Mind Movies 4.0 Review by Natalie Ledwell – With My Movies Example

Natalie Ledwell's Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit Full ReviewEver tried visualizing your future before? Well, in my case I have heard enough of this imagining the future through some repeating visualization. For instance, if I want to visit Kruger National Park and Bahamas in my mid 30 then I should be visualizing those things in my head multiple times.


But, does it make the thing work? Or is it just my head?

To be honest, I don’t really do the visualizing like most of the time cause the thing is I’ve got works to do and sometimes I just forget to practice them.

Even though when things got hard and I lost some motivation for that, it just doesn’t justify me to begin the ‘whole visualizing thing’ or let’s safely say that I’m kind of lazy to do that.

However, I thought it is a good thing to start another visualizing practice to fuel my days better – not going to lie but I keep losing motivation whenever I reach that stuck state.


So here it is Mind Movies helps you to put whatever in your mind (your dreams and so on) to come true in the near future. It is solely designed for those who need motivation to reach their goals (that sounds a lot like me).

Without further ado, I've tried the Mind Movies and begin the quest myself to see what it does to my mind!

I also put my energizing video example made with Mind Movies on this review




What is Mind Movies?

mind movies natalie

Mind Movies is a software tool to create a life-changing video for visioning and motivating purposes. Like I said earlier when things in life get rough, a bunch of motivation is super needed to fuel up your daily struggle.


Mind Movies helps us to create whatever our dreams are in the future by compiling all the images and videos into a single movie to boost up your energy.

It can be your weight problems like you want to lose or gain some into your ideal proportion. It also be relationship goals with respective partners and what to pursue in life such as wealth, health, happiness, and many more.


Founded by Natalie Ledwell – A Once Struggling Serial Entrepreneur Who Turns Into A Success

Natalie-Ledwell mind movie kit

She was one of those struggling-serial-entrepreneur as she barely managed a 4-business that slowly ate her out. She was a restless and hardworking person until she missed out on something in her life.

Natalie was a student of personal growth for years before creating the Mind Movies creation kit. Through her days as a student, she figured out why many people couldn't achieve the purpose of life they had put on. People come and go, attending motivational events without applying the tricks into life.

That's when she came up with the idea of manifesting dreams into reality through her creation kit namely Mind Movies. Soon after its first release in 2010, Mind Movies has helped 5.8 million people heal, manifest, earn, and grow to this date.

She also owns her show at WakeUp TV with the purpose to empower women of today and an online Inspirational Show which she interviews outstanding guests discussing about Law of Attraction. Some of the popular names who have attended her show are Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.



A Video Maker Tool, But Why Should Be Mind Movies?

Again, there are a bunch of video maker tools out there and here it is the Mind Movies that offers you a wholesome experience of creating your own future. To be fair, Mind Movies isn't that common video maker tool because it isn’t meant to be. As stated by the founder itself, this tool helps you imagining your dream life in a way you could never do before.


To put it simple Mind Movies has that ‘thing’ that any video maker tools may not have.


It is the database.

If you ever visited a motivational fair or a corporate event where there is a special segment with inspirational words and music and probably a ton of videos showing you this is what it is to be happy and rich and so on; congratulation you have just experienced the ‘mind movies’ simulation.

Okay back to the database, what makes Mind Movies differ from any other tools out there in the presence of materials we need to put into our movie. For instance, I have years wondered about what song or music is included in the motivation video in those events that truly ‘gets’ me motivated.


Surely I did some research on the internet but most of it was useless when I faced a random inspirational music list. Not gonna researching again, I said.

So there it is the difference, Mind Movies has a big list of pictures, music, video, and even aspiration words for our creation.


Learn More About A Life-Changing Experience Through Mind Movies


What Is Inside Mind Movies?



Screen Capture Mind Movies – Pictures

The image section has a bunch of basic images for us to create things I like. Besides, it allows us to add our personal picture by browsing through laptops and the internet. These images help us to segment what we want to pursue in life.

A nature lover like me would definitely go into nature and landscape section and picks whatever inside to build my world. I also add some pictures I’ve got from the internet that add up to my likely. 

These videos may not be very special for me to use as I would prefer my own to be in the movie, but hey if you are some lazy or busy people are going to enjoy picking the available videos for your mind movie.   


