Plant Based Cookbook by Justin Kaye – My Impression After 1 Week

Plant Based Cookbook Review – Many people think that living solely based on plants is almost impossible, albeit the fact that we know veganism is on the rise nowadays.


Not all of them are the skeptical ones, but even some of the ones who desire to live healthier by eating plant-based food think the same.


Not only they think that plants alone cannot supply enough nutrients, but also because it is hard to find only plant-based foods for daily consumption.


Even though veganism is on the rise nowadays, and many restaurants provide good option for vegan lifestyle, but who would rely entirely on purchased food every single day?


We have to cook by ourselves sometimes, and this is where the option for plant-based food usually is struck out.


plant based cookbook (3)


I had such kind of problem recently, but luckily, I discovered the solution for that, almost immediately.


What I want to say here is, I have found the myth buster for those myths, and I want to share about what I discovered recently.


The solution is called Plant Based Cookbook by Justin Kaye, and here is my testimonial about it.



Why My Wife Needs Plant-Based Meal Plans


plant based cookbook (4)


If you ever read my previous review, such as 10 Minutes Awakening or The M Word by Emily Fletcher, you might already know that I was welcoming my first baby.


It was months ago, and now I am already a father of a beautiful boy. It was the happiest moment in my life so far, and everything has been rainbows and butterflies since then.


But one minor problem slipped through between our happy moments when we realized that my wife couldn’t produce enough breastmilk for my newborn son.


We consulted to our personal midwife and she explained that the best way to boost my wife’s breastmilk production is to consume plant-based foods.


Our midwife said that switching to plant-based diets not only would give instant boost to breastmilk production, but also will lessen the risk of allergy to my baby.


We know that when mother consumes allergen, and the baby has the allergy toward that allergen, the breastfeeding baby will suffer from the reaction.


And as I have explained before, finding one or two plant-based food in the menu is easy. The problem is when we have to live on it in daily basis.


plant based cookbook (6)


We are not a well-off couple that can order food online every single meal, and we have proven that cooking by ourselves can save a lot of money that can be used to take care of the baby.


Another problem we faced was that we didn’t have enough knowledge about cooking varieties of plant-based foods. We usually cook mixed foods that often include animal products.


Of course, we cannot rely only on tofu and spinach every single day for at least a month!


My wife and I needed a guide that would make plant-based diets easy to do, to make sure my wife can support my baby with the best quality breastmilk.


I searched online about the solution, and that was when I ran into Plant Based Cookbook.


We fell in love immediately with the cookbook, and decided to purchase it. It has been a week since first got into the cookbook, and here is my honest testimonial about it.




What’s Inside Plant Based Cookbook?


welcome page plant cookbook

Proof That I Have Purchased The Program


Now, let’s talk about things that made us fell in love with this Plant Based Cookbook. First thing first, this is not like ordinary cookbook that you usually get as the bonus of tabloid subscription.


Cookbook is made to provide us recipes of various foods. however, this cookbook doesn’t only provide a lot of recipes to make tasty, quick, and easy plant-based foods.


It also gives nutritional information for each recipe.


Thus, not only we can understand about what we eat, but we also understand about what will be absorbed into our body.


Furthermore, we can also control the number of specific matters entering our body such as salt, sugar, fat, carbs, etcetera.


Ah, those things are secondary for us. The most important information we got from the cookbook is, over 100 healthy and easy plant-based recipes!


plant based cookbook (5)


With that number of choices, the cookbook guaranteed us to never get bored eating only plant-based foods because we can even change the menu every day, and still have new menu the next day.


It has been a week since my wife and I practiced the recipes in the cookbook, and apparently, we found out that the program is a lot more.


Who Is The Author?


authorThe author of Plant Based Cookbook is Justin Kaye. He is also known for authoring the Plant Based Bodybuilding program.


His plant-based story began in 2017 while he was still consuming at least 500 grams of animal protein a day in his dietary program.


That amount of protein was equivalent to 18 chicken breasts, and knowing that fact he felt guilty and terrible on the inside.


His revelation came when he realized that his dietary program actually brought him so many troubles such as digestive problems, muscle aches, and painful bloating.


Not only that he also felt constipated and tired all of the time. Because of that, Justin Kaye decided to change his dietary program and did some research to find what’s the best program he could get.


He ran into a documentary called Earthlings, and it changed his whole world upside down.


It was the time he decided that he would go vegan, and research whether plant-based foods can supply him with enough nutrients to be made into his dietary program.


His research showed him that plant-based diet has so many benefits compared to omnivorous or animal-products-based diet.


Plant Based Cookbook is the collection of recipes of his favorite plant-based foods that he compiled into one dietary program.


“Writing this book has been a very exciting experience to take on, and it is the result of spending years experimenting with healthy food choices over the years,” Justin Kaye wrote in Plant Based Cookbook.


