I Tried Tuning Fork Therapy by Eileen McKusick and Here’s My Review

Tuning fork therapy is actually something that I wasn’t entirely sure about, I'm just gonna be honest. 

When I read about biofield tuning, I’d never thought that we can use tuning forks for self-improvement or self-healing. 

What crossed my mind was, “Really? With a tuning fork? I don’t even know what that is!” 

And me being a skeptic, I looked at the program with a frown. 

But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and did the program by Eileen McKusick on The Shift Network anyway. 

Because if you look at the changes that we’ll experience by the time we finish the modules, they’re all good. 

So, you can read more about my 3-week (ish) experience, my likes and dislikes, and the conclusion down below. 


tuning fork therapy course page





Tuning fork therapy? 

I knew just a little when it comes to sound healing therapy 

While I understood that they exist, I didn’t know much about it and was only familiar with the Tibetan singing bowls. 

Well like I said, I didn’t know that tuning fork can give us this. I honestly thought that tuning forks are something to tune musical instruments with. 

Turns out, tuning forks can provide feel-good sensation and clear energies that are stuck in our body and biofield. At least that’s what the class claims. 

Biofield itself is the energy field that surrounds us. I don’t fully understand it, but I think it’s similar to qi/chi. 

Per Your Electric Body page, when we balance and harmonize our life energy, our bodies can have electromagnetic qualities.  

In the end, we can reach our optimal state of wellness and vitality. 

Basically, with tuning fork therapy, we can address physical and emotional imbalances, while also boost our immune system.  

The course page says that it may also help unlocking hidden causes of illness, from digestive issues to anxiety, insomnia, and depression. 

And with this program, we’ll get balancing effects on our biofield from a tuning fork. 


The structure of Your Electric Body 


Tuning fork therapy course homepage


This course explores the many things we can do to increase the benefits of biofield tuning. 

There are seven modules within this program, and we should do each module for a week. So, we’re going to do the therapy for almost two months. 

The video modules are around 90 minutes long each, but that’s with the Q&A session combined. Without it, you’ll get one-hour session. 

All modules are downloadable in video or audio format. That way, you won’t need to stream every single time. 

Also, you can download the homework and transcript pdfs of each module so you don’t need to always go online. Whether you want to print it out or not, it’s for you to decide.  

Why should we do it for a week? Well, that's the recommendation, because each module focuses on a different area of the body.  

For example, we’ll go through our feet, knees, and crown in order to find out the areas with imbalances until they’re back to being in the middle.  

Even though it involves tuning forks, you don’t need to get one. It can still help optimize your body's ability to heal itself.  

Eileen McKusick, the author and teacher of this program, said that this course can also shift thought patterns that are harmful. 

Therefore, if you’re feeling stuck, the tuning fork therapy can help with that; jump-starting creativity, and bringing more pleasure and joy in your life. 


Tuning fork therapy page video


When you complete the modules, you can expect changes like: 

  • Understanding your own body and the world around you, 
  • more self-love, 
  • more energy and improved health,
  • comfort with emotions and a clearer, quieter mind, 
  • increased creativity, and therefore more effective problem solving,
  • better sleep, improved stress management, 
  • improved breathing and a deeper sense of being grounded.


Tuning fork therapy bonuses 


tuning fork therapy bonuses


You'll also get bonus contents that may enrich your whole experience. In total, there are four bonuses, but let me tell you, they’re not short. 

For example, the “Food, Your Body & Your Biofield” has 8 segments, and it’s one hour per segment. 

It talks about people who are in a rocky relationship with food and their body.  

This segment aims to help you have a healthier and more empowered connection to them both. Sounds like a really good bonus, if you ask me. 

The other bonus, “Raise Your Voltage” divides into three parts, each 30 minutes long. It aims to reinvigorate those with low energy, feeling depressed, or exhausted. 

As for “Healing for the Spine,” it’s also one hour long, intended for people with back pain, discomfort, and feeling lacking of unity in themselves. 

The last bonus is an instructional video about using tuning forks of any kind on ourselves—the different ways and what we can do with them. 


A little bit about the author and teacher, Eileen McKusick

Eileen McKusick is a researcher in sound healing therapy.  

She's spent more than 20 years exploring and researching electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (biofield).  