Screen Capture

Screen Capture Mind Movies – Videos

This is quite a surprising section as I never expect the big list in the music section. Remember my story about finding the right background music (BGM) for my pleasure? Yes, this section provides a ton of BGM for any kind of movie you are going to make.

If you are working on some projects that need Mind Movies, this is utterly yours. Honestly, there are a lot of music that fit properly for a motivational video that I have never heard before. Also, I believe that many can’t find these on google.

If you are a trainer, you must be smiling right now!


Screen Capture

Screen Capture Mind Movies – Music

Lastly, there is another section for a less-idea headed like me: the affirmation words. Trust me when we are stumbled upon a state where we should define what exactly we want for our future is, we suddenly blank out for a second or two. It is also the same state when somebody asks what your strength is. 

These deep questions need a proper time to put everything into words. Hence the affirmation words do help us brainstorm on what we need exactly.

Of course, it is not obligated to use the available words, but through them, I could gather what is in my head and put two and two together.

mind movies scripwriting


This Mind Movies package comes with a bonus called Dream Crystallization that enables us to think about what we really want in life. 

Dream Crystallization is a video training by Natalie Ledwell to help us organize the things we want into short, powerful present tense statements or affirmations to use in the Mind Movies Creation Kit. It also comes with a scriptwriting process workbook.

The workbook contains all the questions to brainstorm what your key to life is.

Also, you can download the Mind Movies Creation Kit from the app store and play store. Although you can only view and download videos from this app. But, there are a bunch of pre-made movies that you can download. It seems fair enough.


Go to Mind Movies website to create your movies and check the Mind Movies creation kit app to view and download another great movie there. Also, don't forget to install a flash player to preview your movie on the website.

Note that there is another app called the Mind Movies in the store, however, it is the community app as you can't view your mind movies there. Hence, make sure to download the Mind Movie Creation Kit.

Usually, software needs a recurring payment to prolong the license, however, Mind Movies package doesn't require that. Once we purchase the creation kit, we don't need to make another payment as it already came with a lifetime license.



Is Mind Movies Really For Me?


personal movies

Woman Illustration (credit: pexels)

Well, for me definitely a yes as it always helps me conquer bad feelings or whenever I get down sometimes. As most of you may know already what Law of Attraction is and how it may help us reach our dreams, visioning what we want to do or to have in this life will boost our energy to subsequently work hard to achieve that.

However, keep imagining in a daylight or the middle of hectic days may be insufficient for most people like I am. Mind Movies does help me creating and believing that I will reach those dreams.


How To Create Mind Movies?

video tutorial

I bet you don't need a manual to create your own movies, however, if you do, don't worry! There is a video tutorial on the Mind Movies website. All you need to do is check out the tutorial there.

Or if you want a shortcut, so here it is. Click on create a video –> go to picture section –> drag a picture in the column below –> go to music/videos/affirmation words section to add your choice by dragging them –> click save the work –> click send to processor.

Voila! You now have your customize mind-movies of the year!

There are other options such as link the video into a YouTube/Facebook account or convert it into mp3 that are super easy to do just by watching the video tutorial.


Try Creating Mind Movies On Your Own Now!




I made my movie and absolutely love it!

“Thank you so much!!! I made my movie and absolutely love it! You have done an amazing website to work with. It is so much fun to create my own movie with all the possibilities you've offered!”


Nina Moshkovich


I am so grateful for Mind Movies coming into my life…

“I am so grateful for Mind Movies coming into my life…Thank you for being there when I needed it most, thank you, Natalie, for your abundant invite, I really needed to get into my mind!! And now I am and have and always will from now on!!!“


Catherine Goodwill


Mind Movies really really is one of those things I say…MAN, I wish I had thought of that one!

“Such a long time fan of your product! You know Mind Movies really really is one of those things I say…MAN, I wish I had thought of that one! It has been a pleasure to use your products and watch your phenomenal growth over these years. Well done by all accounts!”


Lisa Marie



My Experience Using Mind Movies

mind movies ledwell results

I will tell you what it is to visualize your dreams in repeat: you will not believe in yourself. I am not saying that visualizing is fake or whatsoever while in fact, it is important to keep us on track to whatever our dreams are.

