I’ve Read 7 Steps to Health & Big Diabetes Lie by Max Sidorov from ICTM

There are many kind of diabetes treatment out there, but finding the most effective one is really hard right? After all we don't want to waste our money on the treatment that does not work.

7 Steps to Health from ICTM is one of the diabetes treatment that makes quite a buzz in the internet.

But is it really working or just a BIG lie?

There are many review about these program out there , unfortunately most of them are fake / trash. Many reviewer only want to sell the product without really researching / reading the program at all.

That's why here i want to help you by giving full final complete review about this program, no fluff and no fake review. I’ve read the 7 Steps to Health E-Book and have done deep research on it.  I’ll share with you my research, real testimonial, the pros and cons of this book and I’ll also give you some warnings when you try to apply the protocol on this book.

So stay tuned.

This book basically tells about the healthy food and nutrients that can help with your diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. It also tells us what foods to avoid that can lead to diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney disease and other major disease (*)

7 Steps to Health emphasizes nutrition, mainly the food and supplements you need.  There is no specific exercise plan on this book. It provides 100% natural treatments without drugs/medication.

You need this book because nowadays treatment is like this:

  • Got bad blood pressure, take cholesterol drugs.
  • Got heart attack, need heart bypass surgery or blood thinning drugs.
  • Have diabetes? Take blood sugar medicine.
  • Got a headache? Take Tylenol.

Can you see it?  Almost all doctors nowadays are not trained in nutrition;

They are trained to prescribe drugs and other medicine, which only treats your symptoms and not the real cause of your disease, and they can give you side effects in the future. They don’t analyze why you got the disease in the first place, or the natural way to cure it.

It can be likened to going to your mechanic because there is a loud noise coming from the car (the disease) and instead of fixing the problem, he gives you some ear plugs (the drugs to treat the symptoms). Would you be satisfied?

Fortunately, this book talks about the natural way to treat your diabetes from the root cause. Let’s talk about the contents of the book.



Quick Video Review of Seven Steps to Health


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What is interesting in 7 Steps to Health / the content?

The book is split into 2 big parts.

Part 1 is about nutrition and part 2 is about the conspiracy theory and diabetes history. I personally prefer reading the nutrition part over the conspiracy theory.

The book is like an encyclopedia from multiple studies, research and doctors. It is jam packed with massive information. Some chapters have an explanation about chemical processes, which is a bit difficult to understand for ordinary people like me. But still, most of the chapters are easy to understand,

Max Sidorov didn’t put in fillers like what is diabetes, the symptoms or the cause.

He gets straight to the point: eat this food and don’t eat this food and the reasons why. This is what I like about the book.


Here are some content that I am personally interested in :

  • 9 superfoods that you must have in your kitchen on page 152
  • Some sources to buy the healthy food mentioned in this book
  • 1 bean that is considered healthy by many people but it actually leads you to malnutrition, digestive distress, thyroid dysfunction and even cancer and heart disease on page 65
  • Be aware of “all natural food” on page 146
  • A UPC code trick to help you decide what fruit and vegetable is organic, conventionally grown/genetically modified on page 148
  • Why high carb diets are dangerous on page 25
  • 1 drink that can cause diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and asthma on page 58
  • What sweetener to avoid and which one is healthy
  • Dangerous food additive table on page 16
  • The right cooking oil to use (I used the wrong oil too before I read the book because I thought it was healthy)
  • And importantly, the 3 different protocols to help with your diabetes
  • And much, much more

Here is 1 tip that i will share from 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie. Try to not drink commercial juice. Most people consider it healthy, but the fact is the commercial juice is already pasteurized and the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins are destroyed. If you drink it, it will make you gain weight and develop diabetes.

The important thing is there are 3 different diabetes treatment protocols which are easy, intermediate and advanced 30 days diabetes protocol.

Every protocol has a list of food and vitamins to eat and the dosage you need.

The harder the difficulty required you to have more discipline when eating, and of course more cash needed to buy the food/vitamins, but of course you will recover faster if you do the hard one (*).

 Please note that I know some people's financial situations might not allow them to purchase some of these foods/vitamins or it might not be available in store of in your country.

If you cannot buy the food listed in this book, just avoid the list of harmful food mentioned in this book, you are not only do the halfway to your recovery, but you can save more money that you can use to buy the healthy food

You can also make an adaptation from this protocol too based on your situation. The most important thing is to make a change of your food based on this protocol as much as you can.

It is ok not to be 100% perfect. Don’t be stressed out; you still will get results. Please note that the result will be different for each person.


Who is the 7 Steps to Health's  author? Can he be trusted?

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie was created by Max Sidorov, who is an author, nutritionist and fitness trainer and also the founder of ICTM (International Council for Truth in Medicine).

He also is the creator of memorable fundraisers in history (raised over $700,000 for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein). You can read the news here:



He spent more than 5 years researching to create this book so people can gain benefit from it.

You can see Max Sidorov’s Facebook profile here: https://www.facebook.com/massimusm

So my answer is yes, the author can be trusted.