From her research, it was discovered that human biofield has a very specific anatomy and physiology.  

And with the right tools like a tuning fork, it can be modulated well so that it produces consistent and useful therapeutic outcomes. 

Her methods are non-invasive an easy to learn, and she’s also trained and certified more than a thousand students/practitioners in how to utilize biofield tuning. 

Not just a researcher and practitioner of tuning fork therapy, Eileen is also a public speaker and an award-winning author. 

Tuning fork therapy teacher

Based on her master’s thesis, her book, Tuning the Human Biofield, won the Nautilus award. 

So far, she’s presented about biofield science and therapeutic sound at the Electric Universe Conference, UBUNTU Fest, the Global Sound Healing Conference and many more. 

You can read more about her works and education background on her LinkedIn and website. 

If you want get to know Eileen better, you can also head to her YouTube channel or connect with her through her Instagram account. 

Simply put, we can find her everywhere and she’s not some shady tutor that you’re not sure about. 




What happened to me during the three weeks(ish) 

Before I started the program completely, I firstly watched the Q&A session from the first module video. 

It's so that I'd understand what kind of tuning fork that I should buy. 

I realize that it says “we don’t need to have one to do this program” in the Your Electric Body course page.  

Eileen herself said that having a tuning fork isn’t necessary so that this class is accessible to everyone. 

But, I wanted to learn the real effects of tuning fork therapy. 

After watching the Q&A sesh, I came to a conclusion that I should get a 128 hertz weighted tuning fork.  


what I used for the tuning fork therapy

the weighted tuning fork I got


I chose the weighted one because Eileen McKusick recommends it for many reasons.  

She said that this frequency was her choice when she first started and I felt that it’s the ‘most neutral’ one. 

I said ‘most neutral’ because her recommended weighted fork, the sonic slider, is 93.96 Hz. Additionally, she didn’t make it quite clear if higher frequency like 512 Hz would help. 

Also, I didn’t buy the usual, unweighted one because it needs a good activator. Eileen tells us that Canadian hockey puck is the best.  

Well, let’s just say that I can’t have that here, not if I spend a lot of money. So yeah, I bought weighted fork in 128 Hz. 

It's just that mine doesn’t have a long handle like the sonic slider. 


Week 1 

Okay, I'm going to be upfront with you.  

My expectation was that the tuning fork therapy sessions would involve a lot of tuning fork sounds. You know, like those sound healing videos. 

Tuning fork therapy

Well, that’s not what I found in the first module video. I meant no offence to Eileen McKusick, but she. Just. Talks a lot.  

It made me feel like I wasn’t doing a sound healing program and more to a life coaching class, with some sounds. 

And half of the time, her speeches diminish the sound/effect of the tuning fork itself. In my humble opinion, that didn’t help. 

So, I stopped watching the biofield tuning video by the third day.  

For the rest of the week, I simply used tuning fork on myself for five to ten minutes a day while also doing the homework. 

And speaking of homework, it’s actually not hard to do. Basically, we need to do things we like more than we dislike.  

But for me at that time, wasn’t easy. There are things I must do. 

Whenever I could, I'd use the tuning fork on myself. And I'd always pet my cat, since it’s one of the few things I love to do the most. 

I did have a short getaway, and I did feel good when I went out and about trying to find stray cats.  

Alas, I had to come back soon and start doing the things I don’t like all over again. So you know, the meh feeling came back rather quickly. 

Although, I felt like I had a more relaxed view of my rather stressful days during this week.*

I was like, “Yeah alight, I'll do ‘em” with a shrug, rather than “Oh for God’s sake, this again” with a covert groan. 


Week 2 

Your Electric Body module 2 is a tad better for me in a sense that Eileen talks less.  

But, it did still feel like I was attending a life coach online seminar.  

And after the video ended, I still didn’t feel that there’s an improvement to electric body electric health. 

I found the same problem: most of the time, her voice subsides the effect of the tuning fork therapy.  

Moreover, the audio in the second module is rather lower. 

Therefore, I did this week my way again.  


tuning fork therapy by Eileen


For four days, every time I wanted to do the biofield tuning, I'd watch the video but with a much lower volume and used the tuning fork on myself. 

I tried to be in sync with Eileen’s fork activation and the parts of body she targets. 

