T. Harv Eker’s Million Dollar Business Secrets Review: I’ve Buy & Learn it

T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets Review – There's a saying that everyone wants to start a business. Well, that's probably true because I do want to own a business in a couple of years. But, can everyone run a business though? 


You'd think that starting a business is a matter of selling stuff and all. When your products are good enough, selling them to people wouldn't be much trouble. Or would it? 


The thing is that most business owners fail in the first few years. Not because they have a low-quality product to offer, but they simply don't know how to sell. After all, not everyone is a marketer in the very first place.


But, if really want to run your own business one day, you should be one! Operating a business isn't just about the product, but the technique in which you can convince everyone to buy what you offer. 


million dollar business


So, now that I know how important it is to understand marketing, I want to learn more about it. That's when I stumbled upon T. Harv Eker Million Dollar Business Secrets Program. 


I was rather convinced when watching a million dollar business secret free masterclass. That's because T. Harv Eker is a big name in the marketing industry. Many high-profile brands had partnered with him in the past, so I believe that his Million Dollar Business Secrets program is pretty credible.


I decided to enroll in his million dollars business secrets program right away to learn more about marketing. This is my full review of the program. 




What is T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets?

500 million dollar business

T. Harv Eker Million Dollar Business Secrets is a program designed to help business rookies, beginner marketers, individuals, and professionals have a grasp of what marketing is and how it helps improve their brands. 


Unlike other typical marketing courses, T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets has a complete marketing learning stage, from understanding your own business to preparing yourself as a brand or new marketer to reshape your old perspective about enterprise and life. 


Therefore, the full package of T. Harv Eker Million Dollar Business Secrets will involve a wide range of courses to help the aforementioned individuals and organizations make better strategies in the future.




Who is the author of Million Dollar Business Secrets?

t harv eker million dollars

According to T. Harv Eker, he was once poor, born in an impoverished family. Coming from this unlucky situation, he worked hard to get where he is today, a millionaire. 


His name is pretty popular among business owners, marketers, and entertainment industries since he was often invited to coach in multiple events. Many would compare him with a renowned business coach, Tony Robbins, who is famous for Awakening of the Giant Within.


T. Harv Eker has made his name viral with his insanely popular Millionaire Mindset book and all of his business coaches. But, he had to go through a rocky path from the start. Eker made various types of businesses before he found a way into the fitness industry. He then continued to broaden his wings by launching different retail stores, later sold to a Fortune 500 company.


His mindset is about continuing the journey ahead. Hence, the success we see today. Eker mainly talks about business strategies (commonly in the marketing field), life coaches, and wealthy mindsets. 




Zero to Multimillionaire Free Masterclass Overview

Like I mentioned before, I was interested in joining T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets program thanks to his free masterclass. The Zero to Multimillionaire masterclass was so insightful that I got hooked to apply for the course right away (FYI, you can directly apply for the program right after finishing his webinar).


First of all, Eker opened the free webinar with a long, insightful journey of him becoming an entrepreneur. Went from broken to millionaire has changed his mindset over WHY people should start a business if THEY really want to be RICH.


When you want to become rich, daily jobs aren't enough. In fact, they won't make you rich at all. Eker strongly showed that he's against daily jobs when somebody told them to be rich from that stream of income.


This masterclass hooks me right off the bat. Like, when he said employees won't make you rich, that's just a hard reality but also an eye-opening mindset if you want to make more money. From that moment on, I was entirely hooked to joining his program because he made it! Self-billionaire from zero!




Inside the Million Dollar Business Secrets Program

the wealthy marketer

This is the course I enrolled in. It teaches people how to become a millionaire and the marketing strategy behind it. So, you will learn the correct business techniques based on T. Harv Eker's coaching to implement in your brand.


The Million Dollar Secret is a learning pit for those who want to know how to optimize their business into something bigger. As Eker always mentions in his previous free masterclass, not everyone can sell a product because they don't how to become a good marketer. That's why this module will focus on delivering tips to sell more.


This is the summary.

🏆Guerrilla Wealth Tactics

This section focuses on the tactic and mindset of successful business owners. If you are foreign to marketing, this module will give you a quick introduction to what wealthy entrepreneurs should do.


There are ten tactics you can learn from this section. Although it sounds overwhelming at first, considering the number of videos you should watch, Eker makes it easy for beginners to learn about business for the first time.


Basically, the thing about Guerrilla marketing means that there are two major different mindsets: rich and poor. So, depending on how you see a business, you can create one that's long-lasting!


You'd be surprised at how seamless the marketing materials are, thanks to T. Harv Eker's fun teaching!






Negotiations are always part of selling techniques that marketers should have. In fact, this skill is very useful when you find it hard to offer your products or services to your customers.


Negotiation skills are the process between two or more people to achieve mutual goals in an agreement, such as in business. You will learn how to negotiate better in order to build relationships with customers and gain their trust for future transactions. Join the class to learn more or join the free masterclass!


This section is quite fun! Eker will describe the tips and tricks into how to deal with someone, especially if you're about to run the business with new partners. There are 14 different techniques you can implement to your marketing strategy, and mind you, you can also use this skill for every part of your life.


