Mondly Language App – My Honest Review + 10% Extra COUPON

Learning language gives you freedom to travel unexpected roads with confidence. And nobody gets you talking new languages faster than Mondly

We can find this quote above at Mondly website. Mastering a new language is needed by everybody for some reasons, such as: education, works and sociality. This app promises to help you learn new languages faster than anyone else.

Launched in 2014, It has quickly become the fastest growing language app on the App Store and Google Play. Its quality was recognized by a lot of brands giving Mondly some achievements.


Mondly Achievements

Mondly Achievements

I've already tried the free trial and used the premium version. And here's my honest deep review about this app.



What is Mondly?

Mondly is a language learning apps consist of solid neural science combines with cutting-edge technologies. To keep users highly engaged, it is designed as a fun addictive game. Learners progress through lessons, complete tasks, earn achievements, unlock new content and competition.

Most language learning apps only let you learn from English. But Mondly allows you to learn from any of  34 languages, twice as many as the next biggest competitor. You can choose the challenge level. Either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.


Mondly Selected Language

Learn new language from our native language

Since it's easier to learn a new language from your native language,  the platform becomes one of the most extensive language learning solutions. With 25 million users and still counting. You even can do parallel learning for many languages.


Parallel learning

Parallel learning

It supports both visual and verbal learning style. The speech recognition technology is very helpful to train our ears and muscles for the new language.

It's also great for both social and solitary persons. Because we can learn together with our friends and compete with them, while we can learn alone and use it as self-study anytime anywhere.


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Mondly Menu

Mondly Menu


How Mondly Make It Faster?

With Mondly, people learn languages faster in a fun and engaging way by practicing authentic conversations in a highly interactive app.

It helps people speak a new language by focusing on full sentence communication, rather than isolated words, which makes people learn to communicate faster.

Crisp and clear audio recorded by professional native speakers combined with beautiful graphics immerses learners into the language right from the start.

To get results fast, the app uses innovative methods to teach speaking and pronounciation. Developers use state-of-the-art speech recognition technology from Nuance, market leader in voice recognition.

People can record their voice and take part in simulated conversations. Recorded conversations can then be practiced hands-free while running or driving. 


Mondly Key Features


  • Everyday Life Categories – Consist of lessons and conversations for daily interaction in many life situations, such as: family, travel, sports, transportation, food and drinks etc.


  • High-Level Engagement – Progress through the lessons, earn achievements and unlock new chapters – Compete with your friends
  • World Class Speech Recognition – This app includes a speech feedback engine featuring Nuance speech recognition technology that identifies errors and helps correct the learner’s pronunciation
  • Adaptive Learning – As you learn so does Mondly – The app will adapt the lessons to your specific progress and needs
  • Handcrafted Lessons – created by language professionals, with editorially-curated images and native voices recorded by professional voice actors
  • Localized in 34 Languages – people from more than 70 countries can use the app in their own language
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android and on the Web – helps you learn on multiple devices and progress is automatically synced across devices.
  • Free Daily Lessons in Premium Version to keep coming back for more
  • Free Trial with limited feature


I Want to Try Mondly Now

What's in Mondly Free Trial?



From the menu showed at the last picture above, Mondly Free Trial has only 3 active categories: Hello, Daily Lesson and Chatbot. Hello Category is an introduction lesson contain of 6 Lesson Sections, 1 Conversation Section and 1 Vocabulary Section.

Daily Lesson Category has the same arrangement with Hello category. But the questions are new and different everyday. It makes these app unique because of the ever fresh content.

People receive a new lesson every day, and a personalized notification to encourage them to keep their learning streaks. Byte-size lessons that are perfectly adapted for busy schedules make the apparently difficult languages easy to acquire.


Mondly Lesson Sections

Mondly Lesson Sections


Mondly Conversation & Vocabulary Sections

Mondly Conversation & Vocabulary Sections

The Lesson Section has some vary types of questions. They are completed with nice graphic and clear audio to help you understand. So you can answer them correctly. Here are some of the question forms:


Select The Right Picture

Select The Right Picture


Swipe to The Correct Answer

Swipe to The Correct Answer


Select The Correct Translation

Select The Correct Translation


Arrange The Right Answer

Arrange The Right Answer

At the last type of question above, sometimes we find the underlined word. We can click it to know more about the tenses based on time, subject etc.


Mondly Tenses

Mondly Tenses

If we learn a language which has its own script, we can choose to use the traditional script or keep it in alphabet by click the double buttons at the up right corner. We can type in traditional script with a supporting keyboard, too.


Switch The Script

Switch The Script

The Conversation Section lets you to repeat the sentence that has been pronounced by the app voice. Tap and hold the speaker image and release it when you are finished. The app will identify errors and helps correct your pronounciation.


Mondly Conversation Section

Mondly Conversation Section

Vocabulary Section gives you some questions in swipe form without any image to challenge your memory about some new words.


Mondly Vocabulary Section

Mondly Vocabulary Section


I want to try Mondly now!



If you click the Lessons Button as the picture showed below, you will see the complete lessons listing and your achievement so far. You can search any topic by typing a keyword in your native language. For example, I search all lessons which are talking about water.


Mondly Menu Tab

Mondly Menu Tab


Searching any topic

Searching any topic in all lessons

Each time you complete a section, a progress report modelled in brain shape will arise. It contains of how many words and phrase you learnt, how much time you spent, your score etc.


Mondly Report

Mondly Report



You can view more details about your progress at Statistics Menu. It shows your activities progress day by day.


