Blood Pressure Program by Blue Heron Health News, is It Really Work? This is My Personal Experience

About a month ago, my mother was hospitalized for 5 days because of typhus. At the same time, her blood pressure had increased dramatically, touched 170/90.

The condition of her heart turned out to swell according to the x-ray results.

Previously, my mother had a history of hypertension. She regularly takes hypertension drugs.

She was a little bit overweight. In her big family, her late father died because of stroke.

And now, we were very worried about my mother’s condition.

On her recovery period, I was looking for the way to lower her tension back to normal.

I found a program to lower blood pressure from Blue Heron Health News that was very interesting, simple, and suitable for my mother at the time.

Now, I will tell you about the program and I will share you the experience after applied some procedures from the program.



About The Blue Heron Blood Pressure Program

The author of this book, Christian Goodman, believe that there is single organ that responsible for almost cases of high blood pressure.

Can you guess what the organ are meant?

That is BRAIN!

Goodman told that by addressing your brain, you can lower your blood pressure even without medication, supplement, diet, or strenuous exercise. Your brain is so powerful to control everything in your body.

Goodman had introduced the program that offered three exercises to lower the blood pressure. By doing these, you will have experience to treat high blood pressure with pleasurable and relaxing way.




What to Do?

Blue Heron Blood Pressure Exercise is about action which will works if you work them, but will be useless it you not practice the exercises.

The program is delivered in both TEXT and AUDIO formats that complimenting each other.

Goodman suggested you do all practices by following the audios in this program

Audio consists of 3 parts for all exercise.s The duration is around 12 minutes for exercise 1. Also about 23 and 26 minutes for exercise 2 and 3 respectively.

blood pressure exercise

Let's discuss in more detail the whole steps.

#1 Exercise 1. 

This activity intend to synchronize between body and mind into happy and relax stage. Keep in mind that all movement is meant to relax. This is very simple exercise and you can easily do this on your own.

#2 Exercise 2. 

One of causes of high blood pressure is depression feelings. In this step, all you need is just practice to release the major feelings in your body.

This exercise can be practiced anywhere without specific setup.

 Relaxation or quietness is needed for this step.

#3 Exercise 3. 

This exercise should be practiced before going to sleep for the best results. The purpose of this step is to relax both of your body and mind so your sleep will be better.


How to Work the Program

For the best results, you should do all exercises provided in this program everyday: the first exercise in the morning, the second in the afternoon and the third shortly before going to sleep at the night.

  Each exercise only takes 9 – 15 minutes.

But if you don’t have much time for that, you can do other options as I highlighted below:

  1. Do exercise point ONE every day, then do the exercise TWO and THREE every another day.
  2. Do each exercise every other day so you just need do only one exercise every day.

But, it all depends on your personal preferences and what you experience.


 Doing exercise by following the audio instruction will be better for you since it is easier for you to keep focus on the movement and doing the right exercise.

You don’t need to remember something, just listen to the audio.

Goodman told that some of his client have experienced immediate results from exercise number TWO. Their blood pressure dropped dramatically by doing that. So, if you experience that one exercise giving the best result for you, then focus on that exercise (but don’t forget the other two exercises).


Who is Christian Goodman?

I did some google search about Christian Goodman and I found this website: which explaining about who Goodman is.

Christian Goodman

But, actually I am not sure that he is real. It was difficult for me to find about him on any other website.

There was no way to verify the existence of Goodman because he has no photo on his website and no social media presence.

Hence, if the author is not exist, we can not trust his capability in providing medical advice for patients with high blood pressure.


Where to Buy Blood Pressure Exercise Program?

Actually this blood pressure CD audio can be bought at Amazon. But unfortunately, those are no longer available.


blue heron health news amazon

But, don’t worry, you can purchase the CD audio and the book from the official website by clicking button below.



It cost $49 for the whole program. A digital copy of the book and audio will immediately delivered to your email after purchasing.

Purchase will be processed by ClickBank with No Question Asked 60 day money back guarantee.


What do You Get for Your Money?

This is what you get from The Blue Heron Health News Blood Pressure Program

  1. The main module of the Blood Pressure Program. This simple module have 16 pages, contains step-by-step practical exercises with additional tips, suggestion, and information.
  1. Audio version of the program. These will help you doing all the exercises.



As a bonus from your purchase, you will get a 20 pages report on Natural blood pressure lifestyle ( Food, Supplement, Herbs )

This bonus is precisely given together with the package of program. Why?

The main book specifically discusses exercise for release stress that can cause high blood pressure.