After all, negotiation is needed in every aspect regardless of the field you're doing/working in at the moment. Be sure to prepare the workbook (available in the download section) and bits of snacks because you don't want to miss this essential knowledge.




🏆The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

In this section, you will learn how to find your audience, target your market, understand their needs, and offer your items based on proper research. With the right marketing strategy, you can become a millionaire even faster because you have found a path to achieve that goal.


This is where you'll get that business recipes from T. Harv Eker's personal experiences. Unlike Guerilla Marketing that has been around for years, this section is more personal because Eker talked about what he had tried to work out in his business.


What's more, you can learn from his mistakes and improve them. You'll see how Eker's journey finding his true business until he lands on health and fitness, aspects where he loves the most! That's why the THING about doing business is to start with what you want to do, what sparks your motivation so that when the storm comes you'll be able to tackle it easily!





🏆Million Dollar Ideas

Sometimes, it can be hard to find new ideas that existing businesses don't have. Although ideas can't be original up to this day, you can still generate a fresh and useful idea that you can develop for your business. The last module will teach you how to collect ideas easily.


This section will help you find what you love to do and what your hobbies are. That's because figuring out a business idea from something you love to do will excite you more and help you strengthen your motivation when time goes south.


Surprisingly enough, this section is way more enjoyable because Eker urges you to think about what you really want to sell if you're about to start a business. You'll be instructed to write down business ideas by checking out the problem around you. So, if you want to start a business yet don't know where to start, this program will definitely help you make a decision!


500 t harv eker million dollar secrets


So, in each module, there will be videos from 2-20 minutes that teach you about basic marketing, selling, the audience, techniques, and more. There's also a downloadable mp3 if you choose to listen to it everywhere you want.


All videos are basically a recorded version of Eker's seminar (which I don't know where and when). You can listen to the crowd and the audience chanting. The video itself is presented as a presentation, so when you opt to watch videos instead of listening to the downloadable audio, you can read the brief written there.


However, if you think that listening to the audio is more preferred, you can always download the PDF modules and workbook since there will be quizzes on each module.




Who This Program is For?

the wealthy marketer quiz



Anyone who is interested in learning marketing can enroll in this program because the module is full of useful information. But, if you are an employee, wishing to start a business or a business owner, you can join the million dollars business secret for more sauces. 


Especially if you want to make profits and close more deals, it's recommended to participate in this course because learning marketing alone can somehow put you in an unwanted situation where nobody can help. That way, you can avoid the dangers of self-learning marketing.


By the end of the day, you can then apply Eker's guides and tips on business and marketing techniques. Whether you are self-employed or run a different business field, you can always implement these strategies for your own benefit. 




Testimonials on T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets

“Harv, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done to help better our world! You've changed so many people's lives…including my own! Personally, I wanted to share that I was able to reach my goal of saving $10,000 for investment purposes, mostly because of some of the tools I've learned in your training. Thanks to you, I've definitely raised the bar for myself and what I can accomplish.”*

– Moriah Diamond


“After my husband and I took one of your programs our lives forever changed. It was one of the most important steps in an amazing personal journey, that lead us to our amazing life. We are now more than financially abundant and enjoying personal and business growth. Thank you so much.”*

– Aviva Varey Keely


“Ever since Harv's class I have gone from being worth $0 to now having almost $800,000 in real estate, a fully paid car, and my beloved Harley. I did it on a $13/hour job and with some wise investing in real estate and house flipping. Everything I touch turns to gold!”*

– David Jackson


My Complete Review

First of all, I'm a regular employee, and just like everyone, I wish to start a business (a proper one) someday. The thing is that I have no experience in selling nor do I have the knowledge of it. That's why when I came across the free masterclass, I was rather hooked to try on this program.


I have a big expectation because T. Harv Eker is a big name that Wikipedia even recognizes him. Moreover, he's always been compared to the world's famous author and business mentor, Tony Robbins. So, that's where I decided to join the class.  


t harv eker Million Dollar Business Secrets


My impression is that the course is totally packed. There are over twenty videos about marketing that beginners like me can easily understand without difficulty. I get to know one of the most famous rules in business and marketing, the 80:20 rule. That means every 80% outcome should come from 20% inputs.


This rule kinda opens my mind because I have always thought that I will get 100% outcomes when I put 100% or more effort. That's why I think that working hard is the only way, yet the only works here is working smart.


Therefore, the famous 80:20 rule is invented. Eker said that we should think of a way where we can put minimal input by learning a ‘cheat' or rather strategic plan, which later we can optimize in the way we promote or market ourselves (brands, products, and services).




I have also become interested in the 6 Jar Method, where you should divide your money into six different accounts. This is crucial for everyone as putting every egg in one basket could be harmful when the basket itself is fragile. 


Whether you are entrepreneurs, employees, or professionals, you should pay attention to how and where you split your money. So, you can then plan a strategic investment, especially when you already run a business.  


So, here's the thing. Since I don't own a business at the moment, I do wish that I will build my own in the future. The problem is that I don't know where to start and how to run a business properly.


