrey came to the point of his live when he realized that he was “a healer pretended to be an engineer.” So he quit his job and a decade since then, he becomes exactly like what his intuition told him to. He’s living a successful life as a healer who has counseled and helped many lives around the world. And through online spiritual training like this Duality program, he has reached over 100.000s of students globally.


What Makes Jeffrey Allen Duality Program Different from the Other Programs?

Compare to other spiritual programs that I’d been using before, there are few things that I notice interesting in Duality, namely:

  •  A baby step learning

The program contains mainly 32 lessons in total. Instead of throwing you the lessons all at once; Jeffrey Allen Duality program do their job, and breaks it down for you. Each week, you’ll only be able to access 4 lessons, until it opens up all to the week 8 (your final week).

  • They make their program in videos together with printable workbooks

With previous programs that I’ve taken before, this program has this benefit. You know, it can be frustrating to read a bunch of manuals that often make you raise your eyebrows, alone. Thankfully, this program is a video based lesson accompanied with a weekly workbook (just so you can keep up with the videos).

What a complete combination, don’t you think?

Altogether will make you feel like you’re attending a class with a lecture speaking and a handbook in your hands.

  • You can make friends as well

Just like attending classes, you can have other spiritual friends through the Duality group. You can share, confide, ask questions, help others and stay motivated.

Remember that Taylor Swift’s song “…two is better than one…”


Source:, Credit: Geralt


  • Pre-recorded Q&A videos

I’ve always had questions in my learning process, so this can be a very thoughtful solution for people like me. With other programs, I used to terrorize the customer service with my questions, but with Duality, I don’t bother asking. Up to this point, Jeffrey Allen Duality program already had the answers in the pile.

Even better, they created timestamps, so you can jump directly into the question that you’re asking for.


Now, Let’s See What Others Say about Duality…

There are so many reviews and testimonies about this program spill over the internet. And here are some highlights for you (*)

“The program is pure magic…The program turned my world upside down. First of all my sadness, shame and fear from my teenage years came up. When clearing those feelings I found a deep strength within me which I, in some way, knew I had but had buried deep inside me…” said Carina Rosenblend.

“This one is so exceptional, priceless and outstanding… I think that Jeffrey is a true leader and role model in the field of spirituality and energy work.This is a field, so many try to explain, teach and understand. And never before have I experienced such a detail oriented, practicable, fun and “down on earth” program. Not to forget to mention the awesome structure on the membership site…” said Kathrin Bode.

“…just TRUST that the answers will come and resolutions will unfold in their right time. I’ve been noticing a lot of synchronization, some small and some larger, and I take it as proof that my spirit guides are telling me they’ve got my back. Mostly, I JUST DON’T WORRY ANY LONGER about things that are out of my control. And I see so quickly what those things are and I get centered by running energy and grounding…” said Jacqueline Munoz.


Is This Program for You?

Well it's easy, if you started to have a realization about how social media started to affect your life (in a rather toxic way) like me, then this program is perfect for you.

However, this will be such an undermining if i only say that it only work for detoxicating the bad effect of social media. I made some extended list for y’all (Ps: this list might not be extensive enough).

Now all you need to do is take a deep breath, and ask yourself if you wanted to:

  • Be in Your Flow State

Flow state by definition is colloquially be in the zone; this means that the mental state operations (in which a person performing activity) is fully immerse in a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment. In other words your body and mind works toward coherency.

If you see somebody who work on their passion, make their dreams come true and attract abundance, these are the people who have coherency in their live and what they do. For instance: The CEOs (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, ….), actors (Joaquin Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, ….) performers, athletes, and you (if you want to).

  • Deepen Your Awareness

Well, this doesn’t mean that you’ve been knocked unconscious all the time, but maybe your awareness only tells you what is on the surface. Your awareness is your main ticket to go into your self-healing. We can’t be healed if we didn’t know that we’re sick, right?

Therefore practice to build up yourself-awareness at this point can help you to diagnose the pain and confusion that you might have suppressed a long time ago and be totally healed.

And once you're healed, you can attract whatever you want in your life.

  • Stop Overthinking

In week 2 of the Duality lesson, you’ll be taught to turn down the volume of the noises inside your head. Wouldn’t it be great if you can control your running-wild thoughts and focus your attention to something worth doing?

