Forward Head Posture Fix – Does it work? Or is it just nonsense?

Do you spend a lot of hours sitting at a desk?

If you’re like me and almost 90% of the population, then your answer would be a ‘yes’. Please do me a favor and stop for a moment to pay attention to the way you’re sitting.

Is your back straight and are your shoulders back?

Or, like most people, are you hunched forward with your neck and head extended towards the computer, tablet, smartphone, or whatever that’s in front of you?


Forward head posture

As a matter of fact, if you have poor posture and you sit with your shoulders hunched and your neck forward, you are causing unnecessary pain to your body and damage your spinal cord.

Not only this, it can also result in an increase in stress and anxiety as well as making you feel tired and depressed.

But don't worry, fixing your posture doesn't require spending a lot of money going to the doctor or seeing a therapist.

In fact, I have found a simple muscle re-education program that you can buy and download for as low as $10.

It's called Forward Head Posture Fix by Rick Kaselj, MS and Mike Westerdal, CPT. I and my friend have tested the program for a few weeks and have started to get the results. I will discuss it thoroughly and in detail in this post.

Also i will give you some tips from my friends on how to sit correctly by making a simple modification on your chairs . This tips is very useful for any people who spend hours sitting.



What is good posture and why is it so important?

Posture is one of the most crucial components to a healthy life. For instance, it is a measure of the balance of your spinal column, which is the core of your body.

Your spine houses the spinal cord, a vital nerve tract extending from your brain that acts as an intelligence line for your whole body. In fact, he proper function of this cord is essential to excellent health, strength, and performance.

Looking from the front, your spine should have perfect vertical alignment:

forward head posture fix

From the side, your spine should have three naturally flowing curves. Due to the fact that they have to help support the weight of your body and your head.

In this balanced, symmetrical position, your head sits on top of your spine.

However, if your ear is a few inches in front of your shoulders and hips (check in the mirror sideways), then you are experiencing what is commonly referred to ‘forward head posture’ or ‘texting neck’.

Unfortunately, it is one of the bad effects technology has brought to us. This is a problem because it could cause a variety of health complications such as back pain, headaches, poor sleep quality, and breathing problems.

If your head is not sitting at the top of your spine, it feels heavier and thus add extra burden to your neck muscles:


Extra weight added by forward head posture

I have bought Forward Head Posture Fix and tried it for a few weeks

If you’re sure that you don’t have forward head posture, then you can stop reading. But if you do, then you might be interested to read my review below.

Below is the screenshot from the member area as a proof that I have actually bought it.

I have also included a testimonial from a friend who recommended this to me. For those of you who do most of your work at a desk, he has added some tips to get the results faster. So, make sure to read until the end of this post.


What exactly is the Forward Head Posture Fix program?

Forward Head Posture Fix is a simple fitness program designed to restore balance to your posture. It requires less than 15 minutes daily for up to 6 weeks.

It was created by injury specialist Rick Kaselj, MS and Mike Westerdal, CPT, a sports nutrition expert, fitness author, certified personal trainer, and founder of

Mike Westerdal claims that the secret of solving forward head posture is the “sequential flow” technique, which consists of the correct sequence of exercises and stretches.

Click here to go to their official website

This program can be done at home and does not require any special equipment.

By targeting muscles in your head and neck, you can fix your ugly forward head posture problem. In fact, this can make you look younger while also helping to solve real physical issues mentioned above. (*)

For $10 I think it's a great investment.

Even so, if you suffer from permanent back, neck, and shoulder injuries or have pain in these parts due to other reasons, make sure to consult your doctor before trying this.


The Routine

The sequential flow includes:

  • Muscle re-education drills
  • Breathing exercises
  • Mobility exercises
  • Deep cervical flexor training
  • Self-massage
  • Static stretching
  • Postural strengthening

Tip: From my own experience, if this routine is done correctly, the feeling shall be the same as having had a 30-minute neck massage.

Here’s a quick video preview:



Forward Head Posture Fix includes all of the following:


  1. DVD Video – Contains a visual demonstration that is split into three sections.
    • The first is a coaching instructional video that explains what each following exercise is designed to do.
    • The second is a “follow along” style video that lets you perform movements at the same time as the video.
    • The third is an exercise swap-style video that includes progressions and regressions you can use to make the exercises harder or easier for you to perform.
  1. eBook – An in-depth explanation of each of the exercise and movement featured in the video. Besides that, it also includes the reasons why you should fix your posture by discussing the injury and pain in the body caused by texting neck, and the benefits of having proper spinal alignment. (*)

forward head posture fix

Tip 1: Prepare a table (or any furniture with close to eye-level height) to put your tablet or laptop on for watching the follow-along video while doing the exercise, if you’re not using a desktop. The purpose of this is to maintain correct head position.

Tip 2: Do not do the exercise shorty after a meal. Although none of the movements are heavy, they still require you to tighten your abs. If your stomach is full of food or water, you would feel uncomfortable.




  • #1 – Lower Back Lifestyle Audit: This “fast-packed” video presentation helps you identify factors in your home or office that may be negatively affecting your lower back.

  • #2 – 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions: This eBook explains how to have your best sleep ever by sleeping in the correct way.

