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Bar Brothers:

The complete 12-Week calisthenics system for transforming your body and mind!

  • Get a toned, strong and defined body.
  • All-around way to pack on lean muscle and develop an extreme amount of strength.
  • Without the need of a gym or any equipment other than a bar. Save you the cost of gym fees.
  • The freedom to work out from wherever you want.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

This program has already been used by more than 65.000 people around the world.

What is Bar Brothers The System?

Bar Brothers is an international fitness movement that uses calisthenics workouts or street workouts as their exercise method. This digital course is a 12-week (or 3 months) step-by-step training program specifically designed to help you to build more muscle, strength, stamina, and endurance only with the help of your own body weight and some really basic equipment. It delivers exceptional results and produces fast, noticeable gains all without the need of a gym or any equipment other than a bar.

The whole program is made from many different videos and PDF files that teach you everything you need to know to be successful starting from the basics and slowly improving your skills and knowledge

The program also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and provides full support should you need it.

Created by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic, two of the most famous and respected street workout athletes in the world.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective program that will help you build the physique you want, save you the cost of gym fees, and give you the freedom to work out from wherever you want – The System by Bar Brothers would be your best choice.

No magic pills or false promises, just a solid program that yields results. Salute!

Who The System Is For?

Beginner to Advanced Level Athletes

 If you’re a beginner you will obviously get the most from The System – that’s just how it is. But even if you’re already using Calisthenics in your training, The System can do a lot for you. It will perfect your technique and teach you how to correct some very common mistakes that 90% of calisthenics users always make without even realizing.

Bar Lovers/Enthusiasts

If you love street workouts and parkour, or if you like the idea of just working out naturally from anywhere you want (home/park/street/gym/etc..) then you will absolutely love this program. Also, if you’re sick and tired of the same old gym/weight routine and you feel like you’re just going through the motion, The System would be a great way for you to spice up your training and bring back that thrill/fun factor you are missing in your workout.

Basketball Players / Sports Athletes

As a matter of fact, The System would be great for any type of physical sport you can think of. Basketball is a fast-paced high demanding game where things can get very rough on either side of the court, especially when you get closer to the basket. This is why pro basketball trainers are so obsessed about core strength when working with their athletes. For this reason, it’s super important that you follow a program that not only builds muscle, but also works on your core and develops functional strength.

Why Calisthenics?

Why should you even bother with calisthenics? What justifies it over traditional weight-lifting? Here are a few reasons…

Natural Compound Movements

The complex movements performed using Calisthenics train multiple muscle groups at the same time.
It helps you workout the way your body is supposed to be worked out with faster, better results than going to the gym.

Using Calisthenics you could build strength and tone your muscles in a much more effective way from home, without having to visit the gym and without having to pay for expensive equipment.

Does Not Stunt Your Growth

Calisthenics are especially beneficial to teenagers and adolescents who worry about weight-lifting stunting their growth. With calisthenics there’s no danger of overloading your body with extreme weights, because you’re only lifting your own body weight. It’s much safer and it’s much more balanced as opposed to standard weight lifting. Plus, it pretty much works your entire body too. That’s two birds killed with one stone.

Bar Brothers: THE SYSTEM

A step by step 12 week calisthenics program that will transform your mind and body. With over 140 videos.  

  • Unlocks your true potential mentally and physically.
  • Transform your body into its ultimate form.
  • Gives you the unbreakable confidence and mindset that makes you successful.
  • Which leads to attracting people and opportunities into your life.

Here is exactly what you get inside from this course:

How it looks inside a module...

This is how all your exercises look. It is blurred for obvious reasons…

This is how the calendar looks...

  • The complete 12-week Video Step-by-step transformation program (progressive day by day blueprint you can follow)
  • 17 different video modules (Greatly Structured – Week by week, Day by day)
  • 140 different workout videos (what impressed me the most is that they are never the same, are usually short – about 2-3 minutes long and get right to the point)
  • Additional information about common setbacks and mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Basic but useful nutritional advice (nutrition and training goes hand-by-hand)
  • A 12-week printable calendar (which days to rest, what muscle groups to train, etc.)
  • Every week comes with a detailed PDF document that has all the exercises, reps, sets and rest time 
  • Unique short videos containing the workout you are going to do with a step-by-step tutorial 
  • Access to the private facebook group – in there you can ask questions and Dusan, Lazar or anyone else can give you personal advice

Some Before and After Results

This is the amazing transformation from Bar Brothers creator, Dusan Djolevic

DISCLAIMER : Please note that the result of this program is not typical and will be vary between people. Always consult your physician before you start this program. 

Chris Nielsen from Bar Brothers DK

DISCLAIMER : Please note that the result of this program is not typical and will be vary between people. Always consult your physician before you start this program. 

Dale, a  38-year old man who used to be a drug addict and Bar Brothers LITERALLY saved his life. Super inspirational.

DISCLAIMER : Please note that the result of this program is not typical and will be vary between people. Always consult your physician before you start this program. 

Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation (Calisthenics)
Dean Willpower

DISCLAIMER : Please note that the result of this program is not typical and will be vary between people. Always consult your physician before you start this program. 

Here are what other people have to say about them...

Who is behind Bar Brothers the System and can we trust him?

Here is a picture of Lazar (on the right) and Dusan (on the left)

The bar brothers course is made by two very close friends called Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic or like most people know them as The Bar Brothers. They are extremely popular street workout athletes known all around the globe. Both come from Serbia but have started this whole movement in the US.

One day Dusan found Lazar by watching his videos on Youtube. After some chatting, they arranged a meeting, trained together and the rest is history.

The Bar Brothers in action

Bar Brothers community around the world

The Bar Bros conquering Times Square New-York




Bar Brothers:

THE SYSTEM is the answer you've been looking for... 

  • If you always wanted to build muscle, or can't seem to gain mass
  • If you always wanted to start working out, but you don't know where to start.
  • If you always wanted to get in the best shape of your life both mentally and physically.

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