Prayer Manifests Things – A Review on Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracle Full Review – Do you want to be victorious and to be able to enjoy the freedom of all your pressing problems?

I’m sure you do, ‘cause who doesn’t?

And wouldn’t it be amazing if the answer of the above questions can directly transform our lives as soon as we said “YES”.

A life transformation wasn’t unlikely to happen. But HOW, you may ask?

It’s through PRAYER; the most powerful tool to manifest all the joyous things in life.



7 day prayer miracle comes to our rescue, claiming that it can all be manifested, once we understand and do the prayers’ instructions solemnly.

I know that some people might agree / disagree with this, especially to those unbelievers. It’s okay, I’m not gonna judge, ’cause even for me – a believer, I find this program a bit nonsensical and different from what I believe in.

But I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and re-assured myself that if it’s not working; I can learn a lesson and I can have my money back (60 days refund is an option here), nothing to lose.

In fact, the reason I’m going with this program is that I’m interested to know more about advancing my prayer to the extent of how a prayer could have such power to manifest.

I’m also a fan of Prophet Daniel and the other three children of Judah; Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. Their relationship with God is amazing. Even in difficulties their faith was unshakeable; and their prayers saved them from a furnace of blazing fire and lions’ den.

Long story short, I decided to try it out…

…against all odds, it worked.


Okay, now, without any further do, let’s get into it!



What is 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program?

7 day prayer miracle is a program created by Amanda Ross after her encounter with Archangel Michael.

7 day prayer miracle

The encounter miraculously helps her overcoming all of the pressing problems in her life; her marriage, debt, hospitalized husband, 3 children, and eviction.

In that rare encounter, the Archangel Michael gave her 4 sentence prayer which attributed to Prophet Daniel’s prayer. And after trying it out, Amanda witness that her problems have withered immediately.

Here she is now, sharing the good news with the world.

Do you wonder why it has to be in 7 days? I certainly do.

I was thinking; are we forcing God to manifest His miracle within‘7 day’? And what if it requires more days, weeks, months, or years?

Remember what the bible says: God has His own perfect timing?

Shouldn’t a prayer be a constant communication with God?

Couple of days ago, I dropped the 7 day prayer miracle’s support team an email, asking for enlightenment. I’m glad that the support team is very responsive. They promised to give response within 24 hours. But In my case, they replied in less than that.

Here is the conversation that we had:

7 day prayer miracle

I’m sorry I have to scratch out few sentences taken from the 4 sentence prayer.

Here’s their response:

7 day prayer miracle

Back to the question: “why 7 day?” They designed it to be a ‘7 day’ program therefore it couldn’t last forever. Moreover, the aim of the program is to trigger average people to make prayer a way of their living. And also to help people who have the idea to pray but don’t really know how to begin.

Alright then, question answered.

If you happened to have questions, don’t be hesitate to hit


What is in the Cart?

Once you clicked on “Add to Cart” button, you can immediately access your 7 Day Prayer Miracle program and start your own prayer. You’ll get 2 primary manuals and some BONUSES!


7 day prayer miracle

Proof of my purchase

Thankfully all of the materials served here are downloadable, so we can still be praying without any internet connection. I mean, that’s how prayer should be done, right?


“Disconnect from everything, reconnect with GOD.”

Here are what you’re gonna get:

  • 7 Day Prayer Miracle – Grabbing the Attention of Heaven – E-book

7 day prayer miracle

This is the primal book, it contains approximately 30,000 words and is divided into 4 parts:

 Part One:

This part will discuss the historical story of Daniel and his advance spiritual techniques to our own advantage.

 Part Two:

The spiritual context, in here we’re going to study the 4 traits of God that allow us to get closer to Him.

 Part Three:

In this particular part of the book says that:


In the right context everything we ever wanted can be ours.”

And to really grasp the quoted text applies in our lives, this part is supported with:

  • Understanding in what context our desires can be considered as achievable.
  • Knowing and removing the barriers that keep us away from our prayer to manifest.
  • Implementing the effective strategies to boost our prayers.
  • Examining ways to call upon the Angels to assist removing barriers and achieving success.

 Part Four:

A comparative study of 2 dimensions: Spiritual and Reality.

