SaleHoo: Find Your Supplier and Start Selling, Is It Legit?

SaleHoo Full Review – Have you ever thought about starting a business? Tell me, what kind of business you want to run in the first place, then. Most people who have dreams about being an entrepreneur fail to answer this question.

It’s okay. You are not alone.

Some people may have great ideas but fail to execute. On the other hand, a few want to start on something but they don’t have any idea or plan. If you are one of them, or maybe both, then a dropshipping site could help you achieve your dreams to be an entrepreneur.

This time I will introduce you to a website called SaleHoo to help you launch your store. Also, if you consider running a business in no time, please keep on reading my review before deciding your choice!


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What is SaleHoo?


SaleHoo Interface

SaleHoo Interface

First of all, relax! This article will not confuse you over the business world even if you are a beginner.

SaleHoo is a wholesale and dropship directory that covers up to 8000+ suppliers around the world. They also connect a drop shipper to liquidator and manufacturer through their specialized community.

All suppliers and their products can be accessible for SaleHoo’s members. This helps new entrepreneurs to find verified and trustworthy suppliers without googling them one by one. To put it simply, all the things you want to sell are on one page.

Since all the suppliers are there, it is finally your option to sell as a drop shipper or wholesaler. But, what are they exactly?


The Difference between Dropship and Wholesale


business owner illustration

Business Owner Illustration (credit: pexels)

In general, a dropship service does not require a bulk quantity order beforehand to start selling something. Suppose you want to build an online store despite having nothing to sell, you can inquire about a supplier directly to run dropshipping.

The only thing you do is to put certain items on your store. When a customer makes an order, you simply notify the supplier to send directly to your customer on behalf of your store. This method requires zero initial order payment on your side, which means there is no need to supply the items in your warehouse.

However, there is a cost agreement between the drop shipper and supplier before dealing with the contract. This cost may occur only once at the beginning and last for a lifetime – or a few months. Usually, the time frame consent varies from each supplier.

On the other hand, wholesale does require a warehouse and initial bulk quantity order to start a business. This method, though, may benefit a serious entrepreneur as they get low prices to resell them to a retailer.

Since the wholesaler purchased a big volume in one order, the suppliers will most likely give a discounted or much lower price than the drop shipper has. This benefits a wholesaler to gain more profit.

However, a wholesaler must prepare the required inventory management for them to keep the item. This would be a disadvantage for a beginner who wants to start selling.

In summary, here are the key points between drop shipper and wholesaler:


Point Dropship Wholesale

–    Low budget with no initial bulk order

–    No need physical inventory

–    Directly send to the customer without handling the order physically


–   Discounted/low price from the manufacturer

–   High-profit margin

–   High selling rate because it is a common product that customers usually purchase


–    Slightly low price

–    Low-profit margin

–    High competition

–    Dealing with out of stock products

–   Initial bulk order

–   Require physical inventory/warehouse

–   Sell only bulk quantity

–   The pressure to sell all the inventory



Find Your Best Suppliers Right Now


So, What Is Inside Salehoo?


Business Analytics Illustration

Business Analytics Illustration (credit: pexels)

You can most likely find both wholesalers and manufacturers in SaleHoo which makes you easier to start pitching.

SaleHoo has more than 8000 suppliers providing more than 1.6 million products that each of them is linked to Amazon or eBay as a comparison. They also provide product feasibility for the current market.


Product Feature Salehoo

Product Feature SaleHoo

If you are a beginner, don’t worry! SaleHoo provides training guides for you before start pitching a supplier. This training covers most basic questions like how to find suppliers, build your online store, start selling on Amazon, and many more.

All these training are free to access once you become a member. However, if you crave more learning, the premium guides can be accessed by purchasing additional online selling lessons. So, go for whatever you fancy!


Besides, SaleHoo’s resource also gives additional community feature to connect its member share any kind of information including supplier reviews and product marketing.


SaleHoo Resource

SaleHoo Resource

I suggest at this point we understand enough what dropshipping is and how it works. Let’s jump onto the main part, finding a product.


Finding A Product


SaleHoo Products

SaleHoo Products

Apparently, before choosing a product, you can select another option: find a supplier. On this page, you will find several sections that divide into trending to feature suppliers.

This helps a lot for beginners to choose what kind of products they want to sell, as these suppliers are trusted to be featured on this page.

However, if you already have any ideas to sell in your store, discovering products might be the wise one.

Simply search on discovery items to check whether the products you want are there.

Here you can also check the sell rate on Amazon or another platform. Moreover, SaleHoo provides potential suppliers based on the product you searched for. In conclusion, there is more than one supplier for each product for you to pick which of them is the cheapest.



SaleHoo Important Feature


Trending Products on SaleHoo

Trending Products on SaleHoo

SaleHoo provides one specific section for trending products. These items are collectively gathered from popular selling platform each week.

This feature will save your time finding out what trend products are now.



