Vert Shock by Adam Folker Review: Check My Result After Just A Week

Vert Shock by Adam Folker Review – Many kinds of popular sports, such as football (or some may call it soccer), basketball, volleyball, and even American Football requires a good vertical jumping ability.

Many athletes are also known for their vertical jump ‘finishing ultimate moves’. Ask the fans of the sport and they will simply recognize the deadly header and overhead kick of Cristiano Ronaldo, or the unstoppable dunk of Kobe Bryant.

Witnessing them using their ‘finishing ultimate moves’, you might wonder, “How can people jump that high with only smallest effort?”

The answer is because they have physically trained themselves in such a way that their natural vertical jump ability is boosted into their current level. Now you wonder, “Can I jump as high as them and do those cool stuffs they do?”

vertical jump vert shock

Yes, you can.

Vert Shock by Adam Folker is a training system that specifically focuses on unique subset of your muscle tissue that they call as ‘elastic fibers’ to help your vertical jump higher and with more explosion.

Guys, I’m telling you that there is a method that we all can do to make ourselves superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant!

Keep Reading Until The End to Watch My Result's Video after 1 Week



My Disappointment And Motivation

Boys will be boys, and we all know that most of us love sports. I am one of them, and I love to play and watch football. My favorite team is Liverpool FC from English Premiere League, and my favorite player is its legend, Steven Gerrard.

Well, my favorite team and player doesn’t matter. What matters is how I play football in real life, because it has something to do with this review.

I play as a defender in my tiny football team. I rarely go forward and score. Instead, my task is to prevent opposition players from scoring or entering dangerous area.

aerial duel football

It is such a physical job because most of the time I have to block upcoming player and ball, tackle them, and one of most important things to do is to win aerial duels. In football, winning aerial duels can be crucial, because headed balls are more unpredictable.

In one friendly match, I had to defend against a taller opposition player, which my friend said that he is good with aerial balls. And in fact, he won almost every aerial duel against me.

It was the time I realized I have to improve my aerial duel ability.

My goalkeeper friend, who is also a basketball lover, suggested me to join a program that he said can improve my aerial ability, especially in vertical jumping. He specifically suggested me to try Vert Shock since he was a member too.

I recall that he was one of the boys who could dunk even though he was (and is still) like 10 centimeters below me in height.

And he said, Vert Shock was his secret.

This program confidently promises that it can increase your vertical jump for 9-15 inches, in less than 8 weeks. But my friend said that we can already see the result from the very first week of following the program.

He showed me the official website of the program and I read about 60-days money back guarantee. Well, trying out the program myself seems like a good idea knowing that I can already know the result before the 60-days money back guarantee expires.

I lost that battle the other day, and I want to improve for my team. I have nothing to lose here, so I decided to purchase Vert Shock Program and try it out.


Increase Your Vertical Jump!

What Is Vert Shock by Adam Folker?

vert shock intro

So, what actually is this program and how does it work? This program was originally made for basketball addicts to help them reach the height for a dunk, but apparently it can work more than that.

As I mentioned before, many kinds of sport require vertical jump ability, and in many cases, it can decide the final result.

We also know that many training programs are made to help athletes reach specific achievements, such as pace, agility, body balance, reflexes, and many others. While in this case, Vert Shock is a kind of training system made to increase your vertical jump.

all vert shock product

The program was developed by pro basketball player, Adam Folker, and one of the world’s most famous dunkers, Justin Darlington. Folker got the inspiration from the work of Russian sports scientist named Dr. Verkhoshansky in the late 1960s.

The training method that Verkhoshansky developed gave the Soviet Union an unfair advantage in the Olympic high jump that resulted in Olympic medals for 4 occasions in a row!

Unfortunately, Dr. Verkhoshansky’s research journals and training regimen were scattered all around places with the fall of Soviet Union, making the legendary method disappeared since then.

Vert Shock is said to be the result of Folker’s 5 years and 6 months efforts of collecting data, researching, and testing the scattered journals and manuals that Dr. Verkhoshansky made back then. And here, you can now finally find out the secret of Olympic winners’ vertical jump.


