My Experience with BioDynamic Breathwork After a Month: Traumas Gone?

BioDynamic Breathwork Review – What is a trauma? Trauma is more than just an idea. Trauma is neither just a phase, nor just feeling upset.


Trauma is something that we need to acknowledge and overcome to help ourselves to grow better in the future.


Trauma is something as real as the pain you feel when you pinch your cheek. However, not so many people acknowledge trauma as something as real as that.


People do suffer from their own traumas, and a lot of them cannot recover from that condition alone by themselves.


We all also have our own traumas, and some of us have dealt with it very well.


But not everyone is able to shake off their traumas as easy as that, including me who was traumatized by a memory in the past.


This memory is old, but up until nowadays the image keeps haunting me that it gives me a specific silly phobia.




I also have a trauma which resulted in a phobia of birds, and maybe we can talk about it later.


For now, let’s just talk about something I found helpful to release my trauma from my body my friend recently introduced me to.


The thing is called BioDynamic Breathwork by Giten Tonkov.


The program is a 7-week transformational intensive guide focusing solely on setting us free from past traumas and grow from it into a better state.


My Proof of Premium Access Page for Users After Purchase


By the time I wrote this, I have been working on it on week 4, and on my own experience I noticed some things that I want to talk about here.


Are the ‘things’ positive or negative? Follow through to find out more, or just try the free webinar from the link I will put in this review.





Misconception about Trauma




Hearing the word trauma, what comes to your mind might be about unpleasant feeling related to extreme life experiences or challenges.


But the fact is, trauma is something more than just such kind of concept. According to American Psychological Association, Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event.


The word ‘emotional’ here shows how deeply rooted this thing is into our soul, denying assumptions that it is just a ‘phase’.


There are also two stages when the trauma occurs. The first is immediately after the event, when shock and denial are the most common responses.


But the worse thing is when the trauma gives longer term effect. The longer term effect is usually more severe and can even change someone’s life.




Reactions of the longer term effect may include unpredictable or unstable emotions, flashbacks and hallucination, strained relationship, even physical effects like nausea and headache.


According to APA, indeed this emotional response is normal. However, a lot of people find it difficult to embrace it and thus they have difficulty moving on with their lives.


In other words, we cannot just tell somebody who has a trauma to ‘get over it’ and ‘let it go’. Believe me; they are quietly trying to get over it and let it go even without being told to do it.


Some things are just harder to make peace with than usual.


And speaking of which, the thing that may lead to a trauma may differ from one person to another. The ‘scale’ of it also may differ.


Most famous sources of trauma may come from accidents, war, being the victim of a crime, or witnessing something traumatic.




However, it doesn’t mean that trauma can only occur when we are involved in something that ‘big’. Other things that most people consider insignificant may also cause trauma.


My own trauma is one of the examples, since it is related to a little accident with birds when I was still toddler. Talking about toddler, you might want to visit my review about Conscious Parenting too,


By the way, my friend knew about the thing that bothered me since I was toddler, and suggested me to try the free webinar of BioDynamic Breathwork for trauma release.




Getting Help for People with Trauma




“If that’s so bothering, why don’t those people get some help from experts?” That’s a question that sounds logical.


But truth be told, the action is far harder than it sounds. Some people do not want to go to experts because of stereotypes around them.


In many places, people still consider consulting our mental condition to expert, no matter what the condition is, means you are going cuckoo.


You may relate to that stereotype, because I experience it too.


As I mentioned above, I have a trauma with birds that’s bothering me. And even though it doesn’t bother me in daily basis, but it prevents me to participate in my family's business.


My family runs a small poultry business, and I am the only member of the family who never participates in any of the business even though I am the oldest son in the family.


Shame, right? But I cannot help it, because just by going near any kind of bird would make me tremble. Like Eminem's song, my palms are sweaty, knees are weak, arms are heavy, and I would immediately miss my mom's spaghetti (LOL).


And what did I do to get some help? I just did nothing. I also was too shy and afraid of being called a cuckoo if I go to an expert to consult about it.




