How Mind Movies Matrix Helps Me Become Productive! – My Honest Review

Mind Movies Matrix Full Review – After experiencing myself with my Mind Movie, I finally tried the next item which is the upgrade of the previous one: Mind Movies Matrix. Remember the whole visualizing thing in the previous review, right? Here you can check out my personal thought on the original Mind Movie.

Alright, Mind Movies Matrix, on the other hand, is a subliminal audio and video using a different kind of sounds in a specific frequency.


It brings alpha, beta, theta, and delta sounds to the table.

If you are furrowing a brow on these scientific-sounded words, get a glimpse read on my review about Binaural Beats Music to know what those brainwaves are and how they affect our body here. 

So let’s check Mind Movies Matrix out! 




What is Mind Movies Matrix? How is it different from the original Mind Movies?

matrix mind movie dashboard

Comes from the same company that produces the Mind Movie creation kit, the additional ‘Matrix’ word brings out a different experience for the user.


The Mind Movies Matrix allows the user to experience a motivational video and audio with the sound of brainwave that each promotes a different benefit to our mind.

Of course, what differs the most to its previous product is the presence of the brainwave while the former focuses on creating a personal movie based on the materials in the Mind Movie’s database. Hence the Mind Movie Matrix only offers a ready-to-watch motivational video and audio that are specifically designed for the customers.



Inside Mind Movies Matrix

inside mind movies matrix

Unlike the former product, Mind Movies Matrix has already provided some videos for us to watch. Four movie sections compile almost all common problems or worrisome topics among adults. Here they are:

1. Money

This might be one of the biggest concerns in the human history. Money has already been the key to almost any area in our livelihood. Do you the phrase that “money can’t buy happiness”? Apparently, the statement isn’t 100% correct.

Money doesn’t buy happiness straightly from the box, but we can spend the money to create happiness. As simple as having ice cream on a hot day will bring a smile to whoever the person is. That is why we need ‘money’ to buy that ice cream for us to smile widely.

That is another reason why people thrive to achieve success, to earn more, or in other words to become wealthy. However, the road to success was never easy as it needs not only hard work but a belief.


So here it is what Mind Movies Matrix is trying to help people overcome their concern in life. This section is specifically built for those who wish a financial success.

2. Weight Loss

Appearance comes first when it comes to presenting ourselves in front of others. Some people wish to be fitter and some would just want to lose a few pounds to get in shape.

The reason why there are many weight loss programs out there is that most of us concern about the way we look at the mirror instead of what is inside. Although it is a bitter truth that ‘most people’ will judge firstly by their look, so it is kind of normal that we should look okay.

And guess what?

Even though a lot of programs offered to make our bodies look great, not many can pull up the result to their desire pounds. As it is sometimes frustrating to stay on the track, a weight-loss participant should keep their motivation burnt.

Again, it is not that easy.


Mind Movies Matrix will remind us how beautiful we are despite the way people look at us. This movie section also helps us to stay motivated during a weight loss program. So, if you are at it, try visualizing yourself with Mind Movies Matrix and see how it goes at the end of the program. 

3. Relationship

A good life is nothing without a healthy relationship we have with others. This relationship is beyond a couple thing as it may be a whole connection with people around us.

Sometimes we take a granted when our family and partner love us unconditionally but we forget to spread the love back, let alone for strangers.

Also, we often forget how to build a great relationship even though we already did all the necessary interactions with them. However, a compassion relationship does need effort to achieve and here it is Mind Movies Matrix helps us to get into them.



4. Perfect Partner

Sometimes we do invest more to find a perfect partner for life, even though it is impossible as it sounds. There is no way to find a perfect human being to accompany us. Hence, this section is dedicated to those who are in search of their other half.

Instead of giving a trick to get a ‘perfect' one, Mind Movies Matrix tells us how perfection is there within imperfection. It gives us a mindset of how ‘perfect' already our partner is.

It just that we need to accept whoever he or she is. Mind Movies Matrix constantly reminds us that our partner is perfect on any side and that we don't need to invest something that God does not create.

Bonus section

Sleep Meditation

As part of practicing Mind Movies Matrix, having a great sleep is one of the keys to finding inner happiness. Although some of us (including me) have difficulty to sleep a. k. a. insomnia, this bonus section would help a lot.

It comes with two different kinds of music, the first one is without a guide and the other one uses a guide. So, if you have sleep deprivation, try this special sound to help you get a better sleep.

