LeadPages FULL Review & Demo – Is This The Best Landing Page Builder For You?

Having trouble generating traffic or increasing your conversion rates?

Well, you’re not alone.

Lead generation and conversions are two of the biggest factors in determining the success of an online business. You need to build landing pages to attract visitors. And, you need to convert that traffic into sales leads by getting them to sign up to a mailing list. These steps aren’t always easy.

Maybe you’ve been in this same situation. You’ve tried everything. This includes social media marketing, email marketing, and paid ads. You’ve got all the right tools and resources in place, but don’t get the results that you want. If you’re like me, you’re tired of reading blog articles and watching videos on online marketing to figure out why these steps aren’t working.

There has to be a simpler solution, right?

That’s when I started searching for an all-in-one approach and came across LeadPages. LeadPages offers a set of tools and resources for creating landing pages, pop-up forms, on-page opt-in forms, and much more.

You may ask yourself:

  • Can these tools really help you increase leads and conversions?
  • Can you actually build better landing pages?

I decided to find out.

I signed up for the LeadPages Pro Plan – which is the 2nd of three different membership plans available. The Pro Plan provides access to the four main tools – LeadPages, LeadBoxes, LeadDigits, and LeadLinks. I’ll cover each of these in more detail below.

[icon icon=”lightbulb-o” color=”#dd3333″ size=””][/icon]As a side note, when you choose a landing page builder, it’s important to make sure that it offers mobile-friendly design. In this day and age, there is no excuse for having a landing page that doesn’t display well on mobile devices. Luckily, LeadPages has this covered. If you’re interested in increasing leads, conversion and sales, then take a look at my in-depth LeadPages landing page creator review.

I created a LeadPages account – here’s what I found.



Overview of this Web-Based Platform – LeadPages

LeadPages is essentially a landing page builder. But, there’s more to this platform. It also allows you to collect and manage contact information, by integrating this with your current marketing platform. This includes contact info gathered from social media, email and your own landing pages.

Here’s a quick glance at these main features:

  • LeadPages – landing page creator
  • LeadBoxes – opt-in forms and pop-ups
  • LeadLinks – opt-in links via email
  • LeadDigits – collect contact info via text message

At the heart of this system is the landing page creator. You get to choose from hundreds of templates and you don’t need any coding experience. It uses a simple drag-and-drop editor. Along with this landing page creator, you can easily add opt-in forms to any web page for any site that you own. You can even create your own pop-ups with opt-in forms – which LeadPages refers to as LeadBoxes.

Other features include LeadDigits and LeadLinks. With LeadDigits, you get to create opt-ins that are used via text message, while LeadLinks allows users to quickly subscribe to your list or webinar with a single click. All this and more will be covered in more detail throughout the rest of this LeadPages review.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these features.


How Does LeadPages Work and What Makes It Different from Other Landing Page Creators?

After that overview, you’re probably thinking, “how is this any different from the other landing page builders out there?”

Honestly, you need to dig into the features to get a better sense of how LeadPages works and why it may be a better option than similar platforms.

Let’s start at the top.

After you create an account, you can sign into your LeadPages dashboard. This takes you directly to a page that displays all of the active landing pages that you’ve created.

Along the top menu, you can select the other features – LeadBoxes, LeadLinks, and LeadDigits. The layout and design are simple, clean, and easy to use.


Building Landing Pages with LeadPages

There are several tabs along the top menu for the various features, but it opens directly to the LeadPages menu. As mentioned, this is where you’ll see all the landing pages that you’ve created. It also displays the number of visits, opt-ins, and the conversion rates.

The first thing that I did was click on “Create New Page”. From there, I’m presented with hundreds of professional landing page templates. You can sort by “most recent” or “highest converting”. There are also other filters and a search bar to help you find the right template for your landing page.

So, after browsing through the templates, I found one to test out. After selecting the template, the web-based landing page builder opens up. At first glance, the editor looks a little confusing. There are plenty of elements to choose from along the left sidebar. But, once you start dragging and dropping these elements, you’ll see how easy it is to edit the page.


Honestly, I think that most people could probably create, edit, and publish their first landing page within 15 minutes of creating their account. If you don’t like the look of the page, then select another template. You can also search for templates that are intended for a specific action, such as:

  • Launch pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • Pre-cart pages
  • Sales pages
  • “Thank you” pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Webinar pages

Select the type of page that you want to create and browse the available templates.

There are 2 types of LeadPages templates – Standard and Drag & Drop.

With the Standard templates, you’re limited to the layout of the pre-designed template. The elements on there can only be edited or removed. You can’t add new Widgets to the page, such as new forms, images, or videos. But, you can still use A/B split testing and edit the content.

The Drag & Drop templates are fully customizable – you can add or edit any widget simply by dragging and dropping them on the page. The drawback is that you can’t use A/B split testing with these templates.


