Unlimited Abundance Review – My 1 Month Experience + FREE Energy Clearing Session

Unlimited Abundance Full Review – You might know that I have anxiety syndrome from my previous reviews. The thing is it has become some sort of routine that I can’t quite handle it well. And you know what, this feeling will more likely sabotage me from attracting wealth.

That’s pretty saddening – from my side.

I get the worst of both worlds: anxiety and abundance block.
But, if you are like me – feeling of fear about certain things or having self-doubt comes from within then you are on the right page.

I have tried the Unlimited Abundance from Mind Valley for a month. It is a special course by Master Energy Healer Christie Marie Sheldon to remove subconscious self-blocking and get unlimited wealth.

Before you decide to spend on this program, check out if it works out!



What is Unlimited Abundance?

clearing abundance blocks

Christie Marie Sheldon

If you ever struggle with feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness, or fear; you might have experienced an Abundance Block. It is a subconscious pattern that sabotages your ability to attract wealth, happiness, and anything you want to pursue.

At first, these feelings are normal to happen as they are the reaction of certain conditions. However, it becomes a problem when the negative feeling keeps on happening. Most people won’t notice it in a short period of time because it works under your subconscious mind and before you realize it, it is sabotaging yourself to become what you want.

The unlimited abundance program will help you get out of that concerning hole. You will receive some positives quotes and energy statements to brighten your days. The encouragement directly comes from a Master Energy Healer Christie Marie Sheldon, who has reputations on unblocking this inner child from within. She is one of the in-demand coaches in Mind Valley and has conducted over 30,000 private consultations for clients – many of whom are renowned political and business leaders.



Inside the Unlimited Abundance

inside the clearing program

There are a total of 24 audio sessions with Christie. No, you won’t get overwhelmed over the amount of the course as sessions are dedicated to many abundance blocks out there. You will take a quick survey before starting the program to find out the things that sabotaged you the whole time. After that, you will only listen to the sessions that align with your result.

These are the sessions inside the program:

Session 1. Clearing Resistance
Session 2. Clearing Doubt and Fear
Session 3. Clearing the Fear of Change
Session 4. Clearing Money Zapping Decisions
Session 5. Clearing Fear of Growth
Session 6. Clearing Fear of Success
Session 7. Clearing Fear of Rejection
Session 8. Clearing Fear of Numbers
Session 9. Clearing Indecision
Session 10. Clearing Feeling Stuck

Session 11. Getting Clear on Your Values
Session 12. Getting Clear on Your Future
Session 13. Clearing Clutter
Session 14. Clearing Family Blocks
Session 15. Clearing Blame


Session 16. Discover the Ultimate You
Session 17. Generate Your Future Self
Session 18. Turning Blocks into Profits
Session 19. Clearing Self Sabotage
Session 20. Clearing Lack of Self Worth

Session 21. Clearing Your Financial Mess
Session 22. Clearing Financial Illusions
Session 23. Clearing Fear of Scarcity
Session 24. Clearing Blocks to Welcome Abundance

There will be two different versions of each session, the first one is from Christie’s live session with the audience and the second one is the clearer version with no audience. Each recorded audio runs from 30 to 50 minutes long – thus, considering to listen to it in a quiet place.

Moreover, a workbook is available in the course to download. It contains the material for all of these sessions and further self-program activities to complement this course. Christie will be supervising us through the audio with a certain of energy statements, while we are at it we can take notes on the workbook and do the homework.

These sessions are designated for any kind of abundance block which makes it compatible for almost everyone. However, the author advised us to start listening to the sessions according to the quick survey result. After that, you can check out all of them for a better experience.


Is Unlimited Abundance for you?

24 abundance blocks

source: unsplash.com

Well, technically if you said yes to any of these feelings of self-doubt, fear, unworthiness, or general negative thoughts; you may need this program in your phone. The program is for eliminating those feelings and unblocking the things that hold you back.

However, you might be skeptical of the Unlimited Abundance course as it seems too good to be true – bringing wealth and happiness in an instant – because it is not. It needs time for your mind to change and when it does you’ll be feeling better.

Christie has her special technique to remove your self-doubt from within. Her clients said she has a special gift to do that. Moreover, if you experienced the Law of Attraction (LOA) before; this might get your attention.

You will not only learn how to unblock the negative thoughts but learn to attract more and more wealth into your account. Sounds promising, right?

But, if you hesitate for whether this program will benefit you then you can try their free energy clearing session from the same author, Christie. It will give you a snippet about the whole course and a few of Christie's statements on it.



What did others say about this program?

Unlimited abundance

source: unsplash.com

I have manifested a 5-star Hotel, 2 nights, 3 days, all paid, for 4 people! and a gift card of 150 $! it was a few weeks back, I think in session 2 when Christi talked about a lady who manifested a 5 stars Hotel all paid,?? and I asked for the same!!! Amazing experience!*

– TahereGhasemi
United States


I invested in myself and bought the program and did what Christie suggested. I had a financial goal in mind of £3000. It was money for a car, some bills and to pay for the course. What I actually manifested in 30 days, was £900 in cash, a £600 bank overdraft to re-train as a makeup artist, and a FREE car (worth £2500).*

– Paula
Surrey, United Kingdom


I got an increase of 187% on my 2019 income and decreased very much the level of anxiety and fear.
Also, I re-established the relationship with my Bro which was always very hard to deal with. My life is improving day by day for the better. I am facing the coronavirus time with confidence in the great God we have!! Feeling safe, balanced, and ready for the best yet to come!*

– Lilian Regina Xavier
Company Owner
Porto Alegre, Brazil


I am so pleased with the transformation at work since I completed Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited Abundance course.❤
I was able to improve my personal sales and increase my commission. Somehow I was attracting great talent and partnerships. It has been kind of fun to see cool little miracles happening for me every day!
My business has been increasing over the past 2 years.*

– Luciane Vega
Business Manager for Estee Lauder
Walnut, United States



I tried Unlimited Abundance for A Month

Unlimited abundance workbook

First off, I realized that my anxiety had always been a block for me, therefore, I need to learn a way to cope with this problem.

