Do you or someone that you know suffer from hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? Are you tired of treatments that don’t work? Well, you’re not alone.



Millions of people suffer from these conditions. Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s can be debilitating. These conditions deplete your energy levels and can cause severe brain fog. This makes it hard to function and handle your regular daily routine.



Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there. Treatments for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis don’t always provide an effective solution.



So, I started searching for answers and came across the Hypothyroidism Revolution program.



What is this program? Is it another scam or does it provide legit answers for treating these conditions?



After all, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work.



I can understand that, which is why I’ve purchased this program, read through the guides, and taken care of the research for you.



So, I’ve taken a good look at this Hypothyroidism Diet Revolution program. If you’re interested in finding out if this is the best set of advice for helping you reduce the effects of hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, then keep on reading.



First, I want to point out that this program outlines some of the reasons why other treatments simply don’t work. The problem with traditional treatments includes the following:


  • They don’t address the changes that you need to make to your diet.
  • They use outdated research to attempt and treat hypothyroidism.
  • Some treatments could potentially make your condition worse.
  • Doctors often use bad science to diagnose hypothyroidism.
  • These treatments do not always correct the underlying cause.


What I discovered is that there is a lot of misguided information concerning Hypothyroidism. It's hard to get honest advice when half of the information that you find online is incorrect.



Fortunately, there is a guide that promises to give you the truth. This is the Hypothyroidism Revolution. Now, let's take a detailed look at the content of this program.


What Type of Content is Included in the Hypothyroidism Revolution?


The program is divided into two main sections



The program manual and the 60-day step-by-step hypothyroidism diet guide. Though, you also get access to additional guides, a cookbook, diet calculators, meal plans, and worksheets for tracking your progress.



After I finished reading the main manual for this program, I found that the program targets hypothyroidism with a focus on three main areas – diet, lifestyle, and hormones.



The first step is to take a look at your diet. The guide explains the importance of making changes to what you put into your body. It explains how certain foods can help or hurt your chances of recovery.



I found that it also uncovers some of the most commonly believed myths about nutrition and helps you develop a healthy, balanced diet.



Along with diet, this guide requires you to consider your lifestyle. You need to find ways of dealing with stress, as stress is one of the main threats against your treatment.



So, with that in mind, the program suggests that you include exercise in your daily routine. Exercise helps relieve stress – both physical stress and oxidative stress, which can have an impact on thyroid function.



Obviously, your hormones also play a role in your hypothyroidism. The third step in dealing with hypothyroidism is to correct hormonal imbalances. The diet and stress reduction both play a major part in helping to correct these issues.



That only covers an overview of this program. Here is a closer look at some of the details of the content that I discovered:


  • Contains a complete manual to follow this system and understand how hypothyroidism affects your body.
  • A 60-day, step-by-step plan that shows you how to begin treating your Hypothyroidism.
  • A detailed look at the symptoms and causes of hypothyroidism.
  • Suggestions for accurate testing for hypothyroidism.
  • A list of potentially harmful hypothyroidism treatments that you should avoid.
  • A complete guide to proper nutrition for treating hypothyroidism.
  • Power foods that could help boost thyroid function.
  • A discussion of lifestyle factors that can impact hypothyroidism.
  • A closer look at how hormones and weight loss effect this condition.


I know that seem like a lot of information. Really, the main component is the program manual, which as a 174-page guide.



The second component is the 60-day guide, which walks you through the process of following this program. Here is what it looks in the member area



There are also several quick start guides, including a diet guide, supplement guide, and resource guide. These short guides help you jump right into the program.



In addition to the actual program, there are resources available in the member’s area of the website. After I bought the program, I found that I can log in and access everything from a single menu. Some of the additional resources made available through the member’s area include:


  • A list of recommended pro-thyroid supplements to improve thyroid function.
  • Recommended resources to help you use the Hypothyroidism Revolution.
  • An FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that covers the questions that you’re most likely to ask before starting this program.
  • 5 Supplemental Eating plan : always on the go , budget friendly , kid friendly , slow and steady , chronic low carb dieter
  • Hypothyroidism cookbook ( 62 pages )
  • Hypothyroidism diet calculator , meal plans , worksheet and calculator


As you can see, the books and the content that you get access to will provide a wealth of information. You get a step-by-step guide along with more tips than you’d expect.