Leadpages Video Demo

Click Here to Visit LeadPages Official Website

Video Contents

00:50 Various Template

1:37 Standard Page Feature Demo

2:45 Opt in Form

3:11 Content & Widget Demo

5:38 Publishing your LeadPage

8:00 Drag & Drop Feature Demo

10:50 LeadBox Feature

12:30 3rd Party Integration

14:13 LeadLinks Feature Demo

15:46 LeadMagnet Demo

17:20 Lead Digits

18:57 Pricing

There are also free templates and premium templates. I think they have a great selection of free templates, but if you get tired of them, it’s nice to know that you have other options.

The premium templates vary in price. You can spend $7 to $30 on a template. Many of these premium templates are built by individuals that have uploaded them to the LeadPages marketplace.

After you’ve built your page, what do you do?

This depends on where you want to host the page. If you’ve already got a website, you have two options:

First, if you use WordPress, you can integrate LeadPages with your WordPress account and access your pages directly from your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t use WordPress, you can simply copy and paste the HTML code that LeadPages generates for you. Publish your page as HTML and upload it to your web hosting server.

Another great feature is that any changes that you make through LeadPages are automatically updated. This means that you don’t have to edit the file through your web host. You can make changes directly through LeadPages. That’s how you build landing pages with this platform.

But, how does the page look?

Like I said, the templates are all professional-looking and all the templates use mobile-responsive design. If you’re not familiar with the term “responsive design”, it means that the landing page will automatically appear differently based on the dimensions of the web browser. The page responds to the size of the screen. This means that you don’t need a separate page for mobile devices.

After you’ve created a page, you can continue to track your analytics. The basic analytics, including the number of visitors, the number of opt-ins, and the conversion rates, are all visible from the main dashboard. You also get detailed analytics so that you can determine which of your landing pages or opt-in forms are most effective.


Building Opt-in Forms with LeadBoxes

Landing page creation is just one component of this paid platform. You can also build your own opt-in forms. This includes on-page opt-ins and pop-ups.

LeadBoxes is incredibly easy to use. This is mainly due to the fact that you don’t get to choose from multiple templates. You can edit the appearance and text of the opt-in form, but there is just one template to use.

The fact that there is only one template isn’t a major problem. You can still add your own images, video, buttons, text, and other elements. Basically, they provide you with enough customization options that the single template doesn’t really matter.

So, with a LeadPages account, you can quickly build professional-looking landing pages and opt-in forms in just minutes. You can also add these landing pages and opt-in forms to your existing website – simply copy and paste the code or use the WordPress integration.

There are several other options available for these forms. You can decide how they appear on your website. Do you want them to automatically pop-up after a few seconds or do you want a user to have to click on a button? The choice is yours.



How Much Does LeadPages Cost and What Do You Get?

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much this platform costs. You don’t want to spend a fortune, or even at least a dime, on a landing page builder when you can use WordPress and other platforms for the same purposes.

The cost is actually reasonable, considering the number of features packed into this platform. There are 3 separate price plans – Standard, Pro, and Advanced.

With the Standard account, you get access to LeadPages and LeadBoxes, but you don’t get access to LeadDigits or LeadLinks.

With all 3 account options, you get access to LeadPages and LeadBoxes. You get to build as many landing pages and opt-in forms as you want. You also have the option of integrating your account with over 40 different tools and software platforms – including your email marketing platform.

For example, if you use MailChimp for your email marketing, you can integrate LeadPages, so that contact information is automatically sent to your marketing platform after a visitor fills out your opt-in form. Other email platforms include GetResponse, AWeber, and Ontraport – to name a few.

Mailing list integration isn’t your only option. You can also use these features to integrate webinars, CRM solution, plugins, and other platforms.

With webinar integration, you can easily allow people to register for upcoming webinars. Integrate your pages to automatically register visitors through your LeadBoxes with integration through GoToWebinar or WebinarJam.

LeadPages and the various tools also integrate with popular CRM solutions, such as Infusionsoft, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and Marketo.

These integrations are available with all LeadPages membership plans. Though, there are more features included with these plans. Here’s a complete list of features that are available with all 3 plans:

  • Unlimited responsive landing pages
  • Unlimited pop-up forms
  • Over 160 free templates
  • Automatic content delivery
  • Integration with your marketing platform
  • Publish landing pages to any site that you own
  • WordPress plugin
  • Publish pages as Custom Facebook Tabs
  • Weekly Q&A coaching calls
  • Access to affiliate program
  • Support many 3rd party tools integration
  • LeadDigits : Opt in Via SMS
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Leadlinks : 1 Click signup link

So, if you choose the Standard Plan at $25 per month, you get all the features listed above.

Keep in mind, this $25 per month price is only available if you pay annually. This means that you’d need to pay $300 for the year for the Standard Plan. If you choose to pay monthly, the Standard Plan will cost you $37 per month.

Along with the Standard Plan, there are Pro and Advanced plans. The Pro Plan costs $79 per month or $588 annually – saving you 38% over the monthly fee.

