I Bought Life Makeover Coaching – My Review + Pros and Cons

Life Makeover Coaching is a course designed by T Harv Eker to help you design and create your ultimate life (*). I bought the Group Coaching one and will give you my review and experience with this program.

Many people want to change their lives, but don’t know what to do, don’t have enough motivation, procrastinate, or don’t have life goals.

Other people have unbalanced lives – some people might have great careers, but their relationships with friends or family are broken. Some people are rich, but don’t have time to have fun.

Some people are kind and love to help others, but their health is poor and they easily get sick.

This is where life makeover coaching comes to help you. it will guide you to create a life you truly want and deserve and help you create balances in 8 life categories (*) with an 8-step system:

  •  Money & Finance
  •  Business and career
  • Relationships
  • Health and wellness
  • Personal, spiritual and professional dev
  • Recreation and play
  • Personal environment
  •  Service and contribution

Pursuing only 1 – 3 aspects will make your life unbalanced and unhappy.



My Experience of Life Makeover Coaching

I realize that many people (including me) are like robots doing the same thing each day: wake up, go to work, sleep, and at weekends have fun with friends / family. We mostly never care about the other aspects of life.

Sometimes we think that we need to do this or that to change our lives, but unfortunately don’t commit to acting on it (even if it’s just small actions), keep procrastinating, but it never gets done and is forever buried in our minds.

For me there are 2 greatest benefits that I felt when joining this course (*):

  1. I am forced to take actions outside my comfort zone to fill the hole in other aspects of my life
  2. It gives me time to reflect, break away from monotonous activities, look at the big picture of my life, and start planning what I need to do to create my desired life.
    (Believe me, you will get an aha moment – an idea that you’d never think about.)


For example, in my case:

I have a good business and am quite a workaholic. (My Business & Career aspect is good.) But my desk is a mess (my Personal Environment is bad),  I get the Texting Neck caused by working on my PC too much (my Health aspect is bad), and worst of all, I never care about it.

After I joined the webinar I started to stop my activity and was guided to plan some actions and commit to them. And yes, I honoured my commitment and cleaned my desk (I never did that in the past years).  I am pushed to take new action outside my comfort zone and for my Texting Neck. I Realize that it happened because my monitor was not high enough. That strained my neck, and I got the idea to find a box to put my monitor higher, so my neck wouldn’t be tired again.

After doing all these things I feel GREAT and start gaining benefits from it. No more messy desk and no more texting neck.

Maybe you think ‘hey, it is easy / it's a small thing – I can do that. I don’t need this program.’

I congratulate you if you have that positive habits! But believe me, many people have difficulty doing those small things. It is like a football spectator who watches their favourite player make a mistake and says

‘hey, why is he doing that? If I were him, I’d do this and that…'

But in reality it is difficult. it is easier to be a spectator than a player.

1 great principle that I learnt from Harv Eker is that

Thinking and talking is cheap, doing is expensive.

That’s very true. So many people think:

‘I’ll go jogging tomorrow’,

I'll go to the gym’,

I'll eat salad for my health’,

I'll start writing a book’, but never do it,

I'll start reading a positive book’, but don’t even go buy the book.

‘I have a problem with my friend / family and will mend the relationship’, but for fear never do it.

And much more.

If you feel that way or that your life is unbalanced, believe me, with this course you will be guided to plan your life and commit to the plans, even if they are just simple actions, such as calling your friend for 5 minutes. Don’t underestimate that.

With Life Makeover you will gradually develop positive habits to commit to your actions no matter what, as long as you follow the program (*).


How Does Life Makeover Coaching Work / Demo Video

You can see what the members’ area looks like in this program.
You can skip to minute 2:00 to see what is inside it.

Click Here to Get 16 Week Group Life Makeover Coaching

Click Here to Get 3 Day Life Makeover Coaching

Schedule FREE 1 Day Life Makeover Webinar

The bottom line: after you buy the Group Life Makeover Coaching you will have to make a plan to attend a 1-hour webinar every week with life coaches selected by T Harv Eker himself.

 Note that it is a LIVE webinar, so you can ask the coaches what you need.

And you will be guided step by step on what you need to do to create your desired life. Each week you will rotate between your Priority Life category and Other Life category.

If you miss the webinar, there is a replay of it. But I very strongly recommend that you attend the live one. It is different. Not only can you ask the coach directly, but you’re also being pushed to talk, be active, and participate. If you watch the replay, you can pause the video and might get distracted. There are a number of dates, times, and coaches that you can choose within the program.


Does Life Makeover Coaching Really Work?

Yes. Not only does it work for me, but there are also legit testimonials on the Facebook group’s page  that you can join after you buy the group coaching call.

There are 3,000+ members now. Here are some of their experiences (*):

( Profile Picture and name is censored to protect the privacy )

Someone on the Private FB Group commited to Health aspect on her life (*)

Someone on the Private FB Group has completed her Service & Contribution Aspect (*)

Life makeover also help to quit smoking (*)

Lifemakeover Testimonial

And many more testimonials (*) . As you can see, the community is alive and real and will help you motivate yourself to change your life.

There is a pearl of wisdom that

if you are surrounded by successful and motivated people, you will be successful too. Your environment affects your life.


The Best Place to Buy The Program

You can buy the Life MakeOver Coaching Group Call from the official website.

When you buy it you will get:

  • 16-weeks’ Group Live Call with the coach and schedule of your choices + Replay if you cannot attend it
  • Access to the Life MakeOver Facebook group
  • Special bonus 4 audio recordings of Tough Love Mentoring taught By T Harv Eker himself (this is gold). He will share his experience and answer several questions and problems of the participants. The duration is around 90 minutes.

The cost of all this is only $297 which you can pay in one payment or in 4 monthly instalments of $97 at the total cost of $388.

I recommend that you pay the full amount, because it will save you $91.

The course is pretty cheap for the value you get. It only costs $18 per week.

There is a 15-days’ money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the program. A bit short a time in my opinion.

If you’re still skeptical about the program, you can take the 3-day Life Makeover Program for $47. It consists of 3 90-minute prerecorded training webinars, one per day for 3 days in a row. Each webinar will walk you through Harv's life design system in a specific life category.

Or you can take a free webinar. I strongly recommend only take the group coaching call.


The Verdict

The Life Makeover Coaching is a proven system created by T Harv Eker to help you design your ultimate life. The course has worked for me and other people.

It will help you create balance among 8 aspects of life, see the big picture of your life, design a plan for it, and help you stay committed to executing your plan.

Disclaimer (*) : Please not that The Result of this Program is not Typical and Will be Vary between People. This is not a Program who will make you change your life dramatically Overnight





8.8 Total Score

Customer Support:
Content Quality:
  • There is a replay if you miss a call. Though I recommend that you take the live call if you can.
  • You get a live call with your coach and can ask question / feedback directly.
  • Affordable price of only $18/week to change your life. Plus there are 4 Tough Love Mentoring sessions taught By T Harv Eker that add even more value to this program for its price.
  • Responsive customer support
  • There is a Facebook community to support and motivate each other.
  • There is a replay if you miss a call. Though I recommend that you take the live call if you can.
  • Short money back guarantee - only 15 days for the Group Coaching Call. You can only try 2 live calls, but still the program is great. I don’t think you’ll need the guarantee.
  • T Harv Eker only teaches once each month in Tough Love Mentoring. I really wish I could see him more, but his lessons are great and inspiring
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