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Singorama 2.0 Review – Can It Replace the One on One Singing Lesson?

Have you ever pictured yourself singing with the band and rocking on the stage?   And if by any chance the stage is yours right now, will you be ready to do that in front of many people?   Good for you if you say yes, but if your answer is NO, let’s high five! […]

How Mind Movies Matrix Helps Me Become Productive! – My Honest Review

Mind Movies Matrix Full Review – After experiencing myself with my Mind Movie, I finally tried the next item which is the upgrade of the previous one: Mind Movies Matrix. Remember the whole visualizing thing in the previous review, right? Here you can check out my personal thought on the original Mind Movie.   Alright, […]

Mind Movies 4.0 Review by Natalie Ledwell – With My Movies Example

Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit Full Review – Ever tried visualizing your future before? Well, in my case I have heard enough of this imagining the future through some repeating visualization. For instance, if I want to visit Kruger National Park and Bahamas in my mid 30 then I should be visualizing those […]

15 Minute Manifestation Personal Review – I’ve Buy & Tried it For 21 Days

15 Minute Manifestation Review – Have you ever wondered if you die, what would the world remember you as? How powerful are you to change yourself or the world? Making positive changes to yourself so you can make some changes on others is really important.   Unfortunately changing yourself cannot happen overnight. You have to […]

Jeffrey Allen Duality Review – I’ve Tried it for 3 Weeks, See How It Goes!

Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Real Review – How do we find balance in our lives?   It seems to be easier to lose than to find, Doesn’t it?   In the era of modern society; life on social media, our lives become a par with others. And it ruins.   Well, I’m not against social media […]

A Review on Individualogist Archetype Test – Is It really Worth a Try?

Individualogist Archetype Test Review – Have you ever felt like you’re not showing the world who you truly are?   It feels like something keeps pushing it down and concealed it.   I’m pretty convince that you’re not the only person, ’cause i and many other people have the same feeling too. Society expects people […]

Prayer Manifests Things – A Review on Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracle Full Review – Do you want to be victorious and to be able to enjoy the freedom of all your pressing problems?   I’m sure you do, ‘cause who doesn’t?   And wouldn’t it be amazing if the answer of the above questions can directly transform our lives as soon as […]

JamPlay Review; A Week of Improving My Guitar Skill

Jamplay Full Review – Have you ever felt stuck in learning how to play guitar?   It’s probably been months or years of practicing but you realize that your improvement is not that significant. You end up placing your guitar somewhere in a corner till it gets dusty and worn-out without touch.   Anyway, if […]

Binaural Beats Meditation Music – A 6 Days of Life Changing Experience

Binaural Beats Meditation Full Review – I have never tried meditating before let alone using some specific music on it. Recently, I was fussing about many things that drove me into someone I used not to be. I looked for some healing process through the internet and bumped into these binaural beats meditation methods.   […]

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