Secret of Inner Power 2.0 Review – Does It Work? I’ve Tried It For 30 Days

Secret of Inner Power Honest Review – Let me begin this post with a quote that I’m sure many of you have seen before:


“You are your worst enemy”

Like it or not, WE ARE.

We might not notice it because what’s inside us (called: mind) works in disguise, and it’s damn good at it.

How it works?

I’d say it’s like overly protecting parents who want us to always be safe… but unfortunately, without realizing it, they keep us in a small bubble.

However the idea of wanting to be safe is not entirely wrong since that’s how our brains are wired; it creates a sense of fear to keep us alive.

So it’s good when it comes to clearly dangerous situation like not wanting to get closer with deadly animals. However life is not that black and white don’t you think? There’s always a gray area and it’s kind of hard for the mind to navigate. Therefore the easiest way our minds do is to say NO to anything that makes us feel in “danger” so we can stay safe in our comfort zone.

But what if comfort doesn’t bring happiness and success? What if it’s actually getting in the way?

Believe it or not in order to grow, our bodies need some discomforts.


A Man in Underwater


No gain without pain, right?

So let’s take a chance and triumph!


There are many ways but if you wanna learn in an integrated lesson together with applicable strategies that can help you change your perspective as well as attitude and master your mind so you can live life to the fullest; you can try:




Don’t Believe a Thought You Think…”


I’ve been in for 30 days and I’d say it’s a life changing program.

Alright without any further ado; let’s get into it!


Who’s the Person behind the Secret of Inner Power?

The Author

It’s T. Harv Eker.

You can actually find his information easily over the internet or visit his personal website. However you can just continue reading because I’ve gathered some information for you.

Harv is a professional speaker, trainer, businessman and most known as the New York Times number one bestselling author for his book Secret of the Millionare Mind.

Though Harv Eker is now known as a successful man; the story before that is quite the opposite. Like many other successful people in this world; they experienced ups and downs until they finally reached their turning point; so did he.

Harv was once broke, had a variety of jobs and started a ton of different business but never hit success; not even when he grew his retail business up to 10 stores within two and a half year. He’s still not quite there because after almost two years of mismanagement he lost all his money. And he’s going back to the start.

Through that hard time he decided to get back up and developed his own theories about people’s mental and its relationship with money. He implemented it to himself and saw how it changed his life completely.

So basically Harv Eker’s programs including this one are based on his very own experiences. And I like that he doesn’t trying to say that he’s this or that in order to get more people join in. On the contrary if you check on the secret of inner power free webinar you’ll hear a provoking statement from Harv which says that you don’t have to believe him because all he said is not necessarily true to you but it’s definitely proven to him (and other hundred-thousands of people).

So long story short Harv did it and as he already made a vow to himself:


“…if I ever get rich, I’m going to help others to do the same…”

Here goes the program; secret of inner power was born.


What the Heck is The Secret of Inner Power?

The secret of inner power is an answer to the most frequently asked question out there;

“How to truly be happy?”


A Girl is Smiling


And there must be a reason why most people or at least, me, keep asking the same question. Well it’s obviously because the question is still wandering around, never really unanswered.


Because we need to most importantly find the root of our problem then work it out. And that’s what this program is about.

This program is gonna work on changing your old ways of thinking, get deeper into who you truly are because as the program said that we are shaped by other people and environment to be who we are right now. And chances are that’s not really satisfying. And… kinda sucks.

It doesn’t stop there, because as a tool, there’s a manual, guidance, do-able strategies for you to get through until you see the result.

Sounds great huh?


I gotta say this:

If you think this program is going to be easy on you, you’re wrong. This program is a just a (helpful) tool that you can use to get whatever happiness or success you want to go after, but still you’re the one who uses the tool. It’s you.

To conclude, the secret of inner power is not a program which sings you a lullaby or kisses you good night. It’s the one that will push you into a battlefield, get you off of your comfort zone and make you to be able to defeat your number one enemy: your mind.


How this program is designed to help you?

This program uses an integrated learning system which the aim of it is to make you learn faster and remember more. Don’t worry about being preached at, because as I went through this program, though it’s online, Harv Eker is very interactive in his teaching process (he’s quite funny too). If you ever watched Dora the Explorer who always asking you things to make sure you keep up with her exploration; that’s how this program kinda looks like.

