I Bought Spiritual Laws of Money by T Harv Eker. The Pros and Cons

I've Listened to Spiritual Laws of Money Program and I will give my unbiased review about it. Nowadays, many people struggle to become rich, but after they get the wealth and the money they desire, many of them are not happy and not able to live at the fullest. On the contrary, there are also some people who are kind and spiritual but they struggle hard to get rich.

It seems there are some mental blocks that need to be gotten rid of between these 2 types of people. These blocks make them struggle very hard to become rich people while still becoming kind, peaceful, happy & spiritual at the same time. If this is sounds like a your story, then this program can help you out.



What is Spiritual Laws of Money?

It is an 8 week recorded live session audio and visualization program taught by T Harv Eker himself that will help you to reprogram your “financial blueprint” mindset so you can blend between money and spirituality, and destroy the 8 blocks that keep you from becoming rich, spiritual and happy at the same time.

T Harv Eker is the author of bestselling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which got a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. He is also an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who teaches based on his life experiences. So from this, we can agree that the author can be trusted.

Each week program has around 110 minutes of audio session, around 10 minutes visualization and workbook PDF to take a notes. You can download all the material or listen online.  Here is the screenshot of Spiritual Laws of Money:

Each week Harv Eker will answer some questions and problems from the participants (this is recorded session, so you cannot ask directly, but I believe some questions may relate to your condition).

This is what I like about Spiritual Laws of Money. Harv listens to our problems and gives his best advice to deal with them.At the end of each training session, there is small homework to do. Here are the details of each week:


Week 1: Money & Spirituality

It talks and helps you to tackle the questions / mental block like:


Week 2:  Money Self-Worth & Deservedness

Discuss & solve the questions / mental block like:


Week 3:  Money, Balance and Enjoying the Journey

He helps you to solve this problems:


Week 4: Money & Management

Answering questions like:


Week 5: Money, Purpose & Passion

He helps you to solve these following questions:


Week 6: Money Mind & Fear

How to solve the important questions like:


Week 7: Money & Relationship

Discuss the topics & questions like:


Week 8: Money, Income & Freedom

Harv will answering questions like:

For me, I loves the principle “how you do anything is how you do everything” that I learned from this program. Since this program’s audio is a bit long (almost 2 hours per week), you can break it apart and listen only 20 – 30 minutes each day if you want.


You can check more info about the program here




You can join the exclusive masterclass with Harv Eker for free.


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Does Spiritual Laws of Money really work?

I’ve listened to it and I can say yes, as long as you follow what has been taught in the program. Please note that it won’t make you become instantly rich & spiritual. It still need process and times and result will be vary for each person. But it will help you to reach your goal faster by reprogram your belief and mindset

Here are some testimonials from people mentioned on the website (*):


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The best place to buy Spiritual Laws of Money

You can buy Spiritual Laws of Money at the official website here. You will also get bonus bending reality program, The Simple Tool to Create Your Ideal Life by Vishen Lakhiani.

You also protected by no question asked 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

This program has 2 payment options.

  1. $159 billed monthly for 2 months for a total of $318
  2. Onetime payment of $ 299

All orders are processed in a secure server and you can gain the product instantly after you buy it.


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I’ve listened the Spiritual Laws of Money and say that I can recommend it to my friend. It comes from a trusted author and will help you to reprint your financial mind to help you become wealthy rich people while being kind and spiritual at the same time

Please note that this program will not make you rich & spiritual overnight. There are 8 weeks x 2 hours audio inside it (visualization + lesson).  If you are a busy person, you can spend 20 – 30 minutes each day to listen to the program

If you are still skeptical about the program, you can schedule free T Harv Eker masterclass first before you buy the program. Not to mention there is a 90-day, money back guarantee, which gives you enough time to test the program.

Disclaimer (*) : Please not that The Result of this Program is not Typical and Will be Vary between People. This is not a Program who will make you rich & Spiritual Overnight



Content Quality:
  • Protected by 90-day, no questions asked money back guarantee, which gives you enough time to test it.
  • No Fluff or Filler
  • Created by Real Businessman
  • Real result from so many people
  • The quality audio is little bit unclear / good, fortunately it is not severe enough, and his volume still big enough so it can still be heard
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