Other than feeling relaxed each time, I didn’t notice any significant changes in my body. I mean, I also tried to do the homework and it didn’t help much. 

Because I think that due to the tuning fork therapy itself, I was able to be more grounded than before–I didn’t feel a lot of imbalances or something.*

Then, the rest of the week, I tried dry fasting for 20-22 hours within 2 days to see if I could feel any different. 

And no, that didn’t happen. Not the first day, not the second.  

The change I noticed, again, revolved around me being less panicky and more level-headed. Which is good, but I got those qualities since the first week anyway. 


Week 3 (incomplete) 

Because the second module had a tad less talking, I had hopes for the third one. Well, I shouldn’t have. 

Tuning fork therapy how-to

Again, I mean no offense or ill will towards Eileen and her biofield tuning program, but I just wasn't too keen on this session either. 

Probably you’ve guessed it—yep, there are moments of quiet and she just does the tuning fork therapy, but she talks more.  

In some parts, she talks about similar things to the previous module.  

For instance, when she talks about the importance of releasing/venting whatever’s been bothering us and being centered afterwards. 

She actually talks about some other things to make our sacral center better, and she makes good points. 

But again, to me it felt like a motivational talk that makes you go “You know what, she’s right.” but then life happens and you keep forgetting about it until you don’t do it anymore. 

Not all is bad, though. I like that in this module incorporates a bit of movement. So it’s not just lying or sitting down. 

I stopped watching after two days and for three days, I did the fork on myself after working out. That felt good, let me tell you. 

Maybe it’s due to the fact that I felt so tired and then I got to relax and let my body feel and hear the sounds of the fork. 

Honestly, I'm glad that I've found a way to let the tuning fork sounds envelop my body more effectively.* 


tuning fork therapy modules


Listening to another sound therapy 

Out of curiosity, I watched/listened to another type of tuning that uses Tibetan singing bowls or crystal bowls.  

I chose this because I thought they’re the ones that work similarly to tuning fork. 

And well, since the microphones they used to record the sounds is better (or at least that’s what I think), it felt more surround. 

In fact, I could feel the relaxation washing over me (whereas with Eileen’s tuning fork sounds, it takes more time).  

Not so much on the areas that each ringing targets, but it was a hard yes for the feeling of tranquility. 

Also, I felt a little lightheaded, don’t know why. Maybe the tuning worked in its own ways on me? 

 But overall, my experience listening to this free video from YouTube was better. 


Trying out the bonuses 

tuning fork therapy bonus

I tried to find out if Eileen McKusick provides just some tuning fork sounds but apparently she doesn’t.  

So, the only thing I found useful (for me) from the bonuses is the one that teaches us how to use the fork on ourselves.  

That’s what had been helping me going through the modules in my own way. 


Using the tuning fork on my cat 

Eileen says that we can use the tuning forks on everyone and anyone, including pets. She claims that babies, kids, and dogs love having biofield tuning on them. 

It piqued my interest, so I tried it. I pointed my weighted fork on some areas on and around my cat. 

At first, I didn’t notice any change. I only noticed that she got the zoomies and acted so silly around it. 

I didn’t know if she enjoyed it or not, but I was laughing the entire time because of her dorkiness. 

That is, until she heaved and vomited some hairballs  

My entire 7 years of having her, I'd never seen her do that; never pure hairballs, just vomit—in times she ate too fast.  

So it was rather scary and strange for me. In a way, I felt relieved that my baby could let out some hairball which could congest her digestive system. 

On the other hand, it was worrying because it’s been a long time since she vomited.  

I was worried because my other cat that passed on puked a lot before she started to get really sick.  

see if your cat likes the tuning fork or not

Thankfully my baby cat turned out to be okay, until now.  

One time, I tried it again and she was rubbing her head against the fork, was purring and kneading air the entire time, and got a bit zoomey. 

Though this time, she didn’t puke. Thank God. 

Then… I can say that the tuning fork therapy worked in a strange way for my cat? Because it helped decongest her tummy and made her more relaxed?*  

I don’t know. But my cat definitely felt something!




How many who have tried the tuning fork therapy? 

Outside the Shift Network’s page about Your Electric Body, I couldn’t find online reviews about Eileen’s program. 