  • Stay Healthy and Practice Self-healing

One of the causes that make people sick is the unreleased energy. This stuck energy creates toxic in the physical bodies. And by releasing this energy, your body can automatically be clearer from sickness. You can learn some kind of prevention with this program.

Other than that, if you're already caught in sickness, there's another tool and technique that you can practice and get yourself healed with it (*)

  • Stop Wallowing on Other’s Negative Energy

Do you have that one friend that keeps talking about his/her problems to you? And as their rumbling went on, you felt like their negativity started to affect you and kill your vibe?

Don't worry, there's a whole lessons on Duality that might help you with that. It will help you to create personal healthy boundaries without being less empathetic to others.

  • Love Yourself More

I talk about this like it's hard to love your own self. Well, at some cases; it does. You probably have noticed a bulimic friend who keep checking scales, or in general those people who are very insecure / self-conscious about their appearance / how they should behave.

If this was you, Duality last session lesson ‘be in your higher self' will try to help you with that. You can embrace yourself and walk in confidence.

  • Sharpen Your Intuition

Every single moment in life is a constant decision making. You know the whole idea of the paradox of choice? the more options lay in front of you, the more they perplex you. Some people even bother with trivial choices like ‘what to eat?' and ‘what to wear?'

Despite those trivial choices in our day to day life, here comes choices that requires deep deliberation to choose, like; ‘what job should you apply?', ‘whom you will spend the rest of your life with?'. However all this hard decision won't stress you out if you have a sharp intuition. Your intuition is a helpful tool in helping you deciding.


I Purchased Jeffrey Allen Duality Program, Here’s what I Got…

I was surprised (in a good way) that the program is not open up to a link to download manual E-books like what I’ve anticipated. It rather served as a video based lesson and it’s neatly organized on the dashboard. I love it!

Here’s how Jeffrey Allen Duality program looks like:

jeffrey allen duality

Unfortunately, the lesson videos can only be accessed online. But, don’t you worry, to help you with that, Duality training balanced it up with the availability of downloadable resources, like:

  • The weekly printable workbook.
  • Offline daily meditation guides.

The Duality program compiles into 8 week quest, divided into 3 big chunks of sections:

jeffrey allen duality

The first 3 weeks will help you work with yourself, connecting your root chakra to the earth (to be more present and coherent); activating your crown chakra (be in the higher mind, so you can control the noises inside your head); and healing yourself with energy.


Here’s what’s inside the weekly lessons of the 1st section:

Energy Awareness & Personal Presence – Week 1

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 1

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • The Power of Energy Awareness & Healing
  • Your Body-Spirit Connection for Personal Presence
  • Deepening Your Grounding & Personal Presence
  • How to Practice Personal Presence

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Personal Presence
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise: Grounding Push
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Getting into Your Body and Guided Journey

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 1

Mental & Intuitive Clarity – Week 2

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 2

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • Cultivating Intuition and a Balanced Mind
  • Clearing Your Mental Distractions
  • Deepening Your Clarity
  • How to Practice Mental Clarity

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Mental & Intuitive Clarity
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Getting Clarity, Awareness Warm-ups, and Journey to the Center Head Room & Akashic Records

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 2

Healing & Energizing Your Body – Week 3

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 3

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • Why Do We Struggle & Get Sick?
  • How to Energize & Clear Your Body
  • How to Heal Yourself with Energy
  • Deepening Your Healing Powers
  • How to Practice Your Healing Tools

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Healing Your Body
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Running Earth Cosmic, channeling Healing Energy, and Fine-tuning Our Source of Energy Journey

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 3

BONUS – Five Steps for Healing a Growth Period, lesson includes:

  • Open-ended meditation (30 and 60 minutes): Clearing your Growth Period

jeffrey allen duality

In this particular section, You will learn how to be more empathetic to other people without being dragged into their drama (interesting huh?).  There's another interesting thing that you will also learn; creating harmony on your chakra. We have 7 chakras spread from the top of the head, down to the bottom of the spine, and keep them harmonize will help us live in harmony too (you know, those moment when we feel like we can fully function as a human  being).  Not only that, you will also get a special ‘how to' overcoming financial blocks.