The Advanced plan requires 2-year billing. It breaks down to $159 per month, for a total cost of $3,816 for 2-years. The Advanced Plan is mostly intended for professional marketing companies.


What do you get when you upgrade from Standard to Pro?

If you get the Pro Plan, you get access to LeadLinks, LeadDigits, A/B split testing options and special discounts with partner companies. If you’ve never used A/B split testing, it’s one of the best ways to improve conversion rates. In a nutshell, A/B split testing allows you to create 2 versions of the same page. You make one change with the second page, such as the headline or call to action.

You can then compare the stats of your A and B pages to see which headline or call to action worked best. Though, you’re not limited to just changing the headline or call to action. You can change anything that you want. The main thing to remember is that you should only change one item at a time.

Please note that A/B Split Testing only works for Standard template and not drag and drop template

The Pro Plan also lets you use LeadDigits and LeadLinks. Though, it should be mentioned that LeadDigits is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

LeadDigits is the tool for creating opt-in text messages. After a lead receives the code, they can then sign up for your email list or upcoming webinar from their inbox using LeadLinks.

LeadDigits is useful when you a potential customer or client doesn’t have the time to visit your website. They may not have a computer in front of them, but they have their phone available. You can have them text a code to your LeadDigits number. They instantly receive a text that asks them to go ahead and join your email list.

LeadLinks provide one of the easiest ways to allow your leads to opt-in to your lists, webinars, and sub-lists. All you need to do is copy and paste the LeadLink into your emails. Your prospects don’t need to provide any additional information – they just click a link. It’s a one-click sign-up process. This can help boost conversion rates so that you can get more subscribers.

The Advanced Plan gives you access to all the features that are available from LeadPages. Along with everything already covered, you’ll get 5 free LeadPages sub-account. This is useful when working with a team.

Other features of the Advanced Plan include 50 extra LeadDigits text-messaging campaigns, advanced integration with HubSpot and other platforms, free LeadPages virtual workshops, and a 1-on-1 quick start call to help you get everything set up.

The features that are available for the Advanced Plan don’t necessarily seem worth the jump in price from $49 per month to $159 per month. But, everyone has their own needs.

If you manage a marketing team or a marketing company, this could provide you with an affordable way to streamline some of your most common tasks – such as creating landing pages and opt-in forms for your clients.

For regular users, online marketers, and entrepreneurs, the Standard or Pro plan should provide everything that you need.

Basically, you need to decide whether the extra price for the Pro plan is worth it. You get all the same features that are available with the Standard Plan, with the addition of LeadDigits, LeadLinks, and A/B split testing.


How Can LeadPages Help Increase Leads and Conversion Rates?

So, after discussing all these details, how can these features help boost your leads and conversion rates? One method is through the creation of more effective lead magnets.

If you’re unfamiliar with lead magnets, they are basically irresistible offers, such as downloadable guides, free reports, or video tutorials. Visitors can access these offers after they’ve signed up to your mailing list through the opt-in form.

LeadPages has made it incredibly easy to setup these lead magnets. You simply create your landing page and then go to the “opt-in form integration” section.

From there, you can select which mailing list you want to add people to and turn on the digital asset delivery feature. Subscribers will automatically receive an email to download your digital content after they’ve completed the opt-in form.

LeadPages simplifies the way you create these lead magnets. These digital offers are the cornerstone of an efficient sales funnel. It’s how you get people interested and gather their contact information – since most people aren’t ready to make a purchase during their first visit to a website.

Basically, when you streamline the process of setting up lead magnets and make it easier for visitors to subscribe to mailing lists, sub-lists, and webinars, your conversion rates will naturally increase.


Verdict and Conclusion

The bottom line is that this is one of the easiest landing page builders to use. You don’t need any experience to start creating your own professional-looking landing pages.

That alone would be worth the price of the Standard plan. But, you also get the option to build effective opt-in forms and pop-ups.

You can also easily integrate this platform with your existing marketing platform – so that you can direct leads to the next step of your sales funnel.

In the end, I definitely recommend LeadPages landing page builder for anyone that is struggling to with lead generation or conversion rates. Or, if you simply want to make better landing pages.



9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Easy to use interface. Anyone can create quality landing pages and opt-in forms.
  • There are 3 separate price plans for you to choose from so that you can choose the option that best meets your needs.
  • You get to choose from over 160 different templates.
  • Easily copy and paste HTML code to your existing website.
  • Use the WordPress plugin to integrate LeadPages with your WordPress dashboard.
  • The Standard plan is relatively affordable – at $25 per month when you pay for a full year.
  • Auto Sync Feature. Any landing page you created and exported, will be automatically updated if you make any change on Leadpages
  • All Landing Page Created by LeadPages is Mobile Responsive
  • Have 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • The cost of the Pro Plan and Advanced Plan may be too pricey for some individuals. Though, these two plans are mostly intended for businesses and professional marketing companies.
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