I Have Bought The Lost Book Of Remedies, And Here Is My Review

The Lost Book Of Remedies REVIEW – We live in the most polluted era that this planet has ever had since the beginning of life. No wonder that catching illnesses and diseases are getting more and more frequent nowadays.

Thanks to modern medical technology, we can still survive living on this planet. But experts said that modern world pollution has caused virus and germs to evolve nowadays, making them more difficult to eradicate.

Indeed, medical equipment and medicines keeps on improving too, to keep in control for modern diseases and illnesses. But especially medicines, we now need more and more sophisticated ones to match the evolving diseases.

Don’t you know that we are actually living surrounded by the most sophisticated remedies already?

We do, but we just have not realized it yet. I didn’t have a clue too, but it was until I got the information about those medicines from a book called The Lost Book Of Remedies.

The book caught my attention when I read about the preview on the internet. So I purchased it and try to find any information it provides.

I don’t regret purchasing it, because it provides A LOT OF INFORMATION for me about natural remedies and medicines I can easily find around me. I feel the urge to inform more people about the information, so this is my honest review of the book.




All Natural, No Chemical

At the time before medical world became this sophisticated, people got ill too. Our grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents got ill too.

The difference between that time and today is that we now live in more modern world, where transportations and medical technology has developed into the highest level.

So, how did they cure their diseases?


Our ancestors actually used to crush leaves to create herbal remedies to treat their diseases. Flu symptoms, headache, stomachache, wounds, and many more are actually treatable using herbal remedies.


Some of us might have heard about the story from our grandparents on how some plants are having medicinal benefits. Even though time has changed, but those plants don’t lose their medicinal benefits!

To prove it, take a look at one of our reviews here. Because we rarely find someone treating their illnesses and wounds using plants, doesn’t mean that those plants are losing their medicinal benefits.

The problem here is not the plants. In this modern world, we are too dependent on modern medical equipment and medicines to treat our illnesses.

We prefer to swallow some aspirin to make our headache go away, rather than taking a sip of delicious rosemary and lemon thyme tea. We prefer to treat our wounds using chemical wound spray instead of using sage infusion.

See what’s going on there? We are exposing ourselves to too many chemicals, for the sake of our ‘health’.

The Lost Book Of Remedies tries to uncover the forgotten benefits of natural ingredients around us so that we can once again can avoid exposing ourselves into too many chemicals. Take a sip of rosemary tea, and read this review.


Sometimes We Need Offline Guidance

Astronaut_survival_training (Wikimedia Commons)

Here is my consideration:

We are living in maybe the worst era of mankind, with climate change, extreme pollution, global warming, etcetera. Disasters and plagues can come and go anytime without local warning, and catch us off guard.

Heavy storm is getting more common in temperate areas, while in tropical areas seasonal diseases are too. People also get ill easier nowadays, thanks to extreme air pollution. A good preparation is needed to overcome those bad things.

Hospital numbers is important, but what if those bad things come when we are not prepared in either economically or access to it? As an example, what if you suddenly catch a cold or fever when you are going camping?

Giving in is not a good idea, you should know that the cure for those illnesses are around you.

The Lost Book Of Remedies can provide us useful information about medicinal uses of natural ingredients around us. By having this book, we can easily access the information without browsing for it in the internet, anywhere and anytime!

This book doesn’t only provide us tens or hundreds information about the medicinal uses natural ingredients around us, but THOUSANDS! This is why I decided to purchase the book.



What Do I Get from Purchasing The Lost Book Of Remedies?

At first I thought that this book was too expensive with $37 price tag and additional $9 for shipping the physical book. But when I finally purchased it, I found out how this book is worth it.

Inside the book, you will find following contents:

1. More than 250 pages of information about natural ingredients around us with medicinal uses, accompanied with the photographs to make sure you can identify them by easily.

2. Step-by-step guide of how to use herbs and medicinal plants to solve health issues, including how to make it work properly for the sufferers.

3. Kinds of plants which have medicinal uses, that you can just plant yourself in your backyard.

4. The guide for how to identify the plants with medicinal uses mentioned in the book.

5. Information about plants that can prevent severe health issues like tumor and cancer.

6. List of spices with medicinal uses that you can add into your food for healthier life.

That’s not all!

