The End Of Gout By Shelly Manning – It’s Been A Month After My Family Are Into The Program

The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning Review – My family and I live in Indonesia, a country with huge diversity in culture. One beautiful factor in its diversity is the variation of food.

You might have known some of them. Indeed, many of our foods have gone international, such as nasi goreng, bakso, satay, rendang, and one of the most famous instant noodle products.

Indonesia is a maritime country, and ocean produce is one of our main sources of nutrition. Also, many of our most delicious foods contain coconut milk in it.


Of course, we are happy to live in this country because we are always served delicious food, but there is one problem with that: gout.

I know many people who restrict themselves from eating delicious foods because of that reason, gout. In fact, my uncle and my grandfather are two of those who have experienced the medical condition.

Whenever they consume ‘too much’ delicious foods, especially marine produce and foods with coconut milk, the next day they will suffer from gout.

Isn’t that a huge loss to not be able to enjoy living in this foody paradise?

Gout is actually a pretty common medical condition in Indonesia. The problem is, most of the sufferers choose to restrict themselves from eating the causes instead of eliminating it.

Such kind of point of view tickled me, and that’s the reason why I wanted to find out more about this medical condition.

One day, I ran into a program called The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning. This program not only offers solution to erase the pain when it comes, but also how to solve the root of the problem.

Delicious Food

Moreover, it says that it can cure the condition without any side effects.

As I thought that it would be a perfect gift for them, I purchased it and gave it to my grandpa and my uncle. Prior to writing this, it has been a month since I gave them the book.

So, how are they now? Before getting into that, let’s talk about these things first.


The End Of Gout By Shelly Manning


What Is Gout?

What is Gout

Gout is one of the most ancient medical condition dated back to around 4500 years ago. It was called as ‘the disease of kings’, since back then only people with enormous wealth could suffer from it.

Gout usually happens to people who live sedentary lifestyles, regularly eat rich creamy meaty meals, and regularly drink more than moderate amounts of alcohol on a frequent basis.

At that time, only people with enormous wealth could have such lifestyle. But nowadays, such kind of lifestyle is pretty common. But nowadays, more people can afford eating meat and consume alcohol in daily basis.

This is the reason why nowadays more and more people suffer from gout.

“In a way, the prevalence of gout now can be seen as one negative side effect of the ‘progress’ modern society has made in improving life expectancy, infrastructure, and standards of living for the average person,” Shelly Manning wrote.

But what actually is the condition, and how it happens?

The main cause of gout is uric acid in our blood. The uric acid in the blood is formed as the byproduct of our metabolism, particularly when we make things called purines.


alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption Leads To Gout

Purines are the chemical building blocks of DNA and RNA, they are also used in the production and regulation of chemical energy in the body – they are super important for life.

Uric acid itself is important to our body, especially to fight free radicals. But sometimes it can also form some kind of crystals in our body, especially when we produce too much uric acid.

The crystals are usually formed in the joints and cartilage of our bodies. When the crystals are eaten by our immune system, it would cause inflammatory response. This is the source of pain and this is what we call as gout.

This is what we call as gout.

People with gout may trigger the inflammation from many aspects, such as infections, physical trauma, dehydration, unusual weight loss, high blood acidity, and lower body temperature.

Another thing that can trigger it is consuming too much food that forms uric acid in our body. This is the reason why many people would get gout after consuming specific foods, like my grandpa and my uncle.


Who Wrote It?

gout 2

The End Of Gout  is made by Shelly Manning. She is an expert in arthritis and gout problems and has researched the medical conditions under guidance of doctors from Europe and USA.

This program is one of her hard work for two decades to help people who suffer from the problem. She has tested the program on several patients with gout problems and the results were positive.

She has also been working with Blue Heron and authored two programs: The End Of Gout and Cure Arthritis Naturally. Both of those programs promote healing the problems without chemical-infused conventional medication and treatments.


