I’ve Bought Children Learning Reading by Jim Yang and Here’s My Honest Review

Children learning reading can be started at earlier age. Young children are far smarter and more adaptive than we think.


Why children should learn reading? Because reading is still the most fundamental skill. It's food for brain. Information, education knowledges come from the books.


This book gives a program to teach children reading. Teaching children to read will feel just as natural as feeding them or changing their diapers.


You don't need any specialized training or knowledge to be able to teach your child. You will always be the best teacher for your child.


I have bought the premium package and here is my experience and honest review using this program with my 3 years old son.



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How Children Can Read?


Scientific journals and studies said that there are two critical components of teaching children to read:


  1. phonemic awareness
  2. synthetic phonics

Soon when children master them both, they have tools and knowledge to decode written text fluently and effortlessly.


Phonemic Awareness

It is the ability to hear, identify and work with the phonemes. Phonemes are the smallest units of sound that work together to make up words.

For example, the word BUS contains 3 phonemes or sounds, which are /b/, /u/, and /s/.

The conclusion of a UK study done at the University of London was that:

Early phoneme awareness and phonics instruction efficiently accelarated the word recognition and spelling skills.

With this program, the goal of helping your child develop phonemic awareness is achieved through:

  • reguler and consistent word blending and segmenting games outside of the lessons
  • learning letters, letter sounds and blending practice within the lessons


Systematic Synthetic Phonics

Synthetic Phonics is an explisit phonics method that teach children how to convert letters into phonemes and then blend them to form recognizable words.

Blending is the process where you take all the phonemes and string it all together smoothly and seamlessly to form the complete word.

This is one of the more simple and super effective types of phonics to teach young children to read.

Implicit or analytic phonics involves looking at the whole word first, and the child uses his knowledge of similar words to read a word.

If child knew the words “cat” and “hat”, he could learn the word “bat” by recognizing the common sound of “at” and identify the sound of letter B.

Since this program teaches synthetic phonics and phonemes awareness, it allow us to simplify the lesson by breaking down English into the smallest units as phonemes.


What Do You Get From Children Learning Reading?

In Standard Package you will get:


Children Learning Reading


  • Children Learning Reading – Stage 1
  • Children Learning Reading – Stage 2
  • Lesson Stories for Stage 1
  • Lesson Stories for Stage 2
  • Letter Sounds MP3 Audio Clips
  • The Most Common Sight Words
  • Children's Favorite Nursery Rhymes
  • Lifetime Program Upgrades
  • 12 Week One-on-One Consultations


For the Premium Package, there are additional packages:


Children Learning Reading
  • 5 Children Learning Reading Lesson Videos & Workshop
  • Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 1 Lessons
  • Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons
  • Stage 2 Rhymes
  • Zip file containing all of the book and audio contents.


Get Children Learning Reading now!


How This Program Goes

The program is very simple, straight forward and step by step. The key principles of this program is not a focus of memorizing phonics rules.

There are 44+ phonemes in English. Many of them have multiple grapheme representations. While one grapheme have multiple pronounciation.

This program starts simple, begin with teaching child the basic sound that is most often associated with a grapheme.

The reading instructions here start the alphabet names, letter sounds and blending. It was designed to teach children to read in a very logical and sequential order.

Using the step by step lessons of this program, with some time, consistency and patience, any parent can successfully teach their child to read.

This program start off with letters A, B and C. Afterwards, it proceeds on the most common letters such as T, U, S, P and so on.

It starts off teaching capital letters, and then transition over to lowercase letters.

Within the audio clips, it demonstrates the letter sounds along with the blending examples.

Stage 2 teaches digraphs, 2 letters that combine to make one sound, such as: ch, ph. Consonant blends, such as: bl, sp, st, cl etc are not taught separately because they can be easily sounded out.

The program teach a limited number of sight words. First sight word taught here is “the” in lesson 12.


About Sight Words

This reading program does not teach whole words as shapes. Child does not need to develop any initial sight vocabulary when using the synthetic phonics method.

Learning words by shape memorization could quickly lead to confusion. There are gross similarities of the shape and configuration of so many of the words.



Different children will develop at different speeds. Older and mature children will catch on quicker than the younger ones. It needs patience, being consistent and persistent.

A big challenge that many parents might face is getting their children to cooperate. Here are some tips to help the program succeed:

  • Go through each lesson in the program at least 3 times a day. Start from 3-5 minutes each
  • You should teach that we read from left to right, and top to bottom
  • Talk to your child at the same level
  • When speaking to your child, pick one word and blend it.
  • You don't need to stay stuck on lesson #1. Spend a few days on each lesson, and then move on.
  • Don't skip the lessons
  • Praise and encouragement
  • Offering a small rewards
  • A role reversal that the child becomes teacher
  • The reading contest game


My Experience with Children Learning Reading Program

The Lesson Videos & Workshop in Premium Package are worth the price of the entire package in itself!

This is a series of videos that documents a 12 week learning to read period Jim Yang went through with his second child, Ethan.

It clearly demonstrates that makes it not only possible, but so simple and effective to teach even a 2.5 year old toddler to read.

I try this program to my 3 years old child. The major problem is his mother language is not English and knowing nothing about alphabets before.

He is a kinestetic kid, too. So, it needed some patience and tricks to help him stay calm for a while. Here is our first day executing this program:


I was very surprised that he can follow the instruction and imitate the alphabets sound directly. The result at the first day is beyond my expectation and makes me optimistic.


I'll try this program


Children Learning Reading's User Testimonials

I found there are a lot of positive reviews about this program, in some personal blogs and videos. Here are the reviews about this e-book at Goodread:


testimony 1 testimony 2


About The Author


jim yang

Jim Yang is a father of three children. He began teaching his kids to read at 2.5 years old.

Jim have spent an enormous amount of time doing research looking at scientific studies and reports on reading, its benefits also correlations with development.

He have used his best efforts in preparing this program and the accompanying materials.


Where to Buy Children Learning Reading?

This program is available in Standard Package for $69 and Premium Package for $89. These are instant downloads and there are no physical items to ship.

After trying this program, if you're not satisfied in any way, there is 100% No Question Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


I want to order Children Learning Reading

Verdict and Conclusion

Children Learning Reading was arranged based on scientific journals. The program is very simple, straight forward and step by step.

It is proven widely that you can practice the program successfully for earlier kids from 2.5 years.


Different children will develop at different speeds. Older and mature children will catch on quicker than the younger ones. It needs patience, being consistent and persistent.



This program is for educational and informative purposes only. It will not cure or correct any disabilities, difficulties, problems or any other conditions related.

9.2 Total Score

Scientific Proven:
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple program
  • Include many studies and research
  • Very helpful videos and equipments
  • Created By an Expert Author
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Some Repeated Materials Here and There
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