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Change Your Life in 6 Weeks with Jon Butcher Lifebook Program

Many said we can’t be greedy and longing for everything. With Jon Butcher Lifebook you will see, that there’s no impossible in your life.

Does Christian Goodman’s The Insomnia Program Really Work? I’ve Try it

To sleep soundly at night is indeed a blessing, unfortunately many people are falling out of it.   If you’re clicking on this post, chances are you’re like me; battling with this hard-to-sleep situation called insomnia. Should we have a pat on each other’s back?   Insomnia can be a total pain especially if you […]

The Wealthy Marketer by T Harv Eker, I’ve Buy and Learn it – My Review & FREE Class

Many people want to or are starting a business online. Businesses can’t thrive only on ideas and plans. They have read books and joined programs looking for a guided path. Well, if marketing were a piece of cake, we’d all be millionaires wouldn’t we?   There is currently a whole buzz going on about T. Harv […]

Love or Above 12 Spiritual Toolkit Review : I’ve Buy it + FREE Masterclass

Love or Above is an intuitive way to help you get the answers for some big questions about yourself. What do I live for? Can it be better? Which one should I choose? etc.   It may help you to make the best decision when there are only a few clues to be considered. The sharp […]

21-Day Meditation for Weight Loss – Sit Down, Relax, and Lose Weight

As annoying as society can get, the pressure for losing weight, being skinny, being fit is real. But what if you can lose weight in a relaxed manner?   Nope this is not another exercise or diet program, you can literally do this program on the edge of your bed, and by doing nothing. Yes! […]

Omharmonics FULL Review- Binaural Beats to Improves Your Life Quality

I’ve always thought that meditation or hypnosis, is seriously hoax. I mean how can one listen to a person or a certain static of noises, and immediately experience a life change?   I just got into meditation and sleep hypnosis recently, and it has been a blessing, to both my sleep cycle, and my mental […]

I’ve Buy Million Dollar Business Secrets – My Review, Pros & Cons

So apparently if you’re not making a million dollars out of your business already, it would not be considered a success. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, and even though your business is doing ok, if you’re not earning big bucks then you’re on the wrong lane.   Or at least, that’s what T. Harv […]

I Have Buy Spiritual Laws of Money by T. Harv Eker – My Personal Review

Do you believe that wealthy people usually have poor health or poor marriage?   Or do you believe the rich are ‘corrupted’ people and they get rich by not following the ‘clean’ path?   A common thing that holds most people from achieving financial freedom is their subconscious beliefs that tells them that having a […]

I Bought Life Makeover Coaching – My Review + Pros and Cons

Life Makeover Coaching is a course designed by T Harv Eker to help you design and create your ultimate life (*). I bought the Group Coaching one and will give you my review and experience with this program.   Many people want to change their lives, but don’t know what to do, don’t have enough motivation, […]

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