The Secret Mirror 3.0 Joe Vitale Full Review – I’ve Learn and Try it for 3 Months

The Secret Mirror Review – Have you ever felt (or even always feel) in doubt that your dreams or goals will come true someday? My experience with The Secret Mirror 3.0, maybe can help you overcome your obstacle.

Telling you the truth, I always have doubts that I can make my dreams come true someday.

I always have a dream to be an entrepreneur someday. I wish that one day I will have my own writing agency or becoming an expert in copy writing. But since I am a mother, and still delivering my services alone, I often feel doubt, and end up thinking to throw away my dream.

Moreover, I don’t have any experiences on how to run a business. I end up trapped in hesitation, though today I have had and been running my plan to pursue my dream.

secret mirror review

I also have a dark past. I though it was over when I practising Hooponopono a couple months ago. But recently I realized that I haven’t done with my past yet. There was a moment when I was drawn in sadness, without uncertain reason. I also often have negative chatter in my mind.

That negative thought and chatter made me look at people with suspicion. Even I have a communication problem with my husband. Everything he does always looks wrong for me. I feel like pinched by the situation around me. I love myself when no one around, and feeling uncomfortable when my husband and daughter at home.

I knew, there is something wrong with me, and I have to ask for help to bring peace in me and in my family.

When I tried to practice Hooponopono again, I failed. It hard for me to get clear. I went to Dr. Joe's page to find more about Hooponopono, but then, I became interested in the law of attraction. Maybe my unhappy condition today is happened because of my negative though.

I tried to find more about law of attraction, and my finding about it, lead me to one of Dr. Joe’s courses, Secret Mirror


Find Your Self-Sabotag


What is The Secret Mirror System 3.0


secret mirror review

The aim of the Secret Mirror 3.0 is knowing yourself

The Secret Mirror 3.0 that I purchased is claimed to be a way to reach your dream by overcome your limiting believe. We all have past, unhappy memories, and the uncertainty of everything in this world, which sometimes stopping us to move forward.

The Secret Mirror 3.0 system is designed to help you remove fears, past beliefes, and worries by going deeper to yourself. It is a reprogramming of your subconscious mind, which often sabotage you from the miracle of the law of attraction.


About Dr. Joe Vitale

the secret mirror review

Some of you may hear him as Mr. Fire now, a motivator who owning, a guidance site to use the law of attraction for business and life.

He also ever showed in the secret mirror movie a couple years ago.

Dr. Joe is known as a person who succeed using the Law of Attraction to escape from his poverty in the past. He also uses it to bring many succeed in his life, like making his own CD album, became a successful writer and entrepreneur.

He shares his experiences with Law of Attraction and others self-help system on his book like Zero Limit, Hynotic Writing, Expect Miracles: The Missing Secret, and others.


To whom The Secret Mirror 3.0 suitable for

If it is about specific gender or age, there is no statement or clue that the system is designed for specific person. However, if you want to make change, removing fear, anxiety, or others believes that stopping you to move forward, then you should consider to try Secret Mirror 3.0.


What promised by The Secret Mirror 3.0

After learning and implementing the Secret Mirror you can start living and thinking positively, to attract any positive events and experiences which will bring you to all the dreams you want. You will also find the right step to your dream life with a simple practice.


Find Your Self-Sabotage with The Secret Mirror 3.0

What you got after buying the Secret Mirror 3.0

Just in second after you buy the product, you will be invited to a member site. You have to sign up as a member, before you can find the Secret Mirror 3.0 copy.

There are five main copies for you to learn:

  1. The Secret Mirror 3.0 system; on this chapter Dr. Joe will tell you the easy steps to do mirroring and how Dr. Joe practices the system every day.
  2. Step-by-step video demo by the first participants of the Secret Mirror 3.0 system (Neil, Desh, John and Kim) and Zero Limit III; the 8-hour video seminar by Dr. Joe and Dr. Hew Len.
  3. Attract Money Now LIVE Video; a story about Dr. Joe Vitale on how he learned to attract abundance in his life.
  4. Private Facebook Group Mastermind Access
  5. Action Bonuses; a special eBooks by Steve Gardner and Dr. Joe Vitale including “How to Attract Time and Money.”


So, did the Secret Mirror help me?

