Job Vacancy – Remote Fulltime English Sales Page Designer

I need someone who can create stunning sales / landing page ( 1 Pages only ) to sell a product e.g :

( The video on above page is just embedding from youtube . you don’t create it )

You create the sales page on wordpress with plugin called thrive architect

It just drag and drop landing page builder, so there is NO coding / css programming

You can see how easy it is to create the landing page in this video


You only need skill in marketing and web design



What is Your Job

You need to create Stunning many 1-page sales page each month . I will tell you which product to promote and from what website . After I approve your sales page  I will pay you


The sales page created need to be appealing and informative to make user buy the product


The information inside the landing page basically gathered from the vendor website ( Like a summary ) such as : feature , testimonial ,benefit, call to action , FAQ , Free tips ,discount , guarantee,  etc ). You can also put other information related to that product from another source


On the beginning the job would be tough and taking time, because you need to design your own template . but after you create multiple sales page, you can use it as a template to complete the job quicker



Benefit of this job

  1. Work anytime / anywhere you want . not shackled by usual working routine from 8.00 Am to 5.00 Pm. You will paid based on your productivity
  2. No Need Coding, only need great sense of design and marketing
  3. Work lesser time than usual fulltime job, it took around 2 – 4 hours to create 1 sales page at the beginning , but after that it will be more faster . If all task for me is completed you can relax and do anything else . No Overwork




  1. Fluent in English
  2. Have Skill in Website Design
  3. Have Skill in Image Editing Software Like ( Photoshop/ Corel / AI )
  4. Have a Skill in Marketing / Advertising
  5. Like to Browse Online
  6. Have a Good Attitude
  7. Have PC / Laptop / Mac and Internet connection to Work from Home / Dormitory



To Apply Please Send me an Email to  With A Doc File Containing the answer of these question below. The Doc File name Format is “[Your Name] Buythiz Vacancy” . The Email Subject Is “ Job Vacancy Sales Page Designer + [Your Name] “

  1. How good is your designing skill ?
  2. What software did you use for editing image ?
  3. Your Contact number / Line ID
  4. How good is your English ? Do you take an English major ?
  5. How good is your marketing / Advertising skill ? Do you have any working experience in Advertising ?
  6. How Often Do you use Internet & What for ?
  7. Your CV & Portofolio
  8. How Many 1-page sales page that you can completed each month ?
  9. Your Desired Salary
  10. Why I Should Hire You ? ( No Fluff / Filler )
  11. TASK : Create a stunning sales page design ( just an image created by photoshop / other software , you can put a watermark also )

to promote 1 of these product

( Remember you also need to put important information to presell the customer such as : Testimonial, Benefit, Feature, Price , Call to Action )



( you can explore the website or try the free reading to get more info )


2. Fix Lower Back Pain


3. Anytrans


You will be paid based on your productivity ( How many sales page you can complete each month ) unlike other fulltime work which is per hour work