Here’s what’s inside the weekly lessons of the 2nd section:

Energetic Boundaries – Week 4

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 4

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • Empathy — Why is Energy Contagious?
  • Healthy Boundaries & Your Aura
  • Who’s in Control of Your Life?
  • Being a Healthy Boundary Ninja
  • How to practice Healthy Energy Boundaries

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Healing Your Body
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Running Earth Cosmic, channeling Healing Energy, and Fine-tuning Our Source of Energy Journey

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 4

Chakra healing for Communication & Manifestation – Week 5

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 5

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • How Do We Get Stuck In Old Patterns?
  • Healing Your Chakra Patterns
  • Mastering Communication with Others
  • Breaking Your Manifestation Blocks
  • How to practice Chakra Mastery

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Chakra Clearing
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Healing Your Chakras, Chakra Talk, and Manifesting through the Chakras

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 5

jeffrey allen duality

The last section of your Duality training will make you get along better with your emotional stability. And with which you can make a powerful first impression. This section is like an extended lesson for week 1 and 2, however more advance. The last powerful session for instance, will help you connect with your spiritual guides and your higher self.

What's good with connecting with them, you may ask? Well, here's the thing; your spiritual guides will help you make a quick and right decision while your higher-self will boost your self confidence, self love, joy, and creativity. How's that sound?


Here’s what’s inside the weekly lessons of the 3rd section:

Changing Your Beliefs – Week 6

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 6

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • What is stuck energy?
  • Are your beliefs serving you?
  • Clearing Unwanted Beliefs
  • Hacking Your Reputation
  • How to practice Conscious Beliefs

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Clearing Your Pictures
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Clearing Your Beliefs and Clearing Your reputation

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 6

Accessing Your Intuition – Week 7

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 7

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • What is Intuition?
  • Improving Your Intuition
  • Creating Synchronicity & Abundance
  • How to practice your Intuition

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Using Your Intuition
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Intuition Warm-ups, Clearing Intuition Blocks, and Finding Direction & Timing Journey

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 7

Accessing Your Higher Awareness – Week 8

Lesson 1 – Workbook and Lesson Overview Week 8

Lesson 2 – Lecture Videos, includes:

  • Living from Your Higher Self
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides
  • Talking with Your Guides
  • Practicing Higher Awareness & Continuing Your Journey

Lesson 3 – Daily Meditation & Practice, includes:

  • Daily meditation: Spirit Guide Conversation
  • Self-practice and partner practice exercise
  • (Optional) Lecture meditation: Meet Your Guides, Conversation with a Guide, and Becoming Your Higher Self

Lesson 4 – Student FAQ Week 8

BONUS – Clearing Energy Blocks, lesson includes:

  • Clearing Energy blocks meditation guide


What I Learnt from Duality Program for this Past 3 Weeks?

Before I answer the “what” question, I think it’d be better to talk about the “why” first.

Why I need this Duality program?

Alright, I’m gonna start with a story why I came up with this Duality training. As I wrote in the first couple lines of this post that social media capable to ruin life, it really does.

I’ve come to this realization that i need to take a step back from it 'cause I was unconsciously addicted by it. I was being some kind of narcissist jerk.

Before the era of social media, I have hobbies that I took very seriously. I like to draw and write. All of my attention was at that sole creative burst that I used to have. I could spend days and nights to finish one piece art which only went on the stack – far from recognition.

However, I was totally happy with it. And as I remember, the feeling when I sat on my desk to get the work done is what I missed the most.

After few years on social media, I was addicted to photographing all of my works. I was lying if I said ‘oh, I just want to share it with people’. For all I know, deep down inside my intention was to show people off.

Nevertheless, if I noticed, my works were never as good as they used to be anymore. I was rushing; I want it to be quickly photographed and I would spend the next couple hours checking on my notification to see if people give likes and complements.

Can you see how bad this turns out?

My happiness is now determined by how many likes and complement that i'd get from people. And i'd feel terribly bad about myself if didn't get a certain amount of likes. or when i see other people

I want to be in the zone again and in charge of my own happiness. I’ve searched for ‘how’ in the past months; I even read a psychological textbook about FLOW until Duality training popped up to me and I clicked on it.


I gave Jeffrey Allen Duality program a try. And so far I’m happy with it.

I just finish the week 3, still a long way to go… but for this past 3 weeks I feel like Duality training has helped me with my problems.

I started my first 3 days on the 1st week of Duality training by stepping on the wrong side of the bed. I didn't print the workbook, over-analyzing his words, and started my practice and meditations in the middle of hot sunny day.