Is SaleHoo Legit?


Analytics Simulation

Analytics Simulation (credit: pexels)

Provided all the information above and the experience I have, I would say this site directory is fine. Over 8000 verified suppliers around the world and its million products listed on SaleHoo are sufficient for anyone to start an online business at home.

SaleHoo frequently updates its system and their customer services are great and responsive. Each supplier can be looked up further through its official website and catalog.

I purchased the membership and started listing products I want to sell. Then, I found out some items are not cheaper than what Amazon sells. On the other hand, many products are not on Amazon as they are not popular brands.

Even though SaleHoo is based in New Zealand, most of the wholesaler and manufacturer are US-based. This is quite hassled for Asian drop shippers to list products. Few of them don’t provide worldwide shipping and though they do, my country is rarely on the shipping list.

However, some Asian wholesalers are listed there like from China, Hongkong, and Taiwan. But, the probability of Asian countries on the shipping list is quite rare.

Also, I found out some products the supplier provides are B/C grade which means the items are renewed and refurbished. Though, it doesn’t matter for reselling but, I found that the market for this kind of product is fewer as most of them are electronic-based.

Well, that opinion is for electronic products such as smartphones, LED TVs, and laptops. As for beauty products, for instance, they provide the best quality since most of them are products from their manufacturer. This goes the same with other non-electronic products.


Meet The Founder


SaleHoo Founder

SaleHoo Founder

SaleHoo is founded by Simon Slade and Mark Ling in New Zealand. In the early days, Slade successfully sold items through New Zealand auction sites, Trade Me to find out there is a huge inquiry on verified suppliers.

He then met Ling discussing the way to help sellers finding the trusted suppliers. They both collected $1000 funds to build SaleHoo in 2005. Eight months later, the number of members finally reached over 10,000 that now it is providing more than 1.6 million recognizable branded products.



Fast response and wonderfully courteous Customer Service. As a beginner in starting an online business, the amount of info is overwhelming but Salehoo is generous with resources and an understanding community.

~ Michelle Cheng

So far SaleHoo has been amazing with help and guidance in everything to do with contacting suppliers for my online store.

Timely email responses and friendly team. Highly recommended!!

~ Mathew Kirk

Great mentoring and great advice. Awesome community. An enormous amount of products and wholesalers. Product review and trends. Guides and tutorials. Amazing platform and storefront themes. It is all in one place.

~ Martin Doire


I found Salehoo to be very helpful and they did not hesitate to cancel my subscription & refund my account when I did no longer needed their services. Very honest & co-operative people.
I would recommend them to anyone & everyone!

~ Richard Bagshaw


How To Be Part On SaleHoo

Join member salehoo

If you are reading to this point, I assume you are interested in becoming a member of SaleHoo. Well, joining is easy though. You can visit their official website to sign up as a new member.

If you are already an established wholesaler or manufacturer, you can also promote your products by becoming a member.

SaleHoo will ask a membership fee of $67 per year. This is a recurring payment with 60 days trial. They will return the guarantee payment within the trial when you are not satisfied using their services.


Final Verdict

I suggest that SaleHoo is a legit directory site to collect verified suppliers around the world. The website itself is not a scam, and there is a money-back guarantee within the trial days to make sure you are satisfied with their services.

I checked and contacted the supplier about some items then I found out each has given detailed information through SaleHoo and used only trustworthy payment transfer.

However, I find the user interface (UI) is quite overwhelming and confusing for a beginner like me. To find a great supplier is a hassle as there is no information to trustworthy and gold suppliers, not that I assume there will be a scammer.

Moreover, as I stated before the suppliers from Asia are fewer than another region which I find a bit disappointing for a beginner entrepreneur-wanna-be living in Asia. Even though there is a worldwide shipping option, I believe you should start wholesaling than dropshipping – judging by the shipping cost.

On the contrary, if you are staying in North America or Europe, SaleHoo might work best for you as most of the suppliers are based there.


Visit SaleHoo To Access Trending Suppliers Now

So, now I assume you are ready to sell products on your online store, and if you find it difficult to turn your visitor into closed sales, here I have a recommendation for you. Have you heard about marketing funnel and how it may affect your store? You can check this review to learn more about how to grow more sales in a short time.



SaleHoo is solely a directory site to find wholesalers, manufacturers, liquidators, and drop shippers around the world. By becoming SaleHoo’s member, you have access to connect the supplier to start selling the product on your online store.

I have not built my online store, thus, all the claims I made are based on my experience looking for suppliers, comparing each product, and its price to other selling platforms.


8.3 Total Score

User Interface:
Product Availability:
  • Over 8000 suppliers around the world
  • Over 1.6 million products listing
  • Dropship and online selling training
  • Community provided
  • User Interface is overwhelming
  • No sign indicating successful trade from each supplier
  • Too pricey compare to another directory site
  • Most suppliers are US and UK based
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