But, generally we understand that the causes of high blood pressure are not only stress, but lifestyle such as frequent eating junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

This bonus complements the main book from Blue Heron Health News so people can doing treatment to reduce blood pressure comprehensively.


My Personal Experience With Blue Heron Blood Pressure Exercise Program

After my mother discharging from the hospital, she still needed a lot of bed rest.

In her recovery period, she was unlikely doing all exercises of the program consistently.

But, one thing I noticed, almost every day she was like doing exercise NUMBER ONE, in her own way.


She stood up, didn’t walk, just stood up for about 2 minutes, moved her hands slowly.

Then she did a bowing motion for about 2 minutes before she stood up again.

Then she prostrated for a while, till her forehead was touched to the floor, then she sat down.

She repeated that movement at least twenty times .



For Exercise Number TWO, every day she woke up before dawn.


After did some light exercise as I mentioned before, then she sat dawn for about 30 minutes.

She released her emotion, took a deep breath then exhale while revealed her feelings.

Meanwhile, exercise number 3 was not routinely performed since she often fell asleep immediately at night.

Of course, all she did was on her own way without audio. I could not ask her to perfectly following all procedure of the program due to her condition at that time.


What's the Result?

One week after discharged and did some exercises, my mother’s tension returned to normal gradually.

From 170/90 to 140/90. In second week, the tension slightly dropped again, 130/90. but sometimes it does bounce back

Is that surprising or not?

She had some good progress for her health. She had done a lot of things like bed rest, taking medication, and doing light exercise.

I can't conclude that the program is the only thing that makes her blood pressure back to normal, but I can say that the program helped to lower the high blood pressure.


Other Testimonial for The Blue Heron Blood Pressure Program

I found some honest reviews about this program from Amazon.

The rating of customer reviews was 2.5 out of 5 stars.

People gave one-rating star stated that this book didn't cure non stress-related causes of high blood pressure. Yes, actually I agree with this comment since this program is focusing the blood pressure treatment from the mind. So, it didn't discuss about food, tobacco, or other factor non stress-related.

There is bonus report Natural blood pressure lifestyle help to fill the missing pieces. And i say that you MUST incorporate the lifestyle change mentioned on the report in addition to the main exercise program.

People who gave five-rating said that they found benefits for their health after doing all step of this blood pressure program.


Testimony for blood pressure program

Testimony from Amazon


Testimony from Amazon (cont…)

Although I see the result of this program for my mom, because i see the negative testimonial on amazon.
I Try to Find better alternative

and i found The Blood Pressure Down by Janet Bond Brill Phd Rd is quite good ( I Haven't read it yet )

She is is A leading diet and nutrition author, lifestyle-interventionist, researcher, educator and life-changing speaker.

And the Book has 4.2 Stars on Amazon from 221 Review and the Price ranged from $13 – $25. 

It is Far More Cheaper Than Blue Heron Blood Pressure Program

Although the only downside is the book is quite thick 352 Pages. so it takes time to read compared to the Blue Heron Blood Exercise Program


Blood Pressure Down by Janet Bond Brill

Blood Pressure Down by Janet Bond Brill



Do I Recommend These Blue Heron Health News Program ?

Despite the 2.5 star rating on Amazon. Because i see a result on my mother ( although she doesn't do all exercise everyday ).

I Only recommend this program to people who are

  1. Depend a lot on medication
  2. Have little knowledge about Natural treatment / seldom applying Healthy lifestyle
  3. And doesn't want read thick healthy book

If you are already know about healthy lifestyle and exercising like Yoga or Meditation i don't think this program can help you a lot

But still if you want to try the program. Feel free to do it. Try for few weeks and if you don't see a result just refund . There is no question asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

for 60 Days. Click This Link for Refund

Or if you want more detailed blood pressure program. Try The Blood Pressure Down on Amazon


Final Verdict. 

Regardless of the existence of Goodman, the exercise in this book is easy for everyone. There are no extreme or dangerous part to practice.

So, for everyone with high blood pressure, give she/he advice on doing light exercise and this program from blue heron health news can be a reference.

The instruction is very simple and clear with a step-by-step audio. It just takes about 15 minutes for each exercise and people don't need do all exercises if they can't.

Nothing to lose  for purchasing the program. If the blood pressure is really drop, it means you can prove that this program works well.

Or if you can try more cheaper and more detail program ( More time to read ) by Janet Bond Brill Called Blood Pressure Down



The results will vary for everyone and it's not permanent. Many factors can make your blood pressure rise again. Take your medicine and eat healthy food. Don't forget to do light exercise like this program suggested. Consult a doctor if you have any special conditions before you take this program




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