It didn’t work at all!

So I started to do it all over again…


Source:, Credit: Leninscape

This time, I do it differently. As a result, the lessons come easier. And according to the manuals, I’ve noticed that my learning process comes in a pattern every week:

  • On the first 2 days I sit solemnly listening to Jeffrey Allen’s weekly lecture and take notes on my workbook.
  • On the next 5 days I do the daily meditation (in the morning, at 5 am to be precise, well sometimes at 5.30 am) alongside with my weekly practice exercise.

Okay, now, we’re moving on to the question of “what I’ve learnt so far?”


Something Called Grounding

There’s a technique called ‘grounding’ that I’ll keep on practicing even after I finished all of the weeks.

I’d say that ‘grounding’ is the answer to my despair.

It works like magic.

I’m sorry that I can’t talk about detailed practicality (‘cause I might get sued by it), but I can tell you how I feel when I practice this thing.

Just like what it called ‘grounding’, I feel heavy in my meditation like i was truly grounded into the earth. It’s so obvious and kinda scary in the first place. But what follows after that is the feeling that I’m completely present in my body.

Moreover, in my grounding section I’ve always like the part when I have to imagine that everything around me is sucked down into the drain; deep into the center of the earth. For me, It’s so liberating that what’s left is myself and nothing but my own clarity.

I've searched what's the right word to express what i feel after practicing it; and i finally come up with the word “indifference”. This first couple weeks of Duality training has taught me how to be indifference (to gather all of my energy on my own self).

I don't care anymore if people like my works or hated it. My mind is filled with peace, and with the state of mind i can be more productive and focus on my work and be completely in the zone until it's done.

With that being said, social media has no longer be a problem for me.

Okay, one problem is solved now. Then, here comes another; it will not be as easy as being indifferent in social media, 'cause we don't interact with those people directly but how to deal with people that we meet daily? Wouldn't it be rude if we're being indifferent when our friends, for instance, want to confide in us?

I don't want to be rude but you know how it feels when someone keeps spitting their negativity on you? it feels very excruciating, doesn't it? Duality training in this case, has a technique to ground others too, even the building you are standing.

However it's a bit harder for me to do, i'm still working on it. And there's a further lesson that you will learn regarding to this matter  on Duality week 4 (having empathy to others without getting into their drama); I cant wait!


My experience with self-healing- Week 3

To be honest, It doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to be.

Before i started this particular weekly training, I've indeed thought to myself that this was too good to be true. I mean, it's a physical pain, who am i kidding?

However, there's nothing wrong to try.

So I've tried it to my left knee. i had an accident about a year ago. I fell off my motorcycle and hurt my knee. I didn't go to see a doctor at that time 'cause I don't think it was a big deal. Yet  it still hurts after a long run, especially when i bend it.

As I listened to the daily meditation, I've built the hand chakra, creating a ball of energy between my palms. I tried to channeling my energy body to the palm of my hands . I felt the heat (heat is a sign of energy – Jeffrey Allen). Then, with a ball of energy in my hands I  slowly sent it to my knee.

I've practiced this energy healing for 5 days (once in a day), but i still feel it.

I probably need more days to heal this pain, Because the accident happened 1 year ago.

And as Jeffrey has already explained in the week 3 lesson video that the energy healing results can vary; sometimes it can surprise you with an instant result and sometimes it slow and in layers. Just be patient. Even medicine takes time to proceed, doesn't it?


How to Get the Most of Duality Training

By most, I mean, how you could get the best price and tips that you can follow through to absorb Jeffrey Allen Duality program's lessons better.

Alright, let’s get into the very core!

  • The Best Price for You

If you go to Jeffrey Allen Duality's official website you might be shooked by the program’s price.

“Why is it so pricey even after the 50 % off?” you asked.

That’s OK, so was I.

Yup, the actual price for this Duality training is $ 999, and there’s an offer to get 50 % discount that you can use. This means, the price reduces to $ 499 for you.

However, if you still consider this high and you’re not sure if the program worth your $ 499?

Don’t worry, you can sign up to their webinar and start your FREE MASTERCLASSS. You will not only be having more clarity on the program since it’s presented by the Duality guru himself, Jeffrey Allen, together with Vishen lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley; but you will also get more cheaper price to buy the program.


