The Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan – I’ve Tried it on My Sister

Cinderella Solution Full Review – Weight gain and obesity are some of the problems that concern people in the world today. They can strike anybody who is not careful of their daily habits, or those who have hormonal diseases that cause weight gain.

However, recently – specifically women – tend to obsess more over the size of their waistlines and bodies. According to reports, weight gain may cause more harm to females than to males.

This becomes evidence that women need a solution for their weight loss needs. A good weight loss solution is something that we’re all excited about.

However, most products and programs that promise results just aren’t good enough. Most of them consist of fad diet ideologies and fake science that encourage unhealthy habits.

I personally have tried various diet programs, free to paid ones, and although they do help me lose weight, keeping off the weight loss is difficult.

Additionally, many weight loss solutions require you to starve yourself or give up entire food groups to speed up metabolism and fat burn. This may lower the number on the scale, but it may strip your body off of vital nutrients that can affect your body negatively.

This may trigger certain hormones that only applies to women. However, the Cinderella Solution claims that they offer a program that helps you to deal with a certain female hormone through certain exercises and meals.

This is the first diet program that offers a focused diet towards one hormone. Thus, I have purchased this program. Below will be my unbiased review of this program.

Cinderella Diet Solution Program Inside



What is “Cinderella Solution”?

It’s not entirely true that you will never gain weight before your 30s, because during this time; your body stores more fat than usual and sometimes when this continues for some time, its something you need to rectify as soon as possible.

The Cinderella Solution is a 28-day weight-loss program designed specifically for women. It includes two phases: The Ignite Phase and the Launch Phase.

Each phase is 14 days long. They’re comprised of meal plans that rely on certain food combinations in order to maximize weight loss and fat reduction.

Cinderella Solution is a plan which combines weight loss with very specific exercises. These exercises are not cardio exercises.

Rather, they are very unique, which contains lots of fat in that part of the body and where women want to lose weight. In particular, the exercises described in the system that go beyond the abdominal tissue, buttocks, and hips.

Women usually gain weight easier, store, and burn fat differently than men. That’s why this program is intended for women, it claims it will help you to manage your body better. It's easy to follow and 100% safe to be done for every woman.

You will do specific exercises and to get specific nutrition into your day to reactivate your metabolism.

According to the manufacturer of the system, Carly Donovan said there are three hormones responsible for the weight gain of a woman. They are insulin, cortisol, and estrogens. Or in other words, I.C.E dysfunction.


Female Hormones (I.C.E Dysfunction)

The Cinderella Solution is a program specifically designed for women who are in the phase between puberty and menopause. This program concentrates on the ICE Dysfunction which revolves around the idea that there is some imbalance of the insulin hormones.

By that, the metabolism is adversely impacted.

Of course, these hormones are most effective when women are twenty years old. That is why women of this age do not have a problem with eating what they want and lose weight.

With age, these hormones work less and the body simply reduces their amount. This causes weight loss to increase weight. For this reason, the system was developed to cure this problem.

It is all about the I.C.E. dysfunction – a hormonal transitional transition, which women experience between puberty and menopause, which essentially slows down your metabolism.

With the proper techniques, you can definitely trigger your insulin, cortisol, and estrogen, so you can boost your metabolism back up to youthful levels.



How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

This program focuses on the I.C.E (insulin, cortisol, and estrogen) dysfunction which is the imbalance of the insulin hormones found in women.

The system works with weight and exercise plan for women over 30 who want to lose more than ten pounds. It works by restarting three hormones that regulate metabolism.

You will get to know when and which food and drinks to consume in order to keep optimal weight. It also explains targeted weight loss and reveals the concept of change sequence and how it is better than the cardio workouts.

This tells you what are the right foods to eat, what is the right combination to eat them, what are the foods that you need to stay away from and so on so that you will know what you are eating. This makes you never get hungry more often.

Some special food combinations that were included in this program are:

  • Mint and green tea
  • Ricotta and berries
  • Apples and chocolate
  • Fish and garlic
  • Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes

The meal plans are designed using these food combinations and many others. These combinations are proven to help boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.


Who is the Cinderella Solution Suitable For?

Carly found that women in other parts of the world were able to eat foods high in calories, fat and carbohydrates without gaining weight. She discovered that it wasn’t the foods these women were eating that was key. It was the combination of foods.

She put together a food plan for women looking to lose weight. She combined this with a gentle, low-impact workout plan to come up with an effective weight-loss and fat reduction program.

Carly Donovan designed the Cinderella Solution for women of all ages. Whether you’re in your 20s or 80s. It’s perfect for the following:

  • Those who have tried to lose weight the traditional way without much success.
  • Women who have lost weight before but gained it all back or even more.
  • Those who hate to count calories.
  • Women who aren’t looking to commit to a long-term weight loss plan.
  • Those who still want to eat the food they love.

If you’re looking to drop two dress sizes in two months, this program is not the right choice for you. Since you have to follow the meal plan for 28-days at the very least, you can begin to see results only after this period.


“IMPORTANT: This proven blueprint is
designed to work specifically with
the female metabolism and is
ONLY for ladies who needs to lose
10 or more pounds”
– Carly Donovan



Benefits that you get from the Cinderella Solution

Healthier body: With this program, you will receive a series of recipes that will help you to prepare tasty and nutritious meals for a healthier body.

Fast weight loss: This comprehensive program will help you to start shedding your extra weight quickly and efficiently like never before.

Scientifically Reliable: All of the information, tips, and advice you get with this guide are rooted in science and extensive medical research.

Works for everyone: One of the best features of this product is that it is suitable for almost every overweight woman.