I’ll share one of the tips that I discovered in this content. Drinking a moderate amount of coffee can help stimulate your thyroid. This is because caffeine induces similar reactions in the body as the thyroid hormone. So, drinking 2 tablespoons to 1-cup of coffee with a meal can give you a boost of energy and stimulate your thyroid function.



That is just one of the pieces of advice presented in this guide. Actually, it’s just one micro step in this program.



When you read through this program for yourself, you’ll find many of small steps that should add up to a major change.


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Who Created the Hypothyroidism Revolution and Why Should You Trust Him?


The Hypothyroidism Revolution was created by Tom Brimeyer.



Yes, Tom is a real guy and not a prop designed to sell this program.



He has developed this program to help people suffering from hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s so that they can move on to live a productive, happy life.

He also appear on the program himself on the getting started video , so i can confirm he is not a fake person who use flickr photo



Not only has Tom taken these steps to help people suffering from hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, Tom Brimeyer has also suffered from hypothyroidism.



This is what led him to begin researching this illness and find a solution. So, he knows exactly what you’re going through. He’s been through it and understands the frustration that comes with not being able to receive proper treatment.



In addition to this program, he founded Forefront Health, which is a website created in order to provide people with the latest health advice.



Through this website and the Hypothyroidism Revolution program, Tom has helped so many people in many countries with their thyroid and metabolism disorders.



Tom has the background to prove that it’s in this for the well-being of others and not to make a quick buck. But, there is more to it. All it takes is one look at the success stories to find real examples of people that have used this program to treat or manage their condition.



He also created a Facebook community just for his customers.



This is a closed Facebook group where users can share their experiences and ask for additional advice. Through these efforts, it’s obvious that Tom really wants the best for his customers.



How Does the Hypothyroidism Revolution Help?


Tom created this program for people that are sick and tired of treatments that don’t work. While Tom Brimeyer can’t guarantee a cure for hypothyroidism, he does offer more than enough information to possibly help you deal with the condition.



As mentioned, you get a 60-day step-by-step guide. This is the core component of the program. You simply follow along with the guide. Each day, you’ll consult the guide, which will give you steps to follow for the day. This often includes additional reading from the other guides.



For example, on Day 5 of the 60-day plan, Tom advises you to read chapters 7 and 8 from the program manual. This structure makes it incredibly easy to follow the program.



I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to make changes or follow a structured program. It really helps when someone takes the time to outline all the steps that you need to take.



Through this process, the program provides suggestions for creating your own customized diet for dealing with hypothyroidism.



Tom exposes the problems with modern dietary recommendations and helps you rethink the way that you understand nutrition.


I was blown away by the diet portion of the guide. For example, I didn’t realize that saturated fats are good and that polyunsaturated fats are bad. In fact, Tom explains how polyunsaturated fats are one of the potential causes of hypothyroidism.



So, the guide will teach you how to make changes to your diet. There is so much information about how fats, protein, and carbohydrates impact your health. This information alone could be presented as a self-help guide.



At the end of the 60-days, you should hopefully begin to notice some improvements. But, Tom still recommends that you continue to follow the hypothyroidism diet outlined in this program. It takes time for hormones to change and for a balance to be restored.




Can This Program Help Treat Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?


Now, I know that there’s a chance that you may be reading this review in hopes of finding a treatment for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.



If this is the case, then you’ll be pleased to know that this program is suitable for people with this condition.



Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is essentially hypothyroidism with inflammation.



The steps presented in this program may be able to help you deal with the inflammatory process that keeps you from treating Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.



So, whether you’ve got Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, this program may potentially be the answer that you have been looking for.



Can You Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism Revolution ?