Plant-Based Lifestyle Guide


plant based cookbook (1)


Why did I mention Plant Based Cookbook as something more than just a cookbook? Here I will explain about it.


When my wife and I purchased this program, we expected ordinary cookbooks, something like tabloids subscription bonus.


But after we got the link to download the purchased cookbook, we found out that there are 4 contents listed in the welcome page.


The listed contents are as follows:


complete content


[+] Plant Based Cookbook:


This is the main course of this program. The eBook contains more than 100 plant-based food recipes (112 recipes to be exact) that are easy to cook, healthy, and of course tasty.


But not only recipes, the first 25 of 145 pages of this book gives brief explanations about the most favorite plant-based products used in this book.


You will also be given information about how to fulfill the nutrients by only eating plant-based products, the health benefit of switching to plant-based diet, what to buy and where you can get it.


This book alone is very useful already, but there are reasons why it comes with the other 3 contents.


[+] 30 Day Jumpstart Guide:


This is the first additional content that I didn’t think would come with the cookbook, but thankfully it does.


Given 112 recipes in the cookbook you might wonder what recipe you should try first. The function of this guide is to help you explore the contents of the cookbook, so that you can taste all the foods without any confusion.


But that’s not the main purpose of this guide. Its main purpose is to guide the readers to prepare for switching into plant-based meals or in other words switching into veganism.


The 30 Day Jumpstart Guide will make eating plant-based food not only enjoyable, but also a venture. The presence of this guide aims to help you jumpstart into veganism without finding any difficulties eating various, delicious, and healthy foods.


[+] Green Smoothie Lifestyle:


We all love smoothies, and we also love being healthy. So, why don’t we combine the two things and make it into one?


Green Smoothie Lifestyle is the guide that you need to make healthy smoothies, and just as the title said mostly the color of the smoothies would be green.


Why green? Because according to the book, “Greens contain a lot more vitamins and antioxidants than the other vegetables which are called “Phytonutrients.”


One thing to be pointed out is, the book doesn’t intend to make random green smoothies and push you to drink it.


It provides good information about the benefits of green smoothies, how to avoid mistakes in making it, and most importantly how to make green smoothies that will taste delicious instead of bitter!


[+] Plant-Based Grocery Shopping List:


In my opinion, there is nothing special about this self-explanatory content. Some people might need it as their grocery shopping guide, some others might don’t.


But if you want to follow this program through from the beginning to infinity, you might find this grocery shopping list useful in listing the things you want to buy in the grocery shop.


All of those contents are aimed to those who want to switch from meat-eating lifestyle to plant-based lifestyle.


According to my view, Plant Based Cookbook is just here to help you to start with the switching. There is no pressure, as far as I know, in determining how deep we should dive into this.


You can use it as your early switch into veganism, or you can use it as a guide to start plant-based diets just to lose some weight.


In our case, the purpose was to help my wife get good source of nutrients, which will help her produce good quality breastmilk for our baby.


It has been over a week after our first plant-based meal listed in this book, and my beloved ones have shown some improvements.




Deeper Into Plant Based Cookbook Contents


book plant based cookbook

The contents in this program are accessible from our phones in pdf form, and we can access it offline since with initial purchase you will be led into the download page.


It is nice to have in our phones, because we would likely bring it everywhere, we go. But for those who prefer having physical version of the program, they have to print it out by themselves.


Talking about the contents of the whole program, I found out that the eBooks containing recipes (Plant Based Cookbook and Green Smoothie Lifestyle) also contain brief explanations.


The informational section is the first section in this book, consisting of the author, explanation about sources of vegan nutrition, health benefits of eliminating animal products, etc.


information in the book

Example of Information Provided in the eBook


The explanations are needed to inform people who are still new to veganism or things like that about the benefits of eating plant-based foods.


I got a lot of information from reading the explanations. In example, this book informed me that ground flaxseed can be used to replace eggs in baking.

At first, I wondered about how to bake bread without eggs, but after reading the information, I finally knew why this book also include a lot of bread menus.


While the next 6 sections talk about recipes, but they are divided into chapters which are breakfast recipes, soup recipes, sandwich recipes, dinners, snacks & bar, and smoothies.


table of content plant based cookbook

Sneak Peek Into The Table Of Contents

Dividing the menus into those 6 sections is a great move, in my opinion. Because then we can eat proper food with proper nutritional value based on what meal we are going to have.


My wife and I like to choose the foods to cook randomly, and based on our experience dividing the eBook into sections helped us a lot.


In example, by choosing random recipe but still in the right section, we are most likely would not have only tomato soup for dinner.


The same also applies to the Green Smoothies Lifestyle, the beginning part would be brief explanation about things, and the recipes will follow later.