That’s why, I grew a belief that the most proper way to handle with this trauma is just to hide it away and sweep it under the rug.


Since I hide this trauma away, only a few people knew about it. And you know what, this is also the thing that most people do.


But that’s an unhealthy way to deal with trauma. 


Even though we may feel it is the safest way, but that’s actually the most harmful way to deal with trauma because it is like befriending a hungry tiger. We just don’t know when it will finally bite us.


So, what’s the best way to deal with trauma? The answer is to ‘release’ it.


It might sound strange, but releasing your trauma is the most ‘enjoyable’ way to deal with it, and BioDynamic Breathwork is the method to release trauma that my friend introduced.


The Release with BioDynamic Breathwork


title biodynamic breathwork


So, what does it mean to release a trauma?


Human body is so unique that it has special connection with our mind, in a way which makes our emotions can physically affect it.


Any kind of emotion may affect our body condition, including overwhelming experiences whether it is literal or perceived. This is how trauma occurs.


When our mental emotion is overwhelmed with something we experience, our somatic memory stores the energy in our bodily tissues such as muscles and fascia.


While the only way it may go is when we release the toxic energy from our bodily tissues.


There are various methods to do the release, including ‘completing’ the traumatic event psychologically, practicing special trauma-release meditation, or just both with extra elements to make your release more effective.


Oh, by the way, if you want to learn more about meditation you might want to visit my other reviews of The M Word by Emily Fletcher.


Based on my own experience, I learned that BioDynamic Breathwork includes not only one or two elements to help us release the trauma stored in our body.


It includes six!


Spoiler alert: in addition to psychological completion and special meditation, there are four other elements included in the program which are related to breath, movement, sound, and touch.


Based on my own experience, BioDynamic Breathwork doesn’t only work by combining all those six elements, but also by boosting the synergies between them for far better effectiveness.


I’m going to talk about my honest experience after a month joining this program, but first let’s talk about the creator and also the instructor of BioDynamic Breathwork.


Meet the Instructor: Giten Tonkov


biodynamic breathwork downloadable class video

Example of Giten Giving Class Video


So, who is the author developer or creator of the program? Is she/he a legit expert in this field? Meet Giten Tonkov, a former Osho Multiversity Therapist (OSHO Meditation Resort, Pune, India).


Giten has been a licensed therapist since 1994, when he got the license from Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, New York.


Not only that, he has also held the certification of Breath & Body Oriented Therapist from Diamond Breath School, Miasto Meditation Institute, Italy since 2001.


The Ukraine-born man shares his mastery of body-oriented therapies, the fruit of more than 20 years of learning, exploration and work with countless clients, in BioDynamic Breath &Trauma Release System, or we simply know it as BioDynamic Breathwork.


In the system, he put his “6-Element” approach to heal people’s trauma in any level. Not only known as therapist and creator of the system, Giten also often lead practitioner trainings and experiential workshops.


He is also currently growing the BioDynamic Breath &Trauma Release Institute to support the global community so that more and more people can access the “6-Element” trauma release program.


The Inside of BioDynamic Breathwork


biodynamic breathwork there are many kinds of trauma

Quick Peek of Free Webinar


Just like I mentioned above, it has been a month since I joined the free webinar, purchased the program with special offer from the link given in the webinar, and followed it through.


And the obvious reason for that was to try eliminating my trauma so that I can live my life to the fullest, thanks to my friend who introduced me to it.


Come on, of course I also want to participate in my family's business without having to shake and tremble like Piglet from Winnie The Pooh.


Back to the topic we are going to talk about, I want to first mention the content of the program that I got from the initial purchase.


After purchasing the program, what I got was an access link to BioDynamic Breathwork course homepage.


course homepage

Proof of Purchase / Course Homepage


In the homepage, you will see that there are 7 modules for each week plus one bonus Q&A session. In addition to that, if you get the access from following the free webinar you may also get three supplemental materials and bonuses.


We will talk about the extra contents later, but I think we should talk about the main contents of BioDynamic Breathwork.