With the purchase, you will also get the chance to get additional bonus eBook worth $58 for free, which are Everyday Disaster Medicine Book and 80 Square-Feet SHTF Medicinal Garden!

Thus, if you purchase the book now, you actually can get THREE medicinal books worth $95.


What Kind Of Information That This Book Provides?


I find this book is pretty easy to understand, because it is divided into 7 sections, based on where to find the natural ingredients. The sections are:

  1. Backyard Weeds: In this sections you will find the medicinal benefits of common plants you usually find in your backyard, such as aloe vera, dill, thyme, and garlic 
  1. Forests and Woodlands: This section is useful for people who like to spend some time in woodlands. Plants like ginseng, artichoke, and juniper are listed here.  
  1. Wild Plants in Great Plains: For those who live in great plains like Kansas, Nebraska, or North and South Dakota, this is the section that you need to pay attention the most. Sweet grass and common flax is listed here.
  1. Trees and Shrubs: In this section, you will find the most surprising part of the book. Commons trees and shrubs that we usually just past by such as burning bush and dogwood listed in this book actually have medicinal uses.
  1. Coastal, Tropical, and Water Loving Plants: Cattails, hops, California buckwheat, and many other coastal, tropical, or water loving plants are listed in this section.
  1. Nationwide Plants: In this section you can find common plants that you can find growing all throughout North America, such as chives, evening primrose, and peppermint.
  1. Household Remedies: This is the part where you can find the secret medicinal uses of cayenne pepper, salt, and charcoal.

I myself prefer the digital version of this book and put it in my cellphone. What I like the most about the eBook is that we can use two-way searching method. Whether you want to search for the medicinal uses for a plant, or search for the cure for specific health issue.

In example, when I’m having toothache I can directly search for the cure for the pain in the eBook and find more than 5 plants that I can use.

On the other hand, when I see an aloe vera plant, I can also search for it in the eBook and find its medicinal uses, completely explained with how to make use of it.

Anywhere, anytime. Its accessibility is the reason why I brought The Lost Book Of Remedies, and I found it pretty much live up my high hopes.


My Honest Review of The Lost Book Of Remedies


front page

Prove That I Have Purchased The Book

If I seem like praising this book too much, it is not my marketing method. In fact, this site only provides you the honest review of any product it features.

But being honest, this book is worth it.

Having accessible guide about how to make medicinal uses of natural resources around you gives you an upper hand living in this heavily polluted planet. More than 250 pages of content will provide you a lot of information, and you can also share the information with your loved ones.

The author, Claude Davis, based this book on his grandparents’ experiences about the medicinal uses of natural resources. The remedies listed in the book indeed have been used by our ancestors to survive animal attacks and diseases before modern world hit in.

example 3

The Lost Book Of Remedies will not only give you the information about the kinds of plants you can use, but also how to identify those plants since it is categorized on where the plants grow. This is the feature that you need to browse deeply on the internet to find out, while the book just provides it blatantly.

As mentioned above, by having the eBook copy in my cellphone, I can easily access it whenever and wherever I am. As long as I have my phone on, even without any access to cellular network. Even if my phone runs out of battery, I can still access the physical book.

Indeed, you can find almost every content of this book in online articles on the internet. But having all those contents compiled in one single accessible source is always easier.


Since I am here to give you honest review about this product, there is one thing that you need to consider before purchasing it. For me, the eBook is fine and all. But for some people who purchase the physical book, they say that the quality is not that good.

I tried to find some review about the physical book, and found out that some people are not very satisfied with what they get. Those critical reviews say that the physical book seems ‘cheap’, even though I still have no idea what they mean by ‘cheap’.



The physical book itself costs $37 plus $9 shipping fee. This is just the same price you need to pay for its physical + digital product. Thus, as my suggestion for you, instead of purchasing only the physical book you might want to buy the combo product.

With the same amount of money, you can get access to both of its platforms, so if you find that the physical book is not worth the shipping fee you can satisfy yourself with the digital one. The contents should be the same, because the only difference is the platforms.



