Pencil Drawing Made Easy Review: With My Before and After Picture

Pencil Drawing Made Easy Full Review – If teachers ask you to draw a landscape or anything, I bet you are going draw two mountains with a winding road in the center and the sun in between the mountain.

I guess most people in this world know better about this scene. Well, maybe that's what our teachers taught us in the past lol.

Okay, so… I always thought people who draw are cool. They can convert whatever in their mind into a beautiful drawing. I wish I can draw, just like them. 

Heck, I used to dream of applying for architectural school but I didn't submit my application. I didn't have courage simply because I couldn't draw.

So, when I heard about an online drawing class, I didn't think twice. I will learn to draw!

Pencil Drawing Made Easy has compact lessons for beginners like me. If you wish to learn drawing, I suggest you read my review of this program before purchasing this art class.

Also, make sure to keep on reading to find out how I turn my old drawing before partaking in this program into a wholesome piece!



What Is Pencil Drawing Made Easy?


Pencil Drawing Made Easy is an online art class that teaches you how to draw. This program is specifically designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge about drawing. However, an experienced artist, illustrator, portraitist, etc can also enroll in this program to sharpen their skills.

This program offers you a total of 42 hours of classes in high-quality videos. You can learn these classes from literally everywhere you are. 

Pencil Drawing Made Easy has designed the class thoughtfully. It started with simple drawing to advanced drawing like realistic portraits. In this way, even a super newbie can follow this program without difficulties.


Who Is The Author?

nolan clark

Nolan Clark is an author and art tutor from New Zealand. When he was in South Africa, running a DVD business with his father, he needed a logo to represent their business. 

Getting frustrated after no logo fits his needs, he tried drawing his own logo. Since then Nolan decided to pursue his art career. Nolan founded an art tutoring class back in New Zealand. This self-taught artist specialized in teaching beginners to be able to draw.

Right now, Nolan has become one of the popular art tutors with many if his art books become bestsellers. He has taught over 3 million people through his art class.


Inside Pencil Drawing Made Easy


There are step-by-step tutorials that you can follow from an easy level to advanced. There is also a bonus part where you can emphasize your drawing through a much more detailed course that isn't available in the main tutorials.

Main Lesson

Lesson 1. Introduction

In this lesson, you will learn about drawing preparation including the type of pencils, erasers, kneaded erasers, etc, and how to use them. First, the author teaches you about a certain pencil from 2H to 8B. You will get a printed handout to practice on your own.

By learning each pencil number, you can differentiate which number is needed for a certain shade. The 2H pencil number has a lower shade than H. It goes the same with HB to B and 2B to 4B.

Nolan will direct you to shade from the lowest number to the highest until you understand each usage.


Lesson 2. Shading Technique

Shading is an essential part of a pencil drawing. It is what makes the drawing look alive and realistic. By learning the shading technique you can induce a sense of depth or three-dimensionality, also give an emotional tone to a drawing.

In this lesson, you will get a blank pencil tonal chart that you can practice by watching the video. There are hatching technique, cross-hatching, contour, scribble, stripling, and many more.



Lesson 3. Creating Texture

Texture in drawing gives a more realistic feeling and emotional approach. With the texture, a drawing can look as it is. It gives depth, interest, and balance to a drawing.

You will get a 5-page handout of onion and garlic picture that you are going to replicate in this lesson. 


Lesson 4. Creating Depth

Depth is another essential part of pencil drawing as it gives an illusion for whoever looks at the art. It is also a basic building block of art that leaves a realistic impression.

The handout in this lesson has the real picture of a flower, a rough sketch, and a final drawing. You can use the rough sketch to replicate the flower drawing while watching the video.


Lesson 5. Negative Drawing

Negative drawing is a drawing technique in which the artist uses the white of the drawing paper (negative space) and surrounds it with positive marks (positive space) to build up the darkest values with layers of graphite.

One of the examples is the glass drawing in this lesson. It uses the white part as the negative space, whereas the graphite part is the positive space. 

Lesson five is included in the free sample if you register with your email.


Lesson 6. Reflective Objects

Another technique to create a realistic drawing is to add reflection. It gives a sense of a three-dimensional object on a paper. Reflection is introduced with the presence of a light that surfaces on objects.

You will receive a handout with an apple picture to study about reflection. The drawing will first mimick the sphere like in the introductory lesson. After that, you will add some details to make it an apple.

shading chart

Lesson 7. Realistic Eyes

Lesson 8. Realistic Nose

Lesson 9. Realistic Mouth

Lesson 10. Realistic Ears

Lesson 11. Realistic Cheek, Chin, Neck, Forehead

Lesson 12. Realistic Hairs

Lesson 13. Realistic Moustaches


Summary from lesson 7-13:

Realistic drawing is a representation of subjects that focuses on making as true-to-life as possible. It transfers visual reality into a detailed and realistic drawing.

The lesson from the seventh until thirteenth is a part of creating a realistic portrait of a human. Since it is an advanced lesson, the face part is then divided into different lessons such as a lesson for eyes, nose, etc.

However, you will only get the ‘face part' lesson in this program. 



Bonus Lesson

Bonus 1. Clothing and Knitwear

Bonus 2. Realistic Hands

Bonus 3. Hyper-Realistic Drawing

Bonus 4. Drawing Birds Part 1

Bonus 5. Drawing Birds Part 2

Bonus 6. Drawing Birds Part 3

Bonus 7. Drawing Birds Part 4


Bonus Summary:

If the main lesson focuses on the still-life drawing and face portrait, in the bonus lesson you will get a supplement technique. For instance, animal drawing and hyper-realistic drawing. 

