I’ve Read Gabriel Method Book. Here Is My Honest Review

The Gabriel Method Program, is it real or a scam?

I’ve dug down, researched and read this 224-page E-book to help you decide whether this program is for you or not. It talks about a unique method to help you lose weight without dieting/exercising created by Jon Gabriel who claims to have lost 220 pounds without dieting/surgery.

You can see Jon Gabriel’s transformation in the picture below (*).


Wait a minute—lose weight without dieting/exercise? How is that possible?

The Jon Gabriel Method uses a mind-body approach, which forces your body to “want to be thin,” and when your body wants to be thin, it is easy to lose weight.

Jon Gabriel tried many diet programs before, such as low carb/low Fat/Atkins Diet. They worked at the beginning, but in the end, Jon started craving and started gaining the weight that was lost in the beginning. Sound like your story?

This is because as long as your body wants to be fat, you will get fat no matter what you do. It is like why you see thin people still thin despite him/her not dieting and eating when hungry, because their fat switch is already turned off.



How Does Gabriel Method Works?

The Gabriel Method is

  1. Not an Exercise Program
  2. Not a Diet
  3. Not a Meal Plan
  4. Not Confusing Calorie Counting
  5. Not a Drug

Instead, the book uses powerful visualization to get rid of the root source of why your body wants to be fat, which is the stress of the modern life, like toxins, radiation, war, crime, mortgage, children, medication, food additives, mental and emotional stress, DIETING and much more.

This kind of stress will trigger certain chemical signs to your body that you must get fat in order to be safe, no matter how hard you diet/exercise. Because you’re fighting your own body’s will, you will lose.

Once you transform your body to want to be thin, you will lose weight effortlessly, safely and healthily without craving bad food and you can eat more leisurely.

This book only asks you to do 3 things:

  1. Give the nutrients your body is starving for.
  2. Practicing the visualization technique mentioned in this book. You will transform your body while you sleep.
  3. Listen to your heart and to your body.

If you follow this program step by step, (*) you will

  1. Able to Control your Eating Habit
  2. Adopt positive eating habits; nourish your body and remove toxins.
  3. Reduce nutritional, spiritual, mental and emotional starvation that makes you gain weight/prevent you from losing weight.
  4. Start losing weight consistently and safely.

The Gabriel Method is supported by scientific research and explained very well with rational logic. You can see the reference and citation in the book.


What is Inside The Gabriel Method Book ?

Here is the table of contents

PART I The Principles

1 The FAT Programs: The Real Reason You’re Fat

2 Jessie’s Law

PART II Nonphysical Stresses that Activate the FAT Programs

3 Mental Causes of Obesity

4 Emotional Obesity

5 Reduce the Nonphysical Causes of Obesity Using SMART Mode (*)

6 Using Positive Emotions to Turn Off the FAT Programs

7 Creating the Body of Your Dreams

8 Easy Applications of the Principles in Part II

PART III Physical Stresses that Activate the FAT Programs

9 Why Diets Don’t Work

10 The Essentials

11 Vitality: The Zero-Calorie Essential Nutrient

12 It Doesn’t Count Unless It Enters Your Cells

13 Other Forms of Starvation

14 Fat and Toxins

15 Easy Applications of the Principles in Part III

PART IV Positive Forces that Make Your Body Want to Be Thin

16 The Positive Stresses

17 Success Profiles: The Gabriel Method in Practice

PART V Making It Happen for You

18 Creating Your New Body

19 How Quickly Will I Lose the Weight?

Appendix: The Chemistry of the FAT Programs

As you can see, there is a lot of valuable content in the book.

If you feel overwhelmed by this book, you can go to Chapter 8, 15, 18 – 19 for the Easy Application,

but I really recommend you to read all the chapters slowly one by one to really understand the core of the Gabriel Method.

The book is easy to understand without a lot of hard technical terms.

Jon sometimes use a story to make us understand the principle in this book.

Only in The Appendix section, I found it hard to digest since it explains about the chemical process. This chapter is only for people who want to know more about the chemical process of fat programs. You can skip this if you want. All the 19 chapters are more than enough.

In Chapter 18, you will be guided what to do month after month. What recommended supplements to eat (the supplements are few and not overwhelming like Omega 3, Flax Seed Oil), what visualization you need to do (usually 10 minutes a day, 20 minutes or longer is better) and what food/nutrients you need to eat.

There is no exercise plan in this book (like you must do push up/sit up 30 times in the morning).


 What is the difference between Jon Gabriel Diet and other common diet programs?

Jon explains that most common diet programs are based on depriving yourself from certain foods, eating less, counting calories or following unnatural eating schedules that can signal your body to go to fat conservation mode.

“There’s not enough food. We’d better put every spare calorie we can into fat because we don’t know where our next meal is coming from.”

You will go into perpetual fat storage mode where you become very efficient at storing fat and you lose the ability to burn it.

Instead of restricting the food you crave, you EAT MORE “real” nutritious/organic food while you gradually reduce your body craving (*).

The most important aspect is the visualization, which is not found in any other diet book.

