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  1. Hi Kelly

    The Main Program Cost one time Payment for $27
    and You get 

    7 Day Prayer Miracle (Grabbing The Attention Of Heaven)
    + 7 Day Prayer Journal
    + A Song Of Shifts
    + Divine Hearing
    + Divine Numbers
    + The Prayer of Daniel

    And There is Another Option Which is Daily Blessing ( It is optional whether you buy it or not )
    it is 30 Day Free Trial , and if you decided to keep it , next month you will pay $37 / Month
    you can cancel anytime

    to Purchase you can go to this link

    and if you want to skip the long video , close the browser 
    and go click the link above again , and the button to buy will appear

  2. Hi Saput Sherchan

    I am not Master Aiden itself and just product reviewer , but you can go to

    to ask your question

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