Change Your Life in 6 Weeks with Jon Butcher Lifebook Program

It’s been more than a half year, and soon new year will be coming too. Are you satisfied with your achievement so far, or even today, you’re thinking a new strategy to have more fulfillment in life? Before going further, what do you think if you’re re-inventing your goals again with Jon Butcher Lifebook Program on Mindvalley?

Have you ever heard about those people who always get a lot of luck in their life? Born in a rich family, having 4 kids, which successfully made their way to Harvard, and when those kids building start-up, boom…  everyone is on the list to invest in them; why bad luck seems always away from their life?

Meanwhile, we still here struggling to wake up in the morning, earning a living day by day, and push to put aside our thanksgiving holiday because of deadline and unfinished work. Why do all of those things happen to us, why not happened to those rich born families? Why life only gives us one choice, why we couldn’t we have happy family as well as an abundance of wealth?

And here, on Lifebook you will find the answer.

After trying this program i also feel positive changes in my relationship category. Keep reading my story until the end


Reinventing Yourself with Lifebook


What is Jon Butcher Lifebook program</h3

If you want to have happy, successful, balance, and fulfillment in life, you have to take responsibility to figure it out by yourself. Because there is a magic formula – but that formula will be unique to you.

-Jon Butcher.

For years, we always heard, it is impossible to have balance in life, we can’t be greedy wishing a perfect life in life.

But it’s not for Jon Butcher, to him each of our life categories is the foundation of other categories. That’s why we have to work on each of them, to get a happier and better life. However, you cannot have “it” unless you knew what “it” is. That’s why you need to define them; by going deep into yourself.

And that's Jon Butcher Lifebook is all about, finding again your life, and/ or defining again your dream life and how you will achieve it.

However, unlike others personal development program, which telling you what you should do, and how things should be, on Lifebook, it is you who define your own standard. Because you are the one who understand about your own life.

The program will guide you to gain clarity in your life by digging deeper into the vision, mission, and strategy of every aspect of your life.


Join in Jon Butcher Lifebook and Change Your Life

Jon Butcher background

Jon butcher and Missy

Are you Precious Moments lover? Then perhaps you wonder who is the owner of the company. Meet Jon Butcher, the person behind Precious Moments. He also will guide you through your own Lifebook.

Yes, Jon Butcher is the founder and owner of Precious Moment, a company which produces ornament as a symbol of goodness and love. Jon and his wife, Missy, are also running Purity Organic Coffee, which crafted for health. He also has been in self development and success industry for many years, and Lifebook is one of their projects to help people defining an ideal future.

Unlike others business, Jon doesn't pursue for money, instead, he obsesses for life experience in all dimensions of his life. He spent almost his half year abroad, bringing all of his family to experience in others country.

Many people asked him how he did it. The house he lives, his travel, body, and incredible relationship with Missy, … everything. And here on Lifebook, Jon will answer how he achieved and living in a balance so far.


What’s in Jon Butcher Lifebook program

Lifebook is an online course which presented on more than 1 hour video, workbook, and discussion with other participants on a Facebook secret group.

There are 12 categories of life that you will work on during the course, plus 1 warming up lesson to help you prepare for your journey on Lifebook. This course is completed with two assessment test, to help you find your life score before and after taking Lifebook program.

12 categories of jon butcher lifebook lesson

Each week you will learn two categories of life, through a series of recorded training video. On each category you will have three tasks to work on. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult task, you just need to answer what do you want in your life, why you want it, the purpose of it, and how you will achieve it.

The program also provides 6 live video calls with Jon and Missy Butcher, to consult or ask any question regarding the lesson.

You will also get an e-book to work on along with abundance quotes and photos for inspiration. You can attach the quotes and photos in your workbook if you wish to.


inside Jon Butcher Lifebook program

Inside Jon Butcher Lifebook program

Scroll down below to find what kind of book you will work on. I also uploaded one of my Lifebook-premises photo, to help you get a clearer picture of what the workbook in Lifebook is.


Reason I choose Lifebook  Program

Telling you the truth, this year I don't have any intention to take any self-development courses. Especially if the course also involves emotional things, past life, or about goals in the future. I just feel enough nowadays. I can accept what I couldn't have in life, I can embrace all the uncertainties, in other words, I am enjoying my life as it is.

If I have a chance to learn, I just want to improve technical skills that related to my work.

Therefore, after completing Superbrain with Jim Kwik, I didn't pay any intention to join Lifebook webinar, even though this class offer often appeared in my Mindvalley app notifications.

But that day, (again) I saw Lifebook ad on YouTube and I then wonder, what is this program really offering, I signed up for the free webinar. I was interested in Vishen's changing. He looked so younger after doing his own Lifebook (yes, I can easily change my mind). I mumbled, what this man told to Vishen so he can change that much? And so, I finally decided to participate in this program.

Vinshen, founder mindvalley changing after taking Lifebook


Other benefit that make me interested in Jon Butcher Lifebook

Do you believe if I told you that Lifebook program is free?

