I Have Buy Spiritual Laws of Money by T. Harv Eker – My Personal Review

Do you believe that wealthy people usually have poor health or poor marriage?

Or do you believe the rich are ‘corrupted’ people and they get rich by not following the ‘clean’ path?

A common thing that holds most people from achieving financial freedom is their subconscious beliefs that tells them that having a lot of wealth will negatively affect their spiritual life.

There are many things that cause you to struggle financially, but the major reason is the inner programming that works to keep you below a particular success level.

This inner programming is the deeply ingrained beliefs you have about wealth and a common belief that has kept a large population of the world poor is that “money is evil”.

I have met people who don’t like to discuss about money and spirituality at the same time. It doesn’t make sense as spirituality is not about denial, it is about acceptance.

I believe that you cannot live a harmonious life if you’re not wealthy and spiritual at the same time. Spiritual people who struggle to make money and rich people who lose their serenity of mind are both affected by few common beliefs.

The “Spiritual Laws of Money” course by T. Harv Eker is exactly to help you with this. I have been doing the program for 3 weeks, and I will discuss in this review how effective it is.


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What is Spiritual Laws of Money?

The Spiritual Laws of Money program by T. Harv Eker is a course that teaches one to become rich both financially and spiritually.

Harv believes that in getting rich, the spiritual and financial aspects must go hand in hand. If they aren’t in harmony, these will happen:

  1. They work hard to become wealthy to find that money can’t buy happiness and they then unconsciously do things to get rid of money because they think that money has caused the misery, they end up being broke and unhappy.
  2. They believe that money will make them mean, selfish and unhappy, so they do everything to find the inner peace while dismissing the importance of money. This leads to them becoming frustrated and unhappy because they fail to afford their basic needs.

With the principles Harv teaches in this Spiritual Laws of Money course you will be able to find a way that gives you the emotional satisfaction of helping others while earning a lot of money in doing so and that’s what he means when he uses the term “spiritual millionaire”.*



What’s inside the Spiritual Laws of Money course?

There are 8 modules in Spiritual Laws of Money (one for each of the big areas that people struggle with) consisting of lessons, workbooks, mantras and visualizations:

The Spiritual Laws of Money

Lessons: Each module has a lesson/training session that is about 2 hours long. The entire course is over 16 hours long, not including the bonus.

Workbook: Each module has a workbook that you can download and print off. The workbook is a fill-in-the-blank guide. You listen to him and fill in the words that need to be filled in, so you need to listen closely because it can be easy to miss a few important points here and there. There are also questions with blank spaces for you to fill in. It’s like your notes for the class to help you drive home the points and work on your plan for moving forward.

Mantra: Each week you have a mantra to say – like an affirmation – that helps you drive home the point you learned in the week.

Visualization: Each week you have a visualization to do. The first few weeks we were told to do the visualization as homework daily, but after that it was more about the mantra than the visualization.


My take on the Spiritual Laws of Money course

Through the first week of the course which explores the topic of ‘Money and Spirituality’, I realized that I did in fact have some blocks to abundance I had not looked square in the face.

Harv asks some probing questions to see whether money is something you feel uncomfortable about on an unconscious level without realizing it, as well as exploring whether you have an inner conflict between spirituality and abundance.

The other topics in Spiritual Laws of Money discuss about self-worth and self-esteem. We were raised as children believing that we deserve to be punished for not doing certain things our parents wanted us to do.

This was reinforced over and over to us which harmed our self-esteem unconsciously. The Spiritual Laws of Money course has helped me get rid of such issues that makes me think I don’t deserve success.



Harv changes his students not just by changing our mindset or mentality like other motivators, but from the roots which is our habits. This is what I like about this course the most.*

He had some scathing remarks about the movie ‘The Secret’ where the impression is given that if you just sit there and meditate and visualize that a pile of money is just going to land in your lap, it will.

He says the major missing ingredient to that movie is the doing part. The whole point of visualizing and meditating about a particular desired outcome is to influence your mind and body to get you into the motivated state to take action.  And doing affirmations daily is no different to this idea.



Furthermore, he doesn’t only teach us the methods for change, but also discussed why it has to be done that way.

He explained that our mind basically operates in a way to protect us. In our hunter gatherer days, we had to constantly scan the environment for threats to our survival, and our brain still works in this way today.

This means that anything that seems new and unfamiliar to us feels like a threat to our mind, and even if we feel unhappy with our current circumstances, the mind is familiar to this because all it sees is that you are still alive, and that is its main purpose.

He says that we live in an abundant universe, and the only thing that gets in our way in experiencing abundance is this resistance to change.


Abundant Universe

In summary, these are the benefits that I reaped from the Spiritual Laws of Money course*:

  1. I reconnected with my passion and my purpose. I feel more on track and doing something good and valuable in my life and in this world.
  2. I now have a solid plan in place to grow our wealth. And I know that the more money I make now, the faster I will grow our wealth, which has inspired me to both work harder and smarter.
  3. I realize that taking action, despite fear, negative thoughts, negative people, or anything else, is important.
  4. I have a clear idea of how my thoughts affect my results in life, and how my thoughts are influenced. And I’ve learned to master my own thoughts and take positive action on those thoughts that will help me move towards a more spiritual and rich state of being.