However that’s not it. Secret of Inner Power 2.0 is an improved program and all these improvements are also created to help your learning process better.

What’s new from the secret of inner power 2.0 program?

  • New Dashboard, so far I like how it appears; it’s neat, organize, and simple. I can track my course progress easily.
  • Warrior points, this is made to stimulate your learning process. You’ll get 50 points at the end of each module. So it means you’ll get a total of 350 warrior points after completing all of the 7 modules. And as the program says with a certain number of points (which later on I figured on the course navigation, it should be 350 points) you’ll unlock an awesome bonus.
  • Completed with whatever it takes to make sure you understand and get the best by the end of the course. By whatever I mean; workbook, lesson slides, and quizzes at every single module. I always like a program that gives many options like this and give space for us users to write, because you know; writing is proven to be a method to remember better.


What’s Inside the Program?

secret of inner power

Okay, so I’m gonna start from the upper left of the dashboard:

  • The warrior points

Like I’ve said earlier you’ll be rewarded 50 points at the end of each module. And by the end of it you can get the max warrior points to redeem a surprise bonus.

However, I had a little tech problem with this; mine was not automatically added and therefore I have to inform the customer service. Thankfully, the customer service was doing a really good job. They answered every single question ASAP and of course they get the problem fixed.

Alright, moving on…

  • Introduction; greetings from the author and course navigation.

You’ll have a warm welcome from the author himself, Harv Eker. And… there’s a course navigation video. That’s really thoughtful yet informative so you’d know what you have to do with it like where to begin and where to go next.

  • The core program: Module 1 to 7

This program is a video based learning. The good news is the videos are featured with apt illustration and you can also change the quality from 360p to 1080p.

Here’s how the video lesson looks like:

Sneak Peek of the Vid Lesson

And here’s what’s inside the core program:

 MODULE 1 – True Self VS. False Self

secret of inner power

This module has 6 lessons. Here, you can learn how to distinguish your true self from the false one.

Wait? It’s like we’re having two personalities?

Yes, sort of.

Who we are right now is who we learnt to be and it’s not always true. So you’ll learn how to cultivate the one that’s true and detach from the other. You’ll bring out your inner power; a warrior living inside you. No, you are the warrior!

Besides, isn’t it interesting to know how your fear operates and how to turn them off? You’ll get that information here!

MODULE 2 – The Power of Unconditional Action

secret of inner power

This module has 9 lessons. You get SO MUCH out of it, and it’s guaranteed to be very useful. This module will debunk all of your old belief and wrong mindset.  It will push you to take ACTION no matter what (including: exposing your fear). And if you want to but you don’t really know how, this module has the answer for you; some techniques that are applicable for you especially if you’re moody, lazy, and last but not least perfectionist.

It also has a quick meditation. Nothing serious like having a quiet or secluded place, this one can be used at everywhere and anytime however this quick meditation is powerful to remind you when you’re starting to crawl back on your comfy bed.

MODULE 3 – Mindfrick

secret of inner power

This module has 2 lessons.  Here, you will learn to identify and cut off the thoughts that holding you back. I’m sure, you’re familiar with these thoughts and so am I because I have one of my old favorite:  “What if…”

MODULE 4 – 14 Ways to Access Your Inner Power

secret of inner power

I believe there’s a tech problem because the sales site says there are 16 ways, however I’ve checked it on the customer site and it’s only 14.

You can use these 14 lessons to awaken your warrior power and march to your success.

How many of us know that we do have the power but we don’t know how to use it?

If you agree with my question above then this module is for you.

Module 4 is going to answer your big HOW question. You’ll get FOURTEEN powerful strategies to win in this life. And please note that you don’t have to do all of them. Two or three is already great!

MODULE 5 – Accountability

secret of inner power

This module has 4 lessons. This module will help you to discover the key component of accountability that you may be lacking in your life (this key component blocks you from ever accessing your inner power).

You’ll also learn how to overcome the victim mindset and create massive change once you bring accountability into your life.

MODULE 6 – Integrity

secret of inner power

This module has 5 lessons. And through these lessons you’ll learn to have integrity; to do what’s right though no one is watching.

Commitment is not enough without having the integrity.  By mastering the art of having self-integrity, you’ll automatically ditch the bad habit of having excuses and complaints.

MODULE 7 – Self Approval

secret of inner power

This module has 4 lessons. You’ll learn the simplest yet difficult thing to do, which is to love yourself. If you’re people pleaser, you definitely need to learn from this module.

