Silva Life System Honest Review- After 1 Month of Practice

Silva Life System has been around for 50+ years. First developed by Jose Silva, the company is now run by his daughter, Laura Silva Quesada.  It has become one of the most widely used and popular personal growth programs in the modern days.

I have bought Silva Life System and practiced it for almost a month now.

Silva Life System


Silva Life System Member Area

I will give you a brief peak of the system, and share my own interesting journey in doing the meditation program.




What is Silva Life System?

Silva Life System was founded by Jose Silva, who made astonishing studies on the method which he calls “Dynamic Meditation”.

Dynamic Meditation

It is used to program your powerful subconscious mind to achieve any particular goal or to get better in any area of your life.

With this technique, he helps people to plant suggestions in their subconscious mind so that they could improve their lives in the desired way.

Meditation, creative visualization, mental exercises, and self-evolution are the key components of the system that increase your ability to utilize your mind’s full capabilities.

Powerful exercises take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.

Silva Life System will teach you how to:

  • Manage stress effectively,
  • Accelerate your body’s rate of healing,
  • Sleep naturally and wake-up energized,
  • Boost creative thinking and practice creative dreaming,
  • Problem-solving techniques that really work,
  • Neutralize old nagging beliefs and engage positive thinking,
  • Enhance your intuition to give you the cutting edge in all you pursue,
  • and many other mind and body performance boosters.

To get these benefits you just need to practice the meditation for 15 minutes a day at most.*

Silva believed that most of the successful people have learned to make proper use of their intuition to make the right decisions that enable them to stay ahead of the rest of the population.


The Silva Life System’s Lessons

The Silva Life System lessons comes in the form of an audio learning program. Each chapter is less than 15 minutes long.

There are four main lessons to the Silva Life System divided into 13 chapters:

  • Mind-Body Management
  • Healing and Problem Solving
  • Activating Intuition
  • Manifesting

Silva’s method gives us a very efficient way to make use of our true potential by communicating with the subconscious.

There are three states of mind:

Beta State – This is the waking state of mind in which we do all our daily activities.

Theta State – This is the state of mind when we are in deep sleep.

Alpha State – This is the relaxed state of mind that happens when the mind is neither in Beta nor in Theta state.

This course teaches us to activate the alpha state deliberately whenever needed, as by doing so you can alter the programming of your mind to improve yourself in any particular way.*



The science behind Silva Life System

The Silva Life System is effective because it is the result of over five decades of research, optimization, and collaboration with leading scientists, researchers, and personal growth leaders.

It is based on a simple electronics law – Ohm’s Law – which states that “The Current flowing through a conductor is dependent on the Resistance of the conductor”.

Imagine water flowing through a flexible water pipe. Now, if you apply pressure on the pipe, you will see that less water will flow through the pipe.

Silva, a radio repairman, in 1966 implemented this principle to human brains and created a method to reduce the resistance in the brain and allow it to receive and store more information, resulting into the ability to achieve greater control over the emotional state, habits, careers, finances, and health.

Left and Right Brain

Scientific research has shown that human’s Left brain is activated while the information is received from the 5 sensory factors – see, smell, touch, hear and taste.

The Left brain is used for analytical, sequential and logical processing. The brain waves for these processes are said to be in the Beta frequency (14-21 cycles per second), which also means that you are active and awake.

When your brainwave frequency reduces to Alpha frequency (7-14 cycles per second), you become relaxed and switch over to use the Right brain. This side is used for rhythm, creative imagination & intuition.

In order to enhance the brain function and accelerate learning and performance abilities, we must learn to use both sides of the brain. The Silva Method will enable you to do so.*


My own experience

Getting the results in a few days is not possible because the process of developing intuition requires persistent practice and time.

To hone a skill, you need to be consistent with it to make it work. It is not difficult as you only need to spare 15 minutes a day of your time listening to the audio learning program while practicing anyway.*

Moreover, once you've mastered it, you can practice the meditation techniques anytime and anywhere. Even a few minutes would make a difference.

The Silva Method of accessing the Alpha state was astonishing for me – worked the first time I tried it. I have been suffering from getting to bed early practically all my adult life. This is one of the few techniques that have ever helped me fall asleep without much effort.

My problems in transitioning from waking to sleeping were solved by this System, simply by learning how to get into Alpha whenever I need to.

Good Sleep

There was a problem for me, however. The method emphasized on visual perception, memory, and sensation – while I think in words, not pictures.

For instance, I had problems when I had to imagine goals such as the car or the house that I would like to have in my possession in the future. It took me some time until I could completely visualize and feel as if I can touch them.