Yes, the program is a 7-week-long program with different topic to be talked about each week, and the 7 modules available are the guide that we can use.


The modules are:


module 1

Introduction to BioDynamic Breathwork &Trauma Release: Starting your program with exploration of physical impacts to your trauma, might be the best way to start your trauma release program. And indeed, this first week is focusing on making you all aware about your body sensations.

You may learn how to release tensions in your body in small doses. You will also be informed about the groundwork of this program, so you really know what you are going to do for the next 7 weeks.


module 2

Where Is the Next Danger Coming From? — Relieving Tension in the Ocular Belt: After following the first week module, you will understand why we are releasing our trauma from focusing on 7 belts of tension.

And for this first week, the focus is on the ocular belt which includes top of your head, forehead, and eyes. Why this belt? Because it is the home of emotions such as suspicion, amusement, contempt, detachment, guarding, fighting, anger, and grief.


module 3

 How Your Mouth & Voice Work Together — The Oral & Cervical Belts: Just like the title says, this week you are going to work on oral and cervical belts which are located around your nose, mouth, jaw, ears, chin, neck, and tongue.

The two belts often work together, and that’s why Giten works on both at the same time. They usually function for your verbal expression and head gestures. Working on those belts will help you discover meditation space within you that may has been covered up by trauma.


module 4

Exploring Your Deepest Heart Feelings — Releasing Tensions in the Thoracic Belt: This is the lesson I am currently into while writing this review. This week program is about releasing trauma about heartbreak, and similar experiences.

This is also the most impacted belt when our developmental needs during a child was not fulfilled, and of things like deprivation and punishment. Because it touches things that usually includes old feelings, if you don’t release it immediately you might require years to do it.


module 5

Your Body’s Relaxation & Breath Centers — The Diaphragmatic & Abdominal Belts: Honestly, I haven’t experienced this chapter yet, but taking a quick peek it must be about our diaphragmatic and abdominal belts.

Based on the first meeting in the first week, I remember that these belts are about our ‘gut reaction’, and how trauma can affect the way we breathe. I simply cannot wait to get to this chapter.


module 6

The Pelvic Belt, Home to Your Primary Core Muscles: Some people experience trauma related to misuse sexuality, and this belt is the place where they store the tension.

But apparently the chapter talks more than that. I took a quick peek, and read some interesting stuffs such as how sexuality affects our quality of life. I also read about how our pelvic belt connects us to the mother earth.


module 7

Closing Assessment & Celebration: What’s the point on learning all of those things one by one without being able to incorporate them in one go? That’s why; this chapter is about incorporating all of them and brings our body, mind, and soul into the state where we can just shed our trauma.


And accompanied with the Q&A session, you might get everything you need to shed your trauma and start anew of your life like how butterfly emerges from the pupa.


It was all delivered in three different methods: audio, video, and text. That’s why; I felt the course was pretty easy and accessible for anyone.


biodynamic breathwork lesson about pelvis muscle

Example of Video Lesson in Module 4


And about the delivery of the contents, I think those three methods used can actually deliver what Giten himself actually wanted to deliver.


What we have to do during the sessions is not only watching video or listening to the audio or reading the transcript, because combined they will form BioDynamic Breathwork.


Talking further, what does the delivery of information in each module look like?


Maybe we can divide it into two kinds of methods. First one is the media and the second is handouts


The media used are like mentioned above, and what’s in the media is 1.5 half hour of Giten Tonkov himself explaining how to work on those belt of tension.


biodynamic breathwork Introduction thumbnails

Introduction to COntents of BioDynamic Breathwork


You may want to look at the free webinar yourself to understand how the explanation goes, but for short I will tell you.


It includes relaxing breathing technique, flowing body movements, and binaural beats to help us reach the ‘releasing’ state.


I found the explanations are so thorough and easy to understand. What GIten explains, practice, and instruct us to do in the media are crystal clear.


Of course, one of the reasons is because in the media he guided us not only by words but also by actions that we can directly copy.


Moreover, the instructions are also clear with each move set, whether we should inhale, exhale, move our body around, make a sound, playing with our thought, and such instructions.