A Brief Insight


complex training

Vert Shock Complex Training Program

Vert Shock training program is not done in one-go, because in fact it is divided to three main parts, and three other additional parts.

The main parts are:

  • Pre-Shock Phase: This phase is done in the first week of the program. It means to ‘shock’ your body and prepare you for the following weeks.
  • Shock Phase: This is the main phase of the program, and it takes 6 weeks to complete. The workouts will concentrate on strengthening your core and legs for jumping-specific purposes.
  • Post-Shock Phase: The final week of the program is to give you the required ‘finishing touch’, so that all that stiffness you feel after intense workouts for weeks go away.

The additional parts are:

  • Visualization: Unlike the other parts, this part is not a physical exercise, but instead a mental exercise. You cannot do what you cannot imagine, so you have to try imagine what’s your goal. I myself set it to be able to jump header as high as possible. Some set it to be able to dunk.
  • Maintenance Program: This is one of the reasons why I think this program is worth it. not only helping you to achieve something, it also helps you to maintain your progress and achievement. If you can dunk once, you can always do.
  • Complex Training Techniques: To infinity and beyond. If you want to push yourself beyond your limit, or you are one of those who always want to achieve more, don’t only stop on maintaining your progress. Improve it even further with this part.


Join Vert Shock by Adam Folker Here

Improve From The Start

Anthony_Bennett_Slam_Dunk_(Wikimedia Commons)

With the combination of specific workouts and your dedication to it, the progress you make will come faster than you thought.

How can I know? Because I bought and tried it myself!

I have done the pre-shock phase, and take some of the complex training techniques without the deadlifts for faster result. Now, I’m working on the shock phase while I already have improved my vertical jumping height for two inches in just one week!

The program is nicely packed, with neat appearance of the access page and step-by-step instructions explained by Adam Folker himself in high-resolution videos. The instructions include warm up session, cool down, and every single exercise needed.

What’s interesting is that the exercises don’t require you to have access to fitness center, or in other words you can do it at home or anywhere you want. The only tools needed is a basketball, or any kind of ball, or anything that has weight.

See how simple the exercises are?

vert shock exercises

However, with those simple exercises, you can achieve something great. The key in this program is your determination to achieve something great. You are required to do the exercises for 41 days in the 8 weeks range.

Thus, you can reach these physical goals that the exercises are meant to:

  • Advanced plyometrics: Intense jumping specific exercises with an emphasis on short ground contact-times
  • Core strength: Planks and different static core strengthening exercises are important to prepare the body for high-impact jumping exercises
  • Power: Exercises like deep squat jumps increase the strength and power in your lower body which is very important if you want to increase your vertical jump.

All of that hard work is also managed by the program, so that you will not exhaust yourself and even become injured after doing the program. How can this program even work if everyone joining it is injured?


Have I Improved with Vert Shock?


vert shock home page

Vert Shock Home Page

Well, I have purchased the program myself, tried it out for more than a week, and now the question is whether or not have I improved in my vertical jumping or not.

Like I said before, I have done the pre-shock phase combined with several complex training exercises without the deadlifts to make the results show faster.

And I already felt an improvement in my vertical jumping!

At first, my reach was 276 centimeters, and after doing the exercises, I can already reach 281 centimeters. That’s only 5 centimeters (about 2 inches) improvement, but that’s an improvement I can make at 29 years old.

CLICK to Watch My Video Proof Below, Before and After Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training


It is a small improvement, but I can’t wait to show my friends about my improvements on the field.

Not only it helps me with the vertical jumping, but Vert Shock by Adam Folker also helps me with simple exercises I can do anywhere. I feel a lot fresher now, because of the exercises, and additionally because of my improvement.

I can explain the exercises to you a little. Each day, you will be required to do unique set of exercises, and you will feel yourself that the set will help you to improve different things day by day.

vert shock exercises

The first two days are jump specific exercises with a lot of plyometrics, and the next day is more of full-body exercises. The fourth day is about recovery, and the next days you will have to repeat the process.