However, it was easier for me to recognize negative thoughts such as “I don't want to be sick” and use the techniques to change it into “I'm always going to be healthy!”.

Studies have shown that not everyone is visual-dominant. Thus, it would be difficult for us who are not, for a variety of brain-based reasons.

Overall, I still learned a good deal of stuff from Silva Life System in how to:

  • Fall asleep faster and wake up when I want
  • Detach my emotion from my problems
  • Understand where my limiting beliefs are coming from





  • The Modules are arranged sequentially, so start from Chapter 1 and listen to it until you understand the technique and feel comfortable with the meditation practice.
  • Setup a routine so that you can use this system each day – even on weekends.
  • Once all modules are completed, repeat any of the modules that you like more.
  • Take your time and keep your own pace.
  • Keep practicing until you’re good in every technique.



Julie on October 31, 2017:

“This book changed my life.

When I was 12 years old, I was in a hopeless, neglectful, and oftentimes abusive household. This book changed my world. With it, I moved through life from having nothing to getting a scholarship to USC, get into Yale, get a full-time stable corporate job, and now a successful entrepreneur.

I've followed the spiritual/consciousness evolution teaching that has shown up over the years, and Silva Mind Control still contain effective techniques that I DO NOT see reflected in mainstream materials (law of attraction, etc etc). This stuff is very powerful.”*

J.P. on Dec 27, 2012:

“I first read The Silva Mind Control Method in 1984 while in college. Every time I applied his visualization techniques, good things happened. After more than a few amazing tangible results, I realized it wasn't a coincidence.

Since then, every time I've re-read this book, especially the first 14 chapters, great things have happened.

In 2007, I became a Silva UltraMind graduate and have written 3 bestselling books as a result of Jose Silva's amazing insight and dedicated efforts to truly making the world a better place.

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take one book (aside from my own), this would be it!”*

Attila Beno on May 21, 2016:

“They teach this method personally, and there's a book from it. The two learning methods are quite different. The personal training is faster, however the book is more “adventurous”. This technique does not offer anything new to people already involved in spiritual studies, however it is a great starting point for anyone getting into these realms. The method is quite down-to-earth, suitable even for skeptics and religious people.”*

Sylvie Bourgeois on Jan 25, 2016:

“This is another book that I will definitely use as a reference. I've started practising the meditation techniques and find such peace. I would love to attend a workshop one day. A step by step book on further developing your mind. Fascinating! A must read for those interested in finding answers within yourself (subconscious).”*


Where to buy Silva Life System?

You can get instant access to Silva Life System by clicking the button below for $99 instead of the normal price at $349. You can also pay in 2 installments of $59 each.

There is also a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the program within 30 days.



Or, to gain a better understanding of the method, you can start a free lesson to get detailed explanations by clicking here.

In addition, you will also get the practice materials for beginners in the free lessons. Whereas to access the intermediate and advanced lessons, you will need to make a full purchase.


Who is Jose Silva?

Jose Silva

José Silva was an American self-taught parapsychologist born in 1914 and author of the “Silva Method” and the “Silva UltraMind ESP System”.

Silva's mind experiments were based on his background in electronics and study of psychology. He had read about alpha waves and the electrical activity in the human brain and bought an electroencephalograph (EEG).

He found that one area of the brain, the part that produces alpha brain wave activity, was stronger than the others. This indicated to him that the electrical impedance of this area of the brain was lower, and therefore would function more efficiently.

The fact that he began as a relatively uneducated Hispanic mechanic and self-educated to the point where he was invited to speak to higher learning organizations is quite amazing.


The verdict

The fact that the Silva Method has stood the test of time is significant, in my opinion.  So many programs are just hit and run operations. The program is also backed up by science, with a lot of the information shared on their site.

I have no regrets putting in hours going through the program and practicing what I have learned has contributed to my life in a positive way. I feel like it has built a foundation that can help me really benefit from anything else that I choose to learn in the future.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to address all aspects of your life that you’d like to improve, the Silva Method Life System is the answer. The program is mobile friendly too which helps it fit into a busy life.

There is also a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. So, you really have nothing to lose here.




The results of this program may vary between individuals, depending on the time spent practicing every day and the strength of each individual's natural ability to visualize.

9.4 Total Score

Content quality:
  • Easy-to-practice meditation techniques
  • Doesn't take a lot of time to practice everyday, only requires consistency
  • Boosts intuition and creative thinking
  • Helps problem-solving and quitting bad habits
  • May appear more difficult for those who aren't visual-dominant
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