Simply to put: you’ll learn HOW NOT TO GIVE A DAMN here. What an apt lesson to learn in this modern society, don’t you agree?

  • Quizzes

Make sure not to miss every single quiz by the end of each module.

What’s the purpose of this?

Each quiz is designed to evaluate your learning from the module you’re in before you move to the next one.

The quiz will have two forms of question; multiple choices and essay. And here’s the result of mine:

Module 1 Quiz

  • Downloadable supplemental resources

You’ll have 3 handy dandy downloadable resources. I genuinely treasured so much from this option.

So what are those 3, you may ask?

1. The audio version of the lesson videos. Play back at any time.

2. The workbook. This will help you to keep on track and it compiled really compact and dense. It will require you to write but don’t complain that’s for your own good.


3. The lesson slide. There will be a lesson slide pdf on each module that you can download and write notes at. If you’re good with only listening on the video/ audio is fine.

Lesson Slides

  • Private Facebook group.

As a member you will have the privilege to join the group; you can share your learning progress or give and get encouragement from and to the other secret of inner power users.

  • A surprise bonus, which remains unknown.

This bonus is promised to be rewarded after you have reached 350 warrior points, which means that you’ve completed all of the modules. I’m sorry I can’t tell you further information about this because I haven’t gone through all (I’m just starting my week 5). But still, it’s a PROMISE.


How I Ended Up Purchasing Secret of Inner Power?

I started off my experience with the secret of Inner power program by firstly attended its free webinar and I’m glad I did because it’s just what I need to hear at that time and it did make me curious to know more about this program.

So, before I get further with my personal experience, I’d recommend you to go check on the free webinar; “Don’t Believe a Thought You think. The Greatest Secret to Life”. From the title itself is really intriguing don’t you think? When other people say believe in yourself, this guy told you not to. And for the content itself I’d say it’s quite an eye opening.

It will give you not just the understanding of what’s the root of your unhappiness in life; it will also make you question your existed thoughts about yourself (they might not be true and you’ve probably been fooled so far, and why you are easily tricked by it); doesn’t stop there, it encourages you to be on the looking and in charge of what’s going on in your head.

I was shooked when I attended this webinar (you might be too) because unlike the other free webinars; this thing here covers deep. It was made for about 80 minutes long and once again; for freaking FREE. Plus, it’s accompanied with a free workbook. Say no more.

secret of inner power


Alright Now Let’s Talk about My 30 days of Personal Experience

Within these 30 days; secret of inner power has significantly changed my perspective, it also gave me encouragement to push my limits to expose myself to do things I used to avoid. And for your information, what I’ve experienced here is a slow build up transformation – not an instant one, but for sure it’s HAPPENING.

And here’s the list of my improvements so far:

Social life

I have to admit that I’m socially awkward and more towards the introvert spectrum. And as I went through the modules I figured the stem of this particular problem of mine was:

“Fear of rejection”.

I always have the resistance to approach a person first because I’m afraid that he/she doesn’t really wanna talk to me or if they just ignore me then I will have the humiliation of people rejecting me. So, I keep it cool and zip it.

I even have friends came up to me and said that I was a cold person. Well, they don’t know the truth. I was just afraid. Sounds odd huh?  Or do you have the same situation here?

So with this program I feel like I’m automatically challenged and empowered at the same to put myself out there. I thought to myself what could go wrong? So I did a little experiment. Besides, I wanna know if this theory of Harv guy is right.

Recently I have new neighbors moved nearby. And I gathered my guts and just fricken do it. To my surprise we had a pretty good conversation. And it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

I was doing a good job but this didn’t really count, I was afraid of being rejected so I need some rejections. On the next days, I throw a bunch of hi or you know having a small talk when I’m outside (which was something I used to hate), and some people indeed ignored me. Mission accomplished.

And it turned out it wasn’t really that bad. Those people who didn’t say hi back to me was probably having the same problem like I do so it’s no big deal. And they don’t stop me.

Change of my perspective

This was the automatic result I have every time I push myself to go out of my comfort zone. You’ll do too. And it’s interesting to see from the other point of view.

Subconscious mind

Before I bought this program I read some reviews and there’s someone said that this program worked in his subconscious mind and I was like “REALLY?” until I experienced it myself.