I also found a lot of new information from this eBook, such as why we need to rotate our greens. Apparently, rotating our greens can help us to absorb nutrients better and avoid allergies.


plant based cookbook (2)


For the rest of the contents, which are 30 Day Jumpstart Guide and Grocery Shopping List, I think both of them are aimed for those who want to seriously dive into this program.


The 30 Day Jumpstart Guide consists of meal plans based on menus in the main book. All those 112 foods are arranged neatly with balanced nutrients in 30 days meal plans.


I think the reason why this is called a ‘jumpstart’ is because the users will not suffer in the switch to plant-based meals, just like it has been doing it for longer period of time.


Just like my wife and I, we didn’t find it hard at all during the switch into plant-based meals since last week.


While for the grocery shopping list, even though we didn’t use it a lot, I think it would be a nice and detailed shopping guide for beginners who are new to plant-based lifestyle.


My wife and I prefer using our smartphones to make notes on what we need to buy, after deciding what to eat the next days with a roulette game.


This Is How We Did The Program



Spinach Mushroom Tofu Omelet, Our Very First Menu From The Book


As I mentioned above that this program is pretty flexible in how to be made use of, my wife and I decided to try this program first for a week.


During the first week, our very first mission was to check whether it could boost my wife’s breastmilk quality and quantity.


Just like I have already told above, my wife’s breastmilk production was not as plenty as expected. We consulted our midwife, and she suggested my wife to get into plant-based lifestyle.


As plant-based lifestyle was a new thing for us, we felt we needed a a guide. It was when we ran into the Plant Based Cookbook.


The Plant Based Cookbook by Justin Kaye was the guide we chose to get into the plant-based lifestyle, and of course during the first week we cooked several foods listed in the menu.


Tofu almond butter stir fry

Tofu Almond Butter Stir Fry, Delicious with Rice

In example, we have tried some menus such as Spinach Mushroom & Tofu Omelet, Tofu Almond Butter Stir, Peanut Stew, Broiled Sesame Tofu, Protein Date Bars, Falafel Salad, and of course the green smoothies.


None of them were too difficult or taking too long time to cook, even though in one particular case…


…I failed in an experiment with the recipe, and ended up with different ‘breed’ (LOL).


I ‘mistook’ the soy sauce used in the recipe and used the sweet and thick one we have, so the Broiled Sesame Tofu was sticky and somehow got a little bit caramelized. It was still edible, though.


Yes, sometimes we modify the method in making the foods or even the ingredients solely in the name of ‘science’.


Sometimes we replace the ingredients with what we already have in the refrigerator, or just add some additional ingredients to minimize wasting them.


That’s why, about the nutritional content, we don’t really care about it much because the midwife said that my wife should get as much nutrition as possible for her breastmilk.


So, we didn’t consider this as a dietary program, but instead as a nutritional boost.


broiled sesame tofu

Failed (But Still Good) Broiled Sesame Tofu, with Rice and Fried Potato


I myself don’t really care about what I eat as long as it suits my taste. Albeit my mistake, all of them are delicious.*


My wife and I even got one favorite menu from those listed above, which is the Protein Date Bars. Up until today, we have made it 3 times.


Not only because we love the taste of the snack, it is also very easy to make. Date is also known to be a good source of nutrition for breastfeeding women.




And After A Week With Plant Based Cookbook…


protein date bites

Protein Date Bites, Our New Favorite Snack


Well, after a week of changing our diets to plant-based foods that we discovered from the eBook, I personally almost felt nothing has changed.


So, is it bad? No, it is the opposite of bad.


How can an omnivore like me live entirely on plant-based foods for a week? I asked my wife and she also told me that she didn’t realized that a week has passed.


We consumed a lot of tofu and beans, yet we have not felt bored or fed up with the foods. All these thanks to the various recipes that the book consists.


Oh, and after a week following the midwife’s suggestion to consume more plant-based foods, my wife can now produce enough breastmilk to feed my son till he is ‘drunk’ of breastmilk.


falafel salad in the making

Falafel Salad in the Making

And for me, I still enjoy eating plant-based foods that my wife cooks me.


Talking about other contents in this program, I would like to mention again how the 30 Day Jumpstart Guide works wonder as a roulette to determine what to cook today.


I’m not saying that it is useless for us, or it doesn’t work as intended for us, but my wife and I consider ourselves in no need of any dietary guide or meal plans.


We just wanted to make eating plant-based foods enjoyable, and we didn’t want to commit on something that would instead become a burden.


While for Green Smoothie Lifestyle, my wife just loves it.


She is indeed a smoothie lover, and knowing that the program gives a lot of smoothie recipes, this part was the one that she checked out first.


Well, I’m a bit picky about smoothie because sometimes I don’t like the consistency, but since he first day of practicing this program, my wife has been drinking smoothies almost every day.


afternoon coffe for me, green avocado smoothie for my wife

Afternoon Coffee for Me, Green Avocado Smoothie for My Mrs.