I must tell you the truth, that this review is the longest writing I ever wrote. It is not because the system is hard to apply, but when I applied it on my daily life, it often took me to different emotion (especially when it is about my intention to erase my bad past). That's why, sometimes, I choose to stop or revising writing this review.

Okay, so this is my experience so far, after purchasing the Secret Mirror 3.0 system.

My experience with secret mirror was like a roller coaster, high hope at the beginning, down in the middle, but satisfied in the end.


secret mirror review

Some of module you will get when you purchase Secret Mirror 3.0

Not as written on the; you will not see the first copy of the Secret Mirror 3.0 system, but an e-book clearing negativity from your life.

When the first time I landed on the member site, I have highly expected that I would get an legit introduction about LOA (what is LOA, how LOA work, etc) which often claimed as a great way to “ask help from the universe“.

Though I still didn't know what LOA is, but I still love the e-book; because it helped me see my obstacle clearer and what made me feeling devastated so far.

So did with the second module, an e-book which written by Katherine Hurst's, Awakening Abundance.

It is a free-ebook from this course. You can have it also by follow this below link


Get Awakening Abundance E-book

I got a little insight about LOA from this e-book. It also recommends you to visit to find useful information about LOA, and asks you to join the LOA community. Another suggestion given by this e-book is that you try the short quiz about abundance in your life.

I choose to follow the link, took the quiz, and also claimed some free tools provide there. However, when I checked the link sent by the LOA sites, I found that it is the same page as I log in for the secret mirror.

By following the link, now I could open another module on the library dashboard (there 16 courses in the library)

 I loved the abundance quiz, it helped me understand what was the barrier in me; whether it was emotion, health, spiritual believe or others.

I felt the abundance e-book was very useful too. It gave me a little understanding about LOA, and how to apply it in daily life.


Get Awakening Abundance E-book

One thing that's a little annoying was, offering links to unblock your abundance. And it happened to be the Secret Mirror course. I wonder why it has to be included in the Secret Mirror module, while you have already bought it?


Get to Know what's Stopping You from Your Dreams

The real copy of Secret Mirror is on the third module. It consists of four sub lesson, those are:

  1. Getting started with the Secret Mirror 3.0
  2. Preparing for using Secret Mirror 3.0
  3. Discovering your counter intention
  4. Your personal guided Secret Mirror 3.0 session
  5. Taking Inspired Action


secret mirror review

Main copies of Secret Mirror 3.0

From the first video (Getting Started with Secret Mirror), Dr. Joe already warned that Secret Mirror is not a woo woo method (magical thing), or a meditation method, thus the result sometimes not just come in the first session you do the mirroring.

He also said,  seeing oneself reflection in the mirror can be hard for some people. It took a lot of braveness. It is why you shouldn’t push yourself to get answers or find things that really sabotaging you from your dream,

So, I did my mirroring session with that understanding (that the first mirror session is often hard to do). And yes, I did find that it’s so challenging.

Maybe because I have been aware, that the first session was indeed difficult, so, without realizing it, I tried to encounter the fact; I dare myself to confront my reflection on the mirror. And the result was, I found nothing. I couldn’t see what sabotaging me inside. And honestly, I felt angry and upset at the time. I though my purchasing was futile.

However, when I read stories of the members in the Facebook group after doing mirroring, -they found happiness, self confidence, got little success on their journey to their goals-, I became curious. Why all of those things not happened to me? What’s wrong with me?

Then one day, I read a post on The Secret Awakening Facebook Group. She struggled to do visualization, and asked whether she did the mirroring session wrong or not.

Reading the answer from the other member, I inspired to re-learn the module again. This time I learn it right. I noted what needs to be noted, stop continuing watching the module when Dr. Joe said to pause the video, and answer the questions given on the video. This time I also recorded my mirroring session (I didn’t record my first mirroring session).

 Recording a mirroring session is indeed recommended so that someday you can find out how far your progress from time to time.

Learning the module for the second time, I noted that  it would be better not to do your mirroring session when you felt so tired, sleepy, or your state of mind is too chaotic. Because you need to make some notes (and it could be a very long note), and do relaxation before start doing mirroring.

 So, if you felt so tired or sleepy, it will be better to go to bed first, drink coffee, or take your dog around before starting your mirror session.