With this visualization, you will enter the SMART mode (Super Mental Awareness Re-education Training mode ) (Chapter 5 ) where it helps you to enter alpha and theta state where you can quickly focus, learn and highly open to change,

so you can gradually get rid of the belief and stress signal that causes your body to want to be fat.

In Chapter 18, you will see the visualization technique to reduce junk food addictions (*).

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW is if you apply the Jon Gabriel technique, in the first few weeks, you may actually gain weight as a rebound from coming out of chronic starvation caused by years of dieting and depriving yourself.

After that your body will begin want to be thin and you will lose weight consistently (*).

The result for each person will be different, some may faster, some may slower, but the goal is the same: Make your body want to be thin and healthier.


 Does Gabriel Method Really Work? Any Legit Testimonial

My short answer after reading the book is yes, as long as you follow the program and have patience.

You need discipline to do visualization/mediation at least 10 minutes a day and eat nutritious food mentioned in the book.

Please note that the result for each person will be different.

Maybe you will get results on month 2, while the other on month 1. Give it a try for a few months.

It is NOT A Quick Fix.

If you buy the Total Transformation Program Package on Jon Gabriel Official Website, there are Full 1 Year Money Back guarantee IF you don’t like it for any reason. So there is really no risk at all and really there is more than enough time to try this method. No one is crazy enough to give you this kind of guarantee unless he pretty confident that his method work

In addition to that, Jon’s story appeared on Today Tonight or on A Current Affair. And even Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, talked about him on various talk shows in the US like The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight. You can watch the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIqG73dB78

So it is clear that this program is not created by a shady author who wants only your money.

Also this Diet book got 4.4 star on Amazon with 442 reviews.

I’ve dug down the negative review and I found the people who give the negative, judge too quickly about the book.

They might read many diet books and think that the Gabriel method is a rehash. Some of them feel that the meditation/visualization is not suitable for them, but I didn’t find any review that says, “I’ve applied this technique for x months and it does not work.”

While I’ve found the positive review of people who losing weight with this method like this one (*)

And many more. You can see all gabriel method testimonial on Amazon here (*)

So if you have tried/read many diet programs, don’t judge too quickly about this program. To learn something new, you must unlearn what you know. Try it first and judge later.


Where to Buy the Jon Gabriel Method ?

There are 2 Places , You can buy from the amazon starting from $11 for Kindle Edition. or by visiting the official website.

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Please Note that the Total transformation Package is have more content than the ebook

I recommend you to buy from The Official Site , because it has more Complete Program and 1 Year money back guarantee compared to the amazon

The program called Total Transformation Package it contains:

  1. 12-Part Video Book Series. This is perfect for people who don’t like to read the book. You can see the detail of video on this page.
  2. The Jon Gabriel Method book.
  3. Evening Visualization MP3. Although you don’t buy, you can download for free here.
  4. Morning Visualization Mp3.
  5. SMART Music (Mp3 Audio): Super Mental Awareness Re-education Training Mode or SMART. When you are in this mode you will you become a super-learning machine. You can make quick changes to your thinking.
  6. Living Goddess MP3: a Guided Visualization for Women who feel Drained.
  7. Living Warrior MP3: a Guided Visualization for Man to tap into their masculine energy.
  8. 20 Jon Favourite Recipes (PDF) Including Breakfast, lunch, Snack, dessert, sweets & dinner.
  9. Weight loss for Kids MP3: For Parent who is struggling with their child’s weight problem.
  10. Live Medical Lecture recording from the American Holistic Medical Association.

All of this you can get for only $ 69.95. It is delivered to you instantly without shipping costs since this is a digital product. Not to mention there is an Iron Clad 365 Days no Questions Asked Full money back guarantee


My Conclusion

The Gabriel Method is not a scam; it is a real deal, but you need a commitment and patience to do it since it is not a Quick Fix Diet Like Lose X lbs on X Weeks. For some people maybe in the first few weeks they might gain weight, but it is because a rebound caused by dieting/depriving. But after that they will lose weight consistently.

It uses slow but healthy and natural mind approach to lose weight consistently while avoiding the yoyo diet effect

Disclaimer (*) : Please not that The Result of this Diet Program is not Typical and Will be Vary between People




8.8 Total Score

Customer Support:
Content Quality:
  • You will not only lose weight, you will feel the additional effects, like your skin will be more elastic, you will live a low stress happy life and no longer crave bad food.
  • Created by Real Author who really apply the technique and show the real result
  • The Program has 4.4 Positive Review on Amazon with 440+ Reviews
  • Easy to Understand
  • Use Healthy & Natural Approach to Lose Weight Consistently
  • No Strict Meal Plan/Exercise/Counting Calorie
  • 1 Year No Questions Asked Money Back guarantee when you buy at the official site give us a lot of time to apply the technique
  • Need a commitment, discipline and patience to apply the technique (10 – 20 minutes visualization, eat healthy food/supplement recommended by the book).
  • Not a quick diet. Might not suitable for impatient people. Results may be seen slowly but after that your weight loss will be effortless & consistent.
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