  • 7 Day Prayer Miracle – Prayer Journal – E-book

7 day prayer miracle

Other than the 4 sentence prayer that you’ll find in the previous E-book – Grabbing the Attention of Heaven; here’s the complete prayers designed for 7 days in a row. The prayers are more than 300 words, so you don’t have to memorize it. You can print the prayer journal, understand the meaning of every word and utter them wholeheartedly.

Not only that, the Prayer Journal also has some space to write down your personal notes.




  • The Prayer of Daniel – E-book

7 day prayer miracle

The prayer is taken from Daniel 9:4-19, which you can read through your own Bible.

  • Divine Hearing – E-book

7 day prayer miracle

It contains an elusive training for your divine hearing. It will help you enable to hear angels’ infinite wisdom. And decipher their crucial messages to help your season in life.

  • Divine Numbers – E-book

7 day prayer miracle

I find this Bonus comes in handy. Have you seen a sequence of repeating numbers in some particular time in your life? If yes, then it could be a message from Heaven. And this book will tell you how to interpret and decode that numbers.

  • A song of Shifts – rendered mp3

By utilizing this bonus simultaneously with your 7 day prayer miracle; you’ll be able to enter the miracle frequency. It’s claimed to be the frequency (528 Hz) that only angels can recognize. Seizing this can potentially boost your prayer and make the angels do your biding.

I do further internet research regarding this 528 Hz, ‘cause I was thinking why not 825 Hz?

Most of the sites say that 528 Hz is known for ‘love frequency’. It would connect your heart and spiritual essence to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.

This frequency was originally taken from Solfeggio Musical scale, and used by the ancient priest and healers to manifest miracles and blessings.


How to Use the Program?

Step 1:

Read the 7 Day Prayer Miracle – Grabbing the Attention of Heaven E-book and try to really absorb it.

Step 2:

Start your prayers with the Prayer journal. One prayer a day, 3 times a day. Make sure that you do it in a secluded place where you can have minimum distraction. Each of the prayer contains more than 300 words or more so you don’t have to memorize them.

All you need to do is to understand the targeted feeling of the prayer. That’s why I think it is necessary to read the ‘step 1’ E-book before you go directly to the prayer section.

Step 3:

It’s optional. As this program came in handy with the rendered mp3 called the song of shifts. This will help your prayer in tune with the angelic vibration 528 Hz to help your prayer manifest faster.

There are more additional steps, in case your prayer bears indirect answers. You can utilize the Divine Hearing and Divine Numbers E-books and find meanings yourself.


What You May Find Interesting about 7 Day Prayer Miracle:


  • Your starter packs to add prayer as a way of living.
  • The program will give you a complete guidance to make your prayer miraculously manifest.
  • A change will happen to your life. It’s almost like a DNA change. No more negativity.
  • Revealing the way of calling into Heaven and get a full attention.
  • Teaching you a powerful prayer given by the Archangel Michael.
  • Help you to interpret signs e.g numbers that the heavenly Hosts might give you as an answer to your prayer.


So, are you interested?

Here’s how you get it:

7 day prayer miracle

You can own your 7 day prayer miracle and start praying by simply go to their official website. This program gives a good offer by giving you 95 % off today. Your prayer starter pack includes all the bonuses can be yours now with $ 27 only.



As other options, they have upsell programs created by the same Amanda Ross that you may care to take a look.

The programs called: 7 Day Healing Miracle, and 7 Day Prosperity Miracle.

These upsells are pretty intriguing I’d say, especially for the 7 day prosperity miracle. But, for me it sound too good to be true, or too wrong to try. So I skipped, and continue with the 7 day prayer miracle program instead.

Well, i don't know much about the 7 day prosperity miracle program (obviously, i haven't tried it) to say that it was too wrong to try. But, if you check the link you'll be surprise. It says that we can manifest prosperity by winning a lottery, effortlessly and almost instantly.

How do we prosper in an instance with less effort without making us lazy?

May i remind you, what the Bible says about laziness:


“Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10 : 4

Besides, I never knew that God allows His people to gamble. Gambling is designed to make people lazy and greedy, 'cause once they won, they'll get addicted to try another.

I heard the rumors spreading that people went bankrupt after gambling sooner or later. Maybe this program suggest us to stop gambling once we won the lottery. I don't know, and who am I to judge?

If we never try we never know.