One of Jon and Missy Butcher mission is helping others to live a good life. In the past, this program worth more than $1,250. But in order to reach more people, Lifebook program is giving away for FREE. 

However, you need to deposit $500 for a commitment prove, that you will attend and finish Lifebook in 6 weeks. And after completing the program, you will get your money deposit back, right to your account. You will have 10 days to send email to Mindvalley and asked them transferred all your money back.


Get Lifebook for Free

However, by reclaiming your money back, you will lose your access to Lifebook class. Instead, if you want Mindvalley keeping your money, beside you will have access to the class forever, you will also get a Lifebook Masterclass. I haven't started the class yet, but when I sneaked pick the quest, it seems Lifebook Masterclass is the “action step” from the Lifebook you wrote.


My experience on Jon Butcher Lifebook

First saying first, I wished that this program has caption on all of the videos (just like Superbrain has).

Jon Butcher Lifebook program is a full video-audio course in along duration (more than 1 hour); so in my opinion, caption will be very helpful for those who non-native. It does not mean that Jon delivered the lesson unclear, instead he said every word clearly; but sometimes there are one or two words that I can’t understand. And often, caption helps me to understand better.

I also think, Lifebook is a very good program, and by adding captions, I think those who have difficulty hearing will be greatly helped.

Okay, back to my experience working on Lifebook; the first thing I did after login to my Mindvalley was taking the Warm-up lesson.

If you're planning to take Lifebook program, I really suggest that you listen and finish the Warm-up section. There are many useful things that will help you understand and have the right strategy to finish and successful participate on this program.

For example, how to be able to participate in each category of learning even though you hardly having time to open your quest.

The most important is, there is a Life Assessment quiz in this section. Completing the quiz will help you to find out which categories in your life should be maintained or even improved first.

Anyway, do you still remember when you sign up for Lifebook webinar;  Vinshen clearly said that you can ask for your money after completing this program? Well, actually you also have other options to reclaim your money deposit.

If after taking the Life Assessment test you feel you don't like this program, you can directly email and ask Mindvalley to return your money, without having to completing all of the categories.

Another important you shouldn't miss on Warm-up lesson is the Live call section; there are some useful tips and FAQs to help you complete your Lifebook quest easier.

As I mentioned above, all of the lessons in Lifebook (aka. the video) have a long duration. Because I don't have much time in my daily life, I chunked the video into 4-5 section. Or sometimes, I watched it based on the lesson section.


jon butcher lifebook review lesson

Time stamp to help you jump to desired section easily

There are 6 sections on each lesson those are Introduction, Premises, Vision, Purpose, Strategy, and Closing Words. So, if I don't have much time, sometimes I watched the lesson based on the section.

I also downloaded the audio version of the lesson (and the Live call too). Such away was very helpful. Sometimes, my data connection is very low, so sometimes it is hard to play the video lesson. Downloading the audio version helped me to make sure I didn't miss the lesson.

My favorite time to watch or listen Lifebook is in the morning, before the dawn break (learning in such hour is wonderful right?). However, if I wake up late or have to go outside early in the morning, I tuned to Lifebook when I commute or in my dead time (ie. standing on the queue, waiting my daughter at school, or folding laundry, and so on).

Tuned in to Lifebook has become something I need every day, and it has become a new habit for me. Listen to Jon's words is so enjoyable. I often get new ideas for my writing or a wisdom in life.

Another thing you should be scheduled is working-on “Lifebook workbook”. It is important in order not missing so many lessons. Work on your Lifebook is wonderful, it is like you are reviewing your daily life, and then finally realize that are one or two missed in your daily life.

But don't get frustrated, if you can’t figure out your PVPS ( Premise, Vision, Purpose, and Strategy ) in a particular category, you can do it later, but discipline yourself consciously, (by putting “work-on Lifebook” on your schedule) is also one form of improving yourself.

Remember, if you have any intention to re-claim your deposit money, you have to finish all the lessons first. And after claiming your money, of course you can’t go back to your quest. Therefore, use your time well, so you would not miss any important lesson on this program.

Ah, I almost forget to tell you, each lesson on Lifebook has a workbook that you should work on. It is a workbook to write your PVPS . Remember to download them before you watch the video lesson. You will also find a digital book of quotes and photo collection in the download section. You can print the workbook, or if you love journaling, you can write your PVPS on others book and use the template as your guidance only.


Writing my PVPS on paper helped me focus to my north star

I myself choose writing them on my journal, so I can read them in the morning or each time I loss enthusiasm to through my day. Reading my PVPS in the morning, help me keep on track and excited. Or when something doesn’t go as I planned, I simply go back to them to get inspiration or easily fix something which might go wrong.