But don’t get me wrong here. The first week is the hardest so far, because the intensity of the exercises has been really demanding.

For me, it was more like the shock itself than just a pre-shock with about 45 minutes of exercises a day. However, the 45 minutes I spent every day has been worth it after I look at my improvement.

However, this program is not about instant result

Not everyone is ready for 45 minutes of intense exercises every day. For many people, that's too much, especially for people who don't exercise a lot.

You really need determination to start the program, maintain the progress, and find motivation to follow through the next day. My friend warned me about this, and I didn't believed him until I did it myself.

Well, Vert Shock  is a program that is intended to give you the great result after 8 weeks, thus you might want to recheck your results after you have done it all.

Yes, I have slightly improved my vertical jump in a week, but not everyone gets good first week result. My friend said that instead of improving in his first week, he said that he decreased vertical jump record.

vertical jump meassure

He said that maybe muscle fatigue had something to do with the decreasing result, since after resting and continuing the rest of the program, he gained the expected result: being able to dunk.

In my opinion, this is the reason why the first week program is called pre-shock.


vert shock tracker

Vert Shock Tracker

The first week program is maybe designed to prepare your body for upcoming exercises rather than giving quick result. You should also note that I do some of the Complex Training Techniques that I can do at home in addition to the regular daily exercises.

Secondly, beware of injuries because the exercises are so demanding. If you feel like there is something wrong already in your lower body, especially some kind of tingling pain, you might want to consult professionals first.

Especially for knee problems, you might want to check one of my reviews about Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis that has helped my mother cured her knee pain.

This program is made to give you a happy ending, not the opposite. 45 minutes of exercises focusing only in your lower body is very demanding.

Take a good care of your body.

While if in the process you feel like you catch something uncomfortable, you might want to rest for a while. A day or two is fine, because the program itself advises you to take some rest in between the exercises and the schedule.

vert shock video bonus

For me, since I had no problem with the tight schedule, I took no rest. But our body is different one to another, and we know our own body the best.

Thus, the result will also vary from one to another.


How About Other Vert Shock's Users?

Vert Shock Vertical Training Program has helped many people all around the world to reach their vertical jump target, and sometimes beyond it. Since this program has mainly been used by basketball player to help them dunk, here we will give you some testimonials from the users*.


Anthony Rose

i FINALYY dunked today after practice. everyone was watching and i went up and dunked one handed. Special shoutout to Adam Folker and his workouts they gave me 13 inches on my vertical.


Marc Hille

Hey guys, everybody who is out there and wants to increase his vertical should use VertShock as I can say that this was working for me.

I am now in 5th week of the programm and finally dunked for the first time. For erverybody who wants to do the same the programm not only help you to Dunk but also it makes you more athletic in everything you do on the court rebounds,defense,absorbing contact etc.).

Also the workouts are very easy to do and you only need is some space outside or in the gym to do them. Every exercise is shown in a detailed video. There is no doubt that Vert Shock is the fastest and easiest way to increase your vertical. Thank you very much for creating this awsome programm Adam Folker

#VertShock #FolkerSystem


Nick Olexa

I googled vertical jump programs and spent well over $200 trying to achieve my childhood dream to dunk in a game and none of it worked! Then I found Vert Shock.

I said never hurts to try so I bought it and after 1 week my vertical increased 4 inches and I could dunk one handed. After 4 weeks I gained almost 7 inches and could just barely dunk 2 hands.

After finishing the Vert Shock program, I gained more than 12 inches and bam I'm dunking 2 hands. Thanks to Adam and Folkersystem I achieved my dream.


Who Developed The Vert Shock System?

Vert shock by adam folker

Vert Shock is developed by Adam Folker, a 6’9, 225-pound, redshirt senior for UC Irvine’s men’s basketball team out of Markham, Ontario, Canada player and now professional Basketball player in Europe.

Folker himself is the one who developed ThincPro Basketball, thus the whole program is related to solving basketball-esque trouble you might find.

Together with his fellow basketball player, Justin “Just Fly” Darlington, Folker created the program based on data he collected from former Uni Soviet researcher.