Click Here to Start Your Free Masterclass

  • Handy Dandy Tips for You Before You Start

How’s the Duality masterclass? Interesting isn’t it?

As you start to enroll the program, here are my personal helpful tips that you can follow, so you won’t fail like what I did before (you’re welcome):

Print your workbooks!

Since the training session is only available online, it will be very helpful if you print your weekly workbook so you can keep on the track. You can revisit your workbook as much as you want, with or without internet connection.

Moreover, you can write your personal notes there and it’ll help you to understand better. Trust me.


My weekly workbook

However if you hate writing and you want to own the whole weekly video training, YOU certainly CAN. The Duality training program has another package deal containing a CD format, digital access, plus a certification for $ 549.


Learn How to Master Your Energy to Improve Your Life Here

Get all the available offline resources

For your daily meditation, its best to have it downloaded first. Thankfully, your daily meditation guides are available offline, so, you can go within your body without any online distraction.


Jeffrey Allen Duality

Screenshot of Duality's Dashboard

You can do your meditation anytime you want, but I’d say that mornings are the best time to do it. For me personally, I set the time at 5 Am. When most people are asleep, there you go, you’re alone with the universe.

Connect with your Duality friends

As I’ve mentioned earlier, what’s cool about Jeffrey Allen Duality program is that it allows you to connect with other people on the program through its Facebook page. Once you’ve signed up to the Duality training, you can click on your dashboard…


Jeffrey Allen Duality

Screenshot of Duality's Dashboard

…to get your first log-in passphrase, and that’s it you’re all set to join the group. In this community you can share your progress, help others (if you can), stay motivated, or, ask for help.

As for me, I find it challenging to get myself in an online community in the first place. But when I decided to do it, I’m glad that people on this community are genuinely cared to give advice and encouragement.


Jeffrey Allen Duality

A Glimpse inside the Duality's Group

The most important tip is: “Don’t be a smartass”

And by smartass I mean skeptical (I keep remind myself this as well), ‘cause if you did with this particular program; chances are, you’re going to do it again in every aspect of your life. Therefore, you’re creating your own boundaries that get yourself away from the best things that you actually deserve.

Try to trust the whole idea of energy. This might sound odd to you, but it’s merely because we’ve never taught (or even heard) about this before. But the concept of Duality practice is not a novelty. Chinese martial arts for instance, have been firstly taught the whole thing about energy as what they called: qi (chi). Or what in Hinduism called as chakra (The spinning wheels of energy).


My Final Verdict

It’s a yes from me. I’d recommend Jeffrey Allen Duality program for you. They make clear pace of learning and thorough lessons with bonuses available for you.

Well, I can’t seem to emphasize this enough that the lessons are created in a good quality video format accompanied with its printable workbooks (plus the clear, calming, relaxing weekly audio meditations); which can make you feel like you’re sitting in a class with a lecture standing in front of you. And just like being in a class, you can make friends. Duality program, though it’s an online training, it enables you to meet and interact with other people.

I know the price is kinda high. But by joining their free Masterclass on their webinar, you can get the access for more cheaper price. And for the program they offer, I think the price would be quite fair.

Despite the discount that you can get, Duality also offers you an unconditional risk free of 10 days guarantee. So, you can try and look around the program (but be wise, ‘cause you only got 10 days to make up your mind). Then, you decide…

If you think that the program is not what you’re looking for, you can Click Here to Refund, sit back and relax. They’ll send your money back within 5 – 7 working days.

But before that happen you can first of all seize a kind opportunity to check on their FREE Masterclass.


Click Here to Start


The whole purpose of Jeffrey Allen Duality training is to help people to be in tune with their energetic side with a powerful guided exercises together with its guided meditations.

All of them are created to get people closer to reach abundance on their lives; or simply becoming more present, eliminating energy blocks, strengthen intuition, self healing and many other beneficial things to improve personal and spiritual growth.

Though there are lots of greatness that Jeffrey Allen Duality program have to offer; the result however can be varied from person to person. It really depends on one's willingness to learn whole new concept about energy.

8.1 Total Score

Content quality:
Practicality :
Author credibility:
Customer Service:
  • Clear instructions
  • Good quality content
  • Bonus available
  • Lifetime access
  • Thorough lessons
  • Author is credible
  • Pricey
  • Short return policy (only within 10 days)
  • A little missed-match between the video and the workbook
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