There is also a bonus lesson for drawing clothing and knitwear. This section will teach you the details of clothing such as texture and depth to make it looks realistic.

In the former lesson, you will not only learn about how to draw a bird but also a basic understanding of drawing animal fur. With this technique, you can implement it to another animal drawing like cats or dogs.


Why You Need To Give It A Try


Unlike any other similar art courses, Pencil Drawing Made Easy specifically targets beginners to experience drawing without difficulties. Each section has a high-quality video and PDF handout for you to learn more.

If you are keen on learning drawing, it is the best investment you do by purchasing this program.

Pencil Drawing Made Easy has a compact course that you cannot find in another course. You will get to learn simple drawing to a hard level- portrait drawing. 



My Experience Of Pencil Drawing Made Easy

before program

My drawing Before The Program

As I mentioned in the beginning, I couldn't draw. I knew the basic lessons such as sketching and applying perspective, but that's it. That's what I learn at school.

When I first enrolled in this program, I was excited to learn how to draw from the basics. I learned about pencil numbers and their usage, I learned about shading technique, etc.

Okay, so first you need to prepare the equipment for drawing as in the following:

  • Set of pencils containing 2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
  • Dust-free eraser
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Sharpening knife
  • Drawing paper

You can easily purchase all the equipment at stationary. After that, you are ready to go!

If you a beginner like me, it is important to follow the lesson in order. First, go to the introduction lesson- you will learn all about the equipment and how to use them. For instance, if you are not familiar with a kneaded eraser, you may think it is like a plasticine dough. 

In the first lesson, I learned how to draw a sphere without a compass. Then, the author taught us to mind where the light is supposed to come, for example, from the northeast or northwest. The shading will follow where the light is from.

The second lesson is the shading technique. I learned to shade in various ways. There is also a chart that can be printed from the handout for us to practice. After that, I can implement the shading technique to the spoon picture that is available in the downloadable material.

The third lesson until the last main lesson is fun to follow. I have no difficulties following the instruction. However, I did get some hard time with the realistic portraits, not that I'm master already at still-life drawing. 

Since I invest more of my time learning from the main lesson, I didn't have some time for learning the bonus lesson. But, I surely keep a mental note to continue my lessons.


Other Testimonials

Thank you for the great class. I really enjoyed shading a spoon, just one thing was distracting. These swirls on the spoon reminded me of cinnamon buns so now I am hungry, lol.*

– Lidiya

I am one of the people attending your classes. I learned a lot and improved my drawing skills by 1000%. You are a great teacher.*

– Doina

We have such fun which makes it easier to learn,…..and, believe me……we sure have learned!! You are such a wonderful teacher, you explain so much. It's a blast here!*

– Bella

I'm delighted with my own progress toward being a portrait artist and with your teaching and lot's and lot's of practice, perhaps I can get to be close to your level of expertise!*

– Bev



Where To Buy This Program

buy this program

You can directly visit this page to purchase Pencil Drawing Made Easy or just click any of the golden buttons on this page. The cost will be $47 for 20 premium lessons that you cannot get anywhere.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by purchasing this program:

  • 26 Hours of HD Quality Online Video
  • 16 Hours of Bonus Classes
  • A total of 42 hours worth of classes
  • Bonus downloadable Templates and References
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Secure payment

Before you decided to purchase this program, you can sign up for 2 sample classes on the pop-up banner on the website. Or you can simply type “free sample class” on the search box to access the free classes without registering.

The author teaches thoughtfully, he didn't rush us to make a perfect drawing. Rather, he encourages us to enjoy the process of drawing.


Final Verdict

glass drawing

My Drawing After The Program

Pencil Drawing Made Easy is an exciting program for those who love art or drawing in general but cannot draw. It is designed for both beginners and experienced artists. For the latter specifically in an attempt to sharpen their skills, whereas for a beginner is simply to make them able to draw.

For a beginner like me, I found that Pencil Drawing Made Easy is easy to follow. It is an effortless approach to watching the video lesson, but an effortlessly work to draw on your own.

The first six-lesson is not that hard for me to follow, maybe it is because of the still-life drawing instead of a realistic portrait. However, I struggle a lot during the realistic drawing, lol. 

I managed to turn my old-weird bottle drawing into a glass drawing with negative technique. I don't think it is perfect but I am satisfied enough with the result, and I am encouraged to continue drawing with the technique I learned from this program.*


onion and garlic drawing

Another Example of My Drawing After The Program

Overall, I am happy with Pencil Drawing Made Easy. I didn't expect my bad drawing would turn into something else that I never did before. I would honestly recommend this program for whoever wanted to learn drawing in general and probably for an experienced one to sharpen their drawing technique.



This program is designed for both beginners and experienced artists. For a beginner, the program will include a step-by-step lesson in order to avoid an overwhelming experience. For the experienced artist, Pencil Drawing Made Easy will strengthen the basic technique and sharpen their skills. The drawing results may vary from person to person.



8.5 Total Score

Pencil Drawing Made Easy is designed for both beginners and experienced artists. I've Tried it for almost 1-month. Read My review and my result before and after the course here

Author Credibility
  • Applicable
  • Easy to follow
  • Created by a legit author
  • Has a compact module (video and handout)
  • Bonus lesson is worth the value
  • Gives a real result (I can draw better)
  • Some audios are error although the visual is fine
  • Face portrait module only
  • Facebook community isn't active
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