A warning when you apply this diabetes treatment protocol:

When you apply the 7 steps to health program , you may/may not experience healing crisis or herxheimer symptom, such as headache, fatigue, diarrhea, fever, brain fog, etc.

This is because your body tries to reduce toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of (*). The symptoms vary between people and depends on the severity of the illness

You shouldn’t be worried if you experience that when you start the protocol. Instead, congratulate yourself because it means you’re on the right track. And don’t worry because the symptoms usually last between 1-3 days but on rare occasions they can last several weeks (*).

Fever is not an illness, but it is the body’s attempt to fight the infectious virus and bacteria which are temperature-sensitive (source).

This protocol is far better than meds or drugs. With drugs, you may relieve your symptoms at the beginning, but later it won’t solve the root problem. Instead, it will give you worse side effects in the future (*).


Is there any legit testimonial?

Yes, of course. Aside from the testimonial on the ICTM official site, this book has been sold on Amazon and it has good rating on Amazon: a 3.6 with 86 reviews.

First, I read the negative review.

They complain about the long and sketchy 35-minute video sales promotion on the official website. Yeah, I agree with this critique, but still the content of this book is gold.

They complain that the protocol is too difficult. I have to say yes for that one, but it is for your own health. If you don’t fight for it, who’s gonna fight? Just take baby steps; you don’t have to be 100% perfect. You just need to take action.

Some of them complain that the paperback print is too small and they cannot read it. For the digital version i don't have any difficulty when i read it

But most importantly, I don’t find any negative review that said “I have applied this for x days/weeks and it doesn’t work at all.”

So, I think the people who give negative reviews don’t apply the protocol at all or give up after a few days.

Now let see for the positive reviews (*).

Yes, I agree with the review above. Don’t write a review and say the book is not good before you tried to apply it.

Another result (*)

Carol Larson Testimonial

And surprise! Not only diabetes, but even psoriatic arthritis can be treated (*)

Kitty Smith Testimonial

And a much more positive testimonial. ( Please note Result Will Be Vary for each person )

From here, I can conclude that 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie really works as long as you apply it. All the reviews above were taken from Amazon. You can see for yourself with this link


Where is the best place to buy 7 Steps to Health?

There are 2 places to buy this program: Amazon and the official website.

I recommend you buy from the official site as it comes with 5 bonus free ebooks.

  1. The Secrets of Antioxidant : How to Stop Deadly Free Radical
  2. The Miracle of Sleep: Turn Sleep into Powerful Rejuvenating Process
  3. Amazing Health from Water: How to Drink the Right Water with the Right Amount and Time to Improve Your Health MSG and Your Health
  4. The Danger of Microwave Radiation
  5. MSG and Your Health

There are 2 versions on the official website: the digital one and the paperback.

The digital one costs $37 and is delivered instantly after purchase while the paperback one costs $54.39 with free worldwide shipping. The printed book will be delivered to your mail between 7 – 15 days.

All purchases from the ICTM are covered by a 60-day, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee and with a bonus ebook.


Click Here to Get ICTM Diabetes Protocol With Free Bonus

You can also buy on Amazon as well for paperback; it only costs $43.88+ free shipping with Amazon Prime. It is cheaper than the official one but there is no bonus at all. There seems no digital version on the Amazon.

Looking at the cost of this program, it is very cheap compared to the value you get.

The price of diabetes meds and drugs is still more expensive than this book, plus it won’t solve your diabetes problem and can give you side effects in the future. So I really recommend this book if you want to treat your diabetes naturally from the root source (*)


Got Question or Order Problem ?

You can shoot an email to :  contact (et) theictm.org .  or contact the author Max Sidorov on his facebook here . please allow few days for the response.

If you buy from the official site and have order problem / want to refund . you can go to fill this form



I truly recommend the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program from ICTM to anyone who wants to treat diabetes naturally.

It is supported by many real positive testimonials from the Amazon.

There are 3 treatment protocols on this book: easy, intermediate and advanced. The harder the protocol, the faster your recovery. Our goal here is not to be 100% perfect, but to try to follow as many steps as you can, and it can be adapted with your situation.

Please note that the recovery result between people will be different & Consult to your doctor before you try it

You can buy this program from the official website with a 60-day, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee with 5 bonuses.

Disclaimer (*) : Please not that The Result of this Program is not Typical and Will be Vary between People. Always Consult your physician before you start this program



8.8 Total Score

Content Quality:
  • The book is not only for diabetes; it also helps you reduce the risk of major disease like heart attack, high blood pressure, and more.
  • Great valuable content, many studies and research put into this 1 book, no more wasting time to research on internet
  • Created by a real author who appears on the big news site
  • Real positive testimonial from Amazon who apply this technique and see the result. It is enough to confirm that this method is legit and working
  • Cheap price with 60-day, money back guarantee if you buy from the official sites, giving you enough time to test it.
  • Too long video sales letter on the ICTM.org makes me skeptical about it. I hate this but I’ve read the book and the content is really legit.
  • Paperback font is small and hard to read, according to some people. I've Read The Digital One and it is not a problem for me
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