You know that changing is hard right? And sometime no matter how committed you are to change, there’s always a blank spot. For me, it happened recently, I was having productive days of freelance writing and finishing my short story, I saw my old procrastination waved its hand to me. And I waved back. And here we go, we had a moment again…until…

Module 2 punched me with the phrase “law of momentum”. I mean, I’m stepping on module 5; this module 2 is way back then. But it’s popped up, right when I needed it.

So, what’s up with the law of momentum, you may ask?



Perfectionist’s antidote

A study proved that procrastination is strongly connected with perfectionism. And I suffer with this thing. I want everything to be perfect and I spend too much time perfecting it without making it done. And when I’m tired to get things perfect, I put the task aside and scrolling on social media. What a joy?

I wish it given me joy, but perfectionism is the opposite. It’s real pain in the ass!


Perfection is Stagnation


I don’t know how this program is created anymore, how can it knows me very well? It chides on me every time I started to spend too much time making thing perfect.

You wanna know what the chiding is about? It screams in my head:

“Perfection kills result! Perfection kills result!”

So, I couldn’t do anything but nod and GET THE SH*T DONE!

And the good news is I did it, I finished up my short story without fear that it would be a total mess.

Okay, I guess that’s all of my humble testimonial and improvement report. I indeed noticed significant improvements on the things that I suck on. And it wasn’t just me, here’s …


What Other People Think about this Program?

“This is by far the best thing I've ever done for myself… Secret of Inner Power provided me with the tools to improve the quality of my life.”Karen Bertrand (*)

“I highly recommend Harv's work… I have witnessed and admired T. Harv Eker's work for years. I highly recommend his work for anyone seeking to increase their financial, mental and emotional wealth.”Jack Canfield, #1 New York Times Bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series (*)

“The turning point for me… For the first time I was able to accept myself fully and not give a sh*t about what anybody else though. What an incredibly freeing experience!”Walter Scodellaro (*)

“It shattered my personal walls and beliefs… it gave me profound, yet simple ways of dealing with life in a way I never knew existed.”Gail B (*)

So, now, what about you? Are you interested to join the force?

in case you are…


Here’s How to Get the Secret of Inner Power 2.0 Program:

You can easily check out the secret of inner power 2.0 program by visiting their sales site HERE.

The actual price for the secret of inner power program is I have to say so pricey. It’s tagged for $ 1495. However, you can seize the opportunity to get the current discount up to 73% off. So, you’ll only get to pay $395.

Not only just that, you’ll also be given the benefit of 45 days money back guarantee so you can feel free to try it out first and see how this program can help you transform your life for the greater good.

If you have further questions regarding payment or the return policy, you can simply drop your question directly to their customer service HERE.


Conclusion and Final Verdict

I’ve been in secret of inner power program for 30 days, and see a certain areas that I wanted to work on are indeed improved.

So, will I recommend this program for you?

For sure!

And here’s why:

  • First and for most is I’ve tried it and happy with the result. It worked!
  • In depth free webinar available
  • The program is thorough; you can have the video lessons, the audio versions, workbook, lesson slides, and quizzes.
  • I like how simple, neat and organize the program’s web design is.
  • Bonus available, though it still remains as a secret. But it’s a promise.
  • Downloadable contents. It’s pissing me off a bit when a program doesn’t have this option. You know not everyone has 24/7 internet connection (note: except for the video, instead you can download the audio versions).
  • Private Facebook group, they give you a room to converse, have discussion, or encourage each other with this.
  • Huge discount, up to 73% off.
  • 45 day money back guarantee. If you don’t see the progress you can tell them you want your money back. And there you’ll get your money back.
  • Good customer service, I asked them a lot of questions and they’re very prompt to response. It’s almost like a chat.





Harv Eker’s Secret of Inner Power 2.0 has been a helpful self-help program to more than hundreds of thousand people around the world to push their limits and maximize their lives.

However no matter how powerful this program is, the result can be different due to each person’s experience, willingness and commitment to change.

DO NOT expect an instant result.

This is not an easy way out program, and there’s no easy transformation.

8.4 Total Score

Content Quality:
Practicality :
Author's credibility:
Customer Service:
  • Lifetime access
  • Content is well thought
  • Baby step learning
  • Highly interactive program with integrated learning system
  • Offline resources available
  • 45 days refund availability
  • Responsive customer service
  • Pricey
  • The quality audio recording is not that good since it's taken from a live event
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