My Personal Thought and Experience of Using 7 Day Prayer Miracle

I was born and raise Christian and grew up in a religious environment.

Everything relates to spiritual development fascinates me. And when I came up to this 7 day prayer miracle program, I’m attracted to give it a try.

In my case, I’m shocked that it works even less than 7 days. However, there are things that I personally find different from my existed knowledge and belief. These are getting in the way.

In this section I’ll spill it out for you. First I’m going to talk about what I found unsettling about this program, and second my testimony on how the program shockingly works.


7 Day Prayer Miracle’s Program, The Law of Attraction, and Christianity

My first question would be “is the 7 day prayer miracle on a par with the low of attraction (LOA)?

I wish it doesn’t.

I’ve read several reviews before buying this program and I found that many of the reviewers said that this program was similar to LOA. Well, I’m not against the LOA. In fact, I’ve practiced it before and okay with the result. I also made a review about the basic law of attraction certification program by Dr. Joe Vitale HERE.

Despite their reviews I decided to go on the 7 day prayer miracle’s official website instead and figure it out myself.

7 day prayer miracle

You can access the video first and go back here to see whether or not we have the same opinion towards this subject matter.

Have you found the lines in the video which talking about how most people’s brains work?

After lots of happiness and positive experiences we may fall back to feel gloomy. Why? Because our brains are wired for negativity. And this program agrees that if the world works as a tenet of the LOA which well known for ‘like attracts like’, then we can never achieve eternal blessings because of our natural negativity.

The program is indeed talking about the law of attraction but as far as I can see from the official website video, it’s merely used for comparison and additional information.

From the video, we can conclude that the LOA is inadequate tool to get us into the higher vibration of blessings since our brains are negatively wired. So, the program came with a solution called “vibrational wings” that claimed to be better in making us flying high like an angel and never going down, we’ll be able to left all the negativity down in the pit.

So far it doesn’t come in par with the LOA.


Why do I seem so disagree if it’s a par with the LOA, you may ask?

Cause the LOA is focusing on the universe as the source of all the goodness and negativity that we, as a part of the universe, can freely choose to attract. So it’s between us and the universe.

It will be different if we talk about “prayer” which fundamentally a tool for us as “the creations” to converse with “The Creator”. And as the program says that the prayer is pretty much inspired by Prophet Daniel’s prayer (which addressed to no one but the almighty God) therefore it can’t be the same / collaborated with all this new age belief that we can attract all the goodies from the universe, which works seemingly as “the god”.

Unfortunately my wish is not granted here, after I purchased and follow through the primal book of Grabbing the Attention of Heaven. The concept of praying to God turns out overlapping with the concept of the law of attraction.

This program believes that in order to have the most of our request, we must have and understand the 4 traits of God. One of which is the ultimate confidence upon receiving. It’s not wrong, since there’s such a thing in the scripture too; even Jesus Himself has talked about this in Matthew 21:21-22, when His disciples asked Him how He could make the fig tree withered away so soon. And here’s His answer:


“… if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘be removed and be cast to the sea,’ it will be done.”


“And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

So I think when the program says about ‘confidence’ it must be referred to what it means by ‘faith’ in the scripture.


But do they have the same meaning?

Let’s see.

Based on the 7 day prayer miracle’s book – Grabbing the attention of heaven; ‘Fearless / ultimate confidence’ requires acting like we already received what we asked. That would make exactly like how the law of attraction works, don’t you think?

The book will give you an example of a person asking for a life partner then he started to have this confidence along with his prayer and acted like he had one, so he would be on the phone pretending that his lover is calling him which is pretty delusional, isn’t it?

I think there’s a difference between believing in a ‘not yet seen thing’ with ‘acting delusional’.

Based on Hebrew, chapter 11, Apostle Paul wrote some of the Old Testament’s biblical figures who have faith in God. Take an example of Sarah, Abraham’s wife, she was already old but by her faith in God, she got the strength to bear a child.


“By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.” (verse 12)

Sarah was old and it would be impossible to be pregnant. However, despite her limits as a human, she still believes in God wholeheartedly. In other words: she has faith.

That’s it. Acting delusional is really unnecessary.

Anyway, I can’t find anywhere in the bible which told that Sarah had pretended to carry a child in her belly until God really bless her with an actual child, can you?


