I’ve Buy Million Dollar Business Secrets – My Review, Pros & Cons

So apparently if you’re not making a million dollars out of your business already, it would not be considered a success. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, and even though your business is doing ok, if you’re not earning big bucks then you’re on the wrong lane.

Or at least, that’s what T. Harv Eker. is trying to tell us.

At first I was skeptical on Million Dollar Business Secrets. One, it costs more than 100 bucks and two; it does not guarantee me any instant results! All I know this product could be just another scam strategy that you can most probably find info of for free if you do some research.

But… curiosity beat me and I purchased this product anyway. If you’re one of the people who are confused on what impact this product can offer for your business, then you are at the right page.

Below would be my full on review regarding this product, which should help you decide whether this is what you need or not.

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Can Million Dollar Business Secrets Help You?

If your business is struggling, or you’re simply doing below expectations, chances are it has something to do with how well your strategy is in making money.

Struggling Business

Instead, you need to put your effort and focus into working on your business instead of always working in it.

That's where this wealth building course is going to help you.

This program is made for those of you who have yet met their goals and are lost in looking for a way to meet it, or maybe those who have met their goals but want to pursue further for a higher achievement.

Low Income

As you're applying Million Dollar Business Secrets to grow your employer's business, you'll be testing your new knowledge, honing your skills and building your experience.

Then, when you're finally ready to launch your own business, you'll know exactly what to do to create wealth quickly.


What Do You Get for Your Money?

So, what Million Dollar Business Secrets is, is a clear cut learning program that gives you information and tips on how to not simply be an entrepreneur, but to understand the differences between running your own business and actually managing it.

This program is meant to make you very, very wealthy.


It breaks down like this:

  • Module # 1:  Guerrilla Wealth Tactics
  • Module # 2: The Secret to Effective Negotiations
  • Module # 3: Ultimate Marketing Strategies
  • Module # 4: How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds

These videos will show you the secrets to becoming wealthy in the fastest time possible.*

The 4 modules are comprised of 20 videos ranging from 11-44 minutes that teaches the strategies for becoming rich quickly with your own business.

And what I like about this course is the course's technique can be applied to any business niche whether it is health , online , information , food , transportation , barber , plumbing,  etc.

Each module is broken into multiple videos for convenient viewing. Videos are accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, whichever suits you.

But remember when you buy the course not all Module is available, each modules starting from module #2 will available on the next week. So all modules will be fully available on week 3. This is to make sure you focus on 1 module at a time

Million Dolar Business Secret





  1. Access to a 90-minute LIVE “Tough Love” mentoring call where T Harv Eker offers his unique form of hard-hitting coaching to Million Dollar Business Secrets students.
  1. Declaration card and screensaver to support what you learn in Million Dollar Business Secrets. Wealth and success begin in the mind, so to help you adopt a wealthy mindset more quickly and easily, we've crafted a set of affirmations specifically to support what you learn in Million Dollar Business Secrets.
  1. A professionally designed Million Dollar Business Secrets workbook in printable PDF format for jotting down all key points, biggest learning and powerful writing exercises.



My Take on Million Dollar Business Secrets

So when is the right time to buy Million Dollar Business Secrets, if ever? First you really have to think about whether it is something you can invest your money and time in, always try to see through hype.

The Million Dollar Business Secrets course is made up of time proven strategies to build a business in any industry and create true wealth to live the life we’ve always dreamed of – More time, more money, more freedom.

Here are some lessons that i got from Million dollar business secrets

  1. Why you should avoid any business that carry receivables
  2. How to start business if you don't have capital
  3. How to sell your product / services effectively so you can get big income in short time
  4. 1 negotiation technique that make T Harv Eker gain $400.000 more * . very simple but if you miss it  you can leave big money on the table
  5. Best Advertising to reach your prospect that don't cost you and arm and a leg
  6. How to compete with your competitor and not just by slashing your price
  7. 2 Simple word that you should say to make your negotiation a success
  8.  and much more

You’ll learn how to build a long term sustainable business in any field within 3 years or less. I’ve tried the course for about 2 weeks, and obviously I am not yet a millionaire but I am certainly ahead of where I was previously. I now earn 10% more than I used to and with a time span of 2 weeks, I think that's pretty damn good.*

If you think you've applied everything you've known but still don't earn as much as you'd like, then it's probably because your financial blueprints don't match.

Using this course so far has been a positive experience for me, although I have to say it does require a lot of effort and time. Like Eker said, business is really a lot of work. If you don't plan to be a millionaire with it, it's better to get a good job, and I agree.


Who is T. Harv Eker.?


MBDS - T Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker.

Now let me tell you a bit about the guy behind Million Dollar Business Secrets – T. Harv Eker. Eker is the author of the bestseller book of New York Times – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind which was also #1 on the Wall Street Journal’s business-book list.