To be honest, I often see small businesses come and go in the sense that most of them fail severely. And that doesn't even last a year. I figure out that many rookies businesses most likely copy others because they tend to sell for THAT moment only.


For example, when Dalgona coffee went viral early in the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people start selling the beverage out of nowhere. While it wasn't a wrong move, running a business without planning (making a big picture) can go wrong.


That's why according to T. Harv Eker's Guerilla Strategy, “Rich people have an exit strategy from the very beginning. Poor people barely have an entry and never consider the exit,” only the rich mindset ensures a business strategy from the very beginning and has an exit plan ready when things go south.


On the other hand, a poor mindset only sets things impulsively (like selling popular things right away) without considering the future plan.


I personally think this type of business sure makes money at the time the trend is going, but when it shifts, people will likely see something they used to purchase/consume and consider the latest trending products. This is why I think, besides knowing what customers need is to understand the business' bigger picture and exit plan to thrive longer.


So, instead of following entirely what others do, it's better if you find your own niche. I learn from this program that in every problem comes an opportunity to sell (T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Ideas). For example, I know some businesses don't sound fancy, hence most people avoid starting them. But, who cares?


Business is business, after all. We run a business to earn money.


I begin to think about what people around me are having a problem with. Like, if I know what their problems are, and I can offer a solution, that will be a good business, won't it? Because I used to think that businesses should be new, plagiarism-free some sort. But, nothing is new today!


Million Dollar Business Secrets


The innovation makes it work, still not new stuff. Things like a plumbing business (which I believe most people find disgusting, not some nice-to-hear), but it makes money because people need it! This is where the program does open my mind about doing business: putting the ego aside, and finding problems instead.


In conclusion, I think that the T. Harv Eker Million Dollar Business Secrets program is useful for everyone who is just starting out and want to learn more about business and marketing in general. After enrolling for a month, I have gained more knowledge in marketing, business, finance, and even life motivation!*


So, here is my short take on this program. 



  • The Million Dollar Business Secrets program is suitable for both beginner and experienced individuals who want to learn more about this field. So, if you have no knowledge of marketing, this course is recommended to try.
  • With the amount of money spent on this program, you may not need another marketing or business seminar because this course has it all you can get for rookies.
  • The subject is easy to learn, you will also get the audio, module, and workbook for further learning.



  • I hate to say this, but the downloadable PDF module sucks. You will get the exact same presentation as you have on the video, but the module arrangement is so bad. Imagine, you will have 9 slides on one page. So, you will need to extra zoom in to read the text. That's very uncomfortable for me, and I believe for everyone too. The module is pointless because it's hard to learn from it when you decide to listen to the audio instead of watching videos.  


Where to Enroll T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets

marketing class

If you are interested in participating in T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets program, you can click the golden button on this page as you will get a special price from there. Or else, you can visit this official homepage to check out on your own. 


The price for 500 million dollars business secrets is $249, which is normal for a rich material you can get from this program. Remember that T. Harv Eker is an experienced business coach who has trained many businesses and been partnered with big media, such as Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, and Men's Health.




Not to mention, you will get several bonuses once enrolled in this program.

bonus marketer



  • Productivity Secrets Of High Performers
  • The Activity Tracker The 90-Day Plan
  • MDBS Declarations Screensaver
  • Zero To MultiMillionaire Web Class
  • Secret Pro-Trainer Training with Harv


The Balanced Life Calendar

  • BIG ROCKS STRATEGY with T. Harv Eker





  • Beating The Odds
  • The Ten Million Dollar Webinar Funnel
  • Funnel Maps Overall Funnel Map Actual Funnel Map Example
  • Downloadable Templates


Moreover, you will have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you feel that this program doesn't give you much information or simply isn't suitable for you. So, if you are unsatisfied, you can ask for a refund anytime you want.



T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets is actually a nice program for everyone who wants to learn about business and marketing no matter how newbie or experienced you are. The information is also easy to follow, so nobody won't feel daunted to continue learning unless they figure that marketing isn't their thing. 


More importantly, learning business and marketing from this program will prevent you from a dangerous learning curve where nobody can't force an idea to your throat. You will learn all these materials at your own pace and as you like.

Besides the completed material found in this program, you will receive enormous benefits in a form of extra bonuses. You can get free marketing templates, such as email marketing, copywriting, sales funnel, and more. And if you still don't like it, you can ask for a refund within 30-day for a 100% money-back guarantee. 




T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets program doesn't guarantee anyone to be a millionaire after finishing the course. This program acts as an informational and educational source for those who need materials around business, marketing, and life coaches. The given tips and guidelines are based on Eker's experiences, so the result will vary from one individual to another and one business to different types of business. 



8 Total Score

Author Credibility
Course Overview
  • Applicable & easy to follow
  • PDF Module and Workbook available
  • Lifetime access & downloadable materials
  • MP3 Audio available
  • Many bonuses inside the program
  • Complete information
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Too pricey
  • PDF Modules aren't nice to read
  • Content is too broad, beginners can easily get overwhelmed with the amount of information
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