Perhaps you can find a lot of them on Facebook, but since I don’t have one, I couldn’t find out what other people think of it. 

Not to worry though, because 1) you can see what other people think on YouTube (since Eileen’s there in many channels), and 2) I found reviews about her other works. 

As mentioned above, Eileen has written a book and other programs about tuning forks. 

Well, I found reviews about two of her works: Electric Body Electric Health and Tuning the Human Biofield. 

They aren't exactly reviews of this particular biofield tuning class, but at least you know what other people think about her work. 

Some really like her book and her works…* 



While some other think that it’s not that great. 



I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think it’s gonna be the right program for you or not from the reviews I found online above.  

But before you make any judgments and close the browser tab, I suggest you read the rest of my reviews and what I think about it. 


So… What do I think? What’s the result? 

Well, to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this program. I actually like the intentions and aims of Your Electric Body. 

And though I'm skeptical about energy, aura, and things like that, I know that this type of course work on some people. They feel much better because of it. 

But as I mentioned, the changes I felt was mostly about how I view things that stress me out in a more relaxed way.  

I also slept better, which is good because before starting the course, I was such a light sleeper.* 

The tuning fork therapy has also helped me go back to the present and remain composed.* 

Whenever I start to overthink, I’ll just get my fork, ring it against my palm, and put it on my forehead, crown, and other spots. 

And I'll forget about my harmful or bad/negative thoughts and get back to now. 

However, I didn’t get that clearer, quieter mind. I also don’t have more energy or increased creativity. Sadly, these are the things I actually want to get. 

Because if it’s just about relaxation, I can get it somewhere else for free, like the sounds of singing bowls I mentioned. 

I'll elaborate what worked and didn’t for me below. 


What worked 

  • The tuning fork. I’m really glad I found out how to use it for relaxation. Basically, I really like the practicality of tuning fork therapy.
    It's like having a portable sound healing therapy that’s quiet and very effective to make myself feel at ease.

  • Compared to other relaxation courses I've tried; I can confidently say that this is the most practical so far. 
    There's still breathwork of course, but it’s not a necessity to imagine stuff or trying hard to focus.
  • Also, I appreciate the fact that in one of the Your Electric Body bonuses, Eileen shows how to use the weighted tuning fork on yourself.
    Thanks to that, I was able to do the modules in a way that works for me better, and I could do it to my cat and other people.
  • Even though I dislike the fact that Eileen doesn’t stop talking during the sound healing sessions, I admit that some of what she says make sense. 
    Her words were good reminders for me, and they can be so for you too (provided that you also mind her talks).
    Tuning fork therapy teacher
  • Eileen doesn’t have a list of things that we must do. She's a “bothist,” meaning that she believes in ways that work personally to each person.
    For instance, it's up to you if you want to get weighted/unweighted fork or if you want to watch/listen to her sessions with eyes open or closed. Whatever works for you, works for you.
    She also said that we don’t actually need to do this daily. In the Q&A session, she said that we should “find what's right for you and trust your own authority.”
  • I don’t need to go online all the time, because I could simply download the things I need to listen to or watch beforehand.


What didn’t work 

  • This may be due to my inability or insensitiveness to energy, biofield, or things like that, but I felt “nothing”.
    What I meant is that Eileen says that she could feel some turbulence in the sound waves when she sensed something not right.
    I just didn’t feel that with my tuning fork. At all. The sounds and vibrations stayed the same in my case. If something “failed,” it’s because I didn’t bump it hard enough or because of bad surface.
    So, in terms of biofield tuning, I just didn’t feel it. Instant relaxation, yes, but not on biofield or stuff like that.
  • I personally think that tuning fork therapy from a video doesn’t really help.
    Not unless Eileen McKusick’s team records the sessions using state-of-the-art microphones that allow the ringing sounds of the fork to be clear, surround, immersive, and, y’know, eargasmic.
    doing self tuning fork therapy 
    Because as I told you, even though Eileen’s voice is clear and crisp, the rings of the fork weren’t. Her constant talking doesn’t help either.
  • And speaking of which, yes, I'm not exactly a fan of her speeches. Your Electric Body felt like two different sessions combined into one—life coaching and sound healing.
    IMHO, it should be one or another, not a combo or half and half; you know I stopped listening to her and did the rest of the modules my way.
  • Now, I believe if we’re to do the sessions one on one with Eileen, then it’ll be life-changing. 
    But from a video, with just standard microphone and she doing it to a “collective hologram”? I don’t think so, in my opinion.