Eat Free Without Worrying About Gout Attack

The End Of Gout Tells You All

end of gout page

How could I know about all those things? Well, because before giving it to my uncle and my grandpa, I read the eBook first.

The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning contains a lot of information about this medical condition, including the explanation about this condition and how to cure it.

There are so many ways to cure it, whether it is medical or traditional ways, and this book explains a lot of it.

In fact, most of us prefer to treat gout medically. But not all medical treatments are concentrated on solving the problem to the root, some only aim to erase the pain until the inflammation disappear.

The End of gout gives you more than that.

It doesn’t only explain to you what gout is, but also the causes that you need to avoid, how to minimize the pain when you suffer from it, how to change your lifestyle to completely avoid it, and many other information.

In example, it includes one whole chapter about gut microbiome.

Our gut microbiome apparently plays very important part in eliminating gout attacks. Researchers found that there are clear differences between healthy people and people with gout.


end of gout content

The Table Of Content (Redacted)

In total, there are 5 chapters in the book explaining these things:

  • Chapter 1: What is Gout? How is It Conventionally Understood?
  • Chapter 2: Our Helpful Friends, The Gut Microbiome
  • Chapter 3: Natural Chemical Tools to Combat Gout & Bust Inflammation
  • Chapter 4: Our Choices Matter When Healing Gout Day to Day

In addition to that, there are 7 additional appendixes to guide you fight your gout containing these things:

  • Appendix 1: Good & Bad Food Options
  • Appendix 2: The Glycemic Index
  • Appendix 3: Natural Sources of Sugar Commonly Added to Foods
  • Appendix 4: HFCS
  • Appendix 5: Seven Days Example Meal Plan
  • Appendix 7: Powerful Natural Tools for Gout

From the contents I show you, you can see yourself what this program is all about. It completely explains about the condition, what happens in our bodies, the remedies (both natural and medical), and the way to avoid it completely.

With such thorough contents, after reading the book, I believe that giving it to my grandpa and my uncle was the right decision. Let alone when I found out about the result.


Is Gout Still Torturing Your Life?

And After A Month Following The End Of Gout..


Purchase Proof

The Welcome Page After Purchase

As I mentioned above, I have purchased it and gave it to my grandpa and my uncle.

Now, prior to me writing this, it has been a month since they own it. Both of them showed great result*, since I haven’t heard any complaint about any gout attacks.

Column end of goutThey followed the food suggestions, exercises suggestion, and many other suggestions written in the book. And their efforts led to the result.

When I asked them about their favorite parts of the program, both my grandpa and my uncle mentioned that chapter 3, the part where we talk about gut microbiome, is something new that they learned.

Both of them mentioned that the answer to their problem is something as simple as making the microbes living in our guts healthy by consuming probiotic foods mentioned in the book.


I will give you a little clue.

Currently, many experts note that taking oral probiotic supplementation is not useful unless we also give these bacteria the appropriate food they need to get established initially.

end of gout food to avoid

One of the most commonly found probiotic food in our country is tempeh, and the healthiest way to eat tempeh is by eating it raw.

When our gut microbiome is at top shape, they can help our kidney to process uric acid. In that case, the level of uric acid in our blood will stay in safe level and we will less likely to suffer from gout.

That’s not the only thing mentioned in the book.

The book itself doesn’t only mention about how to prevent gout. It also tells us how to reduce the pain you feel when it attacks and how to get rid of the attack quick.

Another little clue, this book also includes a trick to fight an acute gout attack using half teaspoon of baking soda.

There are so many things explained in this book that I think the title suits it: The End of Gout. And yes, my grandpa and my uncle haven’t got any gout attack since they followed the suggestions in this book.

Seems like everything is good about this program. However, there are two main points that I want to note about The End of Gout.

Firstly, about how this program is offered. The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning is one of downloadable contents from Blue Heron, which is where I also purchased The Insomnia Program.

