My Dad Tried Diabetes Freedom For 3 Weeks, Does It Work? Will It Reverse Type-2 Diabetes As Claimed?

Diabetes Freedom Full Review – This is the continuation of my review on type-2 diabetes diet, go check out the previous article to know more about the similar program.

Unlike the prior diet, Diabetes Freedom has a full 8 weeks program for type-2 diabetic patients that also claims to reverse the disease. It offers its secret recipe using only natural ingredients and creates a diabetes freedom super drink.


download page

Download Page

Since I don’t trust the previous program (that you should know the reason why), I am eager to try on this super drink simply because they didn’t put the additional supplement on the recipe and throw some misleading information. Although I am quite skeptical about this diet too, I see no reason to not try it – I mean my dad has no issue with the recipe either. Does it work though?

Let’s check it out!




What is Diabetes Freedom?


diabetes sugar


Created by George Reilly and Jonathan Freeman, this program aims to reverse type-2 diabetes that affected millions of people in the world. Although there are many similar diet plans, the authors claim their super drink and recipe will cure this disease within an 8-week maximum.

The authors accentuate on the eating habit that was the main cause of type-2 diabetes. For instance, avoid certain carbohydrate that contains much sugar and eat more fiber. Vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach should be present on a daily diet as these foods contain high antioxidants properties which are great to repair broken cells and prevent further development of other diseases.

Besides its 8-week diet plan, Diabetes Freedom has a 10-day super drink to try for beginner and anyone who wants a trial plan before committing the full one.



Inside Diabetes Freedom

video course

If you purchase the program, you will get a total of 6 e-books including Diabetes Freedom, Diabetes QuickStart, Fat Burning BluePrint, Power Foods, Meal Preparation Guide, and Stay Young Forever. Exclude Diabetes Freedom, the rest of the books are the additional information you don’t get from the former. For instance, the Stay Young Forever e-book focuses on how to maintain a healthy body despite growing older.

However, I won’t explain each of the books here because that would be too much elaboration and lessen our main focus on the Diabetes Freedom diet plan.

I will briefly break the book into 3 sections include:


Section 1. Introduction to Type-2 Diabetes


weight loss


Unlike the former diabetes reverse book I had reviewed before, the author gives a more reasonable reason what cause type-2 diabetes which includes eating habits. Indeed, people cannot get diabetes overnight; in fact, consuming a sugary product and high glycemic index foods over the years had resulted in the disease.

Type-2 diabetes is like a time bomb. You won’t be aware of your blood sugar levels until you feel ill. Or you just sleep on the ‘warning sign’ when your health check indicates a rise on blood sugar level when you thought “ah, that’s probably I overate something… it’s okay though I’m healthy and my family doesn’t carry that diabetes gene”.

Well, that’s when the disease starts. It firstly comes out as an irregular increase of blood sugar level, and then shortly after that we just learn that’s probably a normal thing. But, we should concern this irregular blood sugar rising because a normal one should stay in the lane.

It might answer the question of why most diabetic patients found out their disease like super late.

Also, being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean that you have type-2 diabetes because… a skinny person like my dad has this disease. Although obesity is always associated with diabetes, the actual problem is either the person has insulin resistance or the body doesn’t produce enough insulin hormones.

Insulin hormones take part in unlocking the cell to allow glucose that is one of the energy sources to enter. It also helps navigate the sugar stream in the body. But, a resistance towards insulin ends up building sugar on the bloodstream.

If we have a bad eating habit like consuming more fat and calories which eventually turn into glucose, the pancreas will produce more insulin to balance out the sugar. It will maintain our sugar blood levels on a normal range. However, too much sugar intake causes the pancreas ‘too tired’ to produce insulin. Thus, a rise in blood sugar levels is unavoidable.



Section 2. Introduction to Diabetes Freedom Plan


reverse diabetes


After understanding what causes type-2 diabetes, let’s dig into what Diabetes Plan is. There are 2 main programs to follow, the 10-day diabetes freedom super drinks and 8-week diabetes freedom plan.

The former plan is for a beginner who wants to try out the recipe in a short time although a follow-up program is considered as it includes the type of foods should we eat.

Honestly, the recipes are so so familiar to another weight-loss program. Probably, the authors mean to treat overweight diabetes patient. However, my dad who was going to try this diet plan is skinny, I decided to modify the meal plan a little bit (hint: reducing 4 smoothies to 2).

First, diabetes freedom super drinks a.k.a. healthy smoothies. I feel like repeating the smoothie diet program, but it’s now my dad. The smoothies, though, only use plant-based milk like almond and soy milk, coconut water, and many more spices.

The amount of spices probably differs this diabetes freedom smoothie with the former smoothie diet I tried. Ginger, for instance, has a lot of health benefits besides the popular treat for a common cold. It also has antioxidants that are great for repairing broken cells and treating an oxidative stress cell.