Take my words with a pinch of salt because… 


tuning fork therapy


I haven’t finished the modules. Remember that out of 7 weeks, I only did 3. And, I didn’t watch all the bonuses. 

Things might have turned out different if I’d finished all modules and bonuses. I might have felt change happening in my body and everything. 

Moreover, I didn’t religiously listen to Eileen’s biofield tuning every single day because I went my own way with the tuning fork. 

Perhaps if I'd listened to her every day over the course of the 3 modules, I could have felt differently. 

Also, I can’t feel energy, biofield, aura, and that sort of thing.  

I didn’t notice anything going on in terms of that area, and that may be why I didn’t benefit that much from Eileen’s course. 

Due to my complaints which you’ve read previously, I already have this bias against Eileen McKusick’s program.  




Who are going to benefit from the tuning fork therapy? 

  • People who have experience with sound healing therapy, vibration therapy, and human biofield.

    Well, the vibration part is not a lot, but with the weighted tuning fork you can still feel it.
    But if you’ve been encircling yourself with sounds that reinvigorate or reenergize you, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this program.
  • If you’re a person who can see, sense or feel energy or aura in your body, I think you’ll feel better with this and feel the difference.
  • Eileen knows a lot about biofield and how to make things better with the tuning fork therapy. I believe you’ll be in good hands with this program.
    Because from the Q&A sessions I listened to, I found that a lot of people (particularly the one with the ability and gift I mentioned) felt that something changed or improved.* 
  • You actually like the combination of motivational talks with tuning fork therapy.
    I mean, if that’s to your liking (and you’re definitely not alone here), you may feel the difference.


You may want to skip this if… 

Eileen doing the tuning fork therapy

  • You only want to hear tuning fork sounds. Because as I told you, Eileen talks a lot here and it frequently overlaps with the ringing of the fork.
  • Or what you’re exclusively looking for is just sounds that help you relax and unwind; there’s a lot of those available freely on YouTube.
  • You're not sensitive to energy, aura, biofield, or things like that, and you’d rather do other programs that don’t involve those.


Tips from me


If you want to purchase a weighted tuning fork that’s not a sonic slider, make sure that the handle is long enough for your hands.  

Because, mine’s not that comfortable when I grip it, and after a while, my hand gets crampy each time.  

Also, I prefer my fork pointed—without butt.  

But as I understand it, some people like adding crystals for energy healing, and you can get forks with crystal or stone butt.

  Unweighted tuning forks can be loud. So, if you live in an area/place where you have to be quiet most of the time, I suggest getting the weighted ones. 

  I recommend getting a pair of really good headphones or a surround speaker so that you’ll hear and feel the effect of the tuning fork well. 

But should you think that Eileen talks a bit too much, you can do what I did: lower the video/audio volume, memorize or watch when she rings the fork and also the areas that she focuses on. 

That way, you can still get the benefit of the tuning fork therapy from “both sides,” even though Eileen’s sound is lower. 


  According to Eileen McKusick, if we want to get the most out of this program, she advises a salt bath after the sessions or maybe a foot bath. 

I didn’t do those things, because I simply didn’t have the time. And that may be why I remained unaffected. 

  She also suggests having a massage done at least once during your 7 weeks together. I didn’t do it as well, but strongly recommends it. 

Because, a massage relaxes your body. And once you’ve reached that point, the biofield tuning may work a lot better. 


How much is the tuning fork therapy program? 

Eileen’s tuning fork therapy program costs $297. You can also pay in two installments, but each will cost you $158.  

Paying the class in one time purchase is, I think, the best deal you can get. 


tuning fork therapy price


You don’t need to spend more money to travel around, and you can get the benefit of Eileen McKusick’s session from your home in a pace that suits you best. 

Remember, you’ll have 7-week thorough program to achieve your electric body electric health, along with the complete bonuses that’ll enrich your journey. 

And don’t worry if you don’t find Your Electric Body working for you.   