What Do You Get for Your Money?

Cinderella Solution Product

The central manual of this program contains four distinct parts.

Part One: The Cinderella Solution Explained

This part of the program is a basic introduction to the program and how to best start your journey. The next chapter contains information on food combinations based on flavor profiles as well as the right time for you to nourish your body.

Details on slim-sequencing exercises follow this chapter. You also get the two critical phases of the program known as Ignite and Launch in this first part.

Part Two: Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

Part two if the program, you get a 14-day calendar as well as daily meal-prep plans. These help you understand the best way to nourish your body and eat well for weight loss. This part contains the most innovative recipes.

Apart from meals and recipes, this part also has information on macro nutrition and food pairings. There is a wealth of information related to different food groups and the best corresponding food items.

With this information, charting a meal plan that is full of flavor, yet useful for weight loss, becomes a lot easier.

Part Three: DIY Meals and Flavor-Pairing

The third part of The Cinderella Solution focuses on giving you an even more detailed set of information. This information is sure to aid in creating nutritionally rich, yet calorically low meals.

Moreover, this phase helps with recipes that’ll take your Ignite and Launch phases into overdrive. You’ll also learn about things like portion options and portion blocks, which will help you make the right decisions related to your diet.

Part Four: Top 10 Flavor and Weight Loss Food Combinations

As the title suggests, the fourth part of the program focuses on giving information about food combos and flavorful ingredients to boost your weight loss journey.

By this stage, you’ve been exposed to exhaustive information that makes sure you’re ready to take on the weight loss challenge and emerge victoriously.

Cinderella Solution Table of Contents



Bonuses from the Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution Bonuses

There are three bonuses from this program if you choose to purchase it at this time. The bonuses include:

  1. The Cinderella Accelerator

This book, uses most of the same principles, with some differences from the main program. It is recommended to go over the main book and owner’s manual prior to getting started in this book.

This will fill in any of the blanks when it comes to the “why’s” of what you’re doing.


  1. The Movement Sequencing Guide

Although this book is not mandatory, the techniques included in this book will definitely help accelerate fat-loss and create a more toned physique, while creating more lasting, permanent results.


  1. 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes

This is a 72 delicious “Female Fat-Loss Code” dessert recipes in mouthwatering full color. Which is worth $49.95 on Amazon.

Cinderella Solution Bonus


The Cinderella Solution's Author


Carly Donovan

Carly Donovan is a female weight loss specialist from Ontario, Canada. She has supported many people around the world for the last 10 years.

She has had a weight problem in the past and she has made her own strategy. Her strategy has become a success and had helped many people around the world.

She had problems with her weight for years she finally decided that the exercise and diet regimes available simply don’t work the way they should or that we need them to.

So, she started to conduct extensive research on women's bodies in hopes of finding the right solution for weight loss. After testing her body, Carly was ready to show her results and workout system with the world. And well, here we are.


“Just like I'm sure you have, I also tried my best to stop the weight gain with diet and exercise”.


My Experience with the Cinderella Solution

I didn’t try this program personally for myself, but for my younger sister. She has been following many diet regimes, too many to count and they all resulted in a yo-yo effect. They have greatly affected her body, causing it to be in a hypersensitive state.

This state causes her body to difficultly lose weight unless she well, stops eating.

Since this program claims to be able to fix these “hormones” and reset her metabolism, my sister gave this program a try.

She tried this program for approximately 2 weeks, and although she has not lost much, her daily eating and exercise regime has improved tremendously.

Now she is able to watch, and choose what she eats outside of home, but not feel dissatisfied. She was still able to go through with the program without feeling pressured or on a diet.

And, she is still continuing the program. The weight loss aspect, I am still unsure as my sister’s body is at a pretty bad state currently and causing her body to not be able to lose weight to its full potential.



Cinderella Solution Testimonials


Where to Buy the Cinderella Solution?

To know the price of a commodity before getting to buy it is one thing that we tend to look into so much.

I can assure you that this program is relatively low in price. At only $37 to participate. All content is delivered in eBook form, meaning consumers may immediately able to access the program and start on the regimen as soon as possible, especially with the QuickStart guide.

If the program is not helping you with your weight loss issues, Carly Donovan offers 60 days to relinquish access for a full refund.

And the good news is, customer service is provided; the website gives a lot of details for potential consumers to take in, which can be overwhelming while learning about a new regimen. However, if there’re are any questions, consumers can fill out the form on the website.

You can purchase this product by clicking the button or the link provided below.



Is the Cinderella Solution Worth it?

This program is quite easy to follow along, and won’t force consumers to give up some of the things they love most. Instead, this is one of the few programs that suggest consumers take a workout and eating regimen that balances the food at a certain time of day.

Furthermore, when someone stops struggling with their weight, and they take control of their own health, then there’s no need to pay for medications or surgery to solve it. However, the directions and lessons included with the Cinderella Solution will help women take care of this constant problem.

I think there is no harm in trying this product, you also get 60 days money-back guarantee. I personally think it is a good program for what it offers.




If you’d like long-lasting and visible results, you’ll have to commit to the recommendations and follow along properly. This means that you’ll have to change some old habits and overhaul and unhealthy traits you may have. Moreover, you can’t be impatient and expect instantaneous results.

Results may vary from one person to another, make sure to consult your doctor before changing to any diet regime.

8.9 Total Score

Customer Service:
  • Instant Access
  • Legit Author
  • Workouts for Specific Body Parts
  • 60-day Full Money Back Guarantee
  • No Restrictive Diet
  • Detailed Information
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Requires Commitment
  • Takes Time to see Results
  • Only for Women
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