All of the media are downloadable, including the full class video, excerpt video to give you only the juiciest part, the class audio, and the transcript.


biodynamic breathwork excerpt video oral

Excerpt Video for More to the Point Explanation


And after we get the grip on the lessons, we may want to visit the second method of learning, which is the handout.


The handout contains simple instruction of what part of the lesson that we should practice daily or anytime possible to release tension in the specific tension belt.


There are 6 handouts in total for each session except the QnA session and the very last session.


So far I enjoyed having new session each week with Giten Tonkov in the video, and  practicing the ‘juices’ from downloaded video and audio anytime I have spare time to do it.




My Honest Experience with BioDynamic Breathwork for a Month

the habit of ferocity performance


First thing first, the picture above is my proof of purchase. As you can see, I also purchased another program by Eileen McKusick, but I am not going to talk about that here and now.


Instead, let’s talk about what I got from the program after passing the halfway mark. At least should I get something, right? Indeed.


First of all, I got a lot of useful information about how our body handles trauma. At least I know how our specific body parts response to the cues leading to specific traumatic event.


That information is so useful especially when you want to release those traumas physically and mentally. In example, when the tension is stored in our oral and cervical belt, we would be less communicative and tend to repress our true opinion.


This kind of thing usually happens at work, where sometimes we have an opinion that is considered unimportant by our boss, but it is very important to us.


Secondly, of course what I got from this program is an ease toward something that has been burdening my soul: a release to my trauma.


As I mentioned above that I have joined this program since a month ago and currently I am on the fourth module of BioDynamic Breathwork.


biodynamic breathwork inhalation & exhalation training

One of The Sessions about Breathing Technique


The fourth module talks about unfinished old feelings, which is related to my trauma with some specific animal, and thus with the module I found the way to let got what I held back.


Funny enough, the method that I needed to use was to hug my beloved wife before daring myself to approach the poultry!


I never realized that holding my wife in my arms was the thing I needed most. I literally cried during the session and I was not ashamed at all to experience what I did.


Even though I have not fully released the trauma from my subconscious mind, at least I now have one safe haven anytime the fright occurs.


And I am happy with what got from the program because it literally showed a slight change in thing I never thought could change.


biodynamic breathwork explanation about our emotional layers

Our Emotional Layers


The most important thing that I got from BioDynamic Breathwork is the information regarding trauma, our tension belts and relaxation of them, energy flow in our body, and of course physical activities (as in Breathwork) to ease some stress.


This program taught me how to experience wide range of sensations and emotions, as well as how to expand my capacity to contain the free flow of life force.


I feel satisfied with my enrollment to this program already, even though I have only been going halfway.


And indeed everything was cool and all, but during the course, there are several things that I consider maybe the little dip of this program.


First of all, the size of downloadable materials maybe is too big to be stored in our phone. One full lesson video is around 300 megabytes in size, and the excerpt is only a little less than that.


Having all 7 videos stored requires around 2 gigabytes of spaces in your phone or tablet to be able to access it offline. In addition to that, the downloaded video doesn’t include subtitle, maybe because there is already a transcript to the video.


The subtitle –in the video, especially the first two videos, is also a little bit off. For me, who am not a native English speaker, it felt annoying to read and listen to things which are slightly different.




Related to that, the transcript of the video may indeed cover all the words of Giten Tonkov in the video.


However, some of the transcript are stating unclear thing such as making ‘this’ move or ‘that’ move. It means that the transcript might not belong on its own to be the guide for the program.


Thus, if you are a native English speaker in first world country where the internet speed is high and available everywhere, you might find everything is clear.


But if you are from places outside that classification, you might find some difficulties that I mentioned above.


Another thing that I want to note is that you may not be able to pass information and lesson in the program to secondhand.


The reason is because the creator made it somewhat can only be understood by firsthand learners. Maybe that’s intended to keep the originality and to make sure that the program is delivered only by the expert.


But sometimes you have the urge to share about some information you know that can help other people.