Not only become the author of this program, he will also be your instructor. You will find him a lot in the videos inside the program.

He based this program on his own experience in basketball, from the failure to the success. And with all of his dedication to this program, you will be supported to change your failure into your success no matter what.

“It’s basically that I use what I have earned through hard work and dedication to help others who have not been given the same opportunities as me,” he said.

You will know him more from ThincPro Basketball YouTube channel where he is still actively uploading tips and tricks in basketball.


I’m Interested, How To Join Vert Shock Program?

Better Sports Performance

If you are one of those who want to improve your vertical jumping, or you just want to prove yourself whether my testimonial is real or not, here I will tell you how to join this program.

You can just simply visit the link I provide in this review and you will be given direct access to the program.

The original cost is around $138, and combined with the complete content and bonuses, it will cost you $494. However, if you follow the link provided below, you will get $427 price cut and you can access the program for just $67!

Imagine having the chance to change your life for only $67!

However, if you feel like this program is not that effective to you, you can claim 60 days money back guarantee. No questions asked!

It means you can literally access the program until it is almost complete, and if you find that you don’t get anything useful for your life you can claim your money back guarantee. Nothing to lose here, right?


Nothing To Lose. Join Vert Shock Here.

It Doesn’t Stop Here

Still thinking that $67 is too expensive? Then you should check this out, because I save the best in this review for the last. Do you think that the program is the only thing you can get? No!

The program comes with A LOT of bonuses! You want the list? Here I list it for you.

vert shock bonus

In addition to that, you can also get the chance to access limited course of Jump Like Justin System, where you can learn how to dunk as good as Justin Darlington.


But it just cannot stop!

Did I said that I save the best for the last? Then I was right. The bonuses keep getting better and better.

There is something special waiting for you inside the program, and it is not once in a lifetime opportunity, because this special thing is monthly! What is that?

It is called Vert Shock of the month. The ‘Vert Shock of the Month’ is a monthly contest that awards a new member each month. Winners will be selected based on their improvements and the goals they have accomplished.

vert shock of the month

This month, the giveaway is $100 Nike Gift Card. This is the reason why I want to continue improving my jumping ability. Not only because I want to win almost every aerial duel in the match, but also because I want to get the giveaway.


Change Your Life Now With Vert Shock

Verdict And Conclusion

Since it was made by basketball player. Its main purpose is to help you be able to dunk you will find many basketball-related terms. But basketball is not the only sport requires vertical jumping ability, like I use it to fight better in aerial duel in football.

Overall, Vert Shock by Adam Folker is a program designed to improve your physical ability, specifically vertical jumping, by training your lower body with a set of exercises. My improvement of 5 centimeters after a week is also for my own measurement.

Result may vary between users. Your physical potentials and determination will have a huge factor in the results.

By joining this program, you will be required to do physical exercises. In my experience, it takes 45 minutes of daily routine, but our body accepts exercises differently. You may take some rest when you feel you need to.


Intense exercises make you injury prone. There is always possibility that you obtain injury, or at least muscle fatigue by joining this program.

In case of obtaining an injury during process, you might want to consult professionals before continuing. The same applies to having an injury before joining the program. This program doesn't mean to injure people.

If you feel like you cannot enjoy or continue the program, you are always welcome to claim your 60 days money back guarantee.



Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training.

Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.

The best result is obtained after completing the whole program. It is pretty much normal that you don’t see the difference in just a week.

In case of obtained injuries or injuries before joining the program, make sure to consult professionals.

Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training Program offers 60 days 100% money back guarantees since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.

This program gives you various and intense menu of exercises that you need to follow strictly for the best result.


Challenged To Dunk? Vert Shock Might Be The Answer

8.5 Total Score

  • Author is an Expert
  • 100% money back guarantee for 60 Days
  • I've Felt The Result After 8 Days
  • A lot of bonuses
  • Exercise Can be done Anywhere Without expensive tool
  • High Resolution Video
  • Exercises requires around 45 minutes a day
  • Highly demanding exercises ( Beware of injuries )
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