The Magic by Rhonda Byrne
From The Creator of
The Secret

In The Magic a great mystery from a sacred text is revealed, and with this knowledge Rhonda Byrne takes the reader on a life-changing journey for
28 days. 

Step by step, day-by-day, secret teachings, revelations, and scientific law are brought together to form 28 simple practices that open the reader's eyes to a new world, and lead them to a dream life. 
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    Learn Why Gratitude is so Powerful so it can Create a Magic that transform your entire Life 
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    Learn 28 Magical Practice to revolutionize your Money, Health, Job and Relationship
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    Learm how to Practice Gratitude for 28 Days So that it will impregnate your subconcious mind with it

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ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING. Went from roughly $70 in my bank account to traveling and making over $78K in 3 months. I’ll never forget the day I purchased my book 8.16.17 started my practices maybe a week later, by 9.19.17 I was traveling to Florida borrowing money to get there for work. Between the end of September and December 22 2017 I made over $78k.

I was so busy with work I wasn’t even consistent with reading the book and my practices and the gifts still came! I was so excited about how this book changed, enhanced my life I purchased several more online and gifted them to whomever my spirit told me to.

Thank you God, Rhonda and The Universe I am truly GRATEFUL!

E. Blossom ( Result will be Vary )

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About the Author: Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne is the creator behind The Secret, a documentary film that swept the world in 2006, changing millions of lives and igniting a global movement.

Later that same year, Rhonda’s book of The Secret was released. It has been translated into more than fifty languages and remains one of the longest-running bestsellers of this century. Rhonda has written three more bestselling books: The Power in 2010, The Magic in 2012, and Hero in 2013.


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Disclaimer : Result is not Typical and Will be Vary between each person


I am on day 25 of the Magic. I was unemployed for almost three months and was lacking faith. I have had the book for almost a year and never finished reading it or doing the exercises. I never passed day 1. But 25 days ago, I needed to start changing my life and I picked up the book again and started from the beginning.

Within two weeks of doing the practices I got two job interviews. One was for a temp agency and one for a permenant position. I really did not want the temp agency so I never heard from them. I got a second interview with the perm position within two days of the first.

Now I was still feeling hesitant about the job because it involves customer service and working long hours. I am not an extroverted person so customer service always scares me. And the long hours also scared me. So I thought, in my head and heart, “how great would it be if I can not have to deal with customers and be overworked”. 

Just seven days later I got a call from my interviewer that she didn’t want to loose the chance of working with me a thought of another position for me. This position would be an admin position and less customer service role. I would have a set schedule and only help out with customer service when they were busy.

I kid you not, everything that I wanted manifested. Now I have a new job that I am starting on Monday, ONE day after my last exercise in the book which will be this Sunday. I cannot believe how all of this worked out. I am so happy and grateful! Thank you Rhonda


Life changing! On day 25 I met a guy who gave me the feeling of what soul mate would feel like and how my interaction w soul mate would look like in my visualisation. My friends got extra $20k and paid off all her credit card debt. Another person had money coming from everywhere!! Literally, seriously, do it! Do it with 100% OF YOUR HEART!

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Next to THE POWER by the same author, this book changed my life more than anything else. You can go day by day in order (28 days) or skip around to fill your immediate needs.

My mold allergy that mimics bronchitis (and the cough cracks my ribs!) is now under control. Not only did it help me heal, but it put me in the right place to hear something that should've been obvious that helped an incredible amount.

It has changed how I feel about everything. I was always afraid to acknowledge something was good, because it would immediately go away. Didn't approach things with true gratitude, just fearfulness. I try to get everyone I know to read this and THE POWER. 1st The Power, then The Magic.

Lee C

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