Green Avocado Smoothie mentioned in Green Smoothie Lifestyle is her favorite, and followed by Blood Orange & Green Juice (in which she usually uses ordinary orange) from the main cookbook.


And talking about the final content, which is the Grocery Shopping List, we didn’t use it at all because we make notes on our phones before going shopping.


Overall, we didn’t find any difficulties in following the program, except when the ingredients listed things that we couldn’t find in the grocery store we use to go to.


bean spouts with tempeh

Bean Spouts with Tempeh, a Modification of Recipe Which Originally Uses Tofu

We found it hard to find kale, arugula, and blood orange (for the smoothie mentioned above). We were also lucky that we still stored some chickpeas that my mother-in-law brought us.


In terms of getting stuck in the ingredient list, we improvised a lot. And sometimes that’s needed.


Remember I mentioned I failed cooking the broiled tofu? That was actually 50% failure, and 50% experimental. I wanted to try whether using sweet and thick soya sauce would work with the recipe.


Oh, I think I should also mention that one time when we decided to replace tzatziki with our salad dressing leftover, because we had no idea what tzatziki was.


Yes, the only difficulty in following the program that we found was to collect every single ingredient. But if you can get all the ingredients easily, I think there would be no difficulties…


…except keeping the commitment to avoid animal products.


How To Get Plant Based Cookbook?


complete program


Okay, so my wife and I have tried things listed on Plant Based Cookbook last week. Based on my experience, would I recommend this cookbook for you? I’d say I would.


When I search for the prize of cookbook with almost similar content, I found out that the prices range from $13 to $25.


I purchased Plant Based Cookbook for $17.95. But remember, by purchasing this program, you get more than just a cookbook!


There are four contents you can get with the initial purchase, which are the Plant Based Cookbook, 30 Day Jumpstart Guide, Green Smoothies Lifestyle, and Plant Based Grocery Shopping List


Follow The Link Below to Purchase




Not only that, you will also be given bonuses if you follow the link that we provide above.


The bonuses are:


bonus 1

4 Calorie-Based Meal Plans


[-] 4 Free Meal Plans: Get 4 sample of 2000, 2500, 3000, and 3500 calorie menus if you want to maintenance your weight or gain muscle, while getting all nutrients from plant-based foods.


bonus 2


[-] Access to 7 Day Meal Plan by Nutriciously: Discover 7 quick and versatile vegan bowl recipes laid out for you in a week-long meal plan in new 50+ page downloadable eBook.


All of those things come with 60 Days Money Back Guarantee that you can claim anytime you feel the purchase is not satisfying for you!


Verdict And Conclusion


My wife and I have practiced the recipes written in Plant Based Cookbook for one week. For us, it has been a useful cookbook to help us switch into plant-based diets as beginners in a mission to increase my wife’s breastmilk production. And it worked pretty well.


The recipes we have tried were delicious, and based on our experience they all were pretty simple to make. Even when we experimented with the ingredients and cooking method, the result was still satisfying.


Even though the main content is the cookbook, but what the program consist of is more than just the eBook. There are other contents plus bonuses


But in our experience, we only actively used the cookbook and Green Smoothie Lifestyle. That’s why, in my own conclusion, this is made for people who have just recently switched to plant-based foods.


However, for people who aims for other purposes, this book can still give useful information and 112 plant-based recipes and extra smoothie recipes they can access anytime.


What this program lack is maybe the fact that it doesn’t provide any physical product, and we have to print it out by ourselves if we want one.




Our experience in using Plant Based Cookbook was based on our own initial purpose, nothing more. Even though we eat plant-based meals nowadays we don't claim ourselves as vegan, yet we don't glorify animal abuse either.


Plant Based Cookbook is a cookbook that will give you more than 100 recipes of delicious, easy to make, plant-based foods.


Some recipes may contain allergen such as gluten or nut products. Check for alternatives if you have the allergy for those ingredients.


It offers 60 days money back guarantee to ensure consumers’ satisfaction, since customers’ satisfaction may vary.


The results and effects depends on the purpose of purchasing this book. Different purpose with different determination to follow through will lead to different results.


As if the purpose of purchasing this program is an early guide to switch into veganism, this book can be a decent beginners guide.


If the purpose is just to discover more plant-based recipes, like my wife and I, this book can also provide a lot of information.



8 Total Score

Easiness To Practice
Quality of Foods
  • Recipes Are Easy to Cook & Tasty
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Good Explanations About the Contents
  • Downloadable For Offline Use
  • Good Price for Such Contents
  • My Wife Feel The Result
  • Author Is Not Famous
  • Extra Contents Are Not Very Useful For Some
  • No Physical Product, Digital Only
  • Some Ingredients Can Be Hard To Obtain
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