Personal Experience: A Prayer Manifested

Despite the thing that I felt off about this program I finally decided to have an open mind. Setting aside all of the things that I believe in and surrendering for a while.

I started to practice the 4 sentence prayer altogether with the daily prayer from the journal.

I do it 3 times a day as instructed.

The manual said that when we pray, we should never be selfish. So here is what I asked:

As a private teacher I want my student to be able to advance in all of her school subjects. But my student has problem with focusing, she has ADD, she’s also moody. This has been my concern since the very first meeting. But I really want her to succeed, so I prayed.

To my surprise, after 5 days in this prayer program, here comes my schedule to teach her. I printed all of my teaching materials and supplemental materials to attract her attention.

I came to her house and taught her. It felt like she was a new person. She paid attention for most of the time, I noticed she still had those bad moods, but it drastically decreased.

We were in the zone at that time. Teaching and studying felt like effortlessly bound.

It’s unbelievable. For real, I can’t believe it. Well, it could be just a coincidence. So, I decided to do it again. I prayed.

Our next meeting is in three more days. So it’d be 8 days of me praying with 7 day prayer miracle program. I gave it a full trust.

The same thing did happen again. She paid attention. She attentively followed through the whole lesson. I couldn’t say anything.

Whether or not these 2 sequences are coincidence, you decide, or no, you try.


I learnt the new sequence of numbers and its meaning

As I said earlier; this program has a handy dandy bonus called “Devine Numbers”. It says that that the answer of our prayer can be through symbols or in a sequence of repeating numbers.

I have a prayer life far before I know this program. And about 2 weeks before knowing this program and using it, I felt so good about my life. I praise the Lord all the way. I give thanks to Him in my quiet time.

However at those weeks, I saw a sequence of numbers; 911. Over and over again, it happened almost always when I checked the time on my phone, it showed 09:11.

What could this be? Am I in an emergency situation? All I know is the emergency call line 911 or the tragedy in WTC on September 11th. Both didn’t show a good sign. Whatever, it could be just a random coincidence.

But this program says otherwise. The sequence of numbers can be a sign to our prayers. Okay so I take a look, to my surprise, there’s a sequence and a combination of 9 and 1: 911.

It means that a new season in my life will begin. It indicates that my goal is about to accomplish.

Totally different from what I thought it could be.

Alright then, so far so good, I relieved.

Have you noticed a sequence of numbers recently?


Click Here to Decode Those Numbers

Verdict and Conclusion

Despite few different beliefs between the program and my personal view point as a Christian; I’d say that it’s okay to try the 7 day prayer miracle program. At the end of the day, all that matter is whether or not the program really works.

Surprisingly, when I finally gave it a try; this program works like magic. I don’t really know how the 4 sentence prayer works. But, it’s simply happened, even less than 7 days.

The good thing about this 7 day prayer miracle program is: it will give you many things with 95% off now.  And by many things, I mean:

2 primal E-book: Grabbing the Attention of Heaven, and Prayer Journal. Not only that, this program is also giving you 4 handy dandy BONUSES; Devine Hearing, Divine Numbers, Daniel’s Prayer, and a rendered MP3 called A song of Shifts. All comes together to you in one downloadable package with only $ 27 bargain price.   

However if you don’t feel satisfied with the result, calm down. This program comes with a risk free – 60 days 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is to drop them an email saying that you’d want a refund. As they’ve promised; they won’t ask any question other than your Log-in email and after that they will sent you every penny back.


“If your life doesn’t change, we don’t want your money.” – 7 Day Prayer Miracle


Click Here to Refund

Or if you want to give it another try and wait until you can finally witness your prayer manifested, you certainly can!

Let me suggest you to set aside your already existed knowledge, cynical judgment and belief. Revisit the 2 primal E-books. Practice the prayer techniques once again for the next 7 days.

Good luck and God bless you.


Start Manifesting Your Prayer


I did try the program and I have to say that it does work.

However, I don’t fully agree with all of the statements stated in Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program. Some are still standing on the other side of my belief as a Christian.

I shed some of my perspective in juxtaposing this program with Christianity. But, please bear in mind that these are all based on my knowledge, internet research and my personal point of view which may or may not be same with other people.

7.9 Total Score

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