I feel like I got much more in this program than what I could have got from his live seminar because here I got it directly from him like a one on one coaching unlike a person sitting in the crowd.




  1. It’s better to download the audio materials rather than stream to anticipate unstable internet connection. Each audio lesson is almost 2 hours long so it can get frustrating when the connection is slow.
  2. Put the audio lessons and visualizations on your mobile device. That way you can listen to them anywhere especially during long car trips or commute.
  3. Print and put the mantras at visible areas in your house so you constantly get reminded to repeat them.
  4. It is best to do one module per week. You would get the most out of the course if you have enough time to practice and do the homework.

It won’t work at all if you don’t make proper use of these tools. You need to take the actions that the author suggests, put your effort and time to create a major change in your financial situation.



Matt B. on April 12, 2017:

“I had never thought about this angle when considering money. I have never considered spirituality as related to money and money making, but you have now given me insight into this. Your entire philosophy has opened my mind up to view things differently. And, I think that it will help me overall.”*

Hari S. Nair on February 7, 2017:

“I have never gained a better understanding of my relationship with money than what I came to know from the works of T. Harv Eker, and from my viewpoint this program is probably his best work ever. Here you will get to know the 8 spiritual laws of money that will show you exactly what you should do to thrive financially without risking your inner peace or losing your spiritual connection.”*

Patrick on September 6, 2016:

“I am of the firm belief that the core basic and I mean very basic premise of the Secret regarding abundance and the law of attraction has some merit. Focused uninterrupted and pure intent will tell the universe what you want and the more specific and clear the better off it is. Feeling you deserve abundance in your life is key, in many ways it’s almost like faking it till u make it while convincing yourself you’re already rich and then more will come. Enjoyed it very much!”*

Liz on July 27, 2016:

“So this week I began writing 3 things each night that I did well during the day. I also decided to take it further regarding the ‘making up stories thing’ and write down three things that I appreciate about my partner each day so my mind shifts over to focusing more on his positives than his negatives. Over the course of a week our relationship has got better, and my mind has expanded and started noticing new opportunities where I did not see before. So, as simple as all this stuff may initially appear, it does work. It is important which story we are going to focus on.”*


Where to buy the Spiritual Laws of Money course

The course originally costs $595 if you buy directly from Mindvalley Academy. However, by clicking the button below you'll get it for HALF-PRICE at $299 or in 2 installments of $159 and you’ll get instant access to the online course.

If you want the physical CDs as well, you can pay $196 more which brings the total to $495 or 3 installments of $179.

You can try the course for up to 30 days. If you’re not happy you can get a no-question-asked refund for your money.



Who is T. Harv Eker?

T. Harv Eker is well-known in the self-help industry. He has conducted live seminars, written books, and created home course materials.


His bestselling book is called “The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”. In this book, he explained 17 ways rich people think differently from others.

In his early adult life, Harv struggled for 12 years to make money until he discovered the right mindset that changed his story.

He then started a fitness store business and went to become a millionaire in just 2.5 years using his new guidelines.

He began to teach this to people with his “street smart business school” in San Diego and this gradually led this millionaire mind intensive program.

Harv was featured as the world’s foremost prosperity expert on CNN, NBC and Fox News and in Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times and Men’s Health.


The Verdict

There is a lot of valuable content in this Spiritual Laws of Money course. You will walk away with a lot of insight into yourself and your life. And you will learn how to move forward in a more spiritual way that also allows you to be a millionaire.

This course tackles all aspects of becoming rich and spiritual at the same time. It’s not just a plan to build your wealth. It’s a blueprint to help you be a kind and happy person and become a millionaire in the process.*

He makes sure to drive each point home before he moves on. You won’t leave a topic without understanding what he was trying to teach.

Each week you practice a mantra to help you remember, believe, and practice the lesson you were taught that week.

Each module has a visualization at the end where you help yourself see the bad choices that you have been making and then affirm to move to the new choices that will help you be a spiritual millionaire.

The purpose of the Spiritual Laws of Money program is to:

  • Enable you to blend your spiritual life with your financial life.
  • Boost up your progress towards financial freedom.
  • Equip you with the tools and strategies for eliminating the 8 financial blocks.
  • Create lifelong financial security.
  • Help you get rid of scarcity thinking which keeps most people poor.
  • Find your life purpose, this will cause what brings you money to also make you happy.

This program is absolutely worth the money and pays for itself. You should just try it first and if you’re not happy, you can always ask for a refund before 30 days. There’s really nothing to lose.







This is not a program that guarantees that you will get rich and spiritual quickly. Your success will depend solely on how much effort and time you put into taking the actions outlined in the course.

9.2 Total Score

Content Quality:
  • Downloadable materials to listen anywhere
  • Workbooks for noting important points
  • Credible author who is a successful businessman
  • 30-day no-question-asked refund
  • Great and No Fluff Lesson
  • Some repetitions and yelling
  • Audio lessons are a bit too long
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