 It is also recommended to do your mirroring session when you are alone, or if your conditions don't work (your partner works at home, you live with a big family) ask your family to not disturb you for some times.

 This time, I also provide some times to watch the mirror session by Dr. Joe, and the TSM community. Watching them assist me to understand how to do mirroring in the right way.


secret mirror review

Some of Zero Limit video interactive seminar which provided as your purchasing bonuses


secret mirror review

Others bonuses; Dr. Joe's and Steve Gardner e-books

The most I love from third module is the video seminar of Zero Limit.  I recommend you to watch these bonuses also.
If you want to take away your obstacle, it is better to have a clearer mind and energy. And learning Hooponopono can make you removing your limiting believe easier.

There is another bonus on the third module, 45 minutes – consultation with one of Joe Votale’s certified coach. I haven’t use it yet. I planned to use it later, after I did some of my dream’s plans. I think I should use it well, considering this is a valuable opportunity, isn’t it?

The last module of Secret Mirror is a trick to make more money from home and avoid 9-5 working life.
At first I think it was a cool tip, but again, unfortunately, it is just an offer of another course. I don't know what it is, I didn't follow the link, nor interested to the course at all.

Meeting your goals or dealing with the past, sometimes can be a long journey. That's why holding hands with those who in the same frequency will help you to stay focused and keep your energy.

So, if you're planning to take this course too, I recommend you to join with The Secret Awakening community on Facebook. There, you can open a discussion, asking questions, telling your obstacle or your success story after practising Secret Mirror and so on.


Get a New Life with Secret Mirror 3.0

What others say about Secret Mirror

Jaimee Keech

This is a program for everyone, no matter what is your dreams, you're facing. You want money, a better job, house you dream, and so on. This program is really for you. You can also learn about the Law of Attraction here.

Michael Clyne

It is no beating around the bush here. It is a “must buy” for everyone who wanting to make a better life. You could harness the power of mirrors to reprogram the mind and utilizing it to recognize every chance the universe sends.

Chad Ockstadt

It helped me break through my lemony past. This course would not tell you to just sit there, but take an action instead; and Secret Mirror will help you to enjoy the process.


How to get Secret Mirror 3.0 system; price and guarantee

You can get the Secret Mirror system 3.0 by going to You will see that the course is sell at $99 but today it is sell $49 only.

You will get the access to abundance Secret Mirror 3.0 and so many bonuses like Zero Limit seminar, ebook of Awakening Abundance, and also an access to the exclusive grup of TSM community at Facebook.

Unlike the other self-development course, you will get 100% money back guarantee in 60 days, if you're feeling unhappy with Secret Mirror.


Find Your Self-Sabotage with Joe Vitale Secret Mirror 3.0

Verdict and Conclusion

Wondering whether your dreams will come true or not, is something really tiring. And sometime, it can make you stop, or even procrastinate all the actions you should do, to make it happen. In the end, you just will end up hating yourself, why you never make any forward step in your life.

It is why, in my opinion, reprogramming your unconscious mind is important. And Secret Mirror, could be your answer to make start on your life.

The Zero Limit seminar which is used as a bonus for your purchasing, can also help you to be more confident, and wise in looking your life.

The Facebook group which provided as support for the purchase the system, can be your back up and place to share your agony. To me, it is like having a close friend that understands you, and accept you as you are.

Yes, I hate some advertising which claimed to be bonuses too, but let's not to look that as negative thing, simply ignore it and focus on the improvement of our life.


Find Your Self-Sabotage With The Secret Mirror 3

Get Free Awakening Abundance E-book


Though I have felt the advantage of the Secret Mirror 3.0, I also believe, that any result of a course will always differ from one to another. We all knew, knowledge, experience, and belief, will give us a different point of of view on something. So, do with the Secret Mirror 3.0 System, though it helped me gain more confidence to pursue my dream, but maybe you need your own path to have your future.

8.8 Total Score

Product Quality:
Customer service:
  • Available Facebook Page for consultation and sharing
  • 24h chat services for question and guide
  • Abundance bonuses
  • Zero Limit Webinar Bonus is Really Great
  • Takes time to see the result
  • So many offering purchasing from another product
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