I found that the digital version of this program is pretty nice because it is accessible from my phone whenever and wherever.


end of gout meal plan

Meal Plan Example (Day 2)

However, for elder people like my uncle and my grandpa, physical books are more suitable. When I first gave them this book, they said “Maybe a printed version would suit our old eyes better”.

The program offers the physical book, actually, but it is handled by third party and costs around additional $4 and will be printed after 3-5 working days.

Let alone counting the shipping time, it might be easier to just print the digital version. I might be a naughty customer, but I preferred the alternative way to get the physical version.

Secondly, regarding to their ‘old eyes’, this book contains 188 pages of only texts. My grandpa and my uncle spent around a week to just read it through and absorb all the information.

My grandpa said this book is ‘too’ thorough, that he had to skip some parts of it and only took notes on the most important ones.

Another thing that I should note is that not all the cure for gout suggested by this book is alternative, meaning it doesn’t close the opportunity for you to go into medical professionals and let them do modern medical treatments.

So, even though all the alternative methods offered in this book is natural, if you prefer to do modern medical treatment with all of its side effects, you are allowed.

But this book doesn’t cover the side effects of those modern medical treatments, like consuming chemical medicines or having treated with modern medical tools.

Aside from those difficulties with technicalities, the content of this book is very useful that when I ask them whether they are still reading it or not, they said they are.


How To Get The End Of Gout?

Gout Free Life

The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning can be purchased by clicking the button below for $49.

The program comes in digital version (eBook), but you have the option to purchase the physical version too for additional $4.

Does this program ask for continuous payment?

No. What you purchase is the whole program. No repeated cost, no subscription fee, no renewal fee, and no equipment or drugs to pay for in this purchase.

With the purchase, you will have full, lifetime access to it. You can also download it unlimitedly without paying additional cost and give the program to every one of your family members.

In addition, you will always get all of the updates free of charge.

And don’t forget that if you don’t feel satisfied, you can always claim your 60 days money back guarantee!


Get The End Of Gout By Shelly Manning Here

Verdict And Conclusion

Before I gave my grandpa and my uncle this book, I have read it first to learn about what it is all about. From my point of view, this book provides:

  • Thorough explanation about what gout is, the causes, and in-depth scheme to fight the pain you feel
  • Basic tweaks you can make to your diet that will attack your gout at its source by using gut microbiome
  • A ‘quick start’ process so you can start addressing gout symptoms immediately
  • Natural ways to fight gout attacks without side effects

This is the program for those who really want to get rid of gout for the rest of their lives, so some methods explained might not take effect immediately but rather give long-term effects.

I say that this program works for them well.

Since I introduced this program, my grandpa and my uncle, haven’t suffered from any gout attacks because they have been sick of getting gout attacks and commit to totally over it.



However, the result may vary between users, depend on their determination, body metabolism, how severe their condition is, and how long they have been suffering from the condition.

For some sufferer, this book also explains modern (non-natural) medication for gout. This way, it doesn’t limit you to only follow the program itself, but also suggest some users to get modern medical treatments.

If somehow you feel like this program is not the thing you look for to solve your problem, you can always claim your 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked.



This program mainly works on two things: changing your lifestyle and immediate fix for gout attacks. Thus, you might find the contents mixed between those two.

This program suggests you to change your lifestyle, including avoiding some kinds of foods and beverages, doing exercises, also controlling your nutrition intake.

In case of feeling unwell during following the program, you might want to consult medical experts.

Results are not typical, and it highly depend on many factors. The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning offers 60 days 100% money back guarantee since customer satisfaction toward the course may vary.


Live Gout-Free Starting From Now

8.5 Total Score

  • Thorough explanation about the medical condition
  • My Uncle and My Grandfather Has Feel the Result
  • Provides solution for both short and long term problems
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Specific content for best result
  • Natural Treatment Without Side Effect
  • The author is not a famous book author
  • Digital book consists of only text and tables (no illustration)
  • Requires determination for best result
  • No additional bonuses
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