However, imagining something in your head full of consciousness is sometimes neglectful when you don’t vividly picture them. In other words, if you don’t initiate it yourself (visualize the dreams) then you are not going anywhere.

Unless you have the actual ‘thing’ to remind you to keep on visualizing (and working hard).


See what I’m trying to say?


Mind Movies keeps me remembering what my dreams are. It reminds me on a daily basis that I have dreams to work out. It eases my visualizing practice and most importantly it gives me a vivid picture that is running in my head.

So instead of imagining ‘thing’ with my eyes closed as I did before, I watch everything I want to do and achieve just in one movie. 

I start my day by watching the movie I created through their website. As simple it is, I just put on my headphones and play it for less than 5 minutes; it is enough to make me energized.


I am going to say that the whole experience is fun as I watch the things I like that I personally put on my words and pictures. It does fuel up my energy. It is like I am talking to myself, my positive side is talking to me or so I said.

The movie itself is great and I had so much fun picking up my words and setting them to my preference.


Click to Watch My Video Sample Below 


The Mind Movies I created

Although the bad side is that the website is super slow. I don’t know if it was my internet connection or my laptop but I had never had an issue with my connection before so the former is out of the line. Also, I changed my laptop to another one to see what the real deal was but nothing is wrong with my stuff.

There is also another thing that requires my patience: the editing process. It needs some amount of time to get things are done, for instance, it lags in the middle of switching one picture and another. Also, the preview option isn’t smooth and somehow deletes the material I had put on before.

In brief, the user experience is not great in my opinion even though it offers a good package of database which I believe would benefit us more. Nonetheless, Mind Movies is a likable source to create a professional-and-motivational movie that anyone can produce.


Where To Purchase Mind Movies?

Just click on this official website of Mind Movies to create our movie of the year.

The pricing is decent for a video maker tool with a great number of database in there. It costs $97 for a Mind Movie single package, however, it also comes up with bonus gifts that valued over $1000.



There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee if the product is not satisfying. Click Here to contact the support and refund your money.

As I thought it would be great if I try another product from the same company, so I am going to have a Mind Movies Matrix review just right after this.

Check also a similar review about Joe Vitale's Law of Attraction here.


Final Verdict

The purpose of Mind Movies itself is to put up whatever picture in our head into a single movie that we can ‘clearly’ see it with our eyes. The hope is to boost the energy within to eventually work hard and reach those dreams. I believe that nonchalantly.

It does lighten my day whenever I click the play button. I become a more positive-minded person right after finishing my movie. I watch the dreams I made and read the positive words on it, surely it bright my mind. Case closed.

Even though Mind Movies may appear as that common video maker that you can download it for free from the internet or iOS Store (and Play Store), it is not. What differs Mind Movies from the other video maker tools is the database. Surely I can download the tool for free anywhere but I won’t get the material I need to set on.

It actually benefits all the trainers and motivational speakers out there as the music and affirmation words are already inside the package albeit the latter is a basic statement we can find anywhere. Of course, personal usage is also a winner considering the amount of time we have to put to find the best soundtrack and image for our movie if only the database is not there.

The outcome is fine but user experience during the editing process is dull. Nevertheless, the Mind Movie creation is a good source to create such an inspirational video with those materials that probably only a few may find them on the internet when they find the correct title. These background music that people will go oh-I-heard-that-at-those-events or what-is-the-song-title-during-motivational-video-please.


Produce Your Personal Inspiring Movie Here



Mind Movies are solely designed for a motivational purpose by visualizing the dreams into a physically-see video. This hopes to bring out the positive mind then turn it into a real hard work. However, the result of being affirmative may vary from one and another based on the belief of each user and how frequent they practice.

You also need to do your part. Just visualizing without taking action brings you zero result. Visualization helps you to open more opportunity and  possibility for you. But without an action it will become futile



8 Total Score

Content / Database:
Website Speed:
Simplicity & User Friendly:
Customer support:
  • Easy to use
  • Great materials inside the package
  • Provides a 60 days money back guarantee
  • Gives a positive impact, I have tried it
  • Has a big library, especially picture and music sections
  • Created by a legit author
  • A lifetime license and no subscription fee
  • Editing process is super slow
  • Website does lag when loading the library
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