Easy TV Money Real Review. I’ve Bought It and Practice It. My Uncensored Experience


Hi. Before I give you my uncensored review and experience with Easy TV Money, I’ll share a bit of my story. I’ve been an online marketer for 3 years. At The beginning, I struggled to make money online. I always went from forum to forum and I always bought the newest internet marketing course. The bad news is most internet marketing courses I bought were not good or I just didn’t like the method.

I almost gave up until I found this course: EASY TV Money 2.0 from Nick Zhou. The previous version sold at Warrior forum around 2012. I was recommended this course by Mark Dickenson.

Here is the previous course that I bought:


As you can see, it has rave and positive reviews and real result proof from those who bought and applied the techniques.

From this, I can give you advice:
When you buy any internet marketing course, make sure it has an income proof from THE CUSTOMER, not from the seller.

This thing will prove that the course has a real solid step-by-step method to guide you on how to make money online.

Ok, back to the story. I’ve bought it and applied it, and this course really change my life and it is one of my primary income sources.

As you can see, now the offer is closed, but the good news is the new version 2.0 is coming up and I also bought it too to get new updates and tricks.

Even with the old version 1.0, which I bought around 2013, I still make money from it. This proves that this course is not an old method that can no longer work. It still works now.



What is Easy TV Money?

It is an in-depth Pay Per Click (PPC) Training with Bing Search Engine by primarily promoting popular products from television advertising like As Seen on TV, so you can make money by making an affiliate commission. This technique also applies for other products and not just As Seen on TV products.

So, the workflow is like this: First, you choose the affiliate product you want to promote and then you make a profitable ads campaign on Bing/Yahoo search engine and when your customer searches the keyword, you bid for your ad to appear and if the customer clicks it, you will be charged and the customer will be redirected to the vendor website you promote and if the customer buys the product, you get a commission.

Just like when you Google “diet program,” there is 10 search results and some ads appear on top, just like on this screenshot.

Google Search Image

As you can see, this method will attract targeted visitor as they are already on search mode, looking for product to buy. As long as you make a great ads campaign, visitors will come and click your ads and eventually buy it from you

Search engines like Google and Bing are giant companies who have operated for a long time ago now, so this explains why this Pay per Click Training will never die. Unlike SEO (search engine optimization, which is very slow to build and to attract your targeted visitors, by making one PPC campaign, you can start driving targeted traffic instantly.

Unfortunately, if you are a beginner at PPC, there is a big chance that you will make a mistake that can cost you a lot of money.
And this is where the Easy TV Money Course is perfect for those who want to learn how to drive traffic instantly.

To tell you the truth, if you are an absolute beginner in internet marketing business, you will need 2 – 3 weeks to digest the content in Easy TV Money and practice it. It is hard at the beginning.

But once you understand and make your first PPC campaign, the second campaign and so on will be faster to make and this training concept can be used on Google AdWords, although it is harder to do since Google has many rules that you must follow; otherwise, your account will be banned.


What is the difference between Easy TV Money 1 & 2?

Easy TV Money 1 gives you a solid PPC training by bidding trademark keyword to promote your product. The problem is many affiliate product don’t allow you to do trademark keyword when you do PPC. And also the tracking campaign process is a bit overwhelming.

But in Easy TV Money 2, the content is improved and simplified. There are 3 levels of membership on this program: Silver, Gold and Platinum. All the content of this program is mostly in video, so you can see step by step how Nick works.

I’ll explain what content on these 3 different membership areas.

Silver: The 2.0 Core System. It is essentially the same system as the version 1.0 but with updated information, strategies and tactics. Several steps were significantly simplified, especially for campaign tracking. You also get a list of 90 affiliate networks to join unlike Easy TV Money 1.

Here are the video modules that you can learn with the Silver Membership:

  1. How to Apply Affiliate Networks
  2. Create Bing Account
  3. How to Select Winning Products
  4. Keyword Selection
  5. How to Write Effective Ads
  6. Calculate Bid
  7. Create Powerful PPC Campaign & Tracking
  8. Maintain and Optimize PPC Campaign

Easy TV Money Silver-Membership-Content

Gold: The 2.0 Core System + 3 Hours Video of Advanced System + Advanced Techniques. You will learn strategies and techniques that have NEVER been taught in the 1.0 course. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Scale existing profitable campaigns by bidding on more generic keywords, not just trademarked/product keywords
  2. Find and promote high-paying affiliate products
  3. Find and promote affiliate products with recurring commissions
  4. Find and promote affiliate products with multi-tier commissions
  5. Create profitable review/comparison sites and win big with PPC
  6. Build your own mailing lists with your PPC campaigns and sell to subscribers over and over again. Real examples will be shown for every strategy and technique you learn.
  7. Get List of 33 Profitable Niches and 239 Profitable Products that you can promote with Easy TV Money . Nick Chou provide also the Affiliate Link to promote these product .THIS LIST IS GOLDEN & VERY VALUABLE in My Opinion

Easy TV Money-Gold-Membership-Content

Platinum: Everything in Gold + copy over 70 profitable campaigns that have been tested by me for at least 6 months. Product names, websites, keywords, negative keywords, and ads will be provided for you.