Jon Butcher Lifebook my premises

My Premises on Health and Fitness Category

Lifebook gives you “a template” PVPS on each category of life. And I think it's very helpful when you have no idea what kind of PVPS you hold on so far. I myself didn't write my own PVPS. I simply modify the template Lifebook given. As you can see in below picture, I just did a little changing on the template. But again, you don't have to follow or just modify the template; you can write anything for your PVPS.


Example of Jon Butcher Lifebook workbook

Example of Jon Butcher Lifebook workbook

Lifebook is about reinventing yourself, thus you will explore yourself more, deep down inside; asking again what you have believe so far, why you believe what you believe and others.

And to me, such a thing often not easy, because it pulls me to uncertainty, confusing, and begin to ask myself, have my choices were right.

Fortunately, there is no right or wrong answer here, because it’s about you. However, when I got stuck, I can go to tribe (Lifebook community on Facebook) and ask for opinion there. I think this is one of great assist system that Mindvalley build so far, letting the participants to interact, telling theirs angst, or seek inspiration from others member experiences.


Reinventing Yourself with Lifebook

Some changes I had after joining the Lifebook program

I see my life in different way now. The biggest changing (and I am very grateful about it) is my relationship with my husband.

A month ago, I pointed to him as the one who made my life mess and an obstacle to my dreams. I am constantly thinking a divorce because I didn't see any good things in him, which make me uncomfortable to stay in this marriage.

But Jon lecture has changed me. The live call help me on how should take an action in a relationship. A good relationship should be built, and the result will be as much as we did it.

hands Couple

Jon gave some simple tips to maintain a relationship; like stopping your work when your husband/ wife come to your working room, paying more attention when he's talking, providing time to talk and others.

Jon and Missy also said, in a relationship, sometimes it is not just about them, but also about your own action which made the relation broke.

When there is a changing in my relationship, my other categories  life slowly (but sure) changing too. I've been more passionate with my work, there is more laugh in my home, I am consciously choosing the way I live and so on. Well, I know my life is not perfect yet, but I am sure I will be there someday.

I also started to choose which food I will take. I consciously asked myself “Is it the right food for my body? Is it the best food or drink which will really help to get my vision?”. I also carefully choose a job or task that I would receive. If it's not helping me to get life vision, then I will set aside or forget it.


Those who are thinking Lifebook is a great personal development program

Will reed: Life is a Spiritual Journey, and it starts early, probably before we were born. I love the quote that Missy and Jon mention several times in the video, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” (Mark Twain).

Yve: Lifebook is waaaay more than I ever expected. I Love this process, I’m loving the journey, I’m living it, I’m putting into practice the small habits, self discipline, consistency and persistence. I am seeing results already in fitness and health and in emotional state. I understand the stacking part, all of this resonates at a really deep level for me. I’m so incredibly happy and think both Jon and Missy are authentic and amazing. That’s my opinion for what it’s worth

Sally: serve us better – clear answer is sort the admin, see comment above. No excuse we've paid and getting timings and access sorted is straightforward stuff!

Svare: I am amazed how simply ones life can actually be structured in categories. My life would have been so much easier if i would have thought in categories like these a lot earlier. It is awesome that there is a pioneer like Jon who has made it available for others.

Aubrey: Really great experience so far, love the group support and access too. Really nice to immerse myself in own good work while having the support of the Jon, Missy, the coaches and the group. Nicely done!


Get Your Life Vision Clearer

Whom should take Jon Butcher Lifebook

There are no specific age or gender mention on the program or on the video preview. However, on there is a question from a participant about it. He thought that Lifebook is a great self development program, thus he want to give Lifebook to his child.

And Jon said, as long as his children ready to talk about sex or ready for sex, then you can give Lifebook to your children. Because there is also a discussion about love and relationship on Lifebook, so it will need a mature mind to complete the question. However, if you're wondering about the precise age, 16-18 years will be good to start a Lifebook.


Jon Butcher Lifebook is about our personal life, just like Jon said, that no one deserve to judge you. Because it is you whom the expert of your experience.

So what I wrote above is purely my experience. I believe everyone will have his own experience about Lifebook. So does with the result, the life changing which will happen after you take this program will be different from one to another. The result will also depend on your life knowledge and experience, or maybe culture where you are living.


Verdict and Conclusion

So, I must say that Jon Butcher Lifebook is indeed a great program. There is nothing more valuable than being sure about what you're doing, and how useful your choices for your future as well as your present life.

However, just like what you write on Lifebook, the changing which will happened, is very depend on your action too. Just because you've taken this program, then “Boom”, your life is turning to be wonderful as you can imagine.

There is always a process for everything, and joining on Lifebook, perhaps your first step to your wonderful life.

9 Total Score

Customer services:
  • Easy to apply in daily life
  • Very inspiring and easily adapt to user's life
  • Clear video and audio
  • Available for Free with Commitment Deposit that can be fully refunded
  • Expert & Legit Author
  • I've Feel Some Changes in My Relationship Aspect
  • Available in digital product only
  • No caption or subtitle
  • Need a high commitment and self discipline to finish the program
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