Before starting the program, I filled out a quick survey on the same website to find out what things are my abundance block. The result was that I had a fear block – it aligns with my anxiety problem. Then, a personalized program came out (it meant I didn’t have to go through 24 sessions).

These sessions are dedicated to the result I got before, so if you were to start the program I highly recommend you do a quick survey.

Also, do not forget to print out the workbook available on the Unlimited Abundance website. The workbook will make it easier to experience the session. You don’t need to print out the whole book though, just the sessions based on your result are fine.

I listened to Christie’s session three times a week or more. I began by listening on its own and then gradually I had it while doing other things. Had I told you I never experienced a Law of Attraction (LOA) training before? It’s because I felt that the sessions were quite similar to that.

Christie would tell you to delete, destroy, and uncreated all of those abundance blocks. She replayed it multiple times – p.s. everything was written in the workbook – for our brain to receive those statements.

I was like what was that? I didn’t quite comprehend what was happening until I realized this was some sort of LOA, only that I had to delete, destroy, and uncreated them.

clearing abundance blocks

I suggested what Christie did was infusing the energy statements while removing things that sabotage our wealth. I meant, that probably bored you starting out because that’s what I felt. I had to convince myself that those words e.g. self-doubt, fear of rejection, and never enough should be deleted from my life. Instead, I had to focus on the words that made me happy.

There was also self-expression plots where I wrote down thing to express myself intellectually, physically, and emotionally. These things are best to complement my sessions with Christie. For instance, read one page a day of an inspiring book (intellectual), do the thing to make me happy (emotional), and workout 3 times a week (physical).

After a month, I began to feel at ease and most importantly realized what things were holding me back these whole times. Just like others, I might never find out that I had a problem with certain emotions if I didn’t take the Unlimited Abundance quick survey.*

These emotions (displayed as words in the workbook) were somehow the reason for my ongoing anxiety and with the help of constant energy statements, I had a better coping method.

Although Christie's statements were tedious (at least for me), I managed to stick to my commitment to finishing the program by the end of the month. Since the result may not appear in just a few days, I committed to learning the long way and it was nice!


You can purchase Unlimited Abundance here

christie marie sheldon

This Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon was unlike other programs as it didn’t provide video for that. The sessions came out only as audio that can be downloaded and offered 2 different versions on each of them.

If you are ready to practice the program on your own, I suggest you visit their official website here. It costs $349 for a single purchasing with 30 Days money back guarantee . These are what you get when you purchase the Unlimited Abundance program:

The complete Unlimited Abundance program for clearing your personal Abundance Blocks

24 recorded coaching sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon: one of the world’s most in-demand Master Energy Healers

The Abundance Block Diagnosis Test: an online self-assessment that reveals your biggest Abundance Blocks

Bonus Energy Clearing Session: Clearing Past Beliefs

Bonus Meditation Set: 24 Hours Of Love Or Above

Lifetime Access to the Entire Program and all Bonuses

Smartphone App (Apple or Android) to learn on the go and Desktop Version, iPad app and Apple TV

Lifetime Access to the Unlimited Abundance Online Student Community




Final Verdict

If you are into motivational podcasts, this program might be great for you. Christie’s Unlimited Abundance is one of a kind program. You will still get the most from it only by listening to her audio session – no live seminar needed.

It is especially good for those who have experienced the Law of Attraction before only that you do it the opposite. We learn to delete, destroy, and uncreate the negative thoughts before proceeding the manifestation. It allows us to eliminate the things that have been blocking us from our wealth and happiness.

I couldn’t say my experiences were to represent how Unlimited Abundance worked but I did get help from it. The program made me realize my downsides and more importantly learn to get rid of them.*

However, I gotta say since I never experienced this sort of constant energy statement before, I got bored easily. It took me some time to get used to it and a big fat commitment to finish the program.

Also, the author keeps on giggling which is quite disturbing for me. Christie has addressed this part before (in her free energy clearing session) that the giggle is her way to let out her joy energy. And if you get no problem with this approach – that's good for you!

Please keep in notes that the best way to get the most from this program is to focus on listening to the audio – no other works. My mistake was that after listening to it as a standalone, I tried doing that while doing other works. Turned out, I might get less benefit from it as I didn't focus solely on the program.

That's probably it.

After all, it is only you who can remove those thoughts that sabotaging you – not me, not even Christie. The program helps you to find out what you lack in certain points and realize that Unlimited Abundance is always there for whoever desires to eliminate it the most.

Check also my review about managing how we see our lives here. 




All of the testimonials above are the success stories from this program. However, the result can vary from each person depends on their routine and commitment. The sole purpose of the program is to educate how to eliminate an abundance block to get unlimited abundance. If you are suffering from mental disorders, it is advised to get a word from a physician as this program is not for curing the disease.



6.9 Total Score

Author credibility
  • Applicable
  • Gives a positive impact (within a month)
  • Created by a legit author
  • Each module takes 30 - 50 minutes
  • Free Energy Clearing Season Available
  • There is Active FB Community
  • Price is not worth the modules
  • Similar teaching can be found in the self-help book with much cheaper price
  • The program is boring, the author simply speaks everything inside the workbook
  • The author had giggled too much - it may bit disturbing . But she explains that the giggle is her way to let out her joy energy
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