  • Surprise Bonus #3 – Top 10 Fat-Burning Exercises: FREE Follow-Along Exercise DVD (delivered to your home with extra shipping cost)

  • Surprise Bonus #4 – FREE Copy of “The Pain Hacker” DVD: Discover How to Soothe Your Chronic Pain with an Extensive List of 90-Second Pain Fixes (delivered to your home with extra shipping cost)


Why Static Stretching alone didn’t work

I have previously tried other free posture-fixing methods from the internet, such as the ones from Lifehacker and

They do help me get better posture, but only when I’m aware of my current walking or sitting position.

On the other hand, Forward Head Posture Fix gives a permanent result.

The problem with the other methods was that they are only a combination of static stretching movements.

Conversely, the sequential flow has a structure that puts the exercises and movements in a definite order, into one set of step-by-step exercise.


The benefits of having proper posture

The author of this program claims that you will get your posture fixed in 6 weeks. I haven’t been doing this program for that long, but am already feeling some significant improvements. (*)

First of all, being able to stand straight does give me extra confidence, especially because men look more attractive when we have our chin up.

When driving or working at a desk, making sure that my head is positioned straight on top of my spine does make it feels lighter. As a result, this has spared me from the exhaustion of driving or working for hours!

Furthermore, this program also reminds me to keep my posture straight when doing my daily physical exercises, and I can feel that my movements are more ‘proper’.

Tip: You might want to stop doing crunches or sit-ups as they are one of the causes of forward head posture. Here is an article that discussed about this.


How Credible are Rick Kaselj, MS and Mike Westerdal, CPT?

As mentioned above, Mike is the owner of the CriticalBench site, which is a popular fitness website that he started in 1999. He is popular on YouTube, too, and his videos get 1000s of views. is a blog containing articles and exercises for both beginner and advanced fitness and body building enthusiasts. For instance, they have useful guides and tips for muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, and other health related topics.

I would suggest you to check their site out when you have the time. Besides, you can also find some interviews with bodybuilding athletes with pictures and videos which I think are legit.


Click here to buy Forward Head Posture Fix from

Rick specializes in creating exercise programs for individuals who are recovering from injuries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a master’s degree in corrective exercise and rehabilitation.

As the CriticalBench site also features lots of other coaches, you can learn more about Rick at his official website at In fact, he has produced dozens of movies, eBooks, and guides on how to solve different common injuries.

These two guys are visible online. Hence, it should be easy for you to do a quick Google search to find out if they are real experts in their fields.



This program was actually recommended by a friend of mine. He has tried this program and proved that it works.

Here is his testimonial ( Result Will be Vary ):

“I work in front of the computer for long hours and had a hunched sitting position. Consequently, this caused dizziness after working for more than an hour, so I had to take breaks quite frequently.

I felt that something was wrong on the back of my neck, although it was not painful.


Before Forward Head Posture Fix

After doing some research, I found out that this was caused by incorrect sitting position. For this reason, I bought Forward Head Posture Fix.

I immediately felt an improvement after just doing it once! My head was lighter and I could work longer before taking a long break. (However, I would still suggest you do a light stretch in every 30 minutes.)

I also modified my chair and computer monitor to eliminate the cause of my forward head posture and prevent it to happen again in the future, instead of merely trying to fix it.

All it took was a couple of cushions for my chair, and a couple of boxes to bring my computer monitor to eye-level so I didn’t have to look down.


Chair Modification


Monitor Height Adjustment

This forced me to sit in a straight position to create a 90-degree angle on my elbows, hips, and knees. Additionally, I also have to make sure that my back rests on the cushion and my knees lower than my hips.


After Forward Head Posture Fix

As you can see the difference with the previous posture before it was fixed, my back was straight, and my shoulders not awkward. My yoga teacher told me that this might have resulted in back, neck, or shoulder pain.


Michael Sugiarto


Where can I buy Forward Head Posture Fix?

The program is sold at

It costs $10 only as it's a digital product. Nevertheless, if you want the physical DVD as well you just have to pay the extra shipping cost.

You can stream / download the instructional videos and the eBooks from the link that will be sent to your email, straight after making the purchase.

Likewise, you will be able to download the first 2 bonuses instantly. However, you also need to pay for shipping costs if you want the other 2 bonuses too.

There's a 60-day Refund Guarantee if you're not happy with the program.


Click here to buy Forward Head Posture Fix for $10.


The bottom line

Forward Head Posture Fix does help you get the ideal posture. According to my own experience, you can quickly feel the improvements in only after a few days of exercise.

When you retrain your body to sit with proper posture, you will reduce that pain, protect your spine and feel strong and balanced.

Moreover, it requires no equipment, easy to practice, and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes a day. The video demonstrations are easy to follow, and are covered and explained sufficiently in the educational materials.

Should you feel that you’re not getting any benefits, however, you can always get your money back as they have a 60-day Refund Guarantee. Therefore, you have enough time to decide, as the author claims that you should have your forward head posture fixed after 6 weeks of regular exercise.



Disclaimer(*): Please note that the required time until this program takes effect may vary between individuals. If you suffer from a permanent injury, please consult your physician before using this program as a treatment.

9.1 Total Score

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  • No special equipment required
  • Requires less than 15 minutes daily
  • Includes a clear follow-along video
  • Suitable for almost everyone
  • Created by Expert authors
  • Low price at $10
  • 60-day Refund Guarantee
  • Result can be seen fast.
  • Requires commitment (Perfect results in 4-6 weeks)
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