Yes , But it need times and it is not A MAIN PRIORITY of this program,



And the program also says it’s not uncommon to actually gain a little weight initially before your weight begins to normalize. This is a normal part of the process and is not a bad thing, so don’t be discouraged. This does not mean that the program is not working.
This happens because your stress hormones tend to regulate faster than your thyroid hormones.



So, there can be a transition period when your body stops burning fat until your thyroid begins to regulate. and then you should expect slow, steady & healthy weight loss



This is not a quick fix weight loss program ,



Tom prioritizes to improve thyroid function first over your weight loss problem. Here i quote some discussion on the FB Group



Is there Any Legit Testimonial from This Program


Absolutely , there are dozens of testimonial on the website , but here i only put the testimonial that comes from the Hypothyroidism Revolution FB Group ,



so i can ensure you that the testimonial is not fabricated , also please remind that the result will be Vary between each person



Alexis has notice an improvement on her energy level  . she gain weight initially ,



but as i say above , you might gain weight first , but after you regulate your thyroid function , you will lose weight slowly steady ,and safely (*)



Carmo has reduce her thyroid medication with this program (*)




Where Can You Purchase the Hypothyroidism Revolution?


If you’re ready to purchase the Hypothyroidism Revolution, I suggest that you purchase it from the official Hypothyroidism Revolution site.



This way, you know that you’re getting the real deal. Also, you will get the current bonus offers that are included with purchase, this includes:


  • Email coaching ($500 value)
  • Customized supplemental eating plans ($100 value)
  • My advanced diet planning guide ($150 value)
  • My customizable meal calculator ($50 value)
  • The toxic home checklist ($20 value)


You get all these bonus offers for free when you purchase the Hypothyroidism Revolution. The email coaching is pretty cool. You’ll get regular emails from Tom to help keep you motivated.


The customized supplemental eating plans and advanced diet planning guide offer even more guidance for creating a custom nutrition plan. This even includes advice for creating a diet plan for children. Meanwhile, the meal calculator makes it easy to calculate your daily nutrient requirements.


The toxic home checklist presents a list of highly toxic products that could impact the health of your liver.



Tom mentions that the liver is probably one of the most overlooked issues with hypothyroidism. By making changes to the products that you use, you can prevent further damage.



So, if you’re thinking about getting this program, I recommend purchasing from his official website. You don’t want to get scammed and you want to ensure that you get access to the member’s area and receive the bonus offers.



Tom offers a couple of different options for purchasing the Hypothyroidism Revolution. You can purchase the digital eBooks or a hard copy on CD.



The Hypothyroidism Revolution digital program costs $97 and gives you instant access to the entire program. There’s no waiting around for shipping.



To get the Hypothyroidism Revolution hard copy upgrade, you will pay $127 . For this extra $30, you get the entire program sent to you. This includes copies of the books on CD, along with access to the digital eBooks. This way, you can start reading immediately, while waiting for the CD to arrive.


Why I Recommend the Hypothyroidism Revolution ? The Verdicts


I know that I’ve presented you with a lot of information and it may be hard to fully process everything that I’ve talked about. So, I’ll summarize a few of my findings and give you my personal verdict.



Do I recommend the Hypothyroidism Revolution? Definitely.



Why do I recommend it? The entire program is easy to follow and explains everything that you ever wanted to know about hypothyroidism and more.

You will become an expert when it comes to your thyroid hormone, thanks to the easy explanations provided in the program manual.



In the end, this program offers so much more than some of the other offers that you may have seen. If you’re tired of not getting results, then you owe it to yourself to give this a try.

Disclaimer (*)

Though, before you rush over to the official site to purchase the Hypothyroidism Revolution, I have to say that results will vary. Tom can’t promise that this program will cure your condition 100%.

Obviously, everyone has a different situation. So, what works for some may not work for everyone. That’s why I recommend that you consult with your doctor before trying the advice provided in this program.


Even though Tom can’t guarantee a cure, if you follow this program, you will likely notice improvements to your condition and may even overcome your illness. This is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. So, follow the 60-day step-by-step guide. If you’re not happy with the results, you’ve got nothing to lose.