Testimonies From Buyers

Especially for the physical version, I looked up on the internet about buyers’ reviews. Here are some reviews that I found:


“I bought it due to many positive reviews i found around the internet. The content quite easy to use. You can find lots of remedies, syrups, tinctures, poultices, ointments, etc. Completed with 2-4 color pictures for every herb plant, with in-depth identification descriptions. Also, there is an index page for several conditions you may think of… with the pages where you’ll find the solutions and herb remedies for your certain needs, a good book for your collection, especially if you are a health therapist.”

Attila Bernarius (Goodreads)


“The Lost Book of Remedies is truly a wealth of knowledge, a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to discover more options for health remedies in the natural herbal method.”

Calyn Bolton (Goodreads)



“I am very disappointed with this book. It lacks detail required to correctly identify plants. The quality of the book itself seems cheap, like pages printed from a home printer and glued together. This was not a cheap book either. While there may be some useful information within, it is definitely lacking.”

Amazon Customer (Amazon)



“Very interesting. Gave it to my daughter in law, as she is big on plants and home remedies. She loved it. Everything you need to know about the wild plants around you and how they can help in natural living. Pictures and descriptions so you can easily identify these little wonders.”

Sheila GM (Amazon)


Who Is The Author?

claude davis

Claude Davis is a survival expert with more than 30 years of experience in his field. He is also the author of best-selling survival book The Lost Ways. Davis is also the creator of AskAPrepper.com, in which he provides many free survival tips.

Davis is a full-time survivalist that can be seen from his daily lifestyle. Instead of living in modern houses, he and his family lives in a log cabin he had built himself, cook outdoor on open flame, and wear handmade clothes.

He authored this book after he discovered his grandfather’s journal about remedies. In the journal, Davis discovered tons of natural remedies used by soldiers in World War 2 and beyond to treat themselves before proper medical help arrived.

Didn’t want the information to rot there, he decided to put it into a book. He believed that this information can help thousands of people all around the world who are struggling to fight their health issue, even though the remedies are already given to them in the form of backyard plants.

“For hundreds of years, we passed this knowledge from generation to generation. That had been the way until a few decades ago, when we found out that it’s a lot easier and a lot more comfortable living in a Big Mac era,” as he said in an interview.

Well, if you want to get hold of this information too, and maybe want to pass it to your children later, you might want to consider getting this product too.


How To Purchase The Lost Book Of Remedies?

As I mentioned earlier, The Lost Book Of Remedies by Claude Davis can be purchased from its official site whether you want the digital version, physical version, or both of those versions altogether.

The price is only $37 (plus $9 shipping fee for the physical version) and you will get 60 Days No Question asked 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it for any reason.

With the purchase, you will not only get the book, but also two additional bonuses worth $58 as following:

bonus 2

  1. Everyday Disaster Medicine Book: This report will give you the information about 20 common infections and diseases you could catch during a crisis, and you'll learn how to diagnose and how to treat them.

bonus 1

  1. 80 Square-Feet SHTF Medicinal Garden: This report will explain how to make a raised garden bed in your backyard with the most effective medicinal plants you need as well as how to plant and harvest them.

Oh, and don't forget to say no twice to the upsells if you want to buy the upsell. If you keep saying no when they offer you higher price, you will eventually get the price as low as mine, which is only $39 for everything ( Upsell Only ) .



Verdict And Conclusion

Being honest,

Created by a survivalist, Claude Davis, this book might be a great help for us when we need immediate access to some remedies. Especially in special cases when we don’t have the access to modern medical helps, like during a disaster or being far away from town.

The Lost Book Of Remedies also contains useful information about natural remedies that we can find around us. In this case, we can always get immediate help for some health issues without having to depend on chemical medicines.

In case of purchasing one, if you want to get the physical version I suggest you to buy the package that contains both the physical and digital version. This package is in the same price as the physical version only, and you can get two products in just one purchase.

I think I need to remind you about this purchasing option because some reviews said that the physical version’s quality is ‘cheap’, even though I am not really sure what it really means.



This book offers 60 days 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

The information in the book has not been reviewed, tested or approved by any official testing body or government agency.

The author and editor of this book make no guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied regarding the final results obtained by applying the information found in this book.

Making, using and consuming any of the products described will be done at your own risk.



8.7 Total Score

  • The author is a legit expert
  • Comes in digital and physical form, easily accessible
  • Thoroughly explains natural remedies around us
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Physical version might have some trouble
  • Some things mentioned may have not been officially tested
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