The Mind Movies Matrix has 3 kinds of audio:

  • Mind Movies Matrix Entrainment

So, this type of audio is the weirdest of all. Its entrainment sounds may sound strange to our ears, however, Morry has specifically designed this on purpose. It stimulates the brain by combining entrainment sounds to a specific frequency.

Entrainment audio is preferably practiced in the morning with a headphone on.

  • Mind Movies Matrix Subliminal Audio

On the other hand, subliminal audio is the ear-catchy among all. It has the sound of motivational music out there as it keeps the energy after a day. The best time to watch this movie type is in the evening without a headphone, unlikely to the former one.

  • Subliminal Audio

Last but not least is this mp3 type music that is convenient to listen to during the day. It has the most earthy sounds of all. In the money section, for instance, there is a combination of wave sound, wind breeze, and slightly an entrainment sound that I was quite unaware of.


Who is Morry Zelcovitch? 

morry zelcovitch

Morry is a professional and certified sound engineer in the USA. He worked on the brainwave sounds to find out which are the best to boost productivity. He also trained people to achieve their great state of mind using the sounds he produced. His name became very popular among the trainer and motivational speakers in which led him to meet Natalie.

Natalie Ledwell who founded Mind Movies was deeply interested in Morry’s work. She initiated the meeting and finally signed on a phenomenal collaboration with him. Together they created Mind Movies Matrix, using a Mind Movies visualization and Morry’s brainwave sounds.

Before its launching, the team was specifically worked on the best-fitted section that covers all the biggest issues among adults. Thus the 4 dedicated movies are created. These include money, weight loss, relationship, and perfect partner.


Click Here To Find Out Your Mind Movies Matrix


The How to Mind Movies Matrix

introduction matrix

Unlike the former product, this is super simple as we have to do is download the movies on the website. However, before practicing Mind Movies Matrix there are some things to keep in mind.


First of all, don’t forget to download the instruction and Morry’s letter in the dashboard of Mind Movies Matrix. These documents are important for us to understand the product better.

For instance, a brainwave entrainment movie is best played in the morning while the subliminal movie is fitted for the evening. The reason is that the sound engineer had figured out the best outcome when each movie is played at a specific time.

Also, before starting the program Morry suggested us to focus on a goal instead of playing all the Mind Movies Matrix in a time. That way we can devote ourselves with one purpose as it will avoid the overwhelming feeling during the program. 


How is My Experience Using Mind Movies Matrix?


mind movie matrix money

Credit: Mind Movies Matrix

It was quite easy for me to pick up which would be my main focus, so I decided to devote myself to being a financial success. I downloaded the money section along with a sleep meditation as a bonus.

The second I watched Mind Movies Matrix – Money, I furrowed a brow trying to fight the urge to stop as I found the sound was super weird. However, lucky me I managed to download the instruction before and read the information there. Otherwise, I would directly click on the exit button.


Well, Morry stated in the instruction that THE SOUND WILL BE WEIRD for the first time as it was supposedly directed to our brain, not our music preference. He produced the sound that will initiate a relax state and promote brain stimulation. Hence, our brain is going to love it despite an odd acceptance our ear might have.

After adjusting myself with the sound, I found it relaxing and hypnotizing at the same time. I received a constant statement that suggested me to be positive in life. I find myself to be more productive. For instance, after spending my time with Mind Movies Matrix – money section, I have the urge to work harder and focus on the things I want to achieve.*


A Comparison between Mind Movies and Mind Movies Matrix

comparison movies

As both products come in a single website, hence I will make a comparison between the similar factors.

Mind Movies

Mind Movies Matrix

Content The original Mind Movies has a great database as its purpose to create a personal motivational movie. The database includes many various pictures, background music, videos, affirmation words, and transitions. On the other hand, Mind Movies Matrix doesn’t provide a database to create a movie. Instead, it gives several movie sections for daily motivation. Mind Movies Matrix gives a wholesome experience with the addition of brainwave sound on each movie.
User Experience

Running on the website is okay although when it comes to editing a movie, it becomes super slow. Also, it lags most of the time. Besides the editing part, the website is easy enough to use.


Unlike the original product, Mind Movies Matrix’s website doesn’t offer any options besides its product page. All the 4-key movie section is on the same page. It requires only a single download button for each movie.



The main purpose of Mind Movie is to visualizing the dreams into a picture compilation that comes in a single movie. Users will get an experience to create a video based on each preference.


Mind Movies Matrix, however, has prepared the movies that cover almost every biggest concern of adults. The movies are ready to download and practice.