And the best way you can do anytime you want to share some information inside the program is to give the link to the free webinar to anyone you want to share it with.




Testimonials from Other Members


This program is said to have helped thousands of people to overcome their trauma. That’s why, to accompany my honest testimonial above, I include some words from other members I could find on the internet.


Here are some of the testimonials I found:*


BBTR [BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release] guided me to an experience of going deeper than anything has taken me in over 20 years of frustrated seeking for relief from deep trauma. Giten’s incredible love, sensitivity, wisdom, and clarity guided me to touch a place I couldn’t reach [on my own]. I feel tremendous gratitude for this work.

— Guy S., Byron Bay, Australia


I have supreme gratitude and admiration for Giten Tonkov and what he has developed over the last 20 years. Breathwork is one of the three most powerful tools humans have available to release the past and awaken our consciousness. It’s the deepest transformational work I have ever done! Great for individuals or practitioners to release deeply held tension, which saves you doing years of psychotherapy in just a few sessions, moving beyond the mind, to release and make room for more breath, life, joy, peace, and happiness in your life.

— Eeshira Hart, sound healing practitioner, facilitator, speaker, and singer, Bali


Never have I grown as much as I have this week. We have worked to tap into the core of so many problems and the source of so much joy. This training has more depth than anything I’ve ever encountered. I could have lived the rest of my life on the path I was on, but since I have found BBTRS®, I have the chance to go so much deeper.

I have always felt so different and sometimes isolated for feeling the way that I do. Here, I feel safe to be different, BUT, also not so different anymore. I have found something that resonates so deeply inside me. Thank you… for touching this point inside me and for teaching me how to tune into myself.

— Dr. Jason R., PharmD, Yoga Teacher, United States


Who Can Get the Benefits of This Program?




So now, what do you think of the program? You might get interested and want to join the BioDynamic Breathwork for trauma release too.


Indeed, this program is created for everyone who wants to get rid of their trauma.


However, at least some people with special condition might feel uncomfortable during the sessions.


Here are the contraindications:

  • Cardiovascular problems, including history of angina or heart attacks
  • Asthma, you may need to have your inhaler nearby during the sessions
  • Abnormal blood pressure
  • Aneurisms or anyone with family history of the condition
  • Bipolar depression
  • Glaucoma or retinal detachment
  • Pregnancy and Osteoporosis
  • Recent surgery or physical injury
  • Epilepsy or history of seizures
  • People with diabetes may feel tired, confused, shaky, and headaches during the session


Other than those mentioned above, almost everyone can get the benefits of BioDynamic Breathwork. Yet, we should know upfront that the effects and results may vary greatly between individual.


Oh, and by the way, I head that some people may experience sensations such as headache, dizziness, nausea, even blackout during the sessions because they are still new to ‘opening up' their body and soul


I myself didn't experience any discomfort during my sessions, except some mild dizziness that I could tolerate because it felt like what I usually felt when wakng up in the morning.


How Can I Enroll for BioDynamic Breathwork?


title 2 biodynamic breathwork


After reading my review above, you might want to enroll into the program. But how can we enroll for BioDynamic Breathwork?


I strongly suggest you to follow the link I gave for the free webinar.


I have mentioned above about enlisting for the free 45-minute webinar so many times, I think.


And the reason for that is because you will get so many benefits compared to enrolling directly to the program.


Here are the benefits:


  • Good background knowledge about the tension belts and their connection to our trauma
  • A brief session to lessening the tension in our thoracic belt, just like session 4
  • Quick lesson to whole body experience of trauma release
  • And most importantly, a special discount that will take off $100 from the initial purchase price!


To get all of those benefits, you can simply just click the link below and enroll for the free webinar.



To get the special discount, make sure you follow through the whole 45 minutes of the webinar.


Afterward, you will be given two payment choices: onetime payment with direct $100 cut from the price or 2-time payments with $50 cut each.


Either of them is covered with 100% satisfaction guarantee which allows you to claim for refund within two weeks of following the program.


Not only that, you will also be given the chance to claim for extra bonuses I have mentioned at the beginning of this review.




