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  1. Hi Kelly

    The Main Program Cost one time Payment for $27
    and You get 

    7 Day Prayer Miracle (Grabbing The Attention Of Heaven)
    + 7 Day Prayer Journal
    + A Song Of Shifts
    + Divine Hearing
    + Divine Numbers
    + The Prayer of Daniel

    And There is Another Option Which is Daily Blessing ( It is optional whether you buy it or not )
    it is 30 Day Free Trial , and if you decided to keep it , next month you will pay $37 / Month
    you can cancel anytime

    to Purchase you can go to this link

    and if you want to skip the long video , close the browser 
    and go click the link above again , and the button to buy will appear

  2. Hi David

    We have affiliate disclosure on the footer link, yes we do get compensated when people buy through our link
    But for few program like happiness trap program we don’t get compensated for reviewing. And i just want people to know about this program
    because i feel the product is quite good, and it also help me when i got anxiety last time

    And Although for other product we get compensated , let me clarify
    that when we review we always buy and try the program with honesty,
    it took several weeks and up to 1 – 2 month to try ,research, test, and creating review
    unlike any other reviewer who don’t really test and buy the product

    But again like we said the result always varied between each people, We just want people to get information
    before they buy the product, whether it is good for them or not
    so our website is not an advertisement

  3. Hi I don’t think they have any distributor in South Africa , We can only buy it via website

  4. Hi Bri

    Yes We indeed an affiliate of this product, but unlike any other affiliate , we actually buy the product itself and test it and give our honest opinion

    so customer can decide whether it is good for them or not

  5. Hi Saput Sherchan

    I am not Master Aiden itself and just product reviewer , but you can go to

    to ask your question