The Mind Movies Matrix program is the best and greatest weapon to aid one towards a life of abundance.*

“With only limited time each week to watch the morning videos, I am already seeing a change with an increase in abundance and magnetic attraction, especially to the opposite sex and a serenity and calmness in my day to day activities. I have been communicating online with the most beautiful woman that I have great love and adoration for and who loves me for me. I am extremely sure that she is my soulmate. I am quitting my current job that I dislike and will be marketing online within the next 10 days. I firmly believe that the Mind Movies Matrix is the best solution to change one's mindset and have abundance in one's life.”


– Karel Crk


I've manifested a new DREAM job with a big pay rise, new car, $10,000 from an unexpected source.*


“With Mind Movies Matrix, I've manifested a new DREAM job with a big pay rise, new car, $10,000 from an unexpected source, dream home that came as part of the new job, and a
further $9,000 in cash. All of this in around 7 months.”


– Andrew Temple


I love the subliminal for the evening, and I sleep like a baby!*

“I love the Mind Movies Matrix!

I just started watching the videos and using the subliminal, but I can already feel a difference in my mood and level of excitement! I love the subliminal for the evening, & I sleep like a baby! Looking forward to more results the longer I make this part of my everyday life!


– Ana Meeker


I have just had one complete calendar month at work without a day off sick – my first in six months.*

“Imagine me dancing and singing this… I've done it, I'm happy, I'm proud of myself! I have just had one complete calendar month at work without a day off sick – my first in six months. I'm feeling fitter, healthier, slimmer (I've dropped a dress size and about 10kg with it). Releasing weight was not my primary goal. I just wanted my health back. I don't know for sure how much I have released as I haven't weighed myself but I feel GREAT!!! I love me. I thank me, making the required dietary changes has been sooo easy. Thank you Mind Movies, Morry and tapping.”


– Lisa Eden


Purchasing Mind Movies Matrix

The only place to get the Mind Movies Matrix is on the official website here.

As it includes a brainwave sound in each movie, the price is higher than the original product. It costs $297 with a sleep meditation audio as a bonus.

However, the great thing is that there is a solid year money-back guarantee when the product is not satisfying. How cool is that? 

Not to worry though, you can always contact here to return Mind Movies Matrix.

There is also a free online master class for you to attend. This class will explain more about Mind Movies Matrix and more reasons why you should try the product. 

masterclass movie matrix



Final Verdict

This Mind Movies Matrix is that underrated product that actually is fine. To be fair, I almost stop myself from watching the movie the second I heard its background sound. As I stated earlier, it needs a great will to bear the weird music on them.

For the sake of success, I should say!

Even though those odd feelings will later be gone after we get the point of the movies. So, I managed to watch them without any difficulties. Also, it is kind of addictive and hypnotizing after finishing each movie. I find myself to become more productive. For instance, after spending my time with Mind Movies Matrix – money section, I have the urge to work harder and focus on the things I want to achieve.*

I consider this as a great way to hypnotize me positively. The movie gives a constant statement that I eventually suggest it is true.


The product comes in a complete package for daily activities. For instance, the entrainment movie in the morning, an hour subliminal audio throughout the day, a subliminal movie later in the evening, and lastly a sleep meditation to close the day.

There is no arguing that a person becomes deeply motivated just after a week. Imagine how energetic that person is after a whole month. After all, I can say that the Mind Movies Matrix helps me believe in my dreams through its constant affirmation statement that stuck in my head and keeps me productive during the day. *






Mind Movies Matrix provides a source of motivation with the help of visualization and brainwave sounds. It is purposely designed to stimulate the brain with the presence of a unique sound and its affirmation words.

However, the result of the program will vary from one and another based on the amount of time of practicing and their beliefs. It is important to follow the rule for playing the movies as a different occasion might not bring the best outcome. Also, avoid listening and or watching the movies while driving and in the middle of activities that require full consciousness. 

You also need to do your part. Just visualizing and making affirmations without taking action brings you zero results. Visualization and affirmation help you to open more opportunities and possibilities. But without action, it will become futile.



8.1 Total Score

Simplicity and User Friendly:
Money Back Guarantee:
  • Easy to use
  • Provides 1 year money back guarantee to ensure you got the benefits
  • Gives a positive impact, I have felt it already
  • Created by a legit and expert author
  • Focus on 4-biggest human life problems: money, weight loss, relationship, and perfect partner
  • Only need 6 minutes minimum a day to apply
  • Scientifically proven
  • The sounds are weird because it focuses on stimulating the brain (not familiar with the ears)
  • Price is expensive
  • Picture compilations are ordinary
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