The 70+ campaigns are not posted at once. Instead, 5 to 10 campaigns will be added to this page every month. The reason is…

(1) Most people cannot effectively manage more than 20 newly created PPC campaigns at the same time. This is because new campaigns need a lot of monitoring and optimization. Focusing on too many campaigns at once will only negatively affect campaign performance.

(2) A profitable and effective campaign last month might not be the case this month. Sharing campaigns on a monthly schedule allows me to share the most current profitable campaigns.


My Real Result with Easy TV Money

Here is my real result after practicing with Easy TV Money. It is my income screenshot from Clickbank (*).


Please note that my result is not 100% from Easy TV Money 2.0 Technique. And also I have multiple affiliate networks which I also generate income with Nick Chou Method. Earnings will vary from people to people.


How much money do I need to start this PPC business?

I would say you must have at least $200 – $300 to spend for an ad campaign, and if you are not short in cash to fulfill your primary need .Otherwise, I really suggest you don’t take this course or collect money first.

Because for example, if you start at 1st month, at the end of the month, you must pay the advertising cost first, and even if you generate commission the 1st month, most likely the commission will be paid at the end of the 2nd month or even in the 3rd month by your affiliate network. However, there are few affiliate networks who can pay you instantly, but most of them will pay you the next month.

Website and hosting is optional. It is only used to make you be accepted on the affiliate network more easily. There is a chance you will get approved by affiliate networks even if you don’t have a website, as long as you contact/call the affiliate manager about your promotion method and say that you won’t use the black hat technique, so you don’t have to worry about it.


The Cost,  Guarantee & What Membership Plan Is Best for Me ?

I really recommend you take GOLD Membership  since it will teach you how to bid on generic/non trademarked terms, because many affiliate networks (but not all of them) don’t allow you to bid on trademarked keywords. Not To mention the List of 33 Profitable niches & 239 Profitabable products that you can promote , it will save your time searching what good products to promote

But if you’re really strapped on cash, the SILVER MEMBERSHIP is more than enough to get you started; you just need to struggle to find affiliate products that allow you to bid on trademark terms.

PLATINUM is optional since the 70+ campaign is not given at once and it is a bit pricey, and it is suitable for those who want to generate money as fast as possible because you just copy paste all the ads, campaign and keyword.


Click this Link to Start Your
Easy TV Money Course by Nick Chou now

After you click the link above, you will be offered a 1 TIME PAYMENT of $19.99 for the Silver Membership.

After that, you will be offered a 1 Time Payment of $47 for the GOLD Membership.

And last, you will be offered by a 1 time payment of $497 to take on the Platinum Membership.

But if you click the skip link at the very bottom of the page, you will be offered to take on Platinum Membership by paying $47 monthly.

I highly recommend you to take up the GOLD Membership. The course will be delivered to you instantly after you purchase it.
But If you want to get platinum membership , i suggest to take the monthly payment because it is more cheaper than 1 time payment of $ 497

My suggestion after you take the course is to make at least 10 campaigns to generate profit. Don’t just make 1 campaign and then leave it and hope it will generate profit for you. Yes, sometimes if you are lucky, you can, but it is better to make at least 10 so if the other campaigns lose, the other campaign can give profit to cover the loss.

My other suggestion is to not stick with 1 Affiliate network; apply for 5 – 10 affiliate networks so you get more products to choose from. There are 90+ affiliate networks listed that you can apply to when you buy this course.

It is a different story if you take the Platinum Membership since you just copy and paste. Only buy the platinum membership if you have money to spend and you want to take the fast track.

There is also a 30-days money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, but I believe you will be satisfied!


Verdict & Conclusion

I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to make money online. There are not many internet marketing courses that give you solid content and real proven income from the buyer. Believe me this course is changing my life and I believe it will change your life too.

This course is not for people who are afraid to lose money from ad spending. Yes, you will lose money from ad spending in the beginning, but you will make profit at the end. Make sure to have at least $ 200-$300 to spend for advertising. This is a business where you can make a profit or a loss; it is not a magic bullet that makes you a millionaire overnight.

Disclaimer (*) : The result will vary for each person. Many of the buyers make commission in the 1st month; some might take longer.



9.5 Total Score

Content Quality:
  • Great content. You will be shown step by step how to make a successful PPC campaign
  • PROVEN internet marketing course that gives you real money if you follow exactly the guide. NO FLUFF, NO FILLER
  • This system is a semi-passive income generator and will give you commission month to month even if you are not working, but once in 2 – 3 months you must check and manage your campaign because some affiliate products may expire and won’t generate commission anymore
  • More Simple than Easy TV Money 1.0
  • Platinum campaign is updated slowly. it is because Nick must test the product first whether it is profitable or not
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