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Mindvalley Yoga Quest Review – If you're like me who just wanted to try Yoga for its sudden rise in popularity in recent times (new-age exercise as they call it) among those famous people and regular society, then I invite you to read my own freshly started journey.

I've already tried some personal development and self-improvement programs from Mindvalley and have been satisfied with the results. So, when it comes to finding an online Yoga platform I looked nowhere else.

I have always felt good about Mindvalley, and it is the only platform I don't mind spending my money on. In fact, it is how I first found out about Mindvalley Yoga Quest.

A lot of good reviews has come from it lately, which made me even more attracted to try. It took me only a few hours to decide and I will share with you my findings in my newly-found journey.


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What is Mindvalley Yoga Quest?

Mindvalley Yoga Quest is an online Yoga school designed to help you build a lively Yoga practice based on your personal needs. It offers different routines that you can choose from based on your current fitness and experience level.

Mindvalley Yoga Quest brings together some of the most passionate teachers from around the world to guide you with grace through the transformational journey of yoga. Learn from 8 world-class experts like Tymi Howard, Aaron Kleinerman, Erin Motz, Richard Schultz, Delamay Devi, Dashama Gordon, Lindsay Sukornyk, Bryan Kremer.

It's a 21-day program where you can learn Yoga from the very basics. During the first week, you'll learn how the common poses in Yoga. You will start building your strength and balance in the second week. The third week is the most challenging where you focus on your core training.

You can browse by mood, create playlists of their videos in high-definition from exotic locations around the world like Malaysia, Bali, and Los Angeles.

They have an online community with people who are doing the same thing to discuss with, which helps in making a custom Yoga practice to suit your needs.



What do you get for your money?

You will receive 21 days worth of lessons in which you get to complete one lesson per day. You will also receive a warm-up session before you start your quest consisting of 3 videos. The videos are 10 minutes to 1 hour long.

In addition, there are also short video tutorials for each moves:

Besides the videos, you'll also be able to download the PDF guides which contain:

  • Yoga Pose name and visual illustration
  • Step by step explanation
  • Benefits of each yoga pose
  • Beginner's tips

 If you can only practice for 15-20 minutes a day then it’s no problem, you could still get results with less time.*


What you need to prepare

  1. A Yoga mattress
  2. 2 Yoga blocks
  3. A Yoga strap

If you don't have or are not willing to invest in Yoga blocks, you can use square-shaped thick books or small paper boxes instead.

 You can also substitute the Yoga strap with a belt, a thin rope or a towel.


Who is this program suitable for?

Mindvalley Yoga Quest is suitable for everybody who is a beginner or wants to give it a try on Yoga. Or for those who love to do Yoga but do not have the time to join full-on classes.

The reason I believe that it's suitable for beginners is that the host guides you through each stage of your Yoga journey to help you develop a daily practice. It's like having your own personal trainer.

There is a special section for any basic questions you might have about Yoga with explanation videos:

Try Mindvalley Yoga Quest Yourself




Kelly Coronado (Arizona, USA):

“I don’t know what changed in me, but I felt peace within myself after stepping on the mat. I felt my body and mind opening up. I let go of all the stress and heartache I was feeling emotionally. It felt as my body stretched, I was releasing negative thoughts and as I held poses, I was growing stronger, physically and mentally. Thank you for helping me find my peace! Now I am a yogi for life!!!”*

David Gloege (San Diego, California):

Practicing yoga has changed my life! It has brought me more in balance with the universe and stronger in mind, body and spirit. I am just starting my journey and plan to continue because the practice has done so much to improve my well-being.”*

Isabelle Debaumarché (France):

When I have questions or encountering difficulties with certain programs the Mindvalley Yoga Tribe is always there to give me advice and encourages me when needed. And I love my yoga teachers, each one has her or his particularity which makes it deliciously refreshing.
I feel stronger, energized, more confident, peppier and so alive! Even with my extra pounds, and being in my fifties.”*


My own experience

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Yoga, I haven’t always been a very flexible person. I’ve tried joining a Yoga class once, which was ok but it was filled with women. It wasn’t the most comfortable situation despite the instructor being male.

I don’t enjoy exercising with other people as I have to consider someone else's schedule. I just want to be able to learn on my own schedule, in my home. Which for me, Mindvalley Yoga Quest is suitable.

What important for me is that I enjoyed the benefits of doing Yoga even though I do it only from home. I realized that I had a better sleep pattern. I used to be able to sleep past midnight which was torture on work days.

Since joining Mindvalley Yoga Quest I realized that I slept much earlier around 11-12 pm, giving me much more sleep and energy for the next day. This has also allowed me to stay alert longer past the end of work hours.

I did not lose any pounds, but I have realized for sure that I had an improvement on my flexibility. I used to be unable to touch my toes with my legs straight, which I am proud to say now that that is a very simple task to do.*



Use Mindvalley Yoga Quest community to your advantage. Experience the journey with your peers. Be part of Tribe of Yogis who are the same level as you. Spark discussions about topics which are most important to you or even share and upload your own Yoga videos.


Where to buy

You can buy Mindvalley Yoga Quest for $399 $199 after watching the FREE webinar by clicking the button below. You can also pay in 2 installments of $109 each for a total of $218 instead.

There's an unconditional 10-Day guarantee provided by Mindvalley which gives you a halfway trial through this 21-day program.



About the Author


Cecilia Sardeo

Cecilia Sardeo

After traveling the world and doing the most random jobs to make a living, Cecilia Sardeo landed in Kuala Lumpur, where she started an unplanned career as a Customer Support agent for what turned to be one of the biggest personal growth online publishers out there, Mindvalley.

Cecilia used to hate her own body and inconsistent dieting brought her to become overweight. Her discipline applied to constant research and curiosity got her back on track. Yoga was the master who changed her life and today she is a certified yoga instructor which led her to later create Mindvalley Yoga Quest.

In Italy, Cecilia is currently known for omnama.it leading online portal in the personal growth niche, with more than 130,000 subscribers within a span of 2 years and growing week after week.



The Verdict

Mindvalley Yoga Quest is an exciting and fun digital Yoga program to follow. We know how doing Yoga (or other forms of physical exercises) every single day can be boring. It has detailed tutorial videos with beautiful visuals to help make your Yoga journey more interesting.

What's best about this program is how you can do it from the comfort of your own home at your own designated time to suit your personal needs. If you're a busy person or an introvert like me who doesn't enjoy exercising with other people then this is the perfect program for you.

The good thing is you can try it for 10 days and get a refund before then if you're not satisfied or think that the $199 wasn't worth it.



Results may vary between individuals due to different physiology and daily time commitment to do the program.

8.9 Total Score

  • Practice from the comfort of your own home
  • Beginner-friendly with detailed tutorials
  • Taught By 8 Expert Teachers
  • Unconditional 10 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Videos cannot be downloaded
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