I Have Bought Learn Photo Editing – Pro Photos Without a Pro Camera

What’s more pleasing to the eye than a well put together photograph? Edited or not, people like to see a nice picture. We love and appreciate the time that photographers took to a specific picture.

You all might think that to create a stunning image, one has to have a really expensive camera. Nope, well apart from that, most photographers retouch their shots as well.

A little bit of tuning on the colors, controlling the white balance, managing the shadows and highlights, maybe even a little cropping here and there.

Being someone who took graphic design major back in college, safe to say I am pretty experienced with Photoshop, Corel draw, etc. Am I a professional? Nope, way far from that, so I am always up for anything that can help me improve my skills.

I stumbled upon Learn Photo Editing, and the first thing I thought was: what a very legit course name. The course name doesn’t really appeal to me, but then again I shouldn’t judge a book by its title.

Below would be my full and honest review regarding this course. Please keep in mind that this review is based on my opinion and is not in any form biased.



What is Learn Photo Editing?

The Learn Photo Editing course is a video training program put together by a man called Patrick Lavigne, who is a professional graphic artist, photo editor, photographer, and photo and video colorist.

Learn Photo Editing contains about 34 professional Photoshop tutorials which the author claims can help you make your photos look even more stunning if you can master the art of photo manipulation, retouching, and composition.

The creator of the course, Patrick says that his main purpose of coming up with the tutorial collection is to teach those who are not skilled digital painters to create better photos with ease by spending little to no money, and it all starts with photo editing.

Not being a good digital painter himself, Patrick strongly believes that everyone – those who have set digital art and photography as a career goal, or others, who have made it just a personal goal, can get the same results he achieved just by following and mastering the tips, tricks and knowledge he shared in his Learn Photo Editing tutorials.

Here are some of the results that you may get from following their tutorials:

Learn Photo Editing Results 1


What does Learn Photo Editing has to Offer?

Learn Photo Editing consists of Photoshop tutorials in the form of videos that will teach you a combination of retouching, photo manipulation, color grading, and more. Some important things you will learn are:

  • Make Facial Features Popout with Retouching
  • Turn a Guy/Girl into a Surreal Character
  • Turn photos into flashy poster ads
  • Impactful Portraits
  • Adds enchanted atmosphere to your photos
  • Turn photos into high quality magazine ads
  • Turn daytime scene to nighttime scene or vice versa
  • Create Fantasy Environments and Characters
  • Enhance color details of your photos
  • Creating lightbox for object photography
  • Advanced retouching techniques
  • Portraits with a “Video Game Look”

Other than all those great tutorials, another benefit of the Learn Photo Editing course is that the course provides two languages. If you only speak spanish and are unable to understand english, you are in great luck.

The spanish language comes in subtitle form, however it is only available for most of the tutorial videos, and some of them actually does not come with subtitles.



Benefits of Learn Photo Editing

According to the creator, Patrick once you start using the Learn Photo Editing courses, you will be amazed with the benefits that they offer.* Which of them are:

  • You can take your own photos or photographs to the next level after mastering the art of photo manipulation, retouching, and compositing introduced in this course. As a result, you will turn your average photos into a beautiful digital art.
  • After learning all the techniques provided, you might become an image / photo editing expert and you might just believe in your own true potential.
  • Because you are approached to the proper methods of photo editing, then you could unleash the creativity within you that cannot fully be expressed before.
  • You will create such stunning photos that you never thought was possible without expensive camera or lenses.
  • You will push your career of photography business and achieve career goals.
  • You will impress your family member and friends with your photos



Is Learn Photo Editing Worth it?

This course is highly recommended to those who are looking for a comprehensive tutorial guide on how to edit photos the best way. The thing about this tutorial course is that the tutorial courses are in video form which makes it easier for people to follow along,  but the videos are about 40 minutes up to 3 hours long.

Another benefit is that if you have a slow internet, the creator provides a low resolution alternative to the tutorial video so that you wouldn’t have to wait for the tutorials to buffer whilst trying out the tutorial for yourself.

From creating aliens and distorting the face of a person, to creating realistic and fantasy images, this course is a step-by-step guide that teaches people how to edit photos and is a good start to begin producing future masters in photo editing and photo manipulation.

This tutorial has a very easy tutorial guideline that is perfect for those who had no experience in photoshop or photo editing.

The tutorials are easy enough for beginners but useful for those who are experienced and want to develop their skills.



Laura Retyi

I just got this and found it to be fantastic,step by step instructions and his speaking voice is so clear and audible…I am watching all the segments first, before I even attempt to try them, but it certainly seems do able, and such a great learning lesson..Awesome

Torialai T-Bird

I just bought the membership and I am really liking all the cool effects you can get from Photoshop and the tutorials really get into explaining how each effect is done. I know next to nothing about Photoshop and can easily follow along.

M.N Waleedh

I joined in your site last month. i went through your tutoriols, Very well done and super cool. Waaay beyond my computer abilities…I'm lucky to be able to log in! i used some of your tactic to my photo editing.



Where Can I Purchase Learn Photo Editing Course?

The Learn Photo Editing Course is available for purchase for $37 for a lifetime access, with a $10 off leading you to only $27. You can purchase the product through this link

After your purchase, you will be emailed a guideline explaining how to get access to the member area of the program.



Final Verdict

This is one of my final edit after following one of the tutorials that the creator has provided. This tutorial is called “Creating a Vintage Look”.


Learn Photo Editing - Before



Learn Photo Editing - After


This tutorial is fairly easy, as it only takes place in layer adjustments and curves. I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 for this edit. The instructions were very well put and clear and it was very exciting to follow along and learn the wonders playing with layers can do.

I personally as a Graphic Design Major, really enjoyed this course. It’s definitely made more towards beginners but I definitely learned so many things I didn’t know photoshop was capable of. I’m definitely looking forward to more tutorials this course has to offer.




Use the pro version of Adobe Photoshop. The recommended versions are Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC. Photoshop elements, or others might not have the same effects and layer editing as the ones the tutorial provided.



The videos are not short in length with this tutorial, some videos are 2 hours long. You must be patient and make sure you don’t skip any bits to get the best results.

9 Total Score

Content Quality:
Value for Money:
  • Real Results
  • Full Refund as Guarantee for high quality
  • Fast Support
  • Unique techniques
  • Uses Vimeo, Vimeo is blocked in some countries. You can use VPN if you want
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