Ongoing English Product Review Part Time Job Vacancy


I need someone who can test / research and Write an Unique ( Not Spun ) Honest Review Article about Certain Products ( E-Book , Health & Beauty , Diet , Software / Technology ) in Fluent English with correct grammar . Look at the sample review at Your Article Review must contains at least 1200  Words Minimum per product , Without Fluff or Filler



  1. Fluent in English , Has Formal Education in English Major
  2. Have Passion for Writing / Blogging
  3. Like to Browse Online / Research Like a Reporter
  4. Like to test , Read Book or learning something
  5. Have an interest or hobby on this niche ( at least 2 ): Health , Diet / Sport , Self Improvement / Self Help , Beauty , Life Skill , Art or Music , Business & Marketing , Technology / Software
  6. Have a Good Attitude
  7. Have PC / Laptop / Mac and Internet connection to Work from Home / Dormitory


To Apply Please Send me an Email to  With A Doc File Containing the answer of these question below. The Doc File name Format is “[Your Name] Buythiz Vacancy” . The Email Subject Is “ Job Vacancy + [Your Name] “

  1. What Topics / Activity do you personally love and hate ?
  2. Your Contact number / Line ID
  3. How good is your English ? Do you take an English major ?
  4. How Often Do you use Internet & What for ?
  5. Your CV
  6. Why I Should Hire You ? ( No Fluff / Filler )
  7. TASK : Write an Unique English Review between this product ( Non Fiction Book or EBook , Supplement , gadget , beauty product, software ) that you personally tried / use  ( Min 800 Words ) Without Fluff / Filler. Use your Personality When Writing , no need to write formally . Try to Give as Many detail as you can about the product.


Our Purpose is to educate the reader and give many honest & detailed information as much as we can to the reader before they buy the product. You can view the sample of good and detailed review at ( Most Products has than 1500 – 2000 words )
I Will contact you Within 3 weeks Max  after your application has been sent if you are approved , then You will receive a project from me to review 1 Product .


Usually It Took 2 – 5 Days per products review . and after you finish you can contact me and I will review it and ask for revision if exist . and I will pay you as soon as  your review is approved by me. And if I like it I will give you another project. This is Not one time Project but ongoing Part Time Project


Commision Rate : IDR 350.000 Per Approved Review + 75.000 for Posting it