Here are the bonuses you can claim by purchasing the program from following the link provided above:


bonus 1

How Do We Hold & Process This Time in Our Bodies: Video Teaching From Giten Tonkov

How do we hold all of the intensity of this year in our bodies? In this teaching, Giten shares how you can process these times and continuously return to center, avoid experiencing moments of contraction, and stop thinking of fear or anxiety as failures.

He’ll explain which specific body parts to focus on as direct pathways to releasing the built-up tension.


bonus 2

Open Your Sacral Chakra & Explore Your Personal Power: 2 Guided Video Meditations From Giten Tonkov

Activate your body’s natural healing process as you explore two enlightening meditations from Giten. In “A Guided Exploration of Your Inner Personal Power,” you’ll uncover your personal power and let it flow so it can uplift every part of your life.

In “Breathwork & Movement to Open Your Sacral Chakra,” you’ll explore your second chakra — associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity — through the lens of BioDynamic Breathwork.


bonus 3

Excerpt From Feel to Heal: PDF Chapter From Giten Tonkov’s Book

Enjoy this free chapter from Giten’s book, Feel to Heal: Releasing Trauma Through Body Awareness and Breathwork Practice, where he expands on successful body-based, trauma-release therapies — to teach you how to break the trauma cycle, improve relationships, and enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life every day.


Verdict and Conclusion


Based on my 1-month experience of joining BioDynamic Breathwork by Giten Tonkov, I found that this program has three points that caught my heart.


First is the amount of useful information that it includes. Yes the program aimed to help people overcome their traumas by releasing it from our physical body.


Second is the detail in delivery of information. Giten really covers every little aspect that needs to be covered in the program, so that each session will leave you really satisfied.


Third is how it really works after each session. Of course we want a program that really gives us ‘that’ warm feelings after we do what it asks us to do, and based on my own experience this program I really got the effects whether it is something like warmth, light headedness, or relaxed body.


Of course that confidence I got from the small release after going for the session 4 was one of the most appreciated results of this program. I don’t say that it has healed me completely, but yeah something within me has changed to a better state.


Next, I still want to be realistic and admit that I also found some downside of the program,  which may affect your convenience in joining BioDynamic Breathwork.


Mainly, it is about its offline access, such as the size of its offline media, the transcript, and how the program is not designed for secondhand learners. The size of the media is fairly huge, with each media requires around 300 megabytes.


In addition to that, learning through the transcript is also almost impossible. Even you may not reach the ‘trance’ only by reading it because it requires other complementary elements.


And what makes this program even more impossible to be taught to your beloved ones is how Giten delivered these lessons. He combined all of our senses during the lesson which can only be felt during our sessions.


So, overall I think this program is a recommended one for you who want to overcome your trauma, and is able to access it online whenever you want to access it. And even without online access, this program can still work wonder.


For more information about this program, again I should tell you that the free webinar offers so many clues about it. So, if it is better for you to visit the free webinar first before deciding further.




BioDynamic Breathwork by GIten Tonkov is a 7-week program designed to help you overcome your traumas by special breathing technique combined with whole body experience.


This program utilizes wide range of actions with specific technique, starting from breathing, body movement, sound producing, and meditation. Some technique might not feel comfortable for some people.


This program offers 14-days money back guarantee to ensure consumer’s satisfaction, since each consumer’s result and satisfaction may vary greatly.


The lessons are delivered in 1.5 hours downloadable video per session, and independent practices guided by handouts. Supporting media such as downloadable audio and transcripts are available.


Lessons are accessible weekly for 7 weeks, and past lessons are accessible as long as you still own access to the program.




8.1 Total Score

Content Delivery
  • Results Can Be Felt after Each Session
  • Detailed Information about Trauma
  • Author is Legit Expert
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee Included
  • Deliver of Information is Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Practice with the Guide
  • Only Suitable for Firsthand Learners
  • Subtitles are Sometimes Off-Sync
  • Transcript Doesn't Highlight Important Information
  • Offline Media is Space-Consuming
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