He’s also written a self-published book titled SpeedWealth and create Life Makeover Coaching

Eker began by starting 14 companies and failing in all of them, taking up to over 12 years before finally seeing success with a retail fitness store.

He began that 15th business with $2,000 in credit card debt and became a millionaire within 2 years. Eker then began analyzing the relationship that rich have with money which led to creating his Peak Potentials training company along with becoming one of the most sought after speakers and trainers.

Although Eker is an incredibly wealthy man today, he is very open about the failures along the way. At a rate of failing more than one business per year, Eker in the end found certain principles which guided him into creating the first success.

However, success with this company was not instant, taking up over 3 years of work with the business, he finally achieved the millionaire status. During that time he has learned many tips and tricks that he shares so that you can replicate success for yourself.

He has provided instructions and guidance so that you can do the same thing.

He does not promise that you will instantly become rich, but shares enough about him to prove he is a legitimate person and not a fake persona designed to sell products.



Before deciding to purchase the product, I recommend trying the Zero to MultiMillionare Webinar first. Even though its only 1 hour long, it is very rich and content, and may open your eyes to new strategies that never even crossed your mind before.

Make sure you have your mind prepared, as there will be a lot to take and take action to. If you purchased the product, but do not apply the strategies given, then your business won't go anywhere. Your business will not run better by just merely purchasing the product.

  1. It is better to download the video materials rather than stream to anticipate unstable internet connection. Each video are about 11-44 minutes long.
  2. Put the videos into your mobile device, so you can listen to them anywhere and anytime.
  3. Use the bonuses received for maximum knowledge and information application towards your business.
  4. Don’t rush, you can’t apply all strategies and expect to be a millionaire in just a few months. The author said it is possible in between 3 years or less.

Make proper use of the strategies given, you need to take the actions suggested and put a lot of effort and time to create a major change for your business and your financial situation.  


Million Dollar Business Secrets's Testimonials

Alba Rubinstein Tavares:

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a really cool thing:

My husband and I received an email a few weeks ago asking us to play 180€ for a consultation with an accountant for our business.

We believed the price was extra high given that the accountant had spent almost half of that hour explaining how his services worked and selling to us his system…

So we negotiated with him using Harv’s methods and advice.

I’m SUPER glad to say we’ll only be paying 37.50€, and the accountant still considers doing business with us 🙂

For an extra small business like ours, at its beginnings, it’s a major win 🙂*

Gail Brownell:

Hello Everyone! My name is Gail Brownell and I am from South Dakota. I just completed Module 1 of MDBS and this information is pure gold!!*

Helen Dziadulewicz:

Hello Everyone! Just finished listening to Part 2 of Guerilla Wealth Tactics. Priceless! The teachings all seem so obvious now but I’ve never looked at things like that before. I was always trying to find ways to offer my product for less not more! Thank you Harv for exposing my poor mindset! I’m commited to changing my outlook and life…*

Laurent Benisvy:

After having listen to module one….I feel so good and believe that I can use all my chemistry research skill globally 😀 😀 😀 I could do chemical mentoring course “how to be a successful research student” <3 <3 <3 Thanks hav 🙂 🙂 🙂



Where to Buy?

The Million Dollar Business Secrets course is available for purchase with 75% off, from $997 now for only $249 through the link below:


Purchases are available through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network.

And if you don't like the course for any reasons, you can ask for full refunds in 30 days, so you've got nothing to lose

Training from T. Harv Eker through his “Zero to MultiMillionaire” webinar is available for free through this link:






Bottom Line

I would say that this product is definitely different from the similar ones on the market who gives you false promises and fails to deliver.*

The Million Dollar Business Secrets provides a real plan, not just suggestions. Whether you are new or experienced in the world of business, this program is an invaluable resource for achieving success.

If you are still skeptical on whether to purchase the program, I suggest you jump on board with the Zero to MultiMillionaire webinar.

The content is rich and powerful giving you 6 principles that shows you the difference between becoming rich or staying middle class and poor. Not to mention the webinar is only 1 hour long.



This program will not guarantee you instant results. You will have to make many changes towards your business and may take multiple years to get to the desired goal, in this case a millionare.

You will have to be patient and diligent in figuring out exactly what you and your business needs.

 Your success will depend solely on how much effort and time you put into taking the actions outlined in the course.

9.6 Total Score

Content Quality:
Value for Money:
  • Simple, effective strategies
  • Works for every field of business out there
  • Each video ranges for only 11-44 minutes
  • Created by real entrepreneur , and not by a person who just give theory without practicing it
  • No complicated and No common old boring business theory
  • Multiple bonuses
  • 30 Days no Question Asked money back guarantee
  • The Lessons Can be applied to any business niche
  • You might have to make many changes for your business
  • You cannot access all modules when you buy it. The next module will be unlocked on next week
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