Because, as long as you’re still within 2 weeks from your purchase date, you can ask for a refund. According to the program page, the process takes 5 days. 

Here’s what the page says:  

“We offer a satisfaction guarantee for a full two weeks so that you can try out the course risk-free. The deadline to receive a refund is 2 weeks from your date of purchase.” 

So, you’ll still have a risk-free purchase! It doesn’t hurt to try, does it? 

That's why I keep on suggesting that you have a go first and see if you like it or not. 



As for the tuning fork, well, the sonic slider isn’t exactly cheap. But to my understanding, Eileen has done prior research before designing it. 

Although, you can still get regular weighted or unweighted tuning forks from Amazon. According to Eileen, they’re okay and they work just fine. 




Frequently asked questions 

Does it matter that I can’t listen to the recording live? 

No. It doesn’t matter. The effectiveness of the recorded transmission is just as potent as it is listening live. 

Eileen’s personal response to this question: “Having done audio sessions for 5 years now, we have found that participants report that they find the recordings just as effective as being on live sessions. Just like the distance doesn't matter, neither does the time. Have you ever been moved by a recorded piece of music? It is the same premise. 

When I work on the group hologram for any session, I work on everyone listening live and everyone who will ever listen to or watch the recording” – so even if you were not there, you were there. Just like the distance doesn't matter, neither does the time. The energy transmission exists, you are tapping into it.” 


Do my eyes have to be closed? Or is it better to have them open? 

Either is perfect! As this is the first video course Eileen has ever offered online, you may choose to watch what is happening in the room as she moves around the table. However, listening can support more relaxation, turning off the mind, and dropping into theta-brain-wave states. 


Will I learn how to give attunements to my friends and family? 

We will be learning how to use the tuning forks on ourselves, and we will be learning the basics about the biofield, but we will not be learning how to give attunements to friends and family. 


Your Electric Body: the conclusion 


tuning fork therapy


I realize I didn’t feel too helped with this class in terms of the life force energy and other types of healing.  

But, I actually felt helped with the relaxation and mindfulness part from the tuning fork therapy.  

Please remember that I've desensitized myself of feeling energy or aura or things like that. That's why I didn’t notice any changes or difference in that sense. 

And, I’ve only done this program for less than 3 weeks, which is 4 weeks shorter than the actual length. 

To add one more, I didn’t do many things that Eileen advises, like salt or foot baths and massages. 

What I think that changed was my mindfulness, which I feel has improved after doing the biofield tuning modules. 

So if you just want to improve your mindfulness with tuning fork, I believe Your Electric Body will do the job well. 

Meanwhile, if you are able to feel energy, aura, biofield, and chakra, then I'm pretty sure you’ll feel the difference after finishing the modules. 

All in all, even though I have things I dislike about the program and I didn't get all the benefits (due to my own limitations), I still encourage you to try this program!

If you’re unsure, remember that you can just do it risk-free for a week or so. 

Well then, have fun with the tuning fork and good luck!





Results vary from person to person depending on one’s mental and physical state and condition, time, as well as adherence and/or completion of the program. 

This program is not a treatment for serious physical or mental problems or illnesses. Seek help professionally if you are in such conditions. 

Should you have underlying medical condition that affects your psychology and physiology, consult your doctor in advance. 

Since this review is from a personal experience, it is not a medical/scientific article and must not be treated as such. 

There are no physical products of this program in itself. What I mean is that unless you buy Eileen’s recommended sonic slider, her program in The Shift Network doesn’t have any physical items.  

Do not do this program, particularly the tuning sessions, when you’re driving or in any potentially dangerous situations. Eileen says that there are people who instantly fell asleep while listening to her, so you have to be careful. 

7 Total Score

Author credibility
Practicability & applicability
Content quality
  • Legit, credible author that we can find anywhere 
  • Self-tuning fork therapy is practical, making it very easy to relax 
  • Motivating author/speaker 
  • Methods that are flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle 
  • Helpful bonuses 
  • Great for people who are sensitive to energy, biofield, and aura 
  • Downloadable program contents 
  • Sessions can feel more like a life coaching seminar 
  • Tuning fork sounds need to be better recorded 
  • Maybe not for people who aren’t sensitive to energy, biofield, and aura
  • While not necessary, tuning forks are needed to maximize the benefit
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