Mondly Statistics

Mondly Statistics



It allows learners to compete against other learners. The unique element? A competition between nations where each person contributes to the total score of his or her country. And guess what? I found my friend's name there!


Leaderboard based on countries

Leaderboard based on countries


Leaderboard based on Points

Leaderboard based on Points in my country


Leaderboard based on Streak

and Leaderboard based on Streak at global

Since it's very challenging to learn together with your near friends, you can add your friends to learn and compete.


Leaderboard based on friend cycle

Leaderboard based on your friend cycle



The goal of the Conversational Chatbot is to provide fun and adaptive lessons that encourage users to practice the language they are learning in everyday scenarios. In free trial version, you only get one Hello scenario. While there are another 7 scenarios available for Premium version.


Chatbox Menu

Chatbox Menu

Mondly featuring a language-learning Conversational Chatbot to help users practice speaking and writing while learning a new language, the first of its kind. You can choose to make conversation by speaking or writing. You need to install Adobe Flash Player for speaking.

The Conversational Chatbot interacts with users, understanding voice input and replying with a human voice. It already understands millions of phrases and words in each language and it is improving every day.

The app uses speech recognition technology enhanced with its own proprietary object recognition engine that identifies objects in text to create adaptive visual responses.


Mondly Voice Chatbot

Mondly Voice Chatbot

If you choose to chat by writing, there are some suggested things to say. You can choose one of them or go with your own answer. It will be followed with a suitable cute emoticon. App will respond it appropriately and reply you in everyday conversation if it can't understand your feedback.


Mondly Writing Chatbot

Mondly Writing Chatbot


Mondly Premium Benefits

Mondly Premium Benefits


What You Get in Premium Version?

You can enjoy all features completely. There are:

  • 41 Categories
  • 8 Menu of Chatbot
  • 1000 lessons and conversations
  • 5000 words and phrases
  • 55 conversational modules and
  • unique lessons every day.

The price is very friendly. You can purchase for a month or a year, one language or all 34 languages.

And now, there is a special discount 90% to get premium access for 34 language in a year!


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Additional Device Requirements


  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Keyboard that support the traditional script of chosen language to learn


My Experience with Mondly

Even I never use any app for learning language before, i think Mondly is adorable. The user interface is interesting. Since I love game, it is very fun, easy and challenging. The lessons are very simple and effective to make us mastering a language for everyday talks.

It is great teaching me with full sentences, not word by word. Making us know better about the grammar structure. I get nice experience about reading, writing and speaking in a new language.

I learn Arabic language from English. The main challenge in learning Arabic is the complex writing system. Fortunately this app can handle it very well since the company is experienced with another non-latin scripts. Arabic being the 10th non-latin language in its portfolio.

I still think that learning a new language with Mondly is enough for everyday talking needs, but we need to take another course for deeper knowledge and get the origin character of the language. Even its advance level can't satisfied my needs in knowing the unique character of some languages.

Because it looks like the lessons for all languages was built from English structure. So, sometime we find it's only the other language versions of English things. For learning Arabic in example, it has 14 pronouns but only 7 mentioned in this app. Since English has only 7 pronouns, too.

I like it better in my Android phone than desktop because of its mobility. The mobile version is better in portrait direction. In landscape, the menu looks too clustered.


Mondly mobile version

Mondly mobile version in landscape orientation



Since my daughter uses Mondly for learning, I asked her opinion and here is her testimonial below. I copied my friend's testimonial too since I found her name in the Leaderboard. And the last three testimonials were taken from review in app store.


“I like Mondly a lot! So much better than the other. Because it is no advertisement and another app only can be used from English language.”

Ninit Paramasari:

“I have tried a lot of language learning apps, and Mondly is one of the best. It is well structured, and the speech recognition feature is especially helpful. However, since the lessons for all 33 are similarly structured (I suppose around how English works), some special features of a language might not get taught. For example, there are 14 pronouns in Arabic, and because there are only 7 in English, only that number is taught. Other than that, the app has helped me to learn tremendously in a relatively short time.”

Viva Official:

“Five stars because this app is very helpful to master a language fast. Don't be hesitated to choose this app. Thank you.”

Suballi Goakisskenda:

“Nice. This application very like. I am so understood little by little speak United Kingdom of England language. Thank you very much. Good job. Upgrade again to the best.”.”

Reta Rafli:

“A fun learning method. Very helpful for memorizing how to pronunce the words and sentences, and how to write them. Thank you.”


Who is The Creator?

Mondly is created by ATi Studios. Located in Romania, Brasov, ATi Studios was founded in 2013 by Alexandru and Tudor Iliescu.

This is a team of passionate professionals with deep experience in education, technology, games, and media, ATi Studios is on a mission to revolutionize the way people learn languages: to make it a faster, more fun and more fulfilling experience.


Final Thoughts

Mondly is one of the best learning language app. It makes learning many languages becomes quit simple, fun and fast. It fits for any learning style. Since the visual is great and the verbal technology is very helpful. Its features are one of the kind and built well.

It is enough for daily conversations. But you need to take a course for deeper knowledges about the languages.



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9.3 Total Score

Speech Recognition:
Ease of Use:
  • Pretty user interface
  • Fun & Easy to Use
  • Can Learn from your native language
  • 34 Languages to Learn
  • Helpfully speech recognition
  • Supporting transliteration
  • Cheap
  • Available for iOS, Android and desktop
  • Clustered view in landscape mobile version
  • The material covered is not too Deep. but enough for daily conversation
  • Not adopt the origin character of some languages completely
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