Although there is no scientific claim that superfoods can cure type-2 diabetes, these rich in fiber vegetables like broccoli and kale may prevent further effects from diabetes. That’s right, type-2 diabetes can develop into heart disease, damage sightseeing, the slow healing process, and increase stroke attack. A good diet with superfoods will reduce potential chronic diseases.


Section 3. Recipes and Food Information


kale salad


There are 22 super drinks recipes and a lot of food source recommendations on this book. However, the authors didn’t include the daily meal plan, moreover the recipes. Only what food to eat and avoid. Thus, if you are going to fully commit the 8-week super drinks plan, be sure to create your meal recipe during the program. Well, it was quite a hassle though.

But I know the author wants to give flexibility for our food choice. if he made it too strict. there is a  big chance that we cannot follow the program.

Also, you will find some useful information in this section like diabetic food lies you ever heard. You may ever hear certain brand products are bad for diabetic persons; actually, not all of them are true. If you have an allergy for gluten products, you can still consume the gluten-free option although it isn’t necessarily good for diabetes as long as you take it moderately.

On the other hand, sugar-free products that claim to be healthy are actually bad for diabetes. It contains alcohol sugar and or artificial sweeteners that harm your body.



What Others Say about Diabetes Freedom?*

testimonial diabetes freedom

testimonial diabetes freedom

testimonial diabetes freedom


My Dad Tried Diabetes Freedom for 3-week*


ingredients diabetes freedom

credit: prabhandini

After checking the recipe lists, I decided to try this on my dad who had been diagnosed by type-2 diabetes since 10 years ago. Yeah, it was indeed a long time and we managed to survive this by cutting every sweet-products and lots of exercising.

There is no cure for the disease; however, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help control the sugar blood levels. So, I didn’t expect much for this program.

First of all, I made some changes to the meal plan due to my dad’s references. Instead of taking the first 10-day diabetes freedom super drink that needs a full 4 servings of smoothies a day, we took it twice with the healthy meal plan for the next 21-day.

Also, I managed to swap unsweetened almond milk to powdered soy milk without sugar. It’s quite hard to find almond milk during coronavirus pandemic and it’s pretty expensive. Other than that, I thoroughly follow the drink recipe with certain vegetables, fruits, and spices.

Since Diabetes Freedom didn’t provide a full 8-week diet plan, I gotta make my meal plan. Although it won’t necessarily be a common western dish with salad and salmon, or wild cod and other fancy things, I did make a custom South East Asian dish that is probably more nutritious.

So, here is the 3-week meal plan including the smoothies one.


diabetes freedom meal plan

credit: prabhandini

If you don’t understand what my dad ate for lunch and dinner, you can google it up each menu – it is basically a vegetable dish with lots of protein from tempeh, tofu, and chicken breast.

Before the program sugar blood levels: 249


Week Fasting Sugar Blood
1 241
2 214
3 270

Normally, my dad will have a fasting sugar blood within a range of  170-199. I know it’s not normal for us, but it is for my dad since he has this disease. When the number goes up more than 200, he will start feeling dizzy and getting more exhausted.


before test

Before starting the program

Just before starting the program, he got his sugar blood levels risen to 249. So, I think that would be a good chance to prove the recipes. Then, we intentionally cut down the medication pills to know if the program works or not.

I know it is quite impossible to cure a 10-year disease within only 3-week, despite the authors’ claim to reverse diabetes just 2 months. However, if we took the medication pills short after the rising number, we won’t know the effectiveness of this program since the purpose of the medication was to lower the sugar blood levels.

It’s quite tricky and dangerous if I may say since we neglect the actual prescription to try the super drink recipes. Not to mention that we didn’t consult this issue to the doctor.

So, there it is. My dad consumed a smoothie for breakfast, healthy lunch, rich in protein dinner, and another smoothie late in the night. Just to you know, we used to fry everything with palm oil in Indonesia as it is one of our biggest commodities.

Apparently, palm oil isn’t that healthy as it contains high saturated fat. Again since dad is in certain conditions, we have always had olive oil at home for him only.

Although we used it occasionally, this time we swapped the palm oil to olive oil for a 3-week meal plan. Besides that, we stick to our usual dish and use more green leafy vegetables.

Week 1.

Sugar blood level week 1

After consuming the diet for a full week, there’s a little decrease to my dad’s sugar blood level. It went from 249 to 241. I asked this matter to the contact support and here’s what they said.


They only advised my dad to exercise a little bit more and continue the program. Also, I almost forget to mention that my dad is so active, despite going to work every day he’s also a badminton player. Although it wasn’t as intense as before, he still managed to play a set or two. But, after this pandemic is going on, he lessens the exercise time.

Week 2.

Sugar blood level week 2

I was kinda surprised to see how much lower the sugar blood levels decrease. It went from 241 to 214 which took a double-digit. This time, I felt a confident spiking in my mind as I mentioned before that we got rid of medication temporarily.

The diet was still the same, 2 smoothies and 2 proper meals.

Week 3.

Sugar blood level week 3

Again, I was surprised once more only that this time is a disappointing feeling. Dad’s sugar blood levels spiked up to 270 from 214 last week.

Honestly, I didn’t understand what was happening during a week as he still kept the diet routine on the list. He didn’t eat anything besides what was made for him since he’s quite happy to know his number went low the previous week.

I mean, it drastically went up almost 300! It is way higher than 3-week before.

Maybe there are some factors like:

  1. Stress because of Corona Pandemic. As we know stress can greatly affect our health, and my father has lessened his exercise too
  2. We only drink 2 smoothies instead of 4 like advised by the program
  3. We stop the medication without doctor consultation when starting the program. I think I should not stop the medication and let the program running along with the medication, and if my dad's sugar blood lowered at a certain level, then we can ask for the doctor if we can lower the dosage or not. Healing also needs some time.

So, as the closing, we decided to continue the medication pills as he was feeling dizzy and fatigue.


Where To Purchase the Book

diabetes download

If you are interested in trying on this program, here you can check it out at the Diabetes Freedom official website.

When you purchase the book which consists of super drink recipes, you will get additional bonus books including:

  • Diabetes Quick Start
  • Fat Burning Blue Print
  • Power Foods
  • Meal Preparation Guide
  • Stay Young Forever

Most of them contain additional information that relates to type-2 diabetes, for instance, a great approach to stay healthy in the old ages which you can find on the Stay Young Forever book.

Diabetes Freedom costs $37 with 60 days money-back guarantee. It includes 5 free bonuses that value for $147. In total, you will get 6 e-books only for $37.



Final Verdict*


meal plan

credit: prabhandini

I was so skeptical at first as you know I had reviewed a similar recipe book previously (you can read it here). So, I was thinking ‘oh it’s that another book’ which probably speaks nonsense. But, at least Diabetes Freedom didn’t present misinformation or guideline on it, unlike the former one.

It tells you a more logical approach to how type-2 diabetes can occur, to everyone regardless of how old you are or how obese or skinny you are. It is all started with bad eating habits and lifestyle. So, now that we know about the main cause we can prevent it from happening.




However, it is yet another typical book that the author can’t be confirmed whether he is real or they are just a paid actor to write a health book. I still couldn’t find who George Reilly is and how did he come up with such a recipe without having certification. Oh, wait, because a healthy diet is key to every problem. Am I right?

Nevertheless, there’s contact support in which you can send an email and get a real answer. I contacted the support team multiple times with different questions and yeah they are probably not a bot.

Also, the diet plan kind of works as my dad’s sugar blood levels jumped down for 2 digits. It is something I didn’t expect before. Although the 3rd-week result was disappointing, I think there must be an X factor that I didn’t know would affect my dad so much.

You know, stress can increase our sugar blood levels and the situation right now is definitely not helping at all. That’s probably it, I still don’t know for sure. Also, I didn't follow the protocol exactly as written in the book. As I mentioned earlier, I modified the smoothies intake from 4 times to 2 times a day, however, I thoroughly follow the smoothies recipes.

Besides, I mentioned at the beginning that we hadn't consulted with our doctor about this program. It was our decision to stop prescription pills in order to test this program.

As you should know, the nature of the diabetes pills is to lower the sugar blood level; it would be confusing to differentiate which works if we took it the same time.

It was not a wise decision, thus I advise you to always ask your physician before partaking the program. Since Diabetes Freedom only uses drink recipes without additional supplements, I agreed to try this for my dad.

In conclusion, I would say 65/100 as it may work for future diet but then the credibility of the author and the bold claim to reverse type-2 diabetes are just meh. It’s certainly only a marketing strategy to get your check, I mean come on no scientific studies prove type-2 diabetes can be reversed or cured. You can maintain a sugar blood level through a healthy diet and lifestyle, yes; but certain foods can reverse the disease, definitely no.*

Also, you can always check out healthy diet recipes free on google. Be sure to take a lot of exercises and stick to more fiber than fat!

Again, you still can try it out Diabetes Freedom if you want or go for the basic.




The recipes on Diabetes Freedom have never been approved by the FDA. Despite the claim, the authors stated that the information in the book is solely for educational purposes. Please contact your physician before starting the program.

The result of this program varies from one to another based on their initial condition. What I stated here doesn’t represent the whole website. This is merely my opinion based on the actual trial I did for my dad.



7.6 Total Score

Physical result:
Drink recipe:
Customer support:
  • Logic and useful information
  • Responsive customer Support
  • Recipes are easy to follow
  • Felt significant change on the second week
  • Affordable Price
  • No Strict Meal Plan to Follow. Just follow the nutritional guideline, what food to eat and avoid
  • No Supplement Involved
  • Author is questionable
  • No Food Recipes. Only provides 22 super drink recipes,
  • Book content